An Understated Dominance, Dustin Rhys story. Chapters 1301 and beyond - JUNLEE (aka Jungal2000) English interpretation

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Translated by Jungal2000

This is my take on an ongoing Chinese novel by an unknown author. I've never been much of a reader when it comes to lengthy novels, but as soon as I delved into this tale, I was hooked like a fanatic. And I can't seem to stop. Unfortunately, the English version I was following only released three chapters a day, and my appetite for the story was insatiable. So, I decided to take matters into my own hands and started translating the Chinese text myself. Along the way, I've tried to inject some context into it because Google's translation tends to be too literal.

I've used different names for characters in my translations since they're a result of my own artistic interpretation. I began my translations from Chapter 967, which was posted in a different discussion thread. My aim is to tackle at least 100 chapters a week. However, as much as I love translating and reading this novel, I make sure to reserve my weekends for my family and friends – they're the ones who matter most to me.

The reason for this new thread is that during my two days off, some talented translators have continued where I left off. Their work is already shared and posted in my previous thread. This is fantastic news for readers looking for weekend reads. To avoid any confusion, I decided to create a new thread where I can upload and continue my translations. I'm doing all of this out of love for the story and the enjoyment I get from the process; it makes me feel like I'm a part of the narrative.

For those who are new to this, the best translations are provided by Muhindi Wa Kuchoma, and they are the work of the legendary translator Marina Vitori.

This is the tale of a prince, a legendary Kirin known as Logan Rhys. His life underwent a dramatic change a decade ago when his mother met a mysterious and untimely demise. Fueled by a relentless pursuit of truth, justice, and vengeance, he abandoned his royal palace and adopted the guise of a commoner, going by the name Dustin Rhys. The once-arrogant young prince transformed into a timid and soft-spoken individual, making him an easy target for bullies.

During these ten years, Logan secretly honed his skills and strength, undergoing a profound transformation. However, a recent divorce from his wife, Dahlia Nicholson, after three years of marriage, coupled with a series of life-altering events, pushed him back into action. Slowly but surely, he began to shed his timid persona, reemerging as the formidable figure he once was.

Join us as we follow the journey of Dustin, or Logan, as he strives to surpass, outmaneuver, and overpower entire armies and kingdoms, all through his own determination and bare hands.
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Jun 4, 2023
So many baby villagers here, i lost my bet too so let me just meditate to avoid being sent to day care or Charlie's orphanage center
you are missing out.. Me too.. Why is legendary Gily too slow in stripping everyone of their cultivation? We goin to have a baby party.
After toy stripped me from my cultivation how could I dare come across you?

That must be Hakimu doing. Darn it, he is asking for a good beating 😀

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Sep 18, 2023

As the dusk falls, inside the kitchen of the tavern.

Dustin stood in front of the alchemy furnace, carefully controlling the temperature of the fire with profound and clear true energy.

Gabrielle's efficiency was remarkable. In just an hour, she had gathered all the precious medicinal herbs and had someone deliver a top-quality alchemy furnace.

Following the ancient method, Dustin began refining the antidote to break the curse for Lara.

Curse is similar to venom but more mysterious and unpredictable.

Fortunately, Dustin was quite knowledgeable in curse and venom, combined with extensive reading, he knew many secret techniques.

Making the antidote was not a difficult task.

Just as Dustin was focused on alchemy, Gabrielle suddenly entered.

"Dustin, something's wrong. Just received news that Lara's condition has suddenly deteriorated, she's on the verge of collapse, we need to go immediately!" Gabrielle said with a grave expression.

"Deteriorated? How did this happen?"

Dustin frowned, "My Nine Revolving Soul-Retrieving Needle has already suppressed the curse in Lara's body. As long as the needle is not removed, she should be fine for another two or three days. How could things take a turn for the worse in just two to three hours?"

"Someone took matters into their own hands and invited the renowned Master Wang from the martial world to treat her. Without understanding the situation, Master Wang directly removed your silver needle, causing Lara's condition to worsen rapidly. Despite Master Wang's efforts, he couldn't save her. So, just now, Liana called me and asked me to bring you over to save her." Gabrielle quickly recounted the situation.

"I had warned them not to remove the needle earlier, why didn't they listen? They've only made things worse!" Dustin felt a headache coming on.

Originally, once the antidote was made, he could use the profound and clear true energy to slowly expel the curse, and everything would be fine.

But now, with this unexpected turn of events, it had undoubtedly significantly increased the difficulty for him.

"Now is not the time for that. Hurry and come with me, let's try to save Lara as much as possible." Gabrielle's brow furrowed deeply.

"Just a few more minutes, I need to finish refining this batch of pills." Dustin did not get up.

Curse is extremely difficult to unravel, without the corresponding antidote, even if he went over, he wouldn't be able to save her.

Although Gabrielle was anxious, she could only wait on the side.

She could only hope that Master Wang could be of some help and prolong Lara's chances of survival.


To save time, Dustin directly exerted all his strength to drive the profound and clear true energy.

The flames under the alchemy furnace instantly intensified, and the temperature around rose rapidly.

Even Gabrielle standing nearby was parched, her cheeks turning red from the heat.


At this moment, due to the intense flames, the alchemy furnace began to vibrate slightly and emit a rumbling sound.


In general, when faced with such a situation, alchemists would immediately switch to a small fire to lower the temperature to avoid the risk of the furnace exploding.

But at this moment, Dustin couldn't care less about that.

Saving a life is like fighting a fire; even at the risk of the furnace exploding, he had to increase the temperature and accelerate the formation of the elixir.

Click, click, click...

Five minutes later, fine cracks began to appear on the surface of the furnace, clearly reaching its limit.

The flames driven by the profound and clear true energy were extremely high in temperature, even a top-grade furnace was struggling to hold up.

"Dustin! The furnace is about to explode!" Gabrielle's face changed slightly as she hurriedly reminded him.

Dustin remained silent, continuing to drive the profound and clear true energy, his expression exceptionally serious.

The flames under the furnace remained fierce, showing no signs of weakening.

Another ten breaths passed, and the trembling furnace finally couldn't bear the burden, exploding with a loud "bang" on the spot.

For a moment, fragments flew, and dust filled the air.

Dustin, at the center of the explosion, trembled as his protective energy burst out, keeping all the fragments at bay.

Following that, a scene that shocked Gabrielle unfolded.

Despite the furnace exploding, Dustin showed no intention of stopping. Instead, he used his profound and clear true energy to create a furnace out of thin air.

This furnace was in a semi-transparent state, entirely formed by energy, ethereal and real.

When heated by the flames, it even showed slight colour changes.

Gabrielle focused and noticed a irregular purple pill floating inside the furnace.

The remaining liquid in the furnace quickly gathered, continuously filling the purple pill.

After three more breaths, the purple pill finally took shape.

"It's done!"

Dustin's eyes lit up, swiftly reaching out, piercing through the energy furnace, and grabbing the purple pill.

As he grasped the pill, the energy furnace dissipated into a gentle breeze, and the flames under the furnace vanished instantly.


Dustin took a deep breath, unknowingly drenched in sweat all over.

Using energy to fuel the flames was quite draining, especially at the critical moment to prevent the furnace from destroying the pill.

He directly used all his energy to create a furnace out of thin air.

This resulted in an even greater consumption.

If not for his strong foundation, he wouldn't have been able to sustain it.

Fortunately, the final elixir was successfully refined, making all his hard work worthwhile.

"Quick! Let's go save the person right away!"

Without time to rest, after storing the pill, Dustin and Gabrielle headed straight to the lakeside villa of the World Society.
Thanks IGM Junlee. What happened to the village while I was in seclusion?
Did I travel back in time?
To the Baby Days?

Junlee (aka 'Jungal2000')

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Sep 4, 2023
you are missing out.. Me too.. Why is legendary Gily too slow in stripping everyone of their cultivation? We goin to have a baby party.
After toy stripped me from my cultivation how could I dare come across you?

That must be Hakimu doing. Darn it, he is asking for a good beating 😀
Oh, naughty Hakimu..


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So many baby villagers here, i lost my bet too so let me just meditate to avoid being sent to day care or Charlie's orphanage center
[/QUOTE] you are missing out.. Me too.. Why is legendary Gily too slow in stripping everyone of their cultivation? We goin to have a baby party.

Do you want baby dragons in your party?


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you are missing out.. Me too.. Why is legendary Gily too slow in stripping everyone of their cultivation? We goin to have a baby party.

Do you want baby dragons in your party?
Haha who is baby dragon?😀

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Mr Samurai, that kid should respect his elders. He is only 19 years and dare stand against immortals

As his brother I will have to tell on him to mom. 😀
He's just 19 and already a grandmaster with the ability to strip grandmasters off their cultivation?
How more formidable can this guy get?
Truly our village is filled with hidden dragons and crouching tigers...

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Feb 22, 2024
Chapter 2343 - Needles and Nerves

"Goodness me! Facing certain death?!"

The words of Master Wang left Liana and the others visibly shaken.

They never imagined the situation would be this serious.

"That damned beast! How dare they plot against Lara? I'll have someone bring that person back immediately!"

Cedrick, unable to contain his anger, swiftly pulled out his phone to make a call.

Attempting to harm the daughter of the head of the World Society is simply courting disaster!

"Doctor Wang! What should we do now? Is there any hope left for my sister?"

Realizing the gravity of the situation, Liana couldn't help but panic.

She had initially sought help from Dustin out of desperation, as she had no better options left.

Now, hearing Master Wang's words, she couldn't help but feel a pang of regret.

One was an unknown individual, the other a renowned physician in the martial world.

Comparing the two, she naturally placed more trust in Master Wang.

"If it were anyone else, your sister would be beyond saving, but fortunately, I am here today. As long as your sister still breathes, I can bring her back from the brink of death!" Master Wang confidently declared.

"Then please, Doctor Wang, act swiftly to save her. Once the deed is done, we will surely show our gratitude!" Liana's face lit up with hope.

"Doctor Wang, we are counting on you!" Cedrick clasped his hands together.

"Don't worry, I know what needs to be done."

Master Wang stroked his beard, then approached and began removing the silver needles from Lara's body one by one.

As the needles were removed, Lara's body suddenly started convulsing.

A trickle of dark blood began to flow from her nostrils.

"Doctor Wang, what's happening? My sister seems to be reacting strangely."

The sudden turn of events made Liana instantly tense.

Just moments ago everything seemed fine, but now, after removing the needles, various abnormal symptoms appeared.

Even nosebleeds started to occur.

"Don't fret, it's just a minor issue."

Master Wang calmly reassured them, "The patient's meridians were just unblocked, causing a buildup of toxins. Removing the needles naturally triggers some unusual reactions. There's no need to worry, once the patient takes my medicine, she will be fine in no time."

"Little Liana, Doctor Wang's medical skills are renowned far and wide. With him here, you can rest assured." Cedrick comforted her from the side.

"That's a relief."

Upon hearing this, Liana couldn't help but breathe a sigh of relief.

With Master Wang's reputation preceding him, and his assurance, she believed everything would be alright.

"Apprentice, bring me my elixir water." Master Wang called out.


His apprentice on the left responded, carefully opening a medicine box and lifting a beautifully crafted jade bottle.

Chapter 2344 - Mystic Mix

The jade bottle, only the size of a fist, crystal clear with intricate patterns engraved on its surface, appeared exceptionally extraordinary.

"Bring the bowl!"

After receiving the jade bottle, Master Wang called out again.

The disciple on the right immediately understood, quickly picked up an empty bowl, and brought it to Master Wang's side.

Master Wang opened the jade bottle and slowly poured the milky white liquid inside into the bowl.

Stopping his hand when it was only one-third full, Master Wang asked, "Do you two know what's in this bowl?"

Master Wang held the bowl, showing off in front of Liana and Cedrick.

"This liquid is as white as snow, with a unique fragrance when smelled. It must not be ordinary, right?" Cedrick cooperated.

"Of course!" Master Wang said proudly, "To be honest, this is the elixir I carefully formulated. Drinking it not only heals injuries and detoxifies but also prolongs life!

Don't be fooled by the small bottle, its value is priceless!

It took me three years to refine this elixir, collecting over ten thousand precious herbs.

And through ancient methods, I simmered it for forty-nine days.

During this time, I had to watch over it the whole time, not even allowing the slightest mistake in the heat.

It was truly a labor of love, and only after much effort did I achieve today's results.

If it were anyone else, I would never bring out such a treasure, only the esteemed members of your organisation are worthy of my attention!"

"Thank you, Master Wang! Your great kindness, we of the organisation will never forget!" Cedrick immediately expressed respect with a bow.

"Master Wang, as long as you can cure my sister, our organisation will grant any request!" Liana also tactfully expressed her attitude.

As the daughter of Darkbane, she was not naive.

Master Wang said so much just to convey that the elixir was precious, and if the illness was cured, the organisation would have to offer more in return.

She didn't care about money; she just wanted her sister to be safe.

"Very well, with your words, I can rest assured."

Seeing that the two understood his hint, Master Wang smiled, stopped talking, and handed half of the bowl of elixir to Liana, "Miss Liana, feed your sister the medicine, once she drinks it, she will be out of danger in less than the time it takes to drink a cup of tea."

Liana nodded, carefully took the elixir, and fed it to Lara spoon by spoon.

Not long after drinking the elixir, Lara on the sickbed suddenly reacted.

Her body trembled as if struck by lightning.

The next moment, a mouthful of blood sprayed out, splattering Liana's face.

Chapter 2345 - Healing Hurdle

Liana was dumbfounded.

Feeling the warm blood on her face, she looked at Lara on the sickbed, her eyes filled with astonishment.

It wasn't just her, the sudden turn of events left Master Wang and Cedrick stunned.

No one expected that Lara's condition would worsen after drinking the divine water.

"Doctor Wang! What... what is going on?" Cedrick's eyes widened, showing signs of nervousness.

"Doctor Wang! You said my sister would be able to come back to life after drinking the divine water! Why is it not working now and she's even coughing up blood?!" Liana was instantly anxious.

"Don't panic, it's just a minor accident, let me carefully diagnose again."

After comforting words, Master Wang quickly approached and began to pulse Lara. Soon, his brows furrowed, "Strange, the patient's pulse is weak and feeble, showing signs of poisoning with insufficient energy and blood. Normally, drinking the divine water should quickly eliminate toxins, so why hasn't it worked?"

The divine water he made not only prolongs life but also detoxifies.

Typically, a sip should have saved Lara from danger.

However, the scene of her coughing up blood caught him off guard.

"Doctor Wang! How is my sister's condition? Can you cure her?!" Liana was full of anxiety and panic.

Her sister was fine, but after Doctor Wang removed the silver needle and administered medicine, her condition deteriorated.

This made her doubt Doctor Wang's medical skills.

"Of course, I can cure her!"

Taking a deep breath, Doctor Wang calmly said, "Although the divine water didn't work as expected, I have other methods to eliminate the toxins in the patient's body."

"Whatever method it is, just cure my sister first!" Liana urged.

"Don't worry, with Doctor Wang here, everything will be fine. Stay calm and don't disturb him while he treats her with needles." Cedrick comforted her.

Liana nodded, suppressing the emotional turmoil within her despite being anxious.

"Apprentice, bring the silver needles!"

Doctor Wang extended his hand.

His apprentice immediately understood, took out a pack of silver needles from the medicine box, quickly opened it, and presented them to Doctor Wang.

With a flick of his sleeve, three silver needles were held between his fingers, then with a swift motion, he accurately pierced Lara's shoulders and chest.

"Lift her up!"

Doctor Wang commanded.

Chapter 2346 - Needle Wizardry

Liana didn't hesitate for a moment. He quickly helped Lara, who was unconscious, to sit up, keeping his back to Master Wang.

"Take a good look! This needle technique of mine is called Huangquan Crossing!" (a signature move of the Huangquan martial arts ) Master Wang shouted, then waved his sleeves, and five silver needles fell between his fingers, followed by a swift flick.

"Swoosh, swoosh, swoosh..."

The five silver needles shot out instantly, piercing Lara's neck, back, and waist respectively.

"Here comes another round!" Master Wang said as he flicked five more silver needles onto Lara.

Every single needle hit the acupoints with precision.

From the technique of needle application, it was evident that years of practice were required to achieve such mastery.

"Break!" After the needles were inserted, Master Wang extended his index and middle fingers and pressed firmly on the Jueyin acupoint on Lara's back.

Lara trembled all over, and the next second, she spat out a mouthful of black blood, splattering the walls.

With the blood spewing out, Lara's convulsing body finally returned to normal, and even her pale lips gradually regained their color.

She appeared much calmer overall.

"Most of the toxins in the patient's body have been cleared. Just a bit more to drink, and I believe she'll be fine soon," Master Wang wiped the sweat from his forehead, looking somewhat exhausted.

Although the needle technique seemed impressive, it actually consumed a great deal of his energy, leaving him with little qi left in his body.

It would take at least three to five days to fully recover.

If it weren't absolutely necessary, he wouldn't easily resort to using the Huangquan Crossing needle technique.

But for now, the results seemed quite satisfactory.

"Indeed, you're the legendary Physician Wang, truly remarkable!" Cedrick gave a thumbs-up, starting to praise, "I've heard of the Huangquan Crossing needle technique, known for its miraculous effect of turning decay into magic. Just one application, and even a person at death's door can come back to life. Seeing it today, it's truly as renowned as rumored!"

"Bringing the dead back to life might be a stretch, but as long as the patient still has a breath, this old man can ensure their safety," Master Wang smiled proudly.

"Physician Wang is too modest. If not for your intervention, Lara might not have escaped this calamity today," Cedrick clasped his hands together, showing admiration.

"Physician Wang, is my sister really alright?" Watching Lara, who was still unconscious, Liana furrowed his brow slightly, his expression showing no relaxation.

Although his sister's complexion had improved slightly and she seemed calmer, her breathing and pulse remained weak, showing no signs of improvement.

"What? You doubt my medical skills?" Master Wang stood with his hands behind his back, somewhat displeased. "I've traveled the world for so many years and have never encountered an illness I couldn't cure. I can assure you, as long as the patient takes another sip of the Divine Water, she'll wake up immediately. If you don't believe me, you can try it yourself!"

Chapter 2347 - Miracle Turns Sour

"Trust, trust, trust. We naturally believe in what Master Wang says."

Cedrick chuckled and said, "If it weren't for Master Wang's miraculous intervention today, turning decay into magic, Miss Liana would probably have already perished."

"Just a small effort, nothing much."

Master Wang adjusted his beard proudly and said, "Apprentice San, give the patient a few sips of the elixir, let Miss Liana witness the true skills of her master."


The apprentice on the left responded, then carefully fed Lara two sips of the elixir by the bedside.

After drinking the elixir, Lara's legs twitched, and then she fell silent.

The apprentice who fed her the medicine hesitated, then tentatively reached out to check Lara's breathing.

In an instant, he recoiled as if shocked, his face filled with fear, "Master! The... the patient has no breath!"


With these words, everyone's faces turned pale.

Even Master Wang, who was just confident moments ago, was now somewhat bewildered.

"No breath? How is that possible?"

Master Wang couldn't believe it, pushed his apprentice aside, and personally checked Lara's pulse, only to find that her pulse had stopped beating.

She had even stopped breathing.

"How could this happen? It shouldn't be like this?"

At this moment, Master Wang finally panicked.

First, he used the Huangquan Crossing to draw out the impurities in Lara's body, then supplemented her with the elixir. The steps were flawless.

Normally, after drinking the elixir, Lara should not only wake up immediately but also replenish her vital energy and blood, allowing her body to recover significantly.

But what was happening now?

Lara not only failed to wake up but also stopped breathing. Where did things go wrong?

"Master Wang! You said everything was fine! Why is my sister not breathing?!"

Liana grabbed Master Wang's clothes, her emotions extremely agitated.

Before the treatment, there were grand promises and guarantees, but now everything was going awry.

First, convulsions, then bleeding, and now no breath.

This wasn't a miracle-working doctor, this was clearly a quack!

"Master Wang! What... what is going on?"

Cedrick frowned, his eyes filled with suspicion.

"Don't panic, don't panic! It's just a false death phenomenon, she can still be saved, she can still be saved!"

Master Wang wiped his sweat, trying to maintain composure.

Having travelled the world for so many years, treating countless patients, he had faced scenes like this before.

The only difference this time was that the patient's background was too powerful. If he couldn't cure her, not only the payment was at stake, but even the reputation of his clinic.

Chapter 2348 - A Pill for Life

So the pressure is inevitably a bit overwhelming.

"You'd better be able to save my sister, otherwise I'll make you all accompany her in burial!" Liana roared.

At this moment, she was on the verge of rage.

If she knew Master Wang was such a waste, she wouldn't have believed the other party's words and removed the silver needles from her sister.

If her sister really died, she would never let it go.

"Apprentice San! Quick! Bring out the Revival Pill!"

Master Wang dared not hide anything and immediately ordered his disciple to take out his precious treasure.

The Revival Pill was an exquisite elixir that he had spent a fortune on and begged from the Stoneray Valley as a huge favor.

It was rumored to have the effect of bringing the dead back to life, hence its name.

No matter who it was, no matter how severe the injury, even if there was no breath or pulse, as long as they took the Revival Pill, they could temporarily preserve their life.

This Revival Pill was originally his cherished treasure left for himself, a lifesaving treasure for critical moments.

Countless wealthy and powerful figures were willing to pay a sky-high price to buy it, but he had always been reluctant to sell.

But today, in order to save Lara and to save his own life, he had to give up the Revival Pill.

"Master! The Revival Pill!"

His disciple, named Apprentice San, opened a hidden compartment in the medicine box, quickly took out an exquisite wooden box, and handed it to Master Wang.

Master Wang opened the wooden box and saw a golden pill lying inside.

The pill was crystal clear, and under the sunlight, it emitted a golden halo, shining like gold, looking very beautiful.

With every breath, a unique fragrance could be smelled, refreshing and invigorating.

"So this is the legendary Revival Pill that can bring people back from the dead? It's truly extraordinary!"

Cedrick's eyes sparkled with amazement.

He had naturally heard of the Revival Pill from the Stoneray Valley, it was an invaluable treasure that money couldn't buy.

Due to the scarcity of medicinal materials, the Stoneray Valley could only produce one Revival Pill every ten years.

Its precious value was self-evident.

It was clear that Master Wang, popularly known as Dr. Linden Watkins (The Medicine King), had offered up all his cherished treasures.

"With the Revival Pill, the patient will definitely be safe!"

Master Wang took a deep breath, then with great reluctance, fed the Revival Pill to Lara.

This was an invaluable treasure that was irreplaceable. If it weren't for being forced, he truly wouldn't want to use it on anyone else.

Now, he could only pray that the Revival Pill would be as legendary as it was said to be, bringing Lara back from the brink of death.

Otherwise, he would probably have to stay here today.

If he killed the daughter of the head of the Tianxia Hui Sect, even ten lives wouldn't be enough to compensate!
Can somebody help me, i got lost around here. I thought that Dr. Watkins aka the Medicine King is the master of stonery valley wasn't he ?

“the revival pill is an exquisite elixir that he had spen a fortune on and begged from stonery valley as a huge favor”

Above quote show that this so called master wang (to me) seems like he is not belong to Stonery valley, he is an ordinary client doing business with stonery valley.

But than i got this

“it was clear that master wang, populary known as Dr. Lindel Watkins (the Medicine King), had offered all his cherished treasures.”

This is to me seems like a confirmation that Master wang is actually Dr. Watkins himself.

Or they are two different individu ?

I got confused 🥴


New Villager
Sep 17, 2023
Can somebody help me, i got lost around here. I thought that Dr. Watkins aka the Medicine King is the master of stonery valley wasn't he ?

“the revival pill is an exquisite elixir that he had spen a fortune on and begged from stonery valley as a huge favor”

Above quote show that this so called master wang (to me) seems like he is not belong to Stonery valley, he is an ordinary client doing business with stonery valley.

But than i got this

“it was clear that master wang, populary known as Dr. Lindel Watkins (the Medicine King), had offered all his cherished treasures.”

This is to me seems like a confirmation that Master wang is actually Dr. Watkins himself.

Or they are two different individu ?

I got confused 🥴
Completely different dr Watkins was very smart he would have never taken out the needles and the revival pill he would get for free as an elder of stone ray

Junlee (aka 'Jungal2000')

Immortal Great Grandmaster - Dragon
Sep 4, 2023

At this moment, inside the World Society's lakeside villa.

Lara still lay unconscious, her breath growing weaker and weaker.

Liana and Cedrick were pacing anxiously by her side.

As for Master Wang, he was sweating profusely, in a state of panic.

He continued to use his Huangquan Crossing Needle technique, trying to prolong Lara's life, but the effect was not significant.

The Huangquan Crossing Needle technique could only delay Lara's time of death but could not improve her condition.

Once Lara truly died, then his own life would be over.

"How is it, Master Wang, what's the situation with Lara now?" Cedrick couldn't help but ask, looking at Master Wang sweating profusely.

"I am still trying my best to save her... still trying my best..." Master Wang wiped his sweat, feeling flustered due to excessive nervousness.

If it were an ordinary person, just saying he was trying his best would probably suffice.

But just now, Liana had given a life-or-death order, and if he couldn't save Lara, he would have to accompany her in death.

Under such pressure, it would be false to say he wasn't afraid.

But now, he had no other choice but to do his best to make Lara's death slower.

"Aunt Wu, it's been so long, why hasn't Sheryl and Doctor Rhys arrived yet?" Liana glanced at the time, feeling particularly anxious.

"They should be here soon. Let me call and remind them." Aunt Wu didn't dare to hesitate and took out her phone again to dial Gabrielle's number.

However, before the call could connect, two people had already entered the villa.

"No need to call, we're already here." Gabrielle and Dustin hurried into the room.

Since refining the medicine, the two of them had rushed over without stopping, fortunately not too late.

"Doctor Rhys, you finally came? Quickly, take a look at my sister, she's probably not going to make it!" Liana didn't have time for pleasantries, grabbing Dustin's hand and pulling him to the bedside, while pushing Master Wang aside.

This made Master Wang feel both angry and helpless.

Dustin took a closer look and immediately frowned, "Didn't I warn you not to remove the needles? Why didn't you listen?"

"It's all this quack's fault!" Liana pointed at Master Wang without mincing words. "He said your silver needles were sealing my sister's toxins, only worsening her condition, so he pulled them out. But as soon as the needles were removed, something went wrong. This quack couldn't do anything about it, he's really a useless doctor!"

"You..." Master Wang's face turned pale and then green with anger.

But because of Liana's identity, he didn't dare to retort and could only endure the humiliation.


"Doctor Rhys, you mentioned before that you had a way to cure my sister's illness, and now it's all up to you!" Liana looked at Dustin with a pleading expression.

"If you don't remove the needle, I can indeed cure your sister's illness, but now, the curse in her body has spread throughout her whole body. I don't have much confidence in being able to bring her back from the brink of death," Dustin said gravely.

At this moment, Lara was showing signs of being at death's door, even with his exceptional medical skills, he didn't dare to guarantee saving her.

"Doctor Rhys, please think of a solution. Money is not an issue at all. As long as you save my sister, I will give you as much as you want!" Liana hurriedly pleaded.

"It's not about the money."

Dustin shook his head, "I can only promise to do everything I can to treat your sister. As for the outcome, it will depend on her destiny."

Upon hearing this, Liana, although worried, found Dustin's words more realistic and reliable than Master Wang's full confidence.

"Excuse me, please step aside."

Dustin gestured for the people by the bed to move back. Just as he was about to start the treatment, Cedrick spoke up to stop him, "Wait! Are you really capable? Let me warn you, Lara is a precious daughter, if you harm her in any way, I will not forgive you easily!"

"If you don't trust me, then I won't treat her. You can handle it yourselves," Dustin decisively took two steps back, showing an 'if you think you can do better, then go ahead' attitude.

"You—!" Cedrick was speechless, his face looking a bit unpleasant.

"Cedrick! Stop talking nonsense!"

Liana glared, not bothering to be polite, she pushed Cedrick aside and said, "Dr. Rhys is here to save my sister, what are you trying to achieve by threatening him?!"

"Little Liana, I'm just worried that if this kid's medical skills are not up to par, it might cause more harm than good to Lara," Cedrick tried to explain.

He had no faith in Dustin's medical skills.

After all, even the famous Wang the Divine Doctor was helpless in the face of Lara's illness, let alone an unknown young man.

"Sister is on the brink of death, what could be worse than the current situation?!" Liana exclaimed.

"I..." Cedrick was momentarily speechless.

"I don't care what you think, if anyone dares to obstruct Dr. Rhys from treating the illness today, don't blame me for turning hostile!" Liana said angrily.

Cedrick frowned, although his expression was not pleasant, in the end, he didn't say much and obediently stepped aside.

Even if he looked down on Dustin, in the current situation, he could only let the other party give it a try.

Of course, if anything goes wrong, he won't just let it go.


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Oct 4, 2023
First of all, arjun, you are welcome to participate here. The only issue I noticed is that you posted your translations in the thread without saying Hi or Hello, as if you own it. If you had familiarized yourself first and engaged in some discussions with our readers, you would have realized that some of them are simply quoting famous lines or dialogues from the story's characters. If you are offended by these words used by my readers, it indicates that you are not familiar with this thread. I take offense at you calling my readers idiots when, in fact, you are displaying your own ignorance about how we operate here. Based on that alone, I have the authority to ban you from this forum, but I won't rush into any decisions since I believe you are new here. I have never seen you like, react to, or comment on this thread before. If you want to do translations and believe you can do better than what we have here in Kijiji, feel free to start a new thread. We need translators in this community. If you don't know how to start one, I can help you with that. However, if my readers have something to say to you, I expect you to listen. I value my readers, and they value me. Therefore, I feel offended when you offend my readers. Consider this as advice and a warning. Thank you.
A well articulated piece

Junlee (aka 'Jungal2000')

Immortal Great Grandmaster - Dragon
Sep 4, 2023

After Cedrick stepped back, Dustin stepped forward to begin treating Lara.

Due to Master Wang's improper treatment of unknown causes, Lara's body was now filled with widespread curse.

The newly refined medicine alone was not enough to completely eliminate the curse. Before that, it was necessary to use silver needles to draw out the poison.

However, curse is cunning and knows how to avoid harm. Drawing it out with needles is no easy task.

The best way is to use oneself as bait.

Dustin needed to use his own body as a vessel to absorb the curse from Lara's body.

Though the process was risky, there was no other choice.

To save her, they had to try.

"Sheryl, I will use silver needles to gather all the curse in Lara's body to one location."

"Then, I will use my hands to absorb most of the curse into my body. The entire process must be flawless. I need you to protect me and ensure no one interferes."

Dustin turned to look at Gabrielle and earnestly instructed.

Among everyone present, he only trusted Gabrielle.

After all, the process of drawing out the poison was extremely dangerous. He had a good foundation and felt no pressure, but Lara couldn't handle it.

If they failed and the curse rebounded, Lara would surely perish!

"You've already used up a lot of energy refining the medicine just now. Can you handle this now?" Gabrielle expressed concern.

Others might not know, but she was well aware that in order to speed up the medicine's refinement, Dustin had already depleted most of his spiritual energy.

Now, to draw out the poison with his body would not be an easy task.

"It's alright. I know my limits. Just keep an eye on me." Dustin said calmly.

"Okay," Gabrielle nodded seriously.

If anyone dared to disturb Dustin while he was saving a life, they shouldn't expect her to be polite.

"Miss Moore, please help your sister up."

Dustin gestured to Liana, who quickly understood and helped the unconscious Lara sit up.

Dustin took a deep breath, then raised his hand and a row of silver needles shot out from his sleeve.

*Swoosh, swoosh, swoosh...*

Five silver needles accurately hit Lara's left leg in a straight line.

Then, Dustin waved his hand again, and another five silver needles shot out, hitting Lara's right leg.

Following that, he targeted her left arm, right arm, and chest.

Every time Dustin waved his hand, five silver needles were released.

In just a few breaths, Lara's body was covered in silver needles.

Due to the complete spread of curse in Lara's body, Dustin needed to seal the acupoints with silver needles to force the curse into a limited area before absorbing it.


After the silver needle was inserted, Dustin sat behind Lara with his legs crossed, then slowly placed both palms on her back.

A gentle hum echoed as Lara's body began to tremble slightly.

Threads of black mist slowly seeped out from her skin.

Dustin's eyes were closed, breathing steadily.

He was gradually absorbing the curse from Lara's body using his own spiritual and true energy.

Dustin's vitality was much stronger than Lara's, now that he had let down his guard, allowing the curse to be a delicious feast.

To avoid raising suspicions, Dustin's detoxification process was slow, mainly tempting with his vitality, taking it step by step, not rushing.

Time passed slowly.

More and more dense black mist overflowed from Lara's body.

Her face turned as pale as paper, drenched in sweat, her previously stoic expression now contorted in pain.

While Lara had been unconscious before, now there was a slight reaction.

Compared to Lara, Dustin's condition was also not optimistic.

Frowning slightly, sweat dripped down his cheeks, wetting his clothes.

He had to detoxify while protecting Lara's heart pulse with his energy.

Juggling these tasks, his energy, physical strength, and energy were struggling to keep up.

But for now, he could only grit his teeth and persevere.

"Master Wang, is this kid really capable? He seems quite mysterious."

Cedrick, who was watching, quietly asked Master Wang.

He had doubted Dustin's medical skills before, but seeing the black poisonous gas emanating from Lara's body made him uncertain.

The way he was treating her injuries seemed genuine.

"The situation doesn't look good."

Master Wang shook his head, sighing softly, "Miss Moore's time is almost up, what happened before was just a temporary improvement. Even if I exert all my efforts, it would be futile, let alone this unknown youngster in front of us."

"Could it be that this kid is just putting on an act?" Cedrick rubbed his chin, looking skeptical.

"I've seen plenty of con artists in the martial world. Their usual trick is to deceive as much as they can, and if they can't, they'll just say they've done their best to get some money. Despite his current performance, he'll reveal his true colours soon." Master Wang's tone was tinged with disdain.

If even he couldn't cure the illness, how could a young man in his twenties?

In essence, the young man just wanted to make some money.

Of course, after this ordeal, it would turn out quite well for him.

Once Lara passed away, he could shift all the blame onto Dustin, thereby avoiding any trouble for himself.

When viewed in this light, it didn't seem like a bad idea at all.

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