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  1. Gily

    The Dady Is....Infertile Guy

    And The Daddy Is… The Infertile Guy?! Genre: Billionare
  2. KING²⁵

    My Billionaire's Mom

    Chapter 1 - MOM CALLS ME FIVE MILLION "Get up!" A cold voice rang in Chuck Cannon's ears. The next second, the quilt on him was completely lifted. Chuck rubbed his eyes and looked at the woman. He sighed and felt a little uncomfortable. The beautiful woman in front of him was Yvette Jordan, who...
  3. P


    Chapter 1 The day I found out I was dying, Alpha Griffon Knight broke up with me. Our relationship was a contract, but when his true love came back, he didn’t need me anymore. He canceled our contract and told me to get lost. I thought that after five years, his frozen heart would thaw for me...
  4. Junlee (aka 'Jungal2000')

    A Billionaire Husband and The Substitute Wife - Love Story of Dominic Peterson and Rachel Daley

    In the Daley household, young Rachel's life was akin to a continuous uphill battle. Her mother was relentless in her relentless teasing and torment, and her sister seemed intent on acquiring everything Rachel held dear, including her boyfriend. Yet, the most pressing challenge was the mounting...
  5. Gily

    An Understated Dominance Novel: Chapter 994 to 1320 Chinese Version

    Chapter 967 The big-mouthed man didn't stop at all and directly gave Yan Tao a facelift, which made him completely different! The problem is that Yan Tao is the young master of the Jiuding Sect and has a distinguished status. It is said that one person is inferior to ten thousand people. Is...
  6. Muhindi Wa Kuchoma

    Understated Dominance - Chapter 905 to 1100

    Understated Dominance translated by Marina Vitori follow here (Original version)👇👇👇 I will send updates when I can. But if you think I am being late you can translate this from...
  7. Muhindi Wa Kuchoma

    Blind Date Turned Proposal by Mr. Adeel

    Description of Novels Author: Mr Adeel Title: Blind Date Turned Proposal Ra Genre: Romance Language: English Read Online Pages: Ongoing On the day of the blind date, the man turned out to be fat, short, and greasy! What could she do but run? Josie Warren was about to escape when the man at the...
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