The Poor-Rich Boyfriend - Translated by Muhindi

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My life was turned upside down when I found out my father was a rich man. Growing up on the poverty line, I worked tirelessly to afford a college education, even doing my classmates' laundry to save up for a special gift for the girl of my dreams. However, my world came crashing down when I caught her cheating on me with the basketball team captain. As I lay on the floor feeling defeated and broken, my father reached out to me and revealed my true identity as his son. My life took an unexpected turn, and I embarked on a journey of self-discovery and newfound opportunities as a billionaire's heir.

Muhindi Wa Kuchoma

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Jul 9, 2023
Chapter 1 - The Groan Through The Door

In the gym of a university

Larry Sanders, in a blue basketball uniform, walked through the gates of the gym.

As soon as he entered the gym, he picked up the empty water bottles and soda cans left by the crowd that watched the last game.

“It would be great if the university held a basketball match every day. I could easily make fifty bucks by gathering these bottles and cans. If I make that much every day, I can buy Marie an iPhone for her birthday.”

Larry raised his head and looked at the cluttered gym with excitement. While he was in the middle of collecting bottles and cans, a group of tall male students strode out of the locker room.

The one walking in the middle of the group had red hair named Bernie Wrightson and a cigarette in his mouth.

He picked up a sock and threw it at Larry.

Before Larry could dodge, the sock landed directly on his face, and a pungent sourness hit his nostrils.

“I asked everyone on the team to save their dirty clothes for an entire week so that you could earn more money. It smells great, doesn't it?” Bernie waved his hand, and the others tossed their dirty laundry toward Larry.

“It’s better for this kind of trash to get out of our school before it’s too late!”

“This guy has disgraced the school!”

“I think he's not picking up trash, but he's deliberately spoiling our fun!”


"I..." Larry shook the dirty sock off his face and flushed. He could not offend Bernie. After all, he was but a mere college student from a poor family. He could only work part-time on weekends and offer his errand and homework services to his schoolmates to make money. It was the only way he could afford to go to college.

If Larry had a choice, he would not do business with someone as obnoxious and self-important as Bernie. But since he had to make money to put himself through college, all he could do was swallow his pride and keep his anger at bay. He took a deep breath, picked up the sock Bernie threw, and tossed it into the bucket.

"Fifty bucks for all of them," he said. Bernie took out his wallet, pulled out some dollars, and threw them at Larry's feet.

With a smug smile, he said, "Here's fifty-five and another errand I want you to run. I want you to pick up a parcel at the school gate and take it to the locker room. It's for Sheldon Cooper, the leader of the basketball team."

After saying that, Bernie turned around and left with the rest of the group with excitement. Larry picked up the money from the floor and clenched it in his fist.

"I don't like dealing with that jerk Bernie and his friends, but as long as I can make money off them, I'm fine."

After Bernie and his teammates left, Larry carried on picking up empty water bottles and soda cans around the gym. After filling up his trash bag, he went to the recycling center outside the school to sell what he had collected. Then, he rushed to the school gate to get the parcel for Sheldon and then made his way back to the locker room.

Along the way, Larry carefully counted the money he earned today. He was tired, but he felt that it was worth it. He could not wait to save enough money to buy gifts for his dear girlfriend.

Larry was about to open the door to the locker room when a woman's groan stopped him in his tracks.

‘Aaaaah, ooooooh….y”

"What? Why is that voice so familiar?"

The woman on the other side of the door squealed with delight. Larry's face turned red as his heart started thudding against his ribcage.

He suddenly came to the horrifying realization that the voice was so similar to his girlfriend Marie Major’.

"Oh, Sheldon, I love it when you touch my breasts like that. Just like that. Don't stop..Please..."

"Come now, Marie. Hey, I bought you some sexy lingerie today. Put it on later, and we'll have some more fun."

When Larry heard their conversation, he could not deny it any longer.

“Marie? What are you doing?” Larry's blood boiled as he kicked the door open. He was stunned and petrified by what he saw. There, in the locker room, was his girlfriend Marie, entwined with Sheldon, the leader of the basketball team. They were both half-naked, completely caught up in their intimate moment.

Muhindi Wa Kuchoma

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Jul 9, 2023
Chapter 2 - It was unacceptable!

Marie was with Sheldon in the locker room, engaging in a romantic encounter. Larry's heart shattered as he realized that his girlfriend was cheating on him with the star of the basketball team. Tears welled up in his eyes as he stood frozen in disbelief. The betrayal cut deep, and he felt a surge of anger and hurt coursing through him.

Meanwhile, Sheldon was caressing her breasts lustfully.

She was wearing a sheer red lingerie set, her hands running through Sheldon's hair as he kissed her neck. The sight made Larry's heart sink as he realized that his beloved girlfriend was cheating on him with the school's most popular jock.

"WTF!" Larry's voice was barely a whisper, filled with hurt and disbelief. Marie stammered, unable to find words to explain herself. A strong sense of pain and humiliation filled his heart.

Marie hastily pulled down her waist-high skirt, concealing her snow-white thighs.

"What are you doing here, Larry?"

"I should be the one asking you the question. Didn't you say you'd go shopping with your best friend this afternoon? Why are you here? " Larry asked, flustered. "Marie, I know you don't like me being poor, but you can’t be with someone like that. Don't you know how many ex-girlfriends he has?" Larry added, his eyes red in anger.

He had worked himself to death just to buy Marie her birthday gift. Unfortunately for him, his beloved girlfriend just cheated on him in the end. It was unacceptable!

Instead of feeling ashamed, Marie snorted and scoffed, "Now that you know the truth, there's no point in hiding it anymore. Do you think that I would want to be with a poor loser like you?

Sad to say, but our relationship was nothing but a bet with my friend. I didn't expect that you'd take it seriously."

"But I love you Marie, cant you see that?..." Larry said sincerely.

"Your love means not hing to me. I wanted the latest phone, but you told me I had to wait for a month. How pathetic! Sheldon here did not only buy me an iPhone but also gave me a luxury Louis Vuitton bag." Sheldon, looking at the parcel in Larry's hand, stood up and laughed.

"Damn, Bernie is good at this. I asked him to fetch a parcel for me and he sent you. It's really exciting!"

Larry's fists clenched as Sheldon spoke. Tears filled his eyes as he stood frozen in disbelief, feeling a surge of anger and hurt. Bernie was playing a trick on him! That scumbag

All of a sudden, Sheldon threw a fifty-dollar bill at Larry and mocked, "Poor Larry. Do you think you can sleep with Marie? I'll tell you what, that won't ever happen. Here are fifty dollars. Just sleep with an old prostitute, or peasant like you."

"Sheldon, I'll fucking kill you!"

Unable to stand the ridicule anymore, Larry rushed to Sheldon like a mad bull.

"How dare you fight back?"

Sheldon threw a punch at Larry, knocking him over. Sheldon mocked and physically attacked Larry, leaving him bruised and humiliated on the floor.

Sheldon was over six feet tall and as the leader of the basketball team, he was agile and muscular.

Larry, however, was a few inches shorter than Sheldon and was lanky. Larry fell to the floor with a loud thud, and he felt a sharp pain on his cheek from where Sheldon had punched him.

Although in a daze, he summoned all his strength to get on his feet. But before he could do so, Sheldon raised his foot and trampled on Larry's face, pinning him down to the floor.

Larry's face was covered with footprints. Even if every movement sent him groaning in pain, he still tried his best to get up. Of course, Sheldon would not let him. He sat on Larry's back and took out a black pen from his backpack. Then, with a sly smile at the corners of his mouth, he wrote "Poor Loser" on Larry's clothes.

As if that was not enough, he spat on Larry and warned, "If you dare to provoke me again, I'll beat you every time I see your face. Mark my words." With that, he held Marie's hand and left.

Larry was left feeling broken and humiliated. As he sat on the locker room floor, his mind raced with thoughts of betrayal and injustice. He couldn't understand why Marie would do this to him, especially after everything he had done for her. The pain of her words and actions cut deep, leaving him feeling like he was nothing but a joke to those around him

Other students could not help but point at him when they saw his bruised and dirty face. Marie, the girl he loved the most, betrayed him and broke his heart. Bernie's mean words, Sheldon' humiliation, and Marie's ruthlessness filled his heart with resentment.

"Why? They all bully me and trample on my dignity! Why?"

"Just because I'm poor, in their eyes, I'm not even a human being anymore!"

As he slowly picked himself up from the floor, his body covered in footprints and his face bruised, Larry knew that he couldn't let this go unpunished. He vowed to himself that he would not let Sheldon, Marie, or anyone else walk all over him like this again. He may have been poor, but he refused to let that define him or allow others to treat him with such disrespect.

With newfound determination and a fire burning inside him, Larry wiped the spit from his face and stood tall. He may have been knocked down, but he refused to stay down. As he slowly made his way out of the locker room, he knew that this was just the beginning of his journey to reclaim his dignity and show the world that he was more than just a "poor loser."

And as he walked out of the locker room, head held high, Larry made a silent vow to himself that one day, he would rise above the pain and humiliation he had faced and show everyone that he was worthy of respect and love, regardless of his financial status. The journey ahead would be long and challenging, but Larry was ready to face it with courage and determination.

Muhindi Wa Kuchoma

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Jul 9, 2023
Chapter 3 - One Hundred Million Dollars

Larry went back to his dorm room in dejection. All he could think about was how his ex-girlfriend Marie had betrayed him for money. Tears welled up in his eyes as he let out his anger and sadness.

" All they think about is money! Marie, I'll make you regret what you've done to me." Larry's eyes were red and brimmed with tears.

At that moment, he gave vent to her anger and sadness.

Suddenly, his phone rang, interrupting his thoughts. Without hesitation, he picked up the call and heard a familiar voice on the other end. It was his father.

"Larry, listen carefully. Your nineteenth birthday is only a few days away. I can't hide the truth from you anymore. The truth is, our family isn't as poor as it seems. We're actually wealthy and powerful. We didn't tell you the truth as there's a rule in our family that children must live a poor life before they reach nineteen. But actually, our family is involved in different kinds of industries all around the globe. As a matter of fact, we have gold mines in Africa and oil wells in the Middle East."

Larry smiled self-mockingly. "Dad, are you awake? Stop fantasizing about being rich, will you? Larry couldn't believe what he was hearing. He thought it was a scam and lashed out, telling his father to stop lying.

“When I was a child, you said that you bought a helicopter in the United States and a yacht in Venice. Look at me dad, I have to fend for myself and earn my tuition fees. Don't you think you're being ridiculous?"

Larry couldn't believe it. He had always struggled to make ends meet, working part-time jobs and taking out student loans just to pay for his education.

His father chuckled on the other end of the line. "Larry, I wasn't joking when I told you about our family's wealth. We've been working hard in different industries for years. I'll explain everything to you in detail when I return. But for now, just know that you don't have to worry about money anymore. Enjoy your newfound fortune, son."

Larry couldn't believe his ears. He was overwhelmed with emotions. Tears of joy streamed down his face as he realized that his life was about to change drastically. He had gone from feeling hopeless and dejected to being a wealthy young man with endless possibilities. As he sat there in disbelief, he knew that he would never underestimate the power of money again. And with that thought, he embraced his newfound wealth and the opportunities that came along with it.

"Larry, I understand what you feel. I know you won't be able to accept it right away. When your grandfather said something like that to me, I also thought he was merely joking. But, Larry, I'm telling the truth. I'll transfer one hundred million dollars to you as your allowance."

"Fuck off! Stop lying to me" Larry roared at the top of his lungs. He then hung up the call as soon as he finished speaking. He was drunk, and his mind was befuddled at the moment. He had vented all the bitterness in his heart and now, he was exhausted.

Larry closed his eyes and fell asleep at the foot of the bed. The next morning, he felt as though his head was being split. He kneaded his throbbing temples and then slowly got up. Last night, he dreamt that his father called and confessed that their family was actually rich.

"I must've lost my mind. I'm just a poor college student. How could I even dream of being rich?" Larry could not help but smile mockingly at himself, his eyes were still full of bitterness. He picked up his phone and saw that he had an unread message.

"The balance of your bank account with the ending number 777 is 100000003.56 dollars." Larry was stunned when he found one hundred million dollars in his bank account.

All of a sudden, his eyes widened in shock. It was real! There was indeed one hundred million dollars in his bank account! Larry hurriedly dialed a number.

"Dad?" he cautiously asked the instant the call was answered.

"Son, are you sober now? I called you last night and noticed that something was wrong with you. Anyway, I'm going to the Middle East to inspect the mining of the new oil well. We can talk about it when I disembark."

"Dad, are you for real? Tell me. How did you get one hundred million dollars?" He was at a loss that he could not process what his father had just said. He grew up in an environment that was poor. But now, he suddenly became rich!

Muhindi Wa Kuchoma

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Jul 9, 2023
Chapter 4 - Gift for Bestie

"My son, I have something important to deal with right now. I have to go. By the way, I've sent you the family badge. Those who manage our family properties will immediately recognize the meaning of it. From now on, you're no longer poor, and you should now learn to be a rich man."

Larry's father hung up the phone as soon as he finished speaking. From being a poor guy, Larry became a rich heir in the blink of an eye. 100000000 dollars! Larry had mixed feelings.

As he sat in his dorm room, staring at the screen showing his bank balance, a wave of emotions washed over him. He felt grateful, shocked, and a little overwhelmed. But most of all, he felt a sense of relief. No longer would he have to worry about how to pay for his tuition or afford basic necessities.

With tears of joy streaming down his face, Larry called his best friend Marie, the one who had broken his heart and left him feeling so bitter. He couldn't wait to tell her the news and see the look of surprise on her face.

"Huh, Marie, if you didn’t break up with me, you could get whatever you want now.”

“Bernie, Sheldon, you two rely on the wealth of your families to bully me. Let’s see if you can still do that in the future.”

“I don't have to pick up rubbish anymore," he murmured to himself.

In the afternoon, the parcel his father had sent was delivered to Larry. Larry excitedly opened the package and saw a dark golden redbud-shaped badge inside. He recalled his father's words and realized that this was his family's symbol. He must take it with him at all times and not lose it.

All of a sudden, his phone lit up. It was a message from Bestie Sailor. She had sent a message to the group chat of the basketball team.

"Tomorrow is my 28th birthday. I’ve booked a room at Madison Hotel at noon. I hope all of you can come."

In addition to this message, she also sent Larry a voice message, urging him to come.

Bestie was the beautiful coach of the basketball team. She was the only one good to Larry on the team.

He was often bullied and mocked by everyone else, but it was bestie who introduced him to a part-time job and helped him out by lending him money for his tuition fee. She was the only one who offered him a helping hand when no one else did.

"It's Miss Sailor's birthday. I should buy her a birthday gift," he said to himself. He came to the most prosperous shopping mall in York, the city he was in.

“I've never chosen a gift for a girl. What should I choose? The crystal ball on the left is beautiful. It's a little expensive, though.” He was unsure which one to buy.

“Wait. There are one hundred million dollars in my bank account. Why am I looking for a hundred-dollar gift? I have to give up the habit of buying cheap things. Except for my family, Miss Sailor is the only person who has treated me well. My gift for her should be the best.”

Larry left the gift shop and went to the luxurious item section.

This was the first time he paid attention to these shops. He was dazzled by the variety of luxury goods.

Larry was greeted by a series of beautiful saleswomen in black stockings and sexy skirts. It was only then that he realized they were strangely gorgeous. It felt as though he had just entered a new world.

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Jul 9, 2023
Chapter 5 - Liquid Diamond

“The signboard of this shop selling diamond rings is too exaggerated. Is it inlaid with real diamonds? It's so bright.”

“A dress in this shop costs ten thousand dollars.

What's the difference between wearing a dress costs ten thousand dollars and wearing one that's worth one hundred dollars?”

As he was window-shopping, Larry kept murmuring to himself. After a while, he felt the need to pee, but didn’t find the men’s room.

Suddenly, he saw Sanders Profumeria, a store selling luxury goods. People said a store like this would have their own bathroom. He summoned up the courage and walked in.

A pretty saleslady walked over with a smile, but when she saw his plain clothes, her smile faded and she guessed he came here to use the bathroom. “Sorry, but you can’t use the bathroom here.”

Larry’s face turned red as he replied, “I’m here to buy something. But I need to use the bathroom first.”

After that, he put his bag on the counter and walked into the bathroom.

“How shameless!” the saleslady cursed behind his back.

After Larry went out, he heard the voice of the last person he wanted to see.

"Oh, Sheldon, you're so kind to buy me such an expensive bottle of perfume." A familiar voice came to his ears.

A sexy, good-looking girl stood before the counter, holding the arm of a boy. Larry turned his head to look, and his face immediately changed. Marie held Sheldon' arm and pressed her whole body against him.

"Of course, hun. You can choose whatever you like. You're my woman, and I won't treat you shabbily."

As Sheldon spoke, he put his hand on Marie's butt and rubbed it. He obviously liked touching her inappropriately in public.

"This one looks gorgeous!"

Marie picked up a purple bottle of perfume. As soon as she came into the store, she took a fancy to it. The bottle was shaped like a diamond. It sparkled against the store's bright white lights, and its lilac hue made it eye-catching.

Sheldon asked the shop assistant, "How much is this bottle of perfume? I will buy it."

"This one, Mr. Cooper? You really have good taste. This is a product of Hermes. It was made by one of their most famous perfume masters named Robert who used to work for the royal family. It took him two years to develop and finish the production of this exclusive perfume for Hermes. The process is very complicated, and the perfume is called the liquid diamond. There are only two hundred bottles of this perfume in the world, and the price is three hundred thousand dollars."

Sheldon was a regular customer at the store, so the shop assistant took her time to explain the product to him.

"Three hundred thousand dollars for one bottle of perfume? Did I hear that right?" Sheldon was so surprised that the bottle almost slipped off his hand.

"Sheldon, I like this perfume so much." Marie's eyes lit up when she heard the price.

She used her coquettish voice to try and persuade Sheldon to buy her the insanely pricey perfume.

"Well, although the perfume is good, I think it's unnecessary. It's more practical to buy clothes and bags. Let's go see other things." Sheldon coughed to cover his embarrassment. He put the perfume back and towed Marie away to check out the rest of the store.

It was then that they saw Larry standing there. Larry observes Marie and Sheldon's interaction and starts to see Marie in a different light, noticing a disconnect between her appearance and her behavior. Through this encounter, Larry begins to question the authenticity of certain relationships and the importance of material possessions.

Sheldon sneered, "Larry? What the hell are you doing here?"

Larry glanced at Marie whose arm was linked to Sheldon'. Her face was still beautiful and charming, but the more Larry looked at her, the stranger she became to him.

“Bitch!” he murmured under his breath, feeling a surge of anger. He couldn’t believe that he once had feelings for her.

Larry felt a mix of emotions at the sight of Marie with Sheldon. Anger, jealousy, and hurt all welled up inside of him. He clenched his fists, trying to control his emotions as he tried to come up with a response to Sheldon's question.

The air around them suddenly felt tense, and Larry knew he had to say something to break the awkward silence. Ignoring the mocking tone in Sheldon's voice, Larry managed to muster up a smile

Muhindi Wa Kuchoma

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Jul 9, 2023
Chapter 6 - I Will Buy Liquid Diamond

"Oh, just browsing. What about you two? Shopping for more expensive gifts?" He tried to sound casual, but his voice betrayed the hurt he was feeling.

“Larry, if you still know shame, get the hell out of here! Everything here is luxurious, including lingerie. The Hermès bag costs fifty thousand dollars and this ribbed sweater costs thirty thousand dollars. Even if you wash laundry for the basketball team for an entire life, you still won't be able to afford a thing here!" Sheldon' tone was riddled with sarcasm as he pointed at the items on display at the store.

He could only think of one thing. 'Yes, I used to be a poor guy, But now, I have one hundred million dollars in my bank account. Sheldon, so you're the poor loser now, and not me.'

“Didn't you just say that I won't be able to afford anything here? Let me show you, who's the real poor loser here! Excuse me, I would like to buy this bottle of perfume!”

"Well, What are you pretending to pretend? I have seen a lot of poor losers like you who come to stores like these to pretend to be rich. This bottle of perfume is the most sought-after limited edition fragrance from Hermès, that's worth more than three hundred thousand dollars! Even if you end up selling a few of your organs for cash, you still won't be able to afford it!" the store assistant responded rude to Larry.

Instead of treating him like a customer, she treated him like a beggar who had come there from the streets. Take this, and pay for it!

Larry quickly handed his Centurion Card to the store assistant. She hesitated for a moment before she took it from him and walked to the billing counter.

"Larry, you are just a garbage collector. Are you that obsessed with pretending to be rich?”

Sheldon proceded by calling the security guard “Security guard, this man is trying to make trouble here. If he can't pay for the product with his card, then I suggest you break his legs and throw him out of here!"

Marie gave a dismissive laugh and looked at Sheldon, "We don't need to waste our time with him." She put a hand on Sheldon’s arm

Marie’s eyes were filled with contempt and disdain when she saw that Larry, who was just a garbage collector, dared to refute her over and over again. She was glad that she had not chosen Larry, or else she would also be facing humiliation now

Noticing the commotion, everyone in the store, including the staff, turned to look at the front desk.

The security guard, who was standing by the door, was holding a rubber stick in his hand, ready to thrash Larry at any moment.

All of a sudden, the register sounded. The payment is successful. Three hundred thousand dollars received, the automated response said. Holding the card in her hand, the store assistant was stunned.

Instantly, Larry became the center of attention as everyone wondered what kind of a wealthy man would pay three hundred thousand dollars in the blink of an eye.

At the same time, the store assistant packed up the perfume bottle beautifully and handed it to Larry. She smiled enthusiastically and straightened up, her full bosom almost popping out, which made Larry blush.

Taking his card and the perfume from her, Larry forced himself to look away from her as he turned around and was about to leave. Although the change in the store assistant's behavior made him realize the powers and charms of wealth, he was also disgusted by it.

Sheldon and Marie were shocked too. They knew Larry very well, and they also knew how he struggled to pay for his expenses by working odd part-time jobs assigned by the school.
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Chapter 7 and 8 - The Family Badge

However, the reality was undeniable. Marie also gasped in shock as she thought to herself, It is three hundred thousand dollars! What kind of fortune did Larry stumble upon? This scavenger has had a crush on me for so long now. He has to listen to me! All of his money belongs to me!'

Taking a step forward, she was about to say something nice to him. But Larry cast a cold glance at her as though he was looking at some rubbish on the street. The coldness from his eyes caused Marie to freeze in her tracks.

Ignoring her, Larry was about to walk past her.

“It's impossible! How could someone like you, a poor loser, have the money to buy this bottle of expensive luxury perfume? It's just not possible!” Even Sheldon couldn't accept the reality.

Marie also came back to her senses: "Yes, how can this poor person afford such expensive perfume and how can he have a Centurion bank card!"

"That's not true! Just yesterday, he was collecting trash at the gym. How could he have three hundred thousand dollars all of a sudden? He must have stolen the card from someone else!" They were so furious that they could not just believe that Larry would have so much money on him.

Upon hearing his words, the store assistant also became suspicious. After all, Larry's clothes were quite plain, which indicated that he was not all that rich. Moreover, Sheldon was a regular customer at their store, so his words were more credible.

“Sheldon, do you have any evidence to prove that the card I gave them was stolen from someone else?” Larry could not believe that Sheldon would say such things. Did he have to stay poor forever to please them?

Sheldon replied coldly, "I seriously suspect that you stole the money. After all, you are known to be a thief. You must have stolen something from this shop too!"

“You... You are talking bullshit! Larry's face started to turn red with anger. I just saw you sneak a bottle of perfume into your bag.

Sheldon pointed at the bag that was on the counter. After hearing that, the store assistant could not help but become vigilant. Her flattering smile from just moments ago disappeared as she alerted the security guards.

Several men blocked the door to prevent Larry from escaping.

“You are slinging mud at me. I put my bag on the counter and went to the bathroom. As soon as I walked out, I saw you. How could I have had the time to steal anything?” Larry argued with a fierce look in his eyes.

Even when they all picked on him for being poor, he did not refute, but he would never even think of committing a crime like theft.

Soon, a uniformed lady in her thirties, with elegant looks and excellent temperament, came over. Lilian, the store manager also heard the commotion.

"What's going on here? "

When Sheldon saw the manager, he immediately rushed over to him.

“Manager Lilian, I'm Sheldon. Do you remember me? Larry is a notorious poor guy from our school. We suspect that he is a thief. He has no money, and yet he came to your luxury store to shop. I suspect that he has stolen something.”

”Is it?” Lilian glanced at Larry suspiciously.

“If you want to prove that you're innocent, then let Manager Lilian go through your backpack. If you don't then you're guilty, Larry!” Sheldon suggested checking Larry's backpack because he had stuffed a perfume bottle in his backpack when everyone was looking at the bell desk.

“If you want to check my bag so badly, then go ahead. Saying that Larry tossed his backpack to the manager.” Lilian opened the backpack and took out all of its contents one by one.

Soon the counter was filled with clothes, books, and notebooks. And the next second, she saw something shiny in the bag. It was a perfume bottle

Just when Lilian was about to take out the perfume bottle from Larry's backpack, she noticed something else next to it, which seemed quite familiar to her, so she picked it up and examined it. The moment she saw what it was, she was so scared that her hands started shaking.

She immediately recognized that it was the Sanders family's crest. It was a dark golden badge in the shape of a redbud flower. Luckily for him, she had seen it once, so now, she remembered the symbol.

The Sanders family had existed since medieval times and it was a very mysterious family. The wealth and power they possessed were unimaginable. The Sanders Profumeria founded by the family had a market value of five hundred billion dollars already, which made it one of the biggest enterprises in York. However, that was barely a small portion of the family's assets.

“Is... Is this young man a part of the Sanders family?” Looking at Larry, Lilian's expression changed instantly.

Larry's surname was indeed Sanders, and he had the family crest in his possessions, so he was a part of that family! Every one of the family's important members had a badge like that, and one word from Larry could determine Lilian's fate.

Moreover, the luxury store belonged to the family. How could it be considered theft if Larry only took something from a store that was owned by his family? He had every right to take it.

Sheldon was still waiting to see Larry humiliated, so he said proudly, "Manager Lilian, you found it, right? As I said, he's a thief..."

“Damn you! How dare you slander Mr. Sanders? Security, throw him out!” Lilian roared as she raised his hand and slapped Sheldon. Her palm print appeared on Sheldon' cheek, and tears fell down his face, making him look miserable.

“Security! Get this bastard out of here, and do not let him come back again! He is banned from this store from this moment onwards!” Lilian shouted hysterically. Everyone in the store was shocked. They did not know what was going on. They were thinking that Larry would get beaten, and they never expected Sheldon to get slapped.

Seeing that, Marie also didn't dare to stay there any longer and ran out of the store at once.

“Mr. Sanders, I'm sorry to have caused you trouble. Saying that Lilian put Larry’s things back in his backpack neatly.

The store assistants were also confused. Why did their store manager, who was known to be arrogant, suddenly become so polite?

After arranging Larry's things in his bag neatly, Lilian zipped it up. However, she accidentally used more strength and broke the zipper.

“Mr. Sanders, I'm sorry for breaking your bag. I will compensate you for it immediately!” She quickly took out ten thousand dollars from her wallet and handed it to Larry.

Feeling embarrassed to take her money, Larry said, "It's alright. This is just an ordinary bag. It's not worth much."

Please accept this. It is my fault. Please forgive me for my mistake. Stuffing the money in his hand, Lilian almost knelt, begging him to take the money.

Larry was perplexed. What's up with this world? '

After seeing her continuously pleading to accept the money, Larry finally reluctantly accepted it. Suddenly, his phone rang. It was a call from the basketball coach, Bestie.

Hello, Larry! The birthday party started. When will you come? I'll be there soon. I was just buying a gift, and that's why I am a little late. Hurry up, wear a good look, today I want to introduce a beauty girl by the way to you know!

Larry hung up. He rarely ever went to such birthday parties because he did not have money to buy the host a gift. But things were different for him now. He is a rich guy.

I don't know if Miss Sailor is going to like this gift?

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Chapter 9 and Chapter 10 - Gift Box

A taxi stopped in front of the Madison Hotel. Larry got off of it. The moment he entered the hall, he saw a slim and beautiful girl waving at him. It was Bestie.

She looked stunning in her white short dress, the fabric clinging to her curves in all the right places. Every step she took oozed confidence and allure, like a goddess walking among mortals. With her regal poise and elegant demeanor, she was the epitome of seduction and sophistication. No wonder many men were drawn to her.

Larry's eyes lit up. He quickly walked over to Bestie and handed her a gift box.

“Sorry for being late, Miss Sailor. Here's my birthday gift for you, by the way” Bestie smiled and put his gift into her handbag without even checking what was inside.

Larry was a little disappointed. “Aren't you going to open it first?”

“I want to keep the surprise until I go back home in the evening. Let's go. I'll take you to the private room I've booked.” Bestie smiled and took Larry's hand.

When Larry entered the room, he found that all the members of the basketball team were present, except for Sheldon.

“Oh, Larry, you're finally here. Have you finished washing our clothes? Bernie said with a sneer. Several basketball team members laughed.

Bestie frowned and ordered, "Stop asking Larry to do that! You do that yourseves"

The basketball team fell silent and exchanged glances at each other.

“Larry, come and sit here. Larry looked in her direction and fell stunned.”

On the other end of the seat was a woman, whose beauty was not in any way inferior to Bestie's. She was swinging her long legs in her seat leisurely and looking at them. The woman was only wearing a white shirt, which emphasized her plump chest, and a pair of shorts. Every man's dream is to be sandwiched between two beautiful women.

“Bestie, is this the guy you want to introduce to me?” The sexy girl next to him asked while looking at Larry up and down.

"Yes. You should get to know each other. Larry, this is my cousin, Candie Sailor. She's a freshman in the university, the same as you." Bestie introduced the girl to Larry with a smile.

The reason she introduced Candie to Larry was that he had left quite an impression. He attended school while diligently doing part-time jobs on the basketball team. She appreciated him because he was not only handsome, but he was also reliable and ambitious even though he was poor.

Candie, her cousin, had just gone through a breakup. Bestie figured that this was a great chance for her cousin to get to know a trustworthy man such as Larry.

“Hello, Nice to meet you, Candie. I'm Larry.” Larry reached out his hand politely and waited for Candie to shake it.

However, Bernie scoffed, "Candie, this guy just runs errands for us on the basketball team. He washes our stinky socks and shoes all day long to earn some money."

“Oh. Candie's eyes flashed with contempt. She averted her gaze from Larry and moved as far as she could away from him. I'm a neat freak. Who knows if there's a strange smell in your hand?

Embarrassed, Larry's hand froze in the air. It was obvious that what she had said was only an excuse and that she did not want to talk to him at all.

“I know right! How could a loser like Larry win Candie's favor?”

“ I mean, she's the prettiest of all!”

“What a loser!”

Seeing the crowd burst into laughter, Larry's pale face turned livid with rage. Do I deserve to be humiliated just because I do not have money?'

Anger boiled within him, and if it weren't for Bestie, he would have left the place immediately. Unfortunately for him, no one really cared about his feelings.

Noticing the gloomy look in their coach's eyes, Bernie knew that she was at her limit.

"Everyone, don't laugh at this poor loser anymore. Miss Sailor's birthday mustn't be ruined. Let me see what kind of present you got for her. Why don't you take it out and see which one would be the most perfect present for her?" Bernie gathered everyone's attention and was about to open his gift box with a sense of pride in his heart.

The next moment, a delicate perfume bottle was placed on the table. “Wow, what a beautiful bottle of perfume! It must be quite expensive, right?”

“Bernie is so rich.The gift he bought must cost a lot! This is a new limited edition Hermès perfume. A single bottle of it costs more than ten thousand dollars!”

“Wow! A perfume that's worth more than ten thousand dollars is something that a student can't afford so easily!” Those beautiful girls looked at Bernie and their eyes changed.

“This man is too generous”.

When Bernie saw the admiration in the girl's eyes, his complacent smile grew bigger. He then glanced at Larry and teased, "Larry must have bought a gift for Miss Sailor, too, right? Why don't you show it to us?"

Larry glanced at them and then looked at Bestie gently. "Miss Sailor, why don't you show them what I bought for you?"

Bestie said, "Don't compare how valuable your gifts are. I like them all equally, regardless of their worth."

Upon hearing those words, Larry's expression darkened. He could tell that Bestie was only doing it to stop him from feeling embarrassed in public. He was a poor boy, so there was no way for him to afford expensive gifts. But things had changed, and Larry believed that no one's gift could be as priceless as his.

“Miss Sailor, it's okay. Just show them,” he said again, looking at Bestie with a firm glance.

As soon as the velvet box was taken out of the bag, a beautiful light shone from it. The entire hotel room fell silent all of a sudden.

“It's so beautiful!” Bestie exclaimed in amazement. She was not expecting it to be so gorgeous when she took out the box.

“What a beautiful gift box!” A hint of astonishment flashed through everyone's mind and they all gasped.

Even Bernie was shocked. Something did not seem right.

“Larry, I am sure you must have found this box in a dumpster. It's so beautiful! You must be really caring and thoughtful for preparing such a pretty present for Miss Sailor.”

Bernie, who was waiting to see Larry getting humiliated, was still not reconciled.

“Since you took the time to bring me a gift, I don't care what's inside.” Actually, Bestie also suspected that Larry had only brought such an elegant box because of his high self-esteem. Since she knew that he was not wealthy, she said something to prevent him from facing embarrassment.

“Well, he took time and effort to bring you this gift, right? So would it hurt for us to take a look at it?” However, Candie pouted and snatched the gift box from her cousin before she opened it without any hesitation.


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Chapter 11 Birthday Gift

All of a sudden, everyone in the room gasped.

They were indeed surprised when they saw how marvelous Bernie's gift was, but the moment they saw Larry's gift, they were too stunned to speak.

His gift was also a bottle of perfume. It was a diamond-shaped bottle that looked like it was made out of the best quality amethyst. It was so bright and glimmering like it had a myriad of stars inside it. In comparison to Larry's gift, Bernie's looked like rubbish.

"It is the most exquisite Hermes perfume. There are only two hundred bottles of this limited edition perfume in the whole world. It was developed by the famous perfume master Robert. It is worth three hundred thousand dollars!"

A girl with short hair took a photo of the perfume bottle before she looked it up online and read about it loudly.

“Three hundred thousand dollars? How could that be possible?” Everyone was shocked.

If a boy had bought such a beautiful, expensive bottle of perfume for a girl, then he could certainly hope to spend several memorable nights with her.

"No way!"

All of a sudden, something occurred to Bernie, and with an evil smile, he retorted, "Right! I am sure it is a fake! Larry probably dug the bottle out of a dumpster and filled it with some cheap perfume!" It was because of Larry's stereotype that everyone began to doubt him.

"You're right! How could someone like him afford such an expensive gift? It must certainly be a fake!"

"I agree! He even wished to stretch the money that he earned from us. How dare he show so much generosity?" someone said.

"Yeah, I am pretty sure that the cheap perfume he used only costs a dozen dollars!" None of their words affected Bessie's opinion at all.

She never really cared about the cost of their gifts, so she picked up the perfume bottle and packed it up again.

She chuckled and said sweetly, "Well, even if it is worth only a dozen dollars, I am still very happy. At least, it is a very beautiful bottle of per fume! Thank you for the thoughtful and wonderful gift, Larry. You are so considerate!"

"It's all fake! He tried to pretend to be rich, but we all saw right through him."

At first, Candie felt a little regretful for rejecting Larry, but after listening to what Bernie said, she felt more disdainful towards Larry.

Several basketball team members also saw what was going on, and they laughed sarcastically to ease their shocked hearts.

Larry frowned and cast a resentful glance at all the people who were mocking him. No matter how much money he spent on the gift, they were only going to mock him and label it as a fake.

"Miss Sailor, happy birthday to you. Please excuse me; I have something that I need to take care of at home, so I will be leaving now." Larry said goodbye as he stood up. He was bored and tired of all their insults. Bessie couldn't stand it anymore.

She said, "Bernie, you can’t bully Larry just because he is a poor."

Bernie responded, "He deserved it. He pretended to be rich and bought a fake Hermes perfume to please you. This poor bastard really knows how to pick up a girl!"

As soon as Larry left the hotel, his phone rang.

"Hello, Dad. What's the matter?"

"Larry, I have decided to give you the Willard Manor as a birthday gift."

Upon hearing his father's words, Larry was stunned for a moment. Since he had lived in York for many years, how could he not know that the Willard Manor was one of the best and most famous resorts in the city?

It should be worth at least three hundred million dollars. Many celebrities and businessmen would often show off that they had access to the manor, and it was extremely expensive!

For a poor student like him, the place seemed like a dream.

"Don't you think that your gift is a little too expensive?"

Larry found it hard to accept it. His father always shocked him with such news, and he felt like he would collapse from a heart attack if his father continued to do so.

Chapter 12 Willard Manor

"I actually thought of giving you the whole business district around the Willard Manor, too. Now, go to the manor and ask your sister to arrange the handover procedure for you."

What his father said was quite a shock to Larry. He had finally realized that his family was rich. However, he did not know how rich they were. To his surprise, he was far richer than he had imagined.

The business district around the Willard Manor was the most luxurious place in York. Many high-end hotels and clubs were built there. It was no exaggeration that an inch of land there was worth an inch of gold. But, his father just said that those properties belonged to their family.

Larry bit the tip of his tongue to calm himself down. All of a sudden, something occurred to him.

"Wait. Dad, isn't my sister working in another city?"

"Ha-ha! You silly boy. How do you think we can rest assured that you are left living in poverty alone in York? Do you remember the richest woman in York, the one who owns the Sanders Profumeria, which is worth at least five hundred billion dollars? You used to joke about her being your sister. Well, you're right. That woman is indeed your sister. She has been in York the whole time and keeping an eye on you," the man on the other end of the line said while laughing.

But then, he suddenly turned serious. "Larry, you have to remember that we raised you in poverty not only because we wanted you to experience hardships but because we wanted you to retain your virtues. Anyway, I've said too much. Go to the manor now. Your sister is waiting for you."

"Okay, Dad." Larry ended the call as soon as he finished speaking. He was glad that his father was strict with him regardless of whether he was rich or poor.

Once he calmed down, he took a taxi to the Willard Manor. Larry was a little curious about his destination. This was the first time he would see the most popular place in York, after all.

There was a pool of crystal clear water constantly flowing in the fountain behind the tall and white arched door. The lush trees danced gracefully in the wind. Houses decorated with red bricks and green tiles were scattered among the trees, and they made the place look elegant.

Outside the manor was a luxurious reception hall. Only through the hall could one enter the manor. Larry was so fascinated by the scenery in front of him that he mindlessly went into the manor.

"Sir, please stop. This is private property." The receptionist at the entrance, who was dressed in a skimpy uniform, black stockings, a short skirt, and high heels, stopped Larry from taking another step.

She stared at him disdainfully and did not even bother to ask why he had come there. The people who were allowed to enter the Willard Manor were all dignitaries. Their clothes were never shabby, which led her to think that Larry did not belong to the place. His clothes were worth no more than a hundred dollars in total.

The receptionist figured that he must have come here to take pictures to post online to satisfy his vanity.

"I... I came here for Ellie Sanders," Larry said timidly.

"I'm sorry, sir. But you need to book an appointment first before entering the manor," the receptionist coldly replied.

At that moment, a young man got out of a Tesla car not far away and walked towards them with a bouquet in his hands.

He glanced at Larry and scoffed, "Why is there a beggar here? Drive him away!"

The moment the receptionist saw the man, her eyes lit up, and her attitude completely changed.

"Mr. Shore, it's nice to see you again. I'll just call the security to deal with him."

Her attitude toward the man was warm and friendly, and she seemed as though she wanted to throw herself into his arms.


The man, Brandon Shore, laughed smugly and suddenly grabbed the receptionist's boob, which made her moan.

Brandon then raised his eyebrows at Larry arrogantly as though he were flaunting his capability.

With that, he turned to the receptionist and asked, "Is Miss Sanders in the manor today? Well, I came here to confess my feelings for her."

Chapter 13 Willard Manor

"Miss Sanders went out earlier this morning. She seemed to be in a hurry to prepare something important. I don’t know where she is right now."

The receptionist eyed the bouquet with jealousy. It was so expensive that it was almost equivalent to a few months of her salary.

"Alright, I'll go in first. Remember to ask someone to drive this guy away. It's really annoying to just see him there!" Brandon sneered.

The incident angered Larry a little. He looked at the receptionist and asked, "This guy doesn't have an appointment, right? How is he able to just walk in directly?"

He could tell that this playboy was pursuing his sister. And the receptionist let him in so easily! She was acting like a snob, for sure!

The receptionist rolled her eyes at him impatiently and said firmly, "Mr. Shore is the heir of Sen Tale Group. You're nothing compared to him."

Brandon also heard Larry's words, so he walked up to him and arrogantly pushed him hard.

"Look at you, dressed in such shabby clothes! How can someone as miserable as you enter the Willard Manor? Can you even afford to pay for this place?"

"No appointment, no entry!" the receptionist echoed.

"Let’s wait and see if I can get in today!" Although Larry was furious, he suppressed his anger, took out his phone, and stepped out of the lobby.

"Didn't you just say that you will get in? Why are you walking out then? Come back here if you have balls!" Brandon shouted after him with a scornful smile.

To their surprise, Larry seemed to have disconnected the call in the middle of the conversation and turned to look at them both.

"Shit! Poor bastard! Believe it or not, I am going to pummel you right now!" Brandon clenched his fists and threatened Larry.

He was obviously not taking Larry seriously.

"Mr. Shore, please calm down. I've already called the security department. I have asked them to break his legs today. Let's see if he dares to step foot here again!"

The receptionist also shouted at Larry, threatening him, in an attempt to please Brandon.

At that moment, they all heard a pleasant voice coming from behind them.

"I'd like to see who would dare to beat my brother!"

A tall young woman walked into the lobby. She was elegant and beautiful, like an angel dressed in a suit.

The woman was Ellie, Larry's sister. She had long flowing hair that resembled a waterfall. Her skin was soft and dewy. She looked very sophisticated and intellectually sound for her age.

Although she was quite pretty, her eyes were covered with a sense of gloom as anger rose within her like a tide.

The entire lobby fell silent as soon as she entered. No one even dared to breathe loudly. It was the first time that the staff and Brandon were seeing her so angry.

"Miss Sanders!" The receptionist ran up to her and saluted her respectfully.

Looking at his dream girl, Brandon quickly took out the bouquet of roses that he had prepared in advance and handed them to her.

With a flattering smile on his lips, he continued, "Miss Sanders, this is a gift that I carefully selected for you. As for the cooperation with Sen Tale Group this year, we should talk about the contract extension."

Ellie's face was as cold as ice as she said, "You bastard! You were thinking of hurting my brother until a second ago, so don't even think about the contract extension."

Brandon's eyes went wide in horror. Looking at Larry, he stopped for a second. Thinking that a guy like him could not be Ellie's brother, he ignored him. He continued to look around for another five minutes. However, he could not find Ellie's brother at all. Feeling bitter in his heart, he felt that Ellie was just giving him some excuse to avoid signing the contract.

Brandon smiled bitterly and said, "Miss Sanders, I haven't seen your brother at all, let alone beat him.If you are not satisfied with the contract, then maybe, we can negotiate the terms."

Sen Tale Group had encountered a big financial crisis that year. If they failed to extend the contract, then the company would certainly go bankrupt. And when that happened, even Brandon would be reduced to a state of poverty.

Chapter 14 Willard Manor

“Does being poor really make me invisible? This guy acting like I'm not even standing here,” Larry murmured.

Finally, he decided to not care about what everyone around him might think and strode straight to Ellie. He raised his chin and said, "Sister, Dad asked me to come to you to sign the contract."

As soon as Larry finished speaking, the lobby fell silent. All heads turned to him, and everyone stared at him with wide eyes.

"What's wrong with this guy? Is he insane? How could he come up to Ellie and claim that he was her brother?"

"Yes, you're right. He doesn't even look the part. His clothes are valued at less than one hundred dollars. How could someone like him be related to Miss Sanders?"

Everyone talked about Larry as if he was not there to hear what they were saying. They eyed him with disbelief and even disdain.

Suddenly, it dawned on them that Larry was the only stranger in the lobby. Everyone held their breaths and pricked up their ears. They waited for Ellie to respond.

"Why didn't you call me when you arrived, Larry?" The coldness on Ellie's face turned into a gentle smile.

All the people present heaved a collective sigh of relief and a little bit of surprise. Seeing Ellie with such a lovely, tranquil expression on her face was a rare sight.

"How... How could it be possible?" Brandon was confused.

Without taking a look at Brandon, Larry said to Ellie, "Sister, is this your pursuer? I don't think he is a good candidate. He wanted to hit me just now."

"Mr. Sanders, I..." Hearing this, Brandon hurriedly attempted to explain.

Ellie snapped, "Enough! Brandon, I'm not an unreasonable person. If you want to renew the contractwith me, you have to make me happy first."

"Just tell me what you want me to do, Miss Sanders, and I'll do it," Brandon replied immediately and took a deep breath.

The gentle look on Ellie's face slowly melted away, and a knowing smile curled her lips. She looked like a queen who was about to squash one of her enemies under her heel.

She pointed at the Tesla car parked not far away and said softly, "Your car is parked at the door. It blocked my way here to find my brother."

Brandon pressed his lips together in a thin line.

After hesitating for a long time, he gritted his teeth and said, "Since it inconvenienced you, I'll smash it!" He strode toward his car and picked up a big stick on the way. He smashed the windshield with the stick.

After the first strike, Brandon chanced a glance at Ellie and realized that she had no intention of stopping him. He smashed the windshield once again.

Fifteen minutes of non-stop hits later, the elegantly shaped and fashionable luxury car was badly destroyed.

Panting and sweating all over, Brandon went back to the lobby and said to Ellie, "Are you satisfied, Miss Sanders?"

"No, I'm afraid not. You almost kicked my brother just now." Ellie's face remained unchanged, but her tone grew even colder.

"I... I see." Brandon's throat bobbed, and color gradually drained from his face. He closed his eyes. He took a deep breath. Then, he raised the stick he was holding and struck his own leg with it. He tried to bite down his screams but miserably failed.

Everyone present was stunned into complete silence.

Some gasped and put their hands over their chests. They were not expecting Brandon to do what he just did.

"How about now?" Brandon asked in a voice trembling with pain.

Ellie did not answer. She just looked at Larry and asked, "Is that enough for you, Larry?"

Larry whipped his head toward his sister. He was not expecting her to address him. Ellie was usually quiet at home, but she could be so domineering in front of her employees and outsiders.

Without thinking too much, Larry quickly answered, "Yes, that's quite enough."

Hearing this, Ellie smiled. She took out her checkbook and began writing. "Here's a check for two million dollars. Buy yourself a new car, Mr. Shore."

After saying that, Ellie turned around and said to a security guard, "You, get someone to drive Mr. Shore home. As for the cooperation, Mr. Shore, you can talk to my brother after your leg recovers."

Chapter 15 Willard Manor

"Ellie, don't go too far!" Brandon shouted through gritted teeth. He was the heir of the Shore family. Nobody dared to provoke him just like Ellie did. His car had been destroyed, and his leg was injured. However, he still had not had a chance to discuss the cooperation.

"Security, see him out!" Ellie commanded coldly.

With her tall figure and sharp features, she was like an ice queen. The security guard grabbed a wheelchair from the side, dragged Brandon into it, and pushed him out of the Willard Manor.

"I can walk by myself!" Brandon cried out in grief and indignation while being wheeled out. He had just been humiliated. Not to mention, people were staring at him with snickers.

The heir of Sen Tale Group was humiliated. How pathetic! Larry wished he could be as domineering as his sister one day.

At that moment, Ellie turned to him and asked, "Larry, are you okay?"

Her demeanor changed in an instant when she talked to him. She was gentle and affectionate, unlike her usual temperament which was cold and unforgiving.The staff around were astonished by her attitude. This was the first time they had seen Ellie like this.

"I'm okay." Larry nodded. "Sorry for the trouble."

"It's okay. Dad should've told you that he's giving you not only the Willard Manor but also all the shops on this commercial street. Everything you see is owned by our family."

With a smile on her face, Ellie waved her hand, and her female secretary came up to her. "Gather all the staff in the manor for me," Ellie ordered.

The secretary nodded in response. Five minutes later, more than a thousand staff of the manor gathered on the vast golf course. They all wore the same black uniform, which made the course look black instead of green. They were lined in the golf course and waited for what Ellie had to say.

With Larry next to her, Ellie stood before them and announced, "All of you, listen. From now on, my brother, Larry Sanders, will be the owner of the Willard Manor!"

All the staff, including security guards and managers, bowed respectfully upon hearing Ellie's announcement. The beautiful female staff all became excited. They wanted to marry into a rich family. The young man in front them was a billionaire. He was bound to become the target of the girls.

"Welcome, Mr. Sanders!" they shouted in unison. Their voice was loud and clear, and it echoed throughout the golf course.

Not knowing what to do, Larry just stood there in a daze. He wondered if this was the feeling of being a rich man. Everyone treated him with respect. In the crowd, the face of the receptionist who had just humiliated him turned ghastly pale.

"Larry, an employee reported to me that the receptionist in the lobby disrespected you," Ellie said with implication.

Everyone held their breath and stared at Larry, wondering what he would do next. Apart from respect, there was fear in their eyes. Now that Larry became the new boss, who knew if he would fire all the employees?

Working in the Willard Manor not only brought them high salaries, but it also came with benefits. Many people were dying to work there.

Larry pondered on how he should handle this issue. He didn't know what to do. He was anxious as all eyes were on him. He did not even know where to place his hands.

Meanwhile, the said receptionist was trembling like a leaf. All of a sudden, she rushed towards Larry and stood timidly in front of him. She lowered her head and bit her lip in shame. To everyone's surprise, she revealed a large part of her boob and looked up at Larry apologetically. Fear was written all over her face, which made everyone pity her.

Larry's face flushed. Never in his life had a girl approached him.But then, the receptionist's snobbish attitude crossed his mind, and he felt disdainful.

The Willard Manor was now his property. If the employees, even one of them, disrespected a guest in the future, the reputation of the manor would be affected.

At the thought of this, Larry cleared his throat and said in a deep voice, "I want to ask you something. Is this how you treat the guests?"

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Chapter 16 - French Restaurant

"I'm so sorry, Mr. Sanders. I shouldn't have looked down on you," the female receptionist said as she bit her lip.

"I didn't recognize you sooner, and I really regret it." She raised her hand to slap her cheeks, causing the sound to resonate throughout the entire venue while she slapped herself over and over again.

Larry's eyes widened. He couldn't understand what was happening. A trace of blood trickled down from the corner of the receptionist's mouth, and her face became swollen, but she didn't stop.

Larry didn't intend to make her hurt herself, so he announced, "Stop. Just don't do it again, okay?"

The receptionist realized what he had just said, and her eyes lit up

She replied, “Mr, Sanderson, Thank you so much. I won’t do it again She truly felt grateful that Larry forgave her even after what she did. Ellie subtly nodded in satisfaction.

She felt content with how Larry dealt with the matter. If he didn’t punish the receptionist for her actions, Ellie would have stepped in and punished her for him,

Larry had to learn to establish his authority in front of his subordinates, especially since he was the boss.

When it was time for lunch, Larry and Ellie went out. They decided to ride on a yacht since they planned to go to the lake island of the Willard Manor. They decided to ride on a yacht since they planned to go to the lake island of the Willard Manor.

Larry’s eyes lit up in amusement when he saw two dolphins jump out of the water and follow the yacht.

At that point, Ellie also told him about the buildings in the manor. She explained that there were sharks in the aquarium, leopards in the zoo, and even an arctic museum where polar bears were kept. Larry’s eyes widened upon hearing that.

Half an hour later, they arrived at the island and went to a French restaurant.

The chefs were also Michelin three-star chefs, so their cooking skills were on par with the most famous ones. The ingredients they used for their dishes were fresh, especially the beef. They used the most tender part of the Charolais beef, which came from France,

“Larry, this is the best restaurant in Willard Manor, and people who don’t have a lot of money usually can’t afford a diamond membership card here,” Ellie explained with a smile.

“This restaurant alone can bring in at least ten million dollars per month,”

After that, she went on to introduce Willard Manor’s membership cards. The membership cards were divided into four grades: silver, gold, diamond, and supreme,

The people who could spend more than five million dollars a year were eligible to apply for a silver card, which was considered the most basic.

Generally speaking, people who came to the villa had to spend millions of dollars just to be qualified. As for the gold and diamond cards, people who possessed more than one billion dollars were the only ones who could get them,

Larry’s breath hitched while he listened to Ellie rambling on and on about the membership cards. He didn’t feel like that kind of lifestyle was his thing. He couldn’t understand how someone could actually spend five million dollars for meals every year. Was this really how rich people lived?

At that moment, he also couldn’t believe that such a luxurious property was about to be his. He even felt giddy inside when he thought about the restaurant’s monthly income, especially since the restaurant could pull in tens of millions of dollars every month.

Ellie smiled at her brother as she looked at him. She didn’t look down on Larry at all.


Ellie poured two glasses of wine and handed one to Larry.

Larry took a sip and savored the rich flavors. "This is delicious," he said, taking a bite of the appetizers that had been brought to the table.

"Ellie, isn't this a bit over the top? The plate is so big, but all they gave me was a small piece of meat. How can you expect me to feel full by eating this?"

Ellie shook her head. "That doesn't matter. There are more dishes to come." With that, she showed Larry how to eat the steak using a knife and fork.

After Larry finished a dish, one of the waiters served him another one. The plate was big, but the portion of the food was the same as before.

He ate more than ten dishes before he cleared his throat, looked Ellie in the eye, and asked, "Ellie, do they have steamed buns in this restaurant? I'll only be able to feel full if I eat that."

Chapter 17 - Any Steamed Buns

After hearing Larry's words, Ellie burst into laughter before she glanced at him tenderly and said,
"Larry, this is a French restaurant, so you won't find any steamed buns here."

"Alas, I don't understand the lives of the wealthy," Larry said with a heavy sigh, feeling helpless.

"You will soon get used to it. By the way, I still haven't given you a birthday present!"

Saying that, she opened her latest Louis Vuitton handbag, and took out a box that was about the size of her palm.

"This is a customized Patek Philippe watch. I hired someone to specifically design it for you. Don't worry. It's not too expensive. It is only worth five hundred thousand dollars."

Larry took the gift box and opened it. Inside it was a delicate wristwatch.

“It costs five hundred thousand dollars? That's unbelievable!” Larry murmured. He wanted to live a very normal and peaceful life and did not want people to ingratiate themselves with him for the sake of his wealth.

After they had lunch, Larry walked out of the Willard Manor and to the commercial street. It was a place filled with hip youngsters and rich men. He had been a little self-abased in the past, but now, he owned all of the businesses on the commercial street.

"I can't be so self-abased anymore. I have to slowly adapt to the wealthy lifestyle!" Larry said to himself with determination. That moment, he heard a familiar voice calling his name from behind him.

"Larry. What are you doing here?" He looked back and saw many of his acquaintances.

Bestie, Candie, Bernie, and his sidekicks were about to walk into Kisas Tennis Club.

"Larry! Why didn't you reply to my texts?" Bestie seemed a little angry because she had texted him a few hours ago, trying to apologize to him, but he had not replied to her. And now, he was caught wandering the street.

Feeling awkward, Larry scratched his head. He actually wanted to avoid Bestie and Bernie. Actually, Bestie was also just pretending to be mad at him. She knew that Larry must have felt sad when he was questioned by everyone in the hotel, so she said, "We're going to play tennis now, so why don't you join us?"

But the next second, Bernie sneered, "Miss Sailor, a loser like him doesn't deserve to play with us."

Although Candie remained silent, even her eyes were filled with contempt as she looked at Larry. She just did not want to be around him.

Bestie rolled her eyes at them, and said, "Enough, Bernie!"

She was normally a very easy-going person. Seeing that she was angry, Bernie decided to stop making things difficult for Larry for now.

Turning towards the entrance, Bernie waved and shouted, "Chuck, here!"

Everyone turned to look at the man he was calling out to. Chuck Norris was a handsome young man dressed in an Armani suit. Seeing them, he walked over with a warm smile.The moment he saw Bestie, his eyes lit up. He bowed like a gentleman and smiled.

"Miss Sailor, I've already booked tennis courts for us. We can go in now." Bestie also gave him a polite smile and nodded. Chuck was very enthusiastic toward Bestie. He was trying to please her.

Chapter 18 - Six Bottles of Water

Bernie said to Larry, "This is Chuck. His father owns Ensfield Hotel in this city. If it weren't for him, you wouldn't be able to gain entrance to this club."

Chuck looked at Larry up and down and asked, "Who's this?"

"Larry Sanders, the poor guy who found his girlfriend making out with Sheldon."

"Oh, that's you? I've heard a lot about you, man," Chuck sneered and then burst into laughter.

"What's that supposed to mean?" Larry asked, clenching his fists. He was getting a little tired of tolerating their implied insults.

Chuck was about to mock Larry more, but Bestie stopped him.

“That’s enough. Are you going to snipe at each other on my birthday?”

“You’re right, Miss Sailor, This is your day. My apologies, Let’s go inside and play tennis.”

Chuck flashed Larry one last condescending look and then ushered everyone into the exclusive tennis club.

Larry also decided to bite down his anger.

He did not want to embarrass Bestie, but he kept in mind how Chuck treated him. They walked into the tennis club, which was luxuriously decorated, and all the people inside were well-dressed. It was a place where the rich worked out and hung out.

With a deeply impressed look on her face, Candie commented, “I heard that Kisas Tennis Club is a private club for the super-wealthy. Everything inside is very expensive, and only people with a membership card are allowed to gain entrance.”

“It is not very expensive. I have rented two top-grade open-air tennis courts, and it only cost me twenty thousand dollars.”

“Wow, Chuck! You are generous!” one of Bernie’s friends exclaimed.

Hearing what Chuck said, Candie was in awe and liked him even more. He was rich, giving, and handsome. Who would not like someone like that? Seeing that everyone was flattering Chuck, Larry kept his silence,

The properties around the manor were all owned by his family. He could also gain entrance into this club if he just told his sister about it. But Larry did not plan to do that. He just followed the crowd.

Bernie said to the attendant at the front desk, “Hi. Can we please have eight famous-brand tennis rackets, the latest Wilson? And one cheap racket for this poor guy?”

Wilson was a famous tennis racket brand in the world, which many Olympic champions used and endorsed.

Every racket was processed by the most intricate manufacturing machinery and came out with excellent quality. Their designs were grand and high-end and, therefore, pricey. On the other hand, the cheap racket was rather simple and a common item in the market.

“Yes, sir. Please wait a moment.”

Before leaving to Chuck, Bernie’s request, the attendant glanced at Larry with contempt in her eyes. Then, she came back with the rackets and handed the cheap one to Larry.

“You don’t mind a cheap racket, do you, Larry? I mean, we can only get you one that’s fit for you. After all, we already let you come along with us out of the kindness of our hearts.” Bernie smirked and handed the attendant a credit card.

The branded rackets cost him ten thousand dollars, two thousand for each one. The cheap one cost him twenty.

The eight branded rackets were given to everyone except Larry. Even Bernie’s two lackeys had branded rackets.

Larry gritted his teeth and gripped the cheap racket they gave him, He did not want to lose his cool in front of Bestie. Bernie winked at Chuck, and Chuck immediately understood.

Chuck turned to Larry and said, “Larry, I have already paid for the rackets and the entrance. Now be a man and treat us to something. How about some water?”

“Six bottles of water, please.” Larry knew Bernie and Chuck’s intention. They wanted him to spend more than he could, but it was only six bottles of water. He could afford those for sure.

“Sir, it’s one thousand and two hundred dollars in total. Would you Like to pay by a card or by cash?” The attendant took six bottles of water out of the freezer and set them on the counter. Larry could not believe what he just heard, How could a bottle of water cost two hundred dollars? That was more expensive than oil.

No wonder Chuck asked him to buy water for everyone. Seeing the surprised look on Larry’s face, Bestie felt sorry for him. She stepped forward and decided to deal with the situation.

“Don’t worry about it, Larry. I’ll pay for the water.”


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Mar 24, 2024
This is torture
When you know that you'll not post to the finish
Please atleast tell us the name of the story to continue posting too


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Aug 25, 2023
I have seen this story before. Called "my sudden rich life" with character Trevor Sanderson I believe. Found it on other sites but it skipped chapters too much.


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Nov 7, 2023
I have seen this story before. Called "my sudden rich life" with character Trevor Sanderson I believe. Found it on other sites but it skipped chapters too much.
Pls which sites do u see them
I have been waiting for him to post more buts its taking time

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