"Dragon Son-in-law" a.k.a. Millionaire Son-in-law, Charlie Wade Story. Translated by Junlee (aka Jungal2000)

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Charlie Wade is a househusband son-in-law whom everyone looks down upon. However, unknown to them, his true identity is that of the young master from a top-tier family. Those who once belittled him will eventually kneel before him, trembling with fear and calling him "Master!" ...

The MC is Charlie Wade, and there's this girl Claire Wilson. They're in this savage clapback novel called "Ultimate Dragon Honcho", penned by this dude Ye Gongzi. Everyone knew Charlie Wade was the son-in-law of the Wilson family. Like, Grandpa Wilson legit pulled this broke boy outta nowhere and made him marry his grand daughter/princess, Claire. But bro's got no skills, no dough 💸, and Claire had to deal with so much BS 'cause of him. He even had the nerve to ask for money during Grandma Wilson's big party, making Claire hella embarrassed 😳. They kicked Charlie Wade out, but then plot twist! 🌀 Some butler dude shows up. Turns out, Charlie Wade's actually from the uber-rich Wade clan. The butler's like, "Come home, fam." But since his parents were, like, done dirty by the Wade fam, he's like "Nah." But he did take his grandpa’s black card loaded with 10 billion. 💳💰 #MicDrop

Author: Charlie Wade
Category: Urban Fiction
Status: Ongoing
Last Updated: October 18, 2023
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Junlee (aka 'Jungal2000')

Immortal Great Grandmaster - Dragon
Sep 4, 2023
Chapter 1

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The lavish Wilson family mansion was brightly lit.

Tonight, it was the 70th birthday feast of the family matriarch, Mrs Wilson.

Numerous grandchildren and their spouses presented extravagant gifts.

"Grandma, I heard you love tea. This century-old Pu'er tea brick is worth half a million. It's my gift for your birthday."

"Grandma, I heard you're a devout Buddhist. This jade Buddha is carved from Hetian jade and is worth seven hundred thousand..."

Mrs Wilson, surrounded by all these gifts, laughed heartily, with the entire family in high spirits.

Suddenly, Charlie, Mrs Wilson's eldest grandson-in-law, spoke up, "Grandma, could I borrow a million from you? Auntie Elen from the orphanage has uremia and needs money for her treatment..."

The entire Wilson family was stunned.

Everyone looked at Charlie in disbelief.

This son-in-law had some nerve! Not only did he not bring any gift for Grandma's birthday, but he also had the audacity to ask her for a million?

Three years ago, the late Elder Wilson had somehow found Charlie and insisted on marrying his eldest granddaughter, Claire Wison, to him. At that time, Charlie was penniless, practically a beggar.

After their marriage and the passing of Elder Wilson, the Wilson family had been scheming to drive Charlie away.

But Charlie always remained calm, no matter the insults. So, he continued to live with the Wilson family as their son-in-law.

His plea for money today was born out of desperation.

Auntie Elen from the orphanage, who had taken him in and saved his life when he was young, was now suffering from uremia. The dialysis and kidney transplant would cost at least a million. Left with no choice, he approached Mrs Wilson.

He thought, given it was her birthday, she might be in a generous mood.

However, a moment ago, she was laughing, but now her face turned stern.

She slammed her tea cup on the floor, shouting, "You insolent fool! Did you come here to celebrate or to borrow money?"

Claire hurriedly stepped forward, "Grandma, please forgive Charlie. He didn't know better."

As she tried to pull Charlie away, Wendy, Claire's cousin, sneered, "Look at the trash you married! My fiancé, Gerald, gave Grandma a Hetian jade Buddha even before our wedding. And your husband? He brought nothing and even dares to ask for money!"

Another voice chimed in, "Charlie, as sons-in-law of the Wilson family, you're truly disappointing."

The speaker was Gerald White, Wendy's fiancé, and the heir to a local prominent family.

Gerald had always envied Charlie for marrying Claire, the renowned beauty of Aurous Hill.

Hearing the whispers, Charlie clenched his fists. If it weren't for the medical fees he needed, he would've left long ago.

But remembering his father's teachings of repaying kindness, he suppressed his feelings and said, "Grandma, saving a life is the greatest virtue. Please help."

Someone scoffed, "Charlie, stop trying to sway Grandma with your words. If you want to save her, find your own way. Why should Grandma foot the bill?"

The critic was Harold, Wendy's brother. They always looked for opportunities to mock Charlie.

Claire interjected, "Grandma, Charlie lost his father at eight. Auntie Elen from the orphanage raised him. He wants to repay her kindness. Please help him."

Mrs Wilson darkly replied, "Help him? Fine. Divorce him and marry Mr Jones. If you do, I'll give him a million right away."

The "Mr Jones" she referred to was Wendell Jones, who had been pursuing Claire. Jones' family was more influential than the Wilson's, and Mrs Wilson always wanted to establish ties with them.

Just then, the butler announced, "Mr Wendell Jones has sent a gift! A jade Buddha pendant worth three million!"

Mrs Wilson was ecstatic, "Let me see!"

She admired the exquisite jade pendant, and Gerald, who had gifted a jade Buddha himself, looked a bit embarrassed by Jones' generosity.

Mrs Wilson, thrilled, remarked, "If Jones could be my grandson-in-law, I'd be over the moon!"

Turning to Claire, she pressed, "So, will you consider my offer?"

Claire firmly replied, "Grandma, I won't divorce Charlie."

Mrs Wilson's face darkened. "You're throwing your lot in with this loser? Get out of my house!"

Charlie whispered to Claire, "I'll go to the hospital to see Auntie Elen."

Claire wanted to accompany him, but Mrs Wilson threatened to disown her if she left.

As Charlie exited, Harold mockingly tossed a coin at his feet, implying he was a beggar.

Charlie, filled with determination, headed to the hospital to arrange for Auntie Elen's treatment. However, he was informed she had been transferred to a top Eastcliff hospital. The treatment would cost three million, one million of which had already been paid.

Wondering who paid, Charlie turned to find an older man in a black suit behind him. Their eyes met, and the man bowed, "Young Master, it's been tough on you all these years."

Charlie, with a changed demeanor, coldly inquired, "Are you Stephen Thompson?"

Stephen Thompson exclaimed, "You remember me!"

Charlie retorted, "Of course! You and your men were the reason my parents and I had to flee Eastcliff. They died during that escape, and I was left an orphan. Why are you here now?"

Stephen Thompson sorrowfully explained that Charlie's grandfather had been searching for him for years. He handed Charlie a premium black card from Citibank, explaining there were only five such cards in the country.

Charlie was reluctant, but when Stephen Thompson mentioned the remaining medical bills, he hesitated.

Sensing his doubt, Stephen Thompson pressed, "The card contains a small allowance from your grandfather. Just ten billion."

Charlie's world spun as he processed the information.

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Junlee (aka 'Jungal2000')

Immortal Great Grandmaster - Dragon
Sep 4, 2023
Chapter 2

"Ten billion?!"

Charlie was left dumbfounded.

He knew his grandfather's family was wealthy, but when he was younger, he had no concept of money. He only knew that the Wade family was among the elite in Eastcliff and across the country.

However, he had never been aware of the specific extent of their wealth.

But in this moment, he had a clear picture.

Ten billion seemed like pocket change; the Wade family's total wealth must be well above a trillion!

Honestly, at this moment, he felt a strong sense of temptation deep within.

Yet, when he thought about his parents' death and his grandfather's potential involvement, forgiveness didn't come easily.

Stephen sensed his inner conflict and hurriedly said, "Young Master, you're a member of the Wade family, and this money rightfully belongs to you. Strictly speaking, it belongs to your father."

"The Old Master said, if you're willing to return, the family's trillion-dollar fortune will be yours to inherit. If not, consider this money as your living expenses."

"Oh, by the way, yesterday, the Wade family acquired the Emgrand Group, Aurous Hill's largest company with a market value of 100 billion. All the shares are now under your name, and you can take over the Emgrand Group tomorrow!"

Charlie found it hard to believe.

The Wade family had invested such vast sums for him?

A black card with 10 billion, and the Emgrand Group worth 100 billion!

Though Aurous Hill was a city with hidden dragons and crouching tigers, there was only one true deity, the Emgrand Group. In the face of the Emgrand Group, any other family had to bow down and kneel. It was the undisputed emperor of Aurous Hill's business world!

Even the Wilson family, the White family, who had humiliated him today, and the Jones family, who pursued Claire, were all just small fries in front of the Emgrand Group!

Never did he imagine that it now belonged to him?

At this moment, Stephen handed him a business card and said, "Young Master, you might need some time to think about this calmly. I won't disturb you. Here's my contact. Feel free to reach out if you need anything."

After saying that, Stephen turned and left.

After he had left, Charlie remained standing there, still in a daze.

He wasn't sure if he should accept the Wade family's compensation.

But as he thought about the tumultuous years he had experienced over the past decade, the humiliations he endured after marrying into the Wilson family, he realized that these might indeed be the Wade family's way of compensating him. Why shouldn't he accept it?

Moreover, Aunt Lena needed two million for her medical expenses, and it was urgent.

With gritted teeth, he turned around and headed back to the payment counter. "Hello, I'd like to pay the two million I owe."

A quick swipe of the card, entering the PIN, and the transaction was successful.

Two million transferred effortlessly to the hospital's account.

Charlie felt like he was in a dream.

In a single moment, he had become a billionaire?


He returned home in a daze.

The house was in complete chaos by now.

Claire and her parents no longer lived in the luxurious Wilson family villa. Instead, they occupied a very ordinary apartment.

Ever since Claire had married him and Old Wilson had passed away, they had been driven out.

His mother-in-law was inside, shouting, "Charlie, that good-for-nothing! He has brought disgrace upon our entire family today! If you don't divorce him soon, your grandmother will probably kick you out of the Wilson family group!"

Claire replied, "If we're kicked out, I'll find another job."

"You..." Her mother was furious. "What good is that good-for-nothing? Why can't you divorce him and marry Wendell? If you marry Wendell, our whole family can hold their heads high!"

Her father chimed in, "Exactly! If she marries Wendell, our family will immediately rise in status before your grandmother's eyes. She'll be fawning over you every day."

Claire replied, "Please stop it, both of you. I won't divorce Charlie."

"You stubborn child!"

Despite their continued efforts to persuade, Charlie pushed the door open and entered the room. Upon seeing him, both his father-in-law and mother-in-law had unpleasant expressions.

His mother-in-law snorted coldly, "A useless person, and you still have the nerve to come back!"

Charlie sighed inwardly. His mother-in-law had always looked down on him. However, if she knew that he was now the owner of Emgrand Group with billions in cash, how would she react? But for now, Charlie didn't intend to reveal his true identity. He had been away from the Wade family for many years, and he had no idea what the current situation was. What if he exposed himself, and there were people within the Wade family who wanted to harm him? So, it was better to keep a low profile for now.

He lowered his head and apologized, "Mom, I'm sorry for causing you trouble today."

His mother-in-law scolded, "It's not just causing trouble; you're risking the lives of our family of three! Can't you have some self-awareness and leave our family as soon as possible?"

His wife, Claire, hurriedly said, "Mom, how can you say that? Charlie is your son-in-law!"

"Nonsense!" His mother-in-law said hatefully, "I don't have such a useless son-in-law! The farther he goes, the better!"

Claire pushed Charlie, urging him, "Hurry back to the room."

Charlie nodded gratefully and escaped back to his room.

He had been married to Claire for three years, but they hadn't consummated their marriage. Claire slept in the bed, while he slept on a pallet on the side.

This night, Charlie couldn't fall asleep for a long time. What had happened today was truly shocking, and he couldn't digest it all at once.

Before going to bed, Claire said to him, "How is Aunt Lena doing? I still have over a hundred thousand dollars in my secret savings. Tomorrow, you can take it and give it to her to use."

Charlie replied, "No need. Someone has already paid for Aunt Lena's medical bills and sent her to Eastcliff for treatment."

"Really?" Claire was pleasantly surprised. "Aunt Lena can be saved?"

"Yes," Charlie said. "Aunt Lena has done a lifetime of good deeds and helped so many people. Now, someone is finally repaying her kindness."

"That's great," Claire nodded, relieved. She said to Charlie, "You can finally breathe a sigh of relief."

"Yes," Charlie agreed.

Claire said, "I need to sleep now. There's been a lot of work at the company lately, and I'm really tired."

Charlie asked, "Is something going on at the company?"

Claire replied, "Business hasn't been great lately. Grandma has always wanted to collaborate with a big company like Emgrand Group, but the Wilson family's strength is still far from enough, and they don't even look at us."

Charlie suddenly thought of Emgrand Group and asked her, "Has the Wilson family not collaborated with Emgrand Group?"

Claire chuckled self-deprecatingly. "How could Emgrand Group possibly be interested in the Wilson family? Even Gerald, my cousin's fiancé, can only barely have a slight connection with Emgrand Group through his family. My grandma is hoping that after Gerald and my cousin get married, the White family can help the Wilson family establish a connection with Emgrand Group."

Charlie nodded.

So, the Wilson family had been striving to collaborate with Emgrand Group.

However, little did Charlie's grand mother-in-law know that Emgrand Group was now his.

Thinking of this, Charlie decided to take over Emgrand Group first and then provide some help to Claire. She had suffered too much in the Wilson family, and as her husband, he had a responsibility to improve her status within the family.

"Claire, starting from today, your husband is different!" Charlie thought to himself. "I won't let anyone look down on you anymore!"

Junlee (aka 'Jungal2000')

Immortal Great Grandmaster - Dragon
Sep 4, 2023
Chapter 3

Early the next morning, after preparing breakfast, Charlie rode his electric bike to the Emgrand Group.

He parked his bike in the Emgrand Group's parking lot and had just locked it when a black Bentley slowly pulled into a nearby parking space.

Charlie casually raised his head and saw a young couple getting out of the car.

The man was dressed in an expensive suit and appeared quite distinguished, while the woman, though somewhat flashy, was a rare beauty.

It turned out to be Claire's cousin, Wendy, and her soon-to-be fiancé, Gerald, the eldest son of the White family.

Charlie didn't know why Wendy and Gerald were at the Emgrand Group, but to avoid trouble, he decided to keep his distance.

However, things took an unexpected turn.

Sharp-eyed Wendy immediately spotted him and called out loudly, "Hey, brother-in-law!"

Hearing her affectionate term for him, Charlie couldn't help but feel a headache coming on.

Out of politeness, he stopped in his tracks and waited for the two of them to approach before smiling and saying, "Wendy, what brings you here?"

Wendy giggled, "Gerald and I came to pay a visit to the Vice Chairman of the Emgrand Group, Doris York!"

After saying that, she looked at Gerald adoringly and added, "Gerald's family has a lot of cooperation with the Emgrand Group. In the future, not only can he help the White family, but he can also assist our Wilson family."

Charlie didn't know about the cooperation between the White family and the Emgrand Group, as the Emgrand Group had only recently become part of his assets, and he hadn't had the chance to familiarize himself with it.

But he didn't reveal his ignorance and just smiled, saying, "Young Master Gerald has extraordinary charm and impressive capabilities. You two are indeed a perfect match!"

Gerald cast a disdainful glance at Charlie and couldn't help but feel that life was unfair.

This loser, who had been scolded by Grandma Wilson like a dog yesterday, was now smiling as if nothing had happened.

Why did a stunning beauty like Claire marry such a loser?

If it weren't for this loser, he would have relentlessly pursued Claire. Why would he have to get engaged to Wendy, who was inferior in every way?

Thinking about this, Gerald felt annoyed. He intentionally asked, "What is my brother-in-law doing at the Emgrand Group?"

Charlie replied casually, "I'm here to look for a job."

"Looking for a job?" Gerald sneered. "With your qualifications, what kind of job can you find at the Emgrand Group?"

Charlie furrowed his brows. "What does my job search have to do with you?"

Wendy interrupted Charlie and wanted to mock and ridicule him herself. She said, "Are you looking for a job with your education? Do you even have any qualifications?"

"For a job, you need skills. Do you have any achievements?"

"Someone like you, even if you applied to be a security guard at the Emgrand Group, they wouldn't hire you. If you had a bit of self-awareness, you might as well pick up garbage on the street. At least, you could make two or three thousand a month!"

After saying that, she tossed the empty bottle of her drink at Charlie's feet and hummed, "Here, don't say I don't take care of you. Pick up this empty bottle and sell it for money!"

Gerald chuckled, "Even though you're trash, since we're relatives, I should take care of you a little. By the way, I have some connections with the Vice Chairman of the Emgrand Group. How about I put in a good word for you and get you a job as a janitor?"

Charlie sneered and said, "I don't need you to worry about what kind of job I'm looking for. You'd better take care of yourself. The Emgrand Group is a big company, and I believe they won't collaborate with low-quality trash like you."

Gerald was furious. "Who are you calling trash?"

Charlie, full of disdain, replied, "I'm calling you trash!"

With that, he couldn't be bothered with Gerald and walked into the Emgrand Group building.

"You son of a bitch, stop right there!" Gerald tried to enter the elevator but stopped himself.

Wendy pulled him back and said disdainfully, "Gerald, don't take the same elevator as this trash. You might be suffocated by his stench."

Gerald nodded, knowing that he couldn't confront Charlie here. He said coldly, "I'll let you off today, but next time, you won't be so lucky!"


Charlie took the elevator directly to the top floor where the chairman's office was located.

On this side, Stephen had already arranged everything for him. The person responsible for coordinating with him was a woman named Doris York.

Doris had a great reputation in Aurous Hill and was the most famous career woman in the city. She was not only beautiful but also highly capable. At a young age, she had been promoted to the position of Vice Chairman of the Emgrand Group. Her efforts were instrumental in the success of the Emgrand Group.

Now, with the Emgrand Group being acquired by the Wade family, the former chairman had stepped down, but Doris had chosen to stay and assist the new chairman.

Upon seeing Charlie, Doris was truly surprised. She hadn't expected the young man referred to as "Young Master Wade" by Stephen to be so young and charismatic.

However, she didn't dare to delay and immediately said respectfully, "Young Master, please allow me to lead you to my office."

Junlee (aka 'Jungal2000')

Immortal Great Grandmaster - Dragon
Sep 4, 2023
Chapter 4

This was also the first time Charlie had seen Doris.

It had to be said that Doris was incredibly beautiful!

In her late twenties, she had a slim yet curvaceous figure, stunning beauty, and an air of nobility and competence.

Charlie took a seat in front of Doris's desk and said, "I won't be coming to the Emgrand Group often in the future, so I'll need you to oversee things here. Also, please don't disclose my identity to the public."

Doris knew that Young Master Wade's family was incredibly powerful. For the Emgrand Group, which was just a small part of their assets, it was like a drop in the ocean. It wasn't surprising that he didn't want to personally manage it.

She hurriedly replied, "Young Master Wade, if there's anything you need in the future, just let me know."

At that moment, a female secretary knocked on the door and said, "Miss Doris, there's someone named Gerald here with his fiancée, and they want to meet with you."

Doris immediately responded, "I have an important guest right now; ask them to wait."

Charlie asked her, "Do you know this Gerald?"

Doris hastily explained, "Gerald's family is one of our business partners, and most of their business relies on us. They've been wanting to pay a visit for some time now."

Charlie coldly said, "Starting from now, the Emgrand Group must cease all business dealings with the White family. All ongoing and planned cooperation should be terminated. If the White family can still earn a single cent from the Emgrand Group, you, as the Vice Chairman, will be out of a job!"

Doris's expression immediately turned serious. She didn't need to ask; she knew that Young Master Wade must have been offended by someone from the White family.

So she nodded and said, "Young Master Wade, don't worry. I'll immediately give the order to terminate all cooperation with the White family."

Charlie nodded and said, "Tell them that the Emgrand Group won't collaborate with low-quality trash, and have the security guards escort them out."


Outside, Gerald and Wendy were waiting excitedly.

The White family had been hoping to become strategic partners with the Emgrand Group, so they were eager to get closer to Doris.

However, they didn't expect Doris's secretary to come with several security guards.

Gerald couldn't help but ask, "Excuse me, does Miss Doris have time to meet with us?"

The secretary looked at him and said coldly, "I'm sorry, but Miss Doris has informed us that the Emgrand Group won't collaborate with people of your low quality thrash. Starting from now, all cooperation with your family is canceled."

"What did you say?!"

Gerald was stunned for a moment, and he couldn't help but feel that these words sounded familiar.

Oh right! Just earlier in the parking lot, Charlie had said the exact same thing!

What did Miss Doris mean? Did she want to end the collaboration with the White family?

Gerald's brain felt like it was about to explode.

What was going on?

Terminating all cooperation?

A significant portion of the White family's profits came from the Emgrand Group!

If the cooperation was terminated, wouldn't the family's strength be immediately reduced by half?

He couldn't accept this reality and shouted angrily, "I want to see Miss Doris! I want to ask her in person!"

The secretary said coldly, "I'm sorry, but Miss Doris won't see you, and you won't be allowed to step foot in the Emgrand Group from now on."

Gerald angrily retorted, "Are you deliberately playing with me? We've been a long-term partner of the Emgrand Group; how could they just terminate the cooperation like this?"

The secretary ignored him and ordered the security guards by her side, "Escort them out!"

The head of the security team immediately stepped forward, grabbed Gerald's wrist, and twisted it behind his back.

Gerald screamed in pain, and the head of the security team sternly shouted, "Hurry up and get out! If you dare to cause trouble in the Emgrand Group, I'll make sure you regret it!"

"You, a security team leader, dare to shout at me? Do you know who I am?"

Just as Gerald was about to lose his temper, his phone suddenly rang.

It was a call from his father.

Answering the call, he heard his father's furious voice, "You damn brat, what trouble did you cause outside? The Emgrand Group is now terminating all cooperation with us. Who the hell did you offend?"

Gerald complained, "Dad, I didn't offend anyone. I came to visit Miss Doris, but I haven't even seen her yet..."

On the other end of the call, Gerald's father erupted, "The people from the Emgrand Group said that they're terminating all cooperation with us because you're an unqualified piece of trash! Now, our family has suffered heavy losses because of you. Hurry back and explain it to your grandfather!"

Gerald was forcibly driven out of the Emgrand Group's gate by the security guards, holding his phone with a bewildered expression.

He suddenly thought of Charlie and couldn't help but ask Wendy, "Wendy, could it be because of my useless brother-in-law? Does he have anything to do with the Emgrand Group?"

"What?" Wendy was startled by Gerald's words. After careful consideration, it was indeed possible that her useless brother-in-law was involved.

But he was obviously a total loser!

Thinking of this, she decisively shook her head and said, "How could he possibly have anything to do with the Emgrand Group? He's not even qualified to be a janitor at the Emgrand Group!"

"Right..." Gerald nodded, thinking about his furious father. He dejectedly said, "No, I have to go back home..."

The news that the White family's cooperation with the Emgrand Group had been terminated quickly spread throughout Aurous Hill.

Although no one knew why the Emgrand Group had cut ties with the White family, everyone understood that the White family must have offended the Emgrand Group.

This was a disaster for the White family.

Junlee (aka 'Jungal2000')

Immortal Great Grandmaster - Dragon
Sep 4, 2023
Chapter 5

The two announcements released by the Emgrand Group completely set Aurous Hill abuzz.

When they heard that the Emgrand Group had changed hands, the Wilson family finally understood why the White family had been expelled.

It seemed that the new owner of the Emgrand Group still looked down on families like the Whites.

However, just who was Young Master Wade? This person was incredibly impressive, wasn't he? Taking over the Emgrand Group, a multi-billion-dollar conglomerate, with such ease, the wealthiest person in Aurous Hill couldn't match his boldness!

At this moment, numerous families were eager to establish a connection with this mysterious Young Master Wade, and many hoped that their daughters could marry him.

Apart from that, the Emgrand Group's announcement of a 2 billion dollars hotel project sent shockwaves through the entire construction and interior design industry in Aurous Hill!

Two billion dollars!

Even a small share of this project could lead to substantial profits!

Countless companies wanted to get a piece of the action.

Among them was the money-driven Madam Wilson!

Madam Wilson was extremely excited at this moment. A 2-billion-dollars project was a golden opportunity!

If the Wilson family could secure a contract from this project, it would be like winning the lottery!

So, she immediately ordered a family meeting at home that evening to discuss how to get a share of the Emgrand Group's new project. Everyone was required to attend!

That night, at the Wilson family villa.

Because Madam Wilson demanded that everyone must attend, Charlie went along with his wife Claire.

He knew that Madam Wilson wanted to hold a meeting to discuss how to secure a piece of the Emgrand Group's new project. So, he saw this as an opportunity to help his wife gain some recognition.

Upon arriving at the Wilson family villa, Claire's cousin, Harold, immediately started ridiculing him. "Damn, Charlie, you've got some thick skin coming to see Grandma!"

Claire's face turned cold as she said, "Mind your words! Grandma required everyone from the Wilson family to be here. Charlie is my husband, and he's naturally part of the Wilson family!"

Harold laughed and said, "What a joke. He's nothing more than a son-in-law who married into the family!"

Charlie rubbed his nose and said to Claire, "Never mind, dear, don't bother with him. Let's go in and not keep Grandma waiting."

Claire nodded and led Charlie inside, leaving Harold behind.

Harold's expression turned icy as he thought about how he would deal with them later.

Once inside the conference hall, Madam Wilson, the matriarch of the family, entered and the family meeting officially began.

Madam Wilson sat in the main seat and tapped the table. With great enthusiasm, she said, "For years, the Wilson family has been waiting for an opportunity, an opportunity that can elevate us to the ranks of Aurous Hill's elite! Now, that opportunity has finally arrived!"

Madam Wilson spoke loudly, "This time, the Emgrand Group has put forward a 2-billion-dollars project. Whoever can secure a cooperation contract worth 30 million dollars from it will be the new director of Wilson Group!"

"Moreover, this is the first major project after the change in ownership of the Emgrand Group. For our Wilson family, it's a golden opportunity!"

Although Madam Wilson was full of enthusiasm, the people below seemed unmoved. In fact, the Wilson family had been trying to collaborate with Emgrand Group for a long time. Over this extended period, Emgrand Group had never paid any attention to the Wilson family. Now, Madam Wilson wanted to secure a share of the new project from Emgrand Group. How could that be possible?

Seeing that everyone in the room remained silent, Madam Wilson was infuriated and demanded, "What's wrong? Has everyone lost their voice? Don't you have the confidence to secure even a small portion of the twenty billion project from Emgrand Group?"

The people in the room looked at each other, not daring to speak.

Seeing that no one was responding, Madam Wilson's expression turned even more furious. She gritted her teeth and said, "I'll make myself clear. Whoever can secure a thirty-million-dollar share of the contract from Emgrand Group will become the company's director!"

This declaration left everyone in the room stunned.

Madam Wilson had always been autocratic. Therefore, she had never established the position of director in the company, as it held significant power and was typically reserved for potential successors of the company. However, now she was using this position as a reward, hoping that someone would take the risk to secure Emgrand Group's project, which she seemed to desire immensely.

But the position of director was not easy to obtain.

In the eyes of the Wilson family members, securing a contract worth thirty million dollars from Emgrand Group? That was a joke. Even if Madam Wilson personally intervened, the executives of Emgrand Group would not even see her, let alone discuss any collaboration.

The family meeting hall fell into silence.

Seeing this, Madam Wilson was filled with anger and demanded, "You are all descendants of the Wilson family. Don't any of you want to contribute to the family?"

She then turned her gaze directly to Harold and said, "Harold, I'm entrusting this task to you!"

Harold chuckled nervously and quickly replied, "Grandma, even Gerald's family has been kicked out of Emgrand Group. Our strength is even weaker than White's family. How could we possibly secure a contract with Emgrand Group?"

Madam Wilson scolded him, "Useless! You're already giving up without even trying. You're even more useless than that Charlie!"

In truth, Madam Wilson wasn't very confident either. However, she didn't want to remain as the leader of a second-rate family forever. She had dreams of elevating the Wilson family to greater heights, and this project from Emgrand Group was the only opportunity.

So, even if it was challenging, she was not willing to give up.

She had initially thought that Harold, as the eldest grandson, would be eager to take on this task, but she hadn't expected him to back down at this crucial moment.

Harold was also frustrated. Who would be willing to take on an impossible task? He was afraid that he might not even get inside Emgrand Group's doors, let alone be kicked out before accomplishing anything. He didn't want to end up failing and becoming the subject of ridicule.

By then, not only would he have failed to complete the task, but he would also be laughed at and become a laughingstock. That's why he had decided not to accept it under any circumstances.

After scolding Harold, Madam Wilson angrily questioned, "What about the others? Is no one willing to take on this task?"

At this moment, Charlie lightly nudged Claire with his elbow and whispered, "Wife, you should take on this task!"

Claire hurriedly responded, "Are you crazy? Emgrand Group would never collaborate with a small company like the Wilson family!"

Charlie smiled confidently and said, "Don't worry, you'll definitely be able to secure this collaboration! Seize this opportunity, and your position within the Wilson family will skyrocket in the future!"

Claire, for some reason, found herself inexplicably trusting Charlie's words at that moment.

She stood up almost unconsciously and said to Madam Wilson, "Grandma, I'm willing to give it a try..."

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Immortal Great Grandmaster - Dragon
Sep 4, 2023
Chapter 6

Claire's declaration stunned the entire Wilson family!

Everyone thought that Claire must be crazy!

There's a time and place for everything! What could possibly come out of this at such a time? The Emgrand Group is the largest company in Aurous Hill, how could they possibly be interested in the Wilson family? Whoever goes to negotiate, the outcome is bound to be a failure!

Even Harold couldn't help but taunt her, "Claire, do you really think you can secure a contract from the Emgrand Group with your abilities?"

Claire's cousin and Harold's sister, Wendy, sneered, "Sister Claire, who are you, and who is the Emgrand Group? Going to negotiate like this, you're just making our Wilson family lose face!"

Someone chimed in, "Exactly, what if she gets kicked out by the Emgrand Group? Our Wilson family in Aurous Hill will become a laughingstock!"

Claire blushed deeply and felt extremely embarrassed by their remarks.

Since marrying Charlie, her status within the family had plummeted. She was becoming increasingly marginalized, almost on the brink of being pushed out completely. Even her parents were ridiculed because of her.

She thought that if she could secure the project with the Emgrand Group, her position within the family would surely be solidified.

More importantly, it would allow her parents to hold their heads high.

However, being ridiculed and taunted by so many people made her start to waver.

She shot Charlie a resentful look, wondering why she had listened to his persuasion. If she had known, she wouldn't have taken the lead...

Madam Wilson was furious when she heard the comments from everyone.

She had asked multiple times, but no one dared to take on this task. Now that Claire had taken the initiative, these people were pouring cold water on her!

Although Madam Wilson had never liked Claire, at this moment, she felt that Claire was at least willing to share her burdens, unlike others who only caused trouble.

Because of this, Madam Wilson's attitude towards Claire had undergone a significant change.

So, she immediately said, "Since no one else dares to accept it, there's no need for further discussion. We'll leave this project's negotiation with the Emgrand Group to Claire."

Claire could only grit her teeth and respond, "Grandma, rest assured, I will do my best."

At this point, Harold couldn't help but sneer and said, "What's the use of doing your best? You won't succeed in securing the contract, anyway."

Charlie asked with a cold smile, "Harold, what's your purpose in belittling Claire? Do you think the Wilson family isn't qualified to cooperate with the Emgrand Group?"

Harold didn't expect that even Charlie, a supposed waste, would dare to speak up at the family meeting and even praise him from the start.

Seeing that Madam Wilson's expression was not pleased, he immediately explained, "I didn't mean that. I just think Claire can't possibly secure this cooperation!"

Charlie chuckled and asked him, "What if Claire manages to secure the contract? Would you be willing to make a bet with me?"

Harold sneered, "Sure, I'm not afraid of you! What's the bet?"

Charlie said, "If Claire secures the contract, you'll have to kneel down in front of everyone, bow three times, and loudly admit you were wrong. If Claire fails, I'll kneel down and admit I was wrong to you. How about it?"

"Hahaha!" Harold burst into laughter immediately. "You're really looking for death, you waste! Fine, I'll take your bet!"

Charlie nodded in satisfaction and said, "It's a deal, with the whole family here as witnesses. Whoever reneges on the bet will suffer the consequences of cursing their own grandparents."

Charlie emphasized the words "cursing their own grandparents" to ensure that Harold wouldn't back out of the bet. If he did, it would be as if he were cursing his own grandmother, which would surely be unforgivable.

"Alright!" Harold dared not renege on the bet now. If he did, it would be as if he were cursing his own grandmother, and Madam Wilson would never let him off the hook.

Madam Wilson didn't pay much attention to this bet, and what she cared about was whether Claire could secure a place on the Emgrand Group's cooperation list. If she succeeded, even if she had to make Harold kneel to Charlie, it wouldn't matter to her.

Back at home, Charlie and Claire immediately faced the wrath of their parents-in-law.

Claire's mother, Elaine, was anxious and scolded her, "Claire, are you out of your mind? How could you listen to Charlie, a waste, and agree to such a task so recklessly?"

Claire's father, Jacob, also berated Charlie, "Charlie, you waste! You've brought disaster upon my daughter!"

Then, he angrily added, "If Claire fails to secure cooperation with the Emgrand Group, she will be a laughingstock and embarassment of the family. And you will kneel and admit her mistake in front of everyone, do you think I'll let you get away with it?"

Charlie said seriously, "Mom, Dad, as long as Claire can secure the contract, everything will be resolved, right?"

"Secure, secure, secure! What's the use of securing it?"

Jacob scolded, "Do you know how powerful the Emgrand Group is? How could they possibly consider the Wilson family?"

Elaine mocked from the side, "Do you think you're the owner of the Emgrand Group? You're just a waste, completely useless, and yet you dare to speak so arrogantly!"

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Sep 4, 2023
Chapter 7

Claire sighed when she saw her parents constantly targeting Charlie and said, "Dad, Mom, this has nothing to do with Charlie. It's because I don't want to be looked down upon anymore. Haven't we suffered enough over the years?"

Claire's mother blurted out, "But you shouldn't have accepted this task. Even if your grandmother went, they wouldn't pay her any attention!"

Charlie, watching the scene, couldn't help but smile bitterly. His materialistic in-laws would probably never believe that he was the owner of the Emgrand Group.

Just then, there was a knock at the door.

"Coming, coming..."

Claire's mother, Elaine, sighed and opened the door.

Charlie looked and saw a young man in an Armani suit standing at the door, looking handsome and charismatic. He wore a Patek Philippe watch worth at least three to five million.

Elaine exclaimed excitedly, "Oh, it's Wendell! Why are you here?"

The person who had come was Wendell Jones, the young master of the Jones family, who had been pursuing Claire.

Wendell smiled and said, "Auntie, I heard that Claire has taken on the cooperation with the Emgrand Group, so I came to offer some advice."

"Oh, you're our family's savior!" Elaine was very excited, and her eyes on him were like those of a prospective son-in-law. She quickly welcomed him in and said as she walked, "Wendell, do you have a way to help Claire secure the contract with the Emgrand Group?"

Wendell, still wearing a smile, nodded and completely ignored Charlie, as if he were ignoring a roadside ant. He walked straight to Claire and said with a faint smile, "Claire, you didn't tell me about such a big matter. Don't worry, the Jones family and the Emgrand Group are deep partners. For this 2 billion project, our family will get at least a third. I'll have my dad set aside several million from that third to subcontract to you. Won't that help you complete the task?"

In fact, Wendell's father didn't have that much influence, and he only said this to show off in front of Claire.

Claire had always known that Wendell was interested in her, so she responded coldly, "Wendell, I appreciate your goodwill, but I will find a way to handle it myself."

Elaine couldn't believe her ears and exclaimed, "Claire, are you crazy? Young Wendell came to help you willingly, how can you speak like this?"

Claire didn't say anything. Charlie, on the other hand, was interested and asked Wendell, "Mr Jones, I'm curious, what can you do to help Claire? The Emgrand Group is so large; you shouldn't be able to influence them. Do you have a way to make them sign a contract with Claire?"

Wendell sneered and said, "Do you even know anything? The Jones family has always had a close partnership with the Emgrand Group. For this 2 billion project, our family will get at least a third. I'll have my dad directly set aside several million from that third to subcontract it to Claire.

Charlie was surprised and said, "Oh, I didn't expect the Jones family to have such a deep relationship with the Emgrand Group."

Wendell coldly snorted, "Of course! In Aurous Hill, who doesn't know that the Jones family has a close partnership with the Emgrand Group?"

After saying that, Wendell glared at Charlie disdainfully and said, "Charlie, I advise you, as a narrow-minded person, it would be best for you to leave Claire on your own. You can't give her happiness, you'll only hold her back."

Claire spoke coldly at this point, "I'm sorry, Mr Jones, but I don't need your help, and please don't disrespect my husband."

Wendell was stunned and said angrily, "Claire, I was just trying to help you, and you're siding with this loser? What does he have that's worth defending?"

Claire said seriously, "He's not a loser; he's my husband."

Wendell was so angry that his face turned dark, and he said in frustration, "Fine! Toasting doesn't work, so I'll just have to force you. If you can't resolve this problem when the time comes, don't blame me for not giving you a chance!"

With that, Wendell turned and left.

Elaine wanted to catch up and explain, but Wendell had already walked far away.

She was so angry that she slapped her thigh and scolded Charlie, pointing at his nose, "You're infuriating! You're such a loser, not only are you holding Claire back, but you've also driven away Wendell who was trying to help!"

Charlie smiled faintly and said, "Mom, he was just saying that. Besides, he can't even secure cooperation with the Emgrand Group himself. How could he possibly help Claire?"

"You're just spouting nonsense!" Elaine said in frustration, "The Jones family can secure a third of the project with the Emgrand Group, and you don't know anything!"

Charlie smiled coldly. He didn't know what the Jones family was capable of, but he knew that his Emgrand Group would never cooperate with the Jones family. Even if they had collaborated in the past, he would now put an end to all such collaborations.

Claire, unaware of Charlie's thoughts, said to her mother, "Mom, don't blame Charlie. Let's talk about it when I return from the Emgrand Group."

"Ah!" Elaine sighed deeply, feeling that she had married a loser and that her daughter had married an even bigger loser. What kind of sin had they committed?

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Sep 4, 2023
Chapter 8

Early the next morning, Claire, accompanied by Charlie, arrived at Emgrand Group with their prepared cooperation proposal, despite having doubts in her heart. She couldn't believe that a giant corporation like Emgrand Group would be interested in their small family business, let alone agreeing to their request for a 30 million dollars share.

It felt like trying to beg a wealthy family for a 30 million dollars reward, a dream that seemed impossible.

However, since she had promised her grandmother and publicly accepted this task, she was determined to give it a try.

Seeing her nervousness, Charlie gently fixed her hair and reassured her, "Don't worry, my wife. You can go ahead and talk; you will definitely succeed."

Claire sighed helplessly and said, "I hope so. Please wait for me here."

After taking a deep breath, she mustered her courage and walked into the entrance of the Emgrand Group, while Charlie watched her every step of the way.

He took out his phone and made a call to Doris, their assistant.

"Doris, my wife has gone upstairs. You know what to do for the rest."

Doris immediately replied, "Don't worry, Young Master. I'll make sure Young Madam is satisfied."

Charlie then asked, "By the way, I heard that Emgrand Group has a deep partnership with the Jones family?"

Doris said, "Yes, they used to have a deep collaboration with Emgrand Group. They also want to collaborate extensively on our new project and have submitted partnership application materials. But it still depends on your decision, Young Master."

Charlie coldly said, "I don't want the Jones family to participate in this new project, and I don't want any future collaboration with them either."

Doris assured, "Rest assured, I will take care of it."

On the other side, Claire entered Emgrand Group's office building and waited at the reception. She didn't know if Doris, the Vice Chairman of Emgrand Group, would be willing to meet with her.

Within a short time, a graceful female assistant approached her. "Are you Miss Claire? Miss Doris is waiting for you in her office. Please follow me."

Claire nodded, surprised that she was being ushered in so quickly. How did Doris know she was coming? It didn't make sense; Doris was a well-known figure in Aurous Hill, and Claire couldn't understand how she would be aware of her.

Although she couldn't figure it out, Claire knew this was a rare opportunity, so she followed the assistant.

The female assistant led Claire straight into Doris's office.

Upon seeing Claire, Doris quickly got up from her chair and greeted her respectfully, "Hello, Miss Claire. I am Doris, Vice Chairman of Emgrand Group."

Claire was nervous to meet such a prominent female figure in Aurous Hill and replied respectfully, "Hello, Miss Doris. I've come to discuss a hotel project with you. Although the overall strength of the Wilson family may not be strong, we have worked very hard and have a good reputation in the field of interior decoration."

She handed over a set of documents and said, "Miss Doris, these are the introductions and qualification documents for our Wilson Group. Please take a look."

Doris, with a faint smile, accepted the documents and glanced through them briefly. She then said straightforwardly, "Miss Claire, I have reviewed your materials, and I believe that the Wilson family can cooperate with Emgrand Group."

Claire was taken aback and couldn't believe it. It was too quick! Why was it so simple?

Doris smiled and said, "Of course, it's true. Although the Wilson family's conditions do not meet Emgrand Group's usual cooperation standards, our Chairman sees great potential in you and is willing to collaborate."

"The Chairman?" Claire exclaimed. "May I ask who your Chairman is?"

Doris smiled lightly and replied, "Our Chairman is Mr Wade, from the Wade family of Eastcliff."

"Mr Wade?" Claire furrowed her brows and said, "I don't seem to know anyone named Wade, except for my husband."

Doris nodded gently. She had been instructed by Charlie not to reveal his identity, so she could only provide this limited information.

Apart from her husband, Claire indeed didn't know anyone with the surname Wade but she couldn't have imagined that her seemingly useless husband was the mysterious Mr Wade.

Doris continued, "Miss Claire, I noticed that you mentioned an intended cooperation share of 30 million dollars in your documents."

Claire hastily nodded, feeling a bit anxious. "Is that too much?"

Doris smiled and replied, "Not at all, in fact, it's too little."

This statement left Claire even more puzzled. "What do you mean?"

Doris smiled and said, "Our Chairman instructed me to raise the cooperation share to 60 million dollars."

She took out a contract and handed it to Claire. "Take a look; the total amount is 60 million dollars. If you find it acceptable, we can sign the contract right now."

Claire was dumbfounded. She never expected that the Emgrand Group, which her family could barely get in touch with, would have a prepared contract, and it was for double the amount they had expected!

She suddenly thought of last night's meeting, where her husband, Charlie, had strongly encouraged her to take on this task. He had been so confident.

Did he already know the outcome?

Who exactly was her husband?

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Sep 4, 2023
Chapter 9

In this moment, an absurd thought suddenly crossed Claire's mind. Could the "Young Master Wade" mentioned by Doris be her husband, Charlie? But upon further reflection, she dismissed the idea as too far-fetched. After all, Charlie had grown up in an orphanage since he was a child. It was impossible for him to be associated with a prominent figure like the "Young Master Wade" mentioned by Doris.

However, considering that besides Charlie, no one else in the world had treated her so well, and the fact that they had been offered a 60 million dollars contract when they had only hoped for 30 million dollars, Claire couldn't help but ask, "Miss Doris, may I ask if your Chairman is named Charlie?"

Doris felt a momentary panic. Charlie had instructed her not to reveal his identity, so she couldn't let Claire figure it out. She quickly replied, "Miss Claire, please don't inquire further. Our Chairman is from a prestigious family in Eastcliff, and his identity is highly confidential. I don't have the authority to disclose it."

Claire nodded lightly. The mention of a prestigious family in Eastcliff made her realize that she had likely been overthinking things. Charlie, who had grown up as an orphan, couldn't possibly be associated with such a prestigious background.

After leaving Doris's office, Claire still felt dazed. She held the 60 million dollars cooperation agreement between Wilson family and Emgrand Group in her hand, and it all felt like a dream.

When she saw Charlie waiting for her outside the Emgrand Group's entrance, she couldn't contain her excitement and rushed towards him. "Charlie, I actually succeeded!"

Charlie inwardly chuckled. After all, he was the owner of Emgrand Group. How could she not succeed? But he pretended to be surprised and said, "You managed to secure such a challenging project so quickly, my wife, you are truly amazing!"

Claire replied, "Oh, it's not about me being amazing. It's like Emgrand Group gave it to me for free."

Charlie asked, feigning curiosity, "Why do you say that?"

Claire didn't want to mention the Chairman's identity, fearing that it would make Charlie jealous. She quickly changed the subject, "Oh, it's a long story. Let's go to the company now and share this good news with everyone."

Charlie laughed heartily. "Sure! That way, Harold, that bastard, will have to kneel down and apologize to me according to our bet!"

Claire nodded and said, "He's always so arrogant. It's time he learned a lesson!"

In just over ten minutes, the two of them arrived at the Wilson family Group.

Inside the meeting room, everyone wore peculiar expressions. They all knew that Claire had gone to Emgrand Group early in the morning, but none of them believed she could succeed. They had been waiting to see her fail.

However, she had returned much sooner than expected.

When Claire and Charlie entered the meeting room, they were met with mocking glances from everyone.

Harold didn't mince his words and said, "Ah, Claire, you're back so soon? Did you even manage to get past the entrance of Emgrand Group? Hahaha!"

His sister, Wendy, added, "Wow, Claire sis, less than an hour in and you've already declared failure? Isn't that a new record for you?"

The atmosphere in the room turned chilly, and even Madam Wilson's expression darkened. While she had thought a 30 million dollars project was almost impossible, Claire's quick return made her furious. She had expected her granddaughter to be more cautious and not give up so easily.

So, Madam Wilson glared at her and said in a cold voice, "Claire, you have disappointed me greatly."

Hearing these comments, Charlie's brow furrowed in irritation. These people were being utterly obnoxious. They didn't even ask about the outcome before launching into ridicule and accusations.

Especially Harold, who was acting so smug. What was he so proud of? He would have to kneel and apologize to me soon!

Claire, who had entered the room with excitement, had her spirits dampened by their comments. She couldn't help but speak up, "I'm sorry to disappoint you all. I have successfully negotiated a project with Emgrand Group."

"What? You succeeded?"

"Impossible! How could you possibly have succeeded? You couldn't have even met with Doris!"

Everyone was dumbfounded.

"Claire, do you think we'd believe this?" Harold shouted angrily. "Doris is a renowned business elite in the city. How could she possibly meet with you? Do you even understand your own status?"

Faced with their doubts and accusations, Claire pulled out the contract and handed it to her grandmother. "This is the project contract with Emgrand Group. Please take a look."

This contract was like a bombshell, causing an explosion of emotions in the room.

Harold still refused to believe it and shouted, "This must be a forged contract! I don't believe you could secure a project with Emgrand Group!"

Wendy chimed in, "Exactly! A 30 million dollars project? You really think we're that gullible? If you can secure this, I can secure a billion dollars project!"

Claire coldly smiled and said, "Cousin, you got it wrong. It's not a 30 million dollars project; it's a 60 million dollars project!"

"Get out of here!" Wendy sneered. "A 60 million dollars project? You really have the nerve to say that! Do you think we're all idiots?"

Harold continued to look furious and said, "Claire, this is an act of rebellion! Grandma, she shouldn't be forgiven!"

Madam Wilson was furious and pounded the table, shouting, "Claire! Go to the HR department immediately and complete your resignation process!"

Claire's expression was one of astonishment. Had these people gone mad? Couldn't they simply open the contract and see for themselves?

Just then, someone shouted, "Oh my god! Emgrand Group's official public account just sent out a notification! The 60 million dollars contract is real!"

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Sep 4, 2023
Chapter 10

With that loud shout, everyone was left stunned. They quickly took out their phones to check Emgrand Group's official public account.


Emgrand Group's official certified service account had just released a post!

"Emgrand Group's 2 billion hotel project signs its first partner, with Miss Doris and Aurous Hill Wilson family's representative, Claire, signing a 60 million dollars renovation contract!"

Seeing this headline, everyone went wild!

Claire had actually secured the project, and the contract amount had doubled!

All of this had happened in just over half an hour!

How could it be so easy? It made no sense!

Harold felt both shocked and regretful!

Before today, Claire's status and identity had been far beyond his reach. If he had accepted the task yesterday, he wouldn't have given Claire a chance to make a public appearance, regardless of whether she succeeded or not. However, he had unexpectedly refused due to his fear of failure.

Not only did he refuse, but Claire had actually succeeded!

It felt like he had slapped himself in the face!

Madam Wilson immediately picked up the contract, carefully examined it, and laughed excitedly. "Good! Good! Good! Well done, Claire! Tell me, how did you manage to do this?"

Claire replied, "It's all thanks to Miss Doris. She has a very high opinion of our Wilson family."

In reality, Claire wanted to tell the truth, but upon careful consideration, she realized that even if she mentioned the identity of Emgrand Group's chairman, nobody might believe her.

Upon hearing this, Harold felt even more miserable. So, it was because Doris from Emgrand Group had a favorable impression of the Wilson family? Did that mean anyone from their family could have done it?

He had truly missed out on a golden opportunity!

At this moment, Charlie spoke up, "Harold, do you remember our bet?"

Harold's expression instantly turned as ugly as if he had eaten feces.

How could he forget the bet? The loser had to publicly kneel and kowtow to the other party three times.

Claire had obtained the contract, which meant he was the loser.

No way! How could I kneel and kowtow to this trash and loser!

Absolutely not!

So, he gritted his teeth and said, "Charlie, who do you think you are? You're just a freeloader who married into our family, living off us without working. You actually expect me to kneel and kowtow to you?"

Charlie calmly responded, "I am indeed a freeloader who lives off your family, but we made a vow yesterday. If anyone goes back on their word, they will suffer divine punishment, including your grandmother. Do you want to curse your grandmother?"

Harold was horrified and stammered, "Grandmother, Charlie is just joking!"

Madam Wilson's face immediately darkened, and she said in a chilling tone, "Do you know that I am a devout Buddhist? I take sworn oaths seriously. How could you dare to break your promise?"


Harold was truly flustered. He realized that his grandmother was genuinely angry.

Seeing her grandson ready to defy his solemn oath just for the sake of his own pride, Madam Wilson slammed the table, shouting, "Is this how determined you are to break your oath?"

"Grandmother, I..."

Harold was in a dilemma. If he kept his promise and knelt to apologize to Charlie, he would lose face. But if he didn't, he would lose everything he had in the Wilson family.

He quickly made a calculation. If he followed through with the bet, knelt, and apologized to Charlie, he would only lose face. However, if he violated his promise and angered his grandmother, he would lose everything he had in the family.

Thinking of this, he gritted his teeth and said, "Fine! I'll admit defeat!"

Charlie had been patiently waiting for this moment, and he said, "Go on, then. Kneel and apologize."

Harold felt like his legs were filled with lead as he struggled to move toward Charlie.

He despised Charlie to the core, but he still had one last kowtow to make.

So, he bit his lip, lowered his head, and kowtowed with a loud thud.


Some onlookers even discreetly took out their phones.

Harold, with his head bowed, his voice trembling, said, "I was wrong!"

Afterward, he leaned down again and banged his head on the ground.

Charlie sneered and said, "What did you say? I couldn't hear you clearly. Speak up."

With great reluctance and humiliation, Harold kowtowed again and said, "I was wrong! I shouldn't have doubted Claire's abilities..."

Charlie coldly asked, "Oh, so you admit you were wrong? Where were you wrong?"

Harold's heart was filled with hatred, but he still had one more kowtow to go.

So, he clenched his teeth and said, "I was wrong not to have faith in Claire's abilities..."

He then bowed his head and banged it on the ground once more.

Charlie felt extremely satisfied.

He had grown tired of Harold's behavior, and now he had a chance to make him kneel and apologize in public. It was truly satisfying!

Claire watched all of this in astonishment. She felt that her husband was suddenly different from before.

She couldn't quite put her finger on what had changed, but she remembered how confident he had been when he made the bet with Harold yesterday. It seemed he had foreseen that she would win?

Why did he have such strong confidence?

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Sep 4, 2023
Chapter 11

After kowtowing three times, Harold's eyes were filled with tears of humiliation. However, he dared not act recklessly at this moment because he knew that his grandmother must be very dissatisfied with him.

He couldn't afford to provoke her anger any further.

Seeing Harold kowtowing and apologizing, Madam Wilson felt somewhat relieved. She didn't actually want her grandson to kowtow to Charlie, but the crucial point was the life-threatening oath they had made.

As a devout Buddhist, she took sworn oaths very seriously. If Harold hadn't kowtowed and apologized, she would have worried about divine retribution.

So, she looked at Harold and said calmly, "Harold, these three kowtows are a lesson for you. In the future, don't casually make bets on uncertain matters, and even if you do, don't involve your family!"

Harold, with a mournful expression, replied, "Grandmother, I understand. I won't dare to do it again in the future..."

While speaking, he cast a venomous look at Charlie, thinking, "You, trash, forcing me to kneel and kowtow to you and losing all face. I'll get rid of you sooner or later!"

Then, Madam Wilson continued, "Today, Claire securing this contract is cause for celebration. During this time, we should prepare diligently. We must seize this opportunity to build a good relationship with Emgrand Group!"

Charlie reminded, "Grandmother, since Claire has secured the project, should we appoint her as the company's director?"

Madam Wilson raised an eyebrow, her thoughts racing.

She had indeed promised that whoever secured the contract would become the director, but when she thought about how Claire had always been someone she disliked, and how her husband had always disgusted her, she felt hesitant.

If she elevated Claire, she might become uncontrollable in the future. What should she do then?

In an instant, she wanted to retract her previous promise. After all, she hadn't sworn an oath when she made that promise, so she could easily go back on it without feeling guilty.

However, she believed that she shouldn't say this right after Claire had secured the contract. So, she said, "How about this, tomorrow evening, I will host a banquet and invite some influential figures from Aurous Hill to attend. At that time, I will announce our cooperation with Emgrand Group and the appointment of the new director."

Hearing this, Charlie breathed a sigh of relief.

Claire smiled gently. It seemed that the director's position was finally hers, and she would no longer be sidelined. Her parents would also be able to hold their heads high from now on.

Then, Madam Wilson turned to Claire and said, "Claire, there's one more thing I want you to help with."

Claire asked, "Grandmother, please tell me."

Madam Wilson said, "I want you to contact the Chairman of Emgrand Group and invite him to attend tomorrow's banquet."

After a pause, she said with anticipation, "If he can attend our banquet, it would be a great thing for our Wilson family. It would also boost our reputation!"

Claire hesitated for a moment before responding, "But... I only met Miss Doris last time, and I didn't meet the Chairman in person. Besides, hosting such a banquet right after securing their project might seem too deliberate..."

Madam Wilson replied, "So what? I want to let everyone in Aurous Hill know that we are now tied to Emgrand Group. It will bring great prosperity to our Wilson family!"

With each word, Madam Wilson became more excited. She imagined the moment when the big conglomerates and families that used to look down on the Wilson family would rely on them, and her heart swelled with excitement.

Claire pondered for a moment and replied with some uncertainty, "Alright, I'll give it a try..."

"It's not just a try, it's a must!"

Claire nodded slightly, but she still had some doubts and quietly asked Charlie, "What should we do if the Chairman of Emgrand Group doesn't come? What if Doris is also unwilling to attend?"

Charlie chuckled and said, "Let's give it a try. You have Doris's phone number, right? Maybe she'll agree when you give her a call."

Besides showcasing the Wilson family's strength to the outside world, the banquet would also be the platform to announce Claire's promotion to the position of director. As her husband, Charlie thought it wouldn't hurt to show his support.

However, at this moment, Claire had no idea that her husband was actually the Chairman of Emgrand Group. She sighed with a hint of uncertainty, saying, "But the other party is the Chairman of Emgrand Group, and he's rumored to be the young master of a prominent family in Eastcliff. Such influential figures are busy with numerous responsibilities every day. How can they have time to attend a banquet?"

Charlie smiled and said, "You never know. Maybe he's at home every day, cooking and doing the laundry for his wife, just like me."

Claire rolled her eyes at him and playfully scolded, "Not everyone can be like you!"

Charlie nodded and said, "You're right, not everyone can be like me."

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Sep 4, 2023
Chapter 12

Knowing that Charlie was just joking, Claire didn't pay much attention to it. She walked aside and dialed Doris's phone number.

Soon, the call connected.

A sweet and pleasant voice came from the other side, "Miss Claire, hello."

"Hello, Miss Doris, I have a favor to ask," Claire said somewhat hesitantly.

"Sure, go ahead," Doris replied.

Claire organized her thoughts, took a deep breath, and mustered the courage to say, "I would like to inquire whether the Chairman has any availability tomorrow evening. We are planning to host a banquet at our home to formally announce our cooperation with Emgrand Group. We hope the Chairman can grace us with his presence..."

Doris fell silent for a moment before responding, "Miss Claire, I can't make decisions on behalf of the Chairman. How about I check with him and get back to you?"

Claire replied respectfully, "Thank you, that would be much appreciated."

After hanging up the phone, Claire anxiously held her phone, waiting for a response.

At that moment, Charlie's phone suddenly rang.

Charlie was momentarily stunned and then scolded himself in his mind for forgetting to put his phone on silent. It was definitely Doris calling to ask for his opinion...

Charlie answered the call with a composed expression and said, "Yes?"

Doris's voice came from the other end, "Chairman, the Wilson family is hosting a banquet tomorrow evening, and they're wondering if you'd like to attend."

Charlie replied, "Oh, I see. Sure, I'll be there... Alright, that's it. I'm hanging up..."

With that, Charlie quickly hung up the phone and muttered to himself, "These salespeople can be so annoying..."

Claire didn't suspect anything and soon received another call on her phone.

Doris's voice came through again, "Miss Claire, our Chairman has agreed to attend. He will come directly."

"Really? That's great! Thank you for your help, and please thank Chairman for me as well!" Claire was suddenly filled with excitement. She hadn't expected that the Chairman would actually agree to come.

She hurriedly informed Madam Wilson, "Grandmother! The Chairman of Emgrand Group has agreed!"

"Really?!" Madam Wilson became excited!

Immediately, she instructed all the members of the Wilson family present, "Quickly make preparations! Reserve the best hotel, order the finest food and drinks, and prepare to welcome the Chairman of Emgrand Group with great honor!"

She added, "In addition, inform all the major corporations in the city and invite them to our banquet! Let them know that the Chairman of Emgrand Group will be gracing us with his presence!"

The entire Wilson family immediately sprang into action.

Everyone was incredibly excited, contacting various business partners and influential figures in Aurous Hill City.

This was undoubtedly a major bombshell!

In no time, the entire city of Aurous Hill knew about this news.

The mysterious Chairman of Emgrand Group was going to make an appearance at the Wilson family's banquet tomorrow!

Madam Wilson received numerous inquiries over the phone, and she answered each one with a smile.

She was so happy today because as soon as the banquet ended tomorrow, the Wilson family would undoubtedly become the hottest family in Aurous Hill!

Thinking about this, she laughed excitedly and said, "Alright, let's stop here for today and start preparing for tomorrow's banquet. Meeting adjourned!"

After the meeting, Madam Wilson returned to her office.

Harold followed closely behind.

"Grandmother, are you really going to give the director's position to Claire?" he couldn't help but ask when they were alone.

Madam Wilson furrowed her brows slightly and said coldly, "I've already promised Claire. Why shouldn't I give it to her?"

Harold persisted, "Grandmother, you can't let her become the director!"

The grandmother questioned, "Why not? She secured such a large contract for the company; she deserves to be promoted."

Harold hurriedly said, "The reason Claire was able to secure the Emgrand Group contract is that Wendell from the Jones family helped her behind the scenes. I heard that Wendell Jones went to her house yesterday! Today, Emgrand Group signed the contract with us. How could such a coincidence happen? I suspect that she slept with Wendell Jones!"

Madam Wilson's expression turned displeased as she asked, "Are you sure about what you're saying?"

Harold confidently replied, "Absolutely. It's true that Wendell Jones visited Claire's house yesterday. If you check, you'll find it's all true."

He continued, "If you let this shameless woman become the director and it's known that she only got the Emgrand Group contract through improper means, where will our Wilson family's reputation go? Where will your reputation go?"

Madam Wilson nodded slightly. She believed about eighty percent of what Harold said.

This perspective provided a reasonable explanation for how Claire managed to secure the contract for sixty million.

Then, Harold added, "If you let such an unscrupulous woman become the director, it will damage our reputation even more. We should select someone else for the director position and shift the credit for securing the project to someone else. It's best to choose a man to minimize the gossip."

Madam Wilson gave a slight nod of approval.

Looking at it that way, she really should choose another director to dispel any rumors. If it became widely known that Claire secured the Emgrand Group contract by having an affair, she could explain that it was thanks to the new director's efforts, not Claire's.

Moreover, there was a personal motive behind her decision. She really didn't like Claire and had always favored male heirs over female ones. She didn't want to see Claire's status and power within the Wilson family increase.

With these thoughts in mind, she began to calculate her next move.

Looking at Harold, she said coldly, "Harold, from now on, at the company, you must listen to me. Do what I tell you, and don't do anything I forbid. Do you understand?"

Harold quickly expressed his loyalty, "Grandmother, rest assured. I will do whatever you say. I will follow your lead in everything!"

"Good." Madam Wilson nodded in satisfaction and said, "At tomorrow's banquet, I will announce to everyone that you are the new director and will be responsible for the cooperation with Emgrand Group. But remember, you must obey. I can elevate you, but I can also bring you down!"

Harold was overjoyed, and he hurriedly replied, "Rest assured, grandmother! Harold will definitely be obedient!"

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Chapter 13

When Claire left the Wilson Group, she was extremely excited. Tomorrow, her grandmother would officially announce her new appointment, and she would finally be able to hold her head high!

Thinking about this, she couldn't help but say to Charlie, "Charlie, thank you! If you hadn't encouraged me, I wouldn't have dared to take on this task."

Charlie smiled and said, "My dear, you deserve it."

Then, he added, "By the way, my dear, should we celebrate this big occasion? It's also almost our third wedding anniversary. How about celebrating them together? I'll take care of the arrangements, so you don't have to worry."

Claire nodded and asked, "How do you want to celebrate?"

Charlie smiled and said, "I'll prepare a surprise for you!"

Claire felt touched and said, "Then I won't ask you for the details."

Charlie said, "No need to ask. Just wait and see!"

To prepare a special anniversary for his wife, Charlie had considered various plans. Overall, the focus was on making amends because he used to be poor and couldn't afford to buy gifts for his wife, and they didn't even have a proper wedding. Now that he had money, he wanted to compensate her.

After parting ways with his wife, Charlie went to a jewelry store in the center of Aurous Hill City called "Rare Earth."

"Rare Earth" was the most famous jewelry store in the area. They had everything from gold, platinum, diamonds, jade, and emeralds.

Charlie wanted to buy a gift for his wife first and then go to the best hotel to arrange a belated wedding.

When he arrived at "Rare Earth," the salespeople ignored him because of his attire, an Adidas tracksuit with four stripes. Charlie browsed the store on his own for a while and was drawn to a jade necklace locked in a display case.

The necklace was made of top-grade "ice-type" jade, exquisitely crafted and elegant, which matched Claire's style perfectly.

Charlie checked the price tag; it was thirteen million dollars, which was pocket change for him.

So, he called over a salesperson and said, "Hello, could you please take out this necklace for me to see?"

The salesperson glanced at Charlie and replied, "I don't have the key. The key is with our sales manager."

Then, he used the walkie-talkie and said, "Manager Jane, there's a customer who wants to see our flagship piece!"

Soon, an overly glamorous woman ran over excitedly. Her name was Jane, and she was the sales manager here.

"Which distinguished guest wants to see our flagship piece?"

The salesperson pointed at Charlie and said, "Manager Jane, it's this gentleman."

"What?" Jane saw Charlie and immediately looked at him with disgust. How could such a loser afford to buy the flagship piece?

With that thought, she immediately scolded the male sales associate, saying, "Marvin, are you kidding me? This gentleman wants to see the flagship treasure for real?"

Marvin replied, "No, he really does."

Jane retorted, "Do you think I'm blind? If you're blind, at least shut your mouth and save me from getting angry!"

Jane prided herself on her ability to judge people accurately.

She could tell at a glance what kind of person someone was and what their purchasing power was like.

So, she instantly concluded that Charlie was nothing more than a penniless loser.

Even if it were an ordinary necklace worth 13,000 dollars, he definitely couldn't afford it!

Wasn't it a waste of her time to entertain him?

The male sales associate dared not speak up after being scolded. Charlie furrowed his brow and asked her, "Aren't you in the business of selling? I just want to see this necklace. What's the problem?"

Jane sneered, "Yes, we are in the business of selling, but not to idiots. If you can't afford it, don't come here just to make a scene!"

Charlie frowned and retorted, "How can you tell I can't afford it?"

"Hehe!" Jane said with disdain, "This piece of jade is worth tens of millions. What are you going to use to buy it? I know what you're up to. You just want me to take it out so you can take a picture, post it on social media, and show off."

With that, Jane crossed her arms in front of her chest, looking haughty and full of scorn.

Hearing that the jade was worth millions, many people around them started pointing and whispering, expressing their disdain.

"This guy has no shame. He can't afford it, yet he still wants to see it. See what?"

"Exactly, he should take a good look at himself. With his appearance, how can he afford such a premium jade?"

"I'm telling you, there are too many people like him these days!"

Charlie glanced at Jane behind the counter and, feeling determined, took out his phone and dialed Stephen's number.

"Come to Rare Earth with 13 million in cash, I need it in ten minutes."

"No problem, young master, I'm on my way."

Jane curled her lips and laughed, "You're really getting into it, huh! 13 million in cash? I've never seen that much cash in my whole life. I hope you can show me something interesting! Don't you know that for sums over a million, you usually have to prearrange with the bank? Haha, you're quite entertaining!"

Charlie nodded and said, "Since you've never seen that much cash, you'll see it soon."

People around them continued to gossip.

"It's not about being poor; it's about not pretending to be rich..."

"Haha, this guy doesn't look like he has money at all. Even if he takes out 300,000, I'll call him 'Dad'!"

"I just want to see what 13 million in cash looks like!"

As everyone sided with Charlie, Jane couldn't help but smile. She couldn't wait to see how this broke guy would react when he couldn't produce the money.

A few minutes later, several Rolls-Royces suddenly stopped outside Rare Earth.

Subsequently, eight burly bodyguards in black suits emerged from the two front cars. They carried black leather briefcases, their muscles tense, and their faces stern, exuding an intimidating aura that seemed to fill the entire place.

This scene instantly shocked everyone inside Rare Earth!

Who was this big shot, and how did he have such a grand entrance?

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Chapter 14

Seeing such a grand scene, Jane was taken aback. She secretly wondered if the "pauper" really called these people.

But then she thought, how could that be possible? There's no way that pauper could know such influential people.

Stephen Thompson stepped out of the third Rolls Royce and walked into Rare Earth. Jane quickly stood up to greet him.

However, Stephen didn't even glance at her and headed straight for Charlie.

"Young Master, I'm here, and I've brought the money."

Saying this, Stephen waved his hand, and the bodyguards behind him walked into Rare Earth, placing the cases full of money on the ground and opening them. Inside were stacks upon stacks of red cash.

Everyone around gasped in astonishment.


This guy... no, everything he said turned out to be true!

Many took out their phones to capture this shocking moment. But Stephen's bodyguards immediately escorted them out, and all they could capture was the back of Charlie's head.

Charlie pointed to the money on the ground and asked Jane, "Haven't you seen this much money before? Now have you?"

Jane, terrified, nodded repeatedly, "I've seen it... I've seen it..."

Charlie said to Stephen, "I want to see the manager of this store."

Stephen nodded and took out his phone. After searching for a moment, he dialed a number.

As soon as the call connected, he shouted, "Bastard, this is Stephen Thompson. I'm at Rare Earth right now. I'm giving you one minute to get out here, or I'll burn this place down and break your legs!"

Jane's face turned pale, and she looked at Stephen with fear.

Before a minute passed, a chubby middle-aged man scrambled out from the back office. Upon seeing Stephen, he immediately approached him, saying, "Mr Thompson, why didn't you let me know you were coming? I would've greeted you."

Stephen slapped him across the face, angrily saying, "You've got quite the nerve. Your employees dare to disrespect our young master. Have you grown tired of living?"

The middle-aged man was shocked. "Stephen's young master? My God, if Stephen is already like a dragon, then his young master must be like a god."

Shivering, he turned to Charlie and said, "Young Master, I apologize."

He then shouted, "Who offended the young master? Step forward!"

All eyes turned to Jane.

Jane tried to retreat, but the middle-aged man grabbed her collar and slapped her, shouting, "How dare you offend the young master!"

Charlie emotionlessly said to the middle-aged man, "My wife likes that jade piece. Wrap it up for me."

The man nodded, "Of course, I'll wrap it up for you right away."

Charlie took out a black card, saying, "Charge this card."

He then told Stephen, "Take the cash back."

The middle-aged man hurriedly said, "Young Master, since you like the jade, consider it a gift."

Charlie replied, "I don't need your gifts."

The man persisted, "Please accept it as a small token of my appreciation."

Stephen said to Charlie, "Young Master, since he wants to offer it as an apology, please accept it. Otherwise, he won't be able to sleep tonight."

Charlie hesitated for a moment and then nodded, "Thank you."

As Charlie accepted the jade necklace, the middle-aged man finally breathed a sigh of relief.

Stephen asked, "Young Master, do you need me to send you off?"

"No," Charlie waved, "Which way is the back exit? I'll leave on my own."

The crowd was truly astounded today. Several Rolls Royces brought 13 million in cash just for a piece of jade. And the owner of Rare Earth didn't even dare to accept the money!

Who was this seemingly ordinary young man?

Many uploaded the video online, which quickly went viral. Netizens called the mysterious man "Super Rich Second Generation," "Overbearing CEO," and "God-level Tycoon." There was even a "Find the God-level Tycoon" campaign with countless participants. Fortunately, since the bodyguards had escorted everyone outside, the videos were too blurry to identify Charlie.

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Chapter 15

After leaving Rare Earth, Charlie didn't head straight home.

He wanted to surprise his wife with a complete package on their wedding anniversary.

The surprise wasn't just a jade necklace; he also wanted to make up for the romantic wedding they missed out on.

Originally, Charlie and Claire were hurriedly married by obtaining a certificate due to the insistence of Elder Wilson. They didn't get a chance to have a proper wedding ceremony.

The elder had wanted to pick an auspicious date for a grand wedding. However, shortly after they got their marriage certificate, he fell gravely ill and was hospitalized, postponing the wedding plans.

After the elder passed away, Charlie felt out of place in Wilson's family, making the wedding even less likely.

But now, with money in his pocket, he was determined to give his wife the wedding she deserved!

Thinking of the wedding, the first place that came to his mind was the Sky Garden at Shangri-La!

Shangri-La Hotel was currently the best in Aurous Hill, with vast grounds and lavish interiors, including a high-end shopping mall.

The Sky Garden was located at the topmost floor of the mall.

It was named the Sky Garden because it was built entirely of crystal glass and adorned with top-grade fresh flowers air-shipped from abroad. It looked like a grand garden suspended in the sky.

This was also the grandest and most luxurious banquet hall in the whole of Aurous Hill. Hosting a wedding here would cost millions.

To Charlie, millions were nothing as long as it made his wife happy.

So, he headed to Shangri-La Hotel, hoping to book the Sky Garden for their anniversary.

However, he was unaware that the Shangri-La operated on a membership basis.

Whether you wanted to dine, stay, or host an event, you needed to be a member.

And depending on the membership tier, the services varied.

Regular members could only dine in the main hall and stay in standard rooms;

Silver members had access to private dining rooms and luxury rooms;

Gold members could dine in luxury rooms and stay in luxury suites;

Platinum members could dine in the Sky Garden and stay in top-tier luxury suites.

The highest tier was the Diamond membership.

Only Diamond members had the privilege to stay in the presidential suite and book the entire Sky Garden for events.

Moreover, obtaining a Gold membership or higher wasn't just about money; it required significant social status.

Upon arriving at the hotel, before Charlie could enter, he was stopped by security personnel.

"Excuse me, sir, may we see your membership card?"

Charlie, whose entire outfit probably cost less than two hundred dollars, stood out starkly against the well-dressed and affluent-looking patrons.

Hastily, he said, "I'd like to speak to your customer service manager about booking a venue."

One guard replied coldly, "Sorry, no entry without a membership card."

Charlie inquired, "Can I sign up for one now?"

The guard shook his head, "Sorry, you need a referral to apply for a card."

Frustrated, Charlie thought it was a bit too much. Just then, he remembered an old college classmate, Sabrina, who worked at the hotel.

He quickly called her, and after explaining his situation, she immediately responded, "Leave it to me, Wade. I'll be right there!"

Grateful, Charlie thanked her, thinking that despite being classmates for just a year, there was still a bond between them.

Suddenly, a woman's voice exclaimed from inside the hotel, "Wade, my dear class rep!"

Looking up, Charlie saw a dazzling woman in office attire with heavy makeup walking out of the hotel.

Sabrina? She had changed so much he hardly recognized her!

Seeing her, the two security guards immediately bowed, "Manager Sabrina."

Surprised, Charlie exclaimed, "Sabrina, it's been a few years, and you're a manager at Shangri-La? Impressive!"

She chuckled, "You're too kind, Wade. I'm just a small team leader in HR. In the grand scheme of things, I'm just a mid-level manager."

Admiringly, Charlie said, "Still, it's quite an achievement. I've heard that the management at Shangri-La has very high standards. You're truly remarkable."

Sabrina smirked, then coldly addressed the guards, "Were you the ones who stopped my college class rep at the entrance?"

The guards exchanged glances, and one stammered, "Apologies, Manager Sabrina. We didn't know he was your classmate. He didn't have a membership card, and we were just following the rules."

She huffed, "Rules are rigid; people are flexible. Don't you know that?"

Charlie, thinking she would penalize them, quickly intervened, "It's alright, Sabrina. They were just doing their job."

Suddenly, her demeanor changed. She laughed mockingly, "Oh, Wade, you think too highly of yourself. Did you really think I'd punish my subordinates for you?"

Confused, Charlie asked, "What do you mean?"

She smirked, "Isn't it obvious? Someone like you thinking they can enter Shangri-La? Let me tell you, in this lifetime, forget it!"

Frowning, Charlie demanded, "What's your problem?"

She giggled, "Just teasing you! In college, I never liked you. Always studying, too poor to afford a decent meal in the cafeteria, yet you were our class rep, advising me on my grades? Look at yourself!"

Coldly, Charlie said, "I never wronged you, Sabrina. Why this disdain?"

She laughed heartily, "Just for fun! I've always wanted to see the look on your face. Remember, you're nothing in my world."

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Chapter 16

Sabrina hugged her shoulders, haughtily saying, “I really look down on you. So what? Am I not even allowed to say it?”

"Who among our college classmates doesn't know that you became a live-in son-in-law right after graduation? Couldn't afford meals during college, and then mooching after graduating? Yet, such a loser still dares to ask for my help? What do you even count as?”

Charlie felt a surge of anger.

I don't bother others if they don't bother me, but this time, Sabrina truly crossed the line!

Just then, a message from Stephen popped up on his phone: "Young Master, Shangri-La is one of our Wade Group's properties. The Shangri-La in Aurous Hill is just one out of our hundred-plus Shangri-Las."

Charlie's pupils contracted sharply.

Shangri-La belongs to the Wade family?

He instinctively responded, "You're not fooling me, are you?"

Stephen replied, "The person in charge of Aurous Hill's Shangri-La is named Isaac Craven. His phone number is 155... Call him, and he will handle everything."


Seeing Charlie engrossed in texting, Sabrina grew impatient.

She felt like she was taunting a dog, naturally hoping to hear it whimper.

However, unexpectedly, Charlie remained silent.

Seems like the class representative, who was so unimpressive in college, hasn't changed at all, still nonchalant even after being berated.

Therefore, she upped the ante and sneered, "Oh, Mr. class representative, you sure can endure!"

"And by the way, I've heard that you've been married to the school beauty Claire for three years, yet you've never been intimate. Could it be that she's someone else's mistress? Are you just a cover-up for her affairs? Hahaha!”

Charlie's brows furrowed.

Insulting me is one thing, but insulting my wife?

Sabrina, you're asking for trouble!

So, he dialed the number of Isaac, the person in charge of Shangri-La, looking at Sabrina and remarked coldly, "I'd like to ask your manager how Shangri-La hires its employees, even someone with a foul mouth like yours can get in!”

"You dare insult me? Are you tired of living?" Sabrina exploded, yelling at the nearby security, "He's causing trouble! Beat him up!"

By this time, Charlie had connected the call.

"Hello, who is this?"

A commanding male voice came from the phone.

Charlie coldly asked, "Are you Isaac? I'm Charlie Wade, right outside Shangri-La. You have one minute to come down, or you can roll out of Shangri-La forever!”

The once-confident man on the other end stammered, “Young... Young Master? You're really outside Shangri-La?”

Charlie responded coldly, "You have fifty seconds left."

The man seemed terrified, blurting out, "Please wait, I'll be right there!"

Sabrina laughed mockingly at Charlie’s call, "Charlie, I didn't expect you to be such a braggart. Do you know who Isaac is? Even the most elite members of Shangri-La wouldn't dare act up in front of him. Do you think you can fool me with a fake call?”

Charlie simply replied, "Whether I'm bluffing or not, you'll know in thirty seconds."

Sabrina laughed heartily, "Alright, Mr. class representative, I'll wait with you for thirty seconds. Oh no, I'll give you three minutes! If Isaac doesn’t appear within three minutes, I'll have the security tear your mouth apart. Let’s see how you'll boast then! Hahaha! This is hilarious!"

Twenty seconds later, a middle-aged man wearing a high-end tailored suit hurriedly emerged from the building.

He was a dog of the Wade family, but a powerful one.

Since he became the person in charge of Shangri-La in Aurous Hill, he’s been one of the most respected figures in the city. When had he ever been so flustered?

Yet, he had to be. He never dreamt that the Young Master would appear at the Shangri-La he was in charge of...

Just as Sabrina was about to continue her taunting, she noticed the security guards all staring behind her, their faces filled with shock.

She instinctively turned and saw Isaac rushing out, leaving her stunned.

Then, she looked at Charlie, her eyes wide with disbelief, "How... How is this possible..."

"Which one of you is Mr. Charlie?!"

Isaac's voice trembled.

Everyone around Charlie was dumbfounded. The influential Isaac, who could shake Aurous Hill with a mere stomp, was so panicked that even his voice changed!

Charlie then spoke, "That's me."

Isaac quickly approached and bowed, "Young..."

Before he could finish, Charlie interjected, "Mr Craven, some things shouldn't be discussed in public."

Upon hearing this, Isaac trembled even more.

Damn it, he had been so careless! The Young Master's identity was surely confidential, and he had almost revealed it. If the Young Master blamed him, wouldn't he be done for?

So, he quickly changed his address, but still respectfully said, "Mr Wade, welcome to Shangri-La. Let’s move to my office for a detailed conversation."

Sabrina was completely dumbfounded. She couldn't accept this reality unfolding before her eyes.

Just who was this Charlie, that even the big boss of Shangri-La showed such reverence to him?

She had just mocked him so fiercely. He wouldn't hold a grudge, would he?

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Chapter 17

Thinking of this, Sabrina quickly put on a sycophantic expression and said to Charlie sweetly, "It's an honor for our Shangri-La and me, an old classmate, to have Mr Wade visit. Please come in..."

She thought that by flattering Charlie, she could make him forget or overlook her previous actions.

However, she underestimated Charlie's character.

Upon hearing Sabrina's words, Isaac exclaimed in surprise, "Sabrina, you're a classmate of Young Master Wade?"

"Yes, yes!" Sabrina hurriedly replied, "Mr Wade was my class representative in college. We were very close!"

Isaac promptly announced, "Report to the CEO's office tomorrow. From now on, you'll be the HR director of Shangri-La!"

The promotion from a team leader to HR director in Shangri-La meant at least a three-level jump, with her salary increasing by more than tenfold. She would also have significant control over most employees, making her one of the top executives.

Upon hearing this, Sabrina was so excited she felt faint.

At this point, Charlie coldly inquired, "Mr Craven, do you know what kind of relationship I have with Sabrina?"

Isaac, thinking Charlie was unhappy with the arrangement, quickly proposed, "If Mr Wade is dissatisfied, we can promote Sabrina to vice president!"

Charlie suddenly said, "I called Sabrina for help because I didn't have a membership card. Yet, she ridiculed and insulted me and even wanted the security to beat me. And now you're promoting her to vice president? Are you deliberately provoking me?"

Hearing this, a chill ran down Isaac's spine.

He misread the situation!

Immediately, his gaze towards Sabrina was filled with anger.

Without hesitation, he slapped her face hard, shouting, "You dare to offend Mr Wade? Have you lost your mind?"

Terrified, Sabrina knelt on the ground, continuously bowing and crying, "I'm sorry, Mr Craven."

Isaac angrily kicked her, sending her flying, and shouted, "You blind fool! Today, you'll learn the price of provoking Mr Wade!"

Then, he ordered the guards, "Beat her up! Destroy her surgically enhanced face, and tell everyone in Aurous Hill that any company employing her is going against me!"

Terrified, Sabrina pleaded, "Mr Craven, I was wrong. Please spare me!"

Ignoring her pleas, Isaac shouted at her and then turned to Charlie, "Let's discuss the Sky Garden in your office."

Charlie coldly replied, "I want to reserve the entire Sky Garden for my wife's and my wedding anniversary. Can you do that?"

Isaac immediately assured him, "Sir, the Sky Garden has always maintained fairness to all high-end members and has never allowed reservations, even for local leaders. However, for you, we can make an exception."


As Charlie left Shangri-La and took a bus home, he noticed that almost everyone was watching a video on their phones.

Surprisingly, they were all watching the same video!

It was the video of him spending 13 million in cash!

This video quickly gained popularity in Aurous Hill, with countless people speculating who this ultra-wealthy figure might be. Many young girls even began daydreaming about a Cinderella and Prince Charming scenario, hoping to one day encounter this low-key tycoon.

Charlie repeatedly checked the video to ensure that he was hardly recognizable in it. Only then did he breathe a sigh of relief and return home.

At that time, his home was filled with joy and celebration.

Claire had received a contract from the Emgrand Group and was soon to become the director of the Wilson Group. Naturally, her parents were overwhelmed with emotion, shedding tears of joy.

After being looked down upon for so many years in the Wilson family, they could finally hold their heads high with pride!

The father-in-law and mother-in-law seemed happier upon seeing Charlie, no longer displaying the previous distaste they held for him.

The mother-in-law said excitedly, "Ah, today is such a joyful day. My daughter is truly exceptional!"

After saying that, she looked at Charlie and, in a rare gesture, smiled at him, saying, "Charlie, you indeed played a role in inspiring Claire. Today, you don't have to cook. We'll dine out at a restaurant!"

Claire laughed and suggested, "How about we go to Kempinski for Western cuisine?"

"It's too expensive, isn't it?" the mother-in-law blurted out. "Isn't the average cost per person over a thousand?"

Claire smiled and said, "Mom, the salary for a director is quite high — it's a million annually."

"Wow!" The mother-in-law clapped her hands in delight, exclaiming, "Fantastic! Finally, our Claire has achieved something notable!"

She then continued, "However, you should give at least 70% of your salary to me. Young people like you don't understand the importance of financial management. It's more reliable if I hold onto the money for you than if you keep it yourself."

Claire nodded immediately, laughing, "Alright, Mom. I'll give it to you monthly. But remember, from now on, you shouldn't always criticize Charlie. After all, he's your son-in-law too."

The mother-in-law grinned broadly and responded, "Alright! For your sake, I'll try to mention him less in the future!"

Charlie Wade

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Immortal Great Grandmaster - Dragon
Sep 4, 2023
Seeing you trying to translate Charlie Wade, I'm happy to support you, although I'm reading the latest chapters of this I feel going through the old memories which I read on year and half before, which will inevitably make my knowledge in this novel to a perfection... hope you'll do it without any regrets.
I just re translated everything again, the previous one was summarised.

Junlee (aka 'Jungal2000')

Immortal Great Grandmaster - Dragon
Sep 4, 2023
Seeing you trying to translate Charlie Wade, I'm happy to support you, although I'm reading the latest chapters of this I feel going through the old memories which I read on year and half before, which will inevitably make my knowledge in this novel to a perfection... hope you'll do it without any regrets.
Geez.. A yr and half a go? How many chapters is the daily release?

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