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Chapter 1: Retiring After Success

The wind whistled, and leaves fluttered.

Lucas Gray pulled his coat together and once again looked at the campground that he had long gotten familiar with, as well as the familiar faces. He clenched his jaw tightly.

“Let's go.”
Lucas turned around and stepped onto the hatch door of the helicopter that had been waiting at the side for a long time.
Behind him were teams of tall, toned, and muscular men standing uniformly in neat rows. Despite having tears in their eyes, they were standing still with their backs straight in the cold wind and raising their hands in unison to perform a standard and reverent military salute.

“Farewell from the Assault Team, Captain!”

“Farewell from the Special Forces, Captain!”

“Farewell from the Logistics Team, Captain!”

Amid the sounds of the helicopter's propeller continuously rotating, the loud yelling sounded consecutively.

It was full of enthusiasm and pride!

“Captain, can you really bear to…” Jordan muttered with reluctance in his eyes as he wiped his tears and closed the helicopter's hatch door.

The wings of the helicopter rotated, and it ascended. The familiar campground and teams were gradually turning into tiny marks on the ground.

Lucas looked away and said with a faint smile, “Everything comes to an end someday. There's no longer a need for me to continue staying here.”

He had stayed on this land for six whole years.

During these six years, Lucas was quickly promoted from a fresh recruit to a general who held great authority after various close shaves with death. The invincible Falcon Regiment under his command firmly guarded the vast territory around the state of Calico.

And Lucas became the most powerful God of War in the eyes of the tens of thousands of members of the Falcon Regiment because of his excellent command ability and combat power.

No one dared to invade Calico anymore, as it was now well fortified. Having achieved success, he could finally retire, even though he was only twenty-eight years old.

The helicopter flew south toward the nearest airport.

Lucas took out an antique pocket watch from his chest, in which was a slightly yellowed photo.
It was a photo of him and a young woman taken six years ago. Back then, he was still slightly immature.

The woman's face was beautiful, delicate, and exquisite. Her lips were pursed stubbornly, and her slanted, crystalline eyes seemed to be staring straight into Lucas's hand through the photo.

The scene that seemed like a farce at that time was still fresh and vivid in his memory.

Lucas smiled bitterly as he began to recall the events from six years ago. At that time, Cheyenne Carter, who had just graduated from college, had already established the Brilliance Corporation with her outstanding bravery and wits, thus making her a gorgeous and famous female CEO.

However, her image was soon ruined.
The young and beautiful CEO with a glamorous appearance actually had a disgraceful private life, as she had had an affair with the company's chauffeur! The media made a big deal out of it and released all sorts of malicious, speculative, and untrue reports.
Cheyenne's image was ruined overnight, and she fell to rock bottom together with her Brilliance Corporation that was thrown into jeopardy.

No one bothered to discover that the truth was that they had actually been drugged.

The masses were only interested in gossip, and the Carters just wanted to cover up the scandal.
In the end, the chauffeur married into the Carters and became her husband.

However, the marriage did not save the image of Cheyenne and the Carters. Everyone mocked and criticized the greatest beauty of Orange County, who used to be the envy of everyone, and made remarks about the penniless chauffeur who was lucky enough to marry into a wealthy family.
The penniless chauffeur was Lucas.

Both of them were well aware of the truth of their marriage.
Soon, Lucas quietly left for the military camp and vowed to make a name for himself so that he would be worthy of the woman who used to be favored by God.
Six years had passed, and he finally returned after achieving success.

Lucas looked at the woman in the photo, his emotions mixed with inexplicable remorse and apology.

He wondered how she was doing after years of being away from her.

“Finally back!” Jordan stretched his back and looked at Lucas, who had a look of nostalgia.

The two of them passed through the crowded Orange County International Airport and casually ordered some fast food at the mall outside the airport.

“Captain… No, I mean, Lucas, your hometown is in Orange County, isn't it?” Lucas casually nodded.
It had been a long time since they left Orange County, and now that they had just returned, there were many things for them to tend to.

“Mommy… I want Mommy…” All of a sudden, a puerile and crisp crying sounded near them.
Lucas stopped in his tracks.
For some reason, the tender crying was tugging at his heartstrings.

Lucas pushed aside the crowd and followed the sound.

There was a little girl standing below a billboard near him and weeping, her face stained with tears.

The girl was about four or five years old and was holding a stuffed rabbit in her arms. Her tiny face was as fine as jade, and tears were welling up in her large, dark eyes. Her small and delicate nose was sniffling because of her crying, and she looked particularly adorable and pitiful, making Lucas's heart scrunch up.

In particular, she seemed bizarrely familiar to Lucas.

At this moment, the girl saw Lucas as well, and she abruptly stopped crying. Her eyes full of surprise, she suddenly leaped toward Lucas and hugged his thigh!

Lucas was stunned speechless and at a complete loss for what to do.

Chapter 2: Take You Back to Washington DC

At the side, Jordan blinked and exclaimed, “Lucas, this kid really looks like you. Since when do you have a daughter? We've never heard you mention anything about it before!”

“Don't spout nonsense.” Lucas was somewhat at a loss. It was the first time in his life that he had ever had a child hug his thigh trustingly and call him ‘Daddy'.

After thinking about it, he squatted down, rubbed the little girl's hair, and said softly, “I'm not your Daddy. You made a mistake. Did you wander off from your parents? I'll take you to look for them.”

Hearing this, the little girl looked at Lucas in shock and suddenly began wailing loudly. “Daddy, you're a bad guy. You don't want me anymore!” Lucas was dumbfounded and at a loss.

After some painstaking effort, he finally managed to cajole her and convince her to go to the service counter of the mall. Lucas informed the service staff about the little girl being lost and gave a thorough explanation before leaving the mall.

When he left, the little girl was bawling her eyes out, almost causing Lucas to cave in.

Unfortunately, he still had important things to deal with. Otherwise, he would have kept her company until her parents arrived.

Soon after they left, a woman hurried to the service counter of the mall and hugged the weeping little girl, extremely heartbroken.

“Amelia, I'm sorry I'm late…”

There was still some lingering fear within her.

Earlier, she had intended to just make a quick trip to the bathroom, but she ended up running into a troublesome client who pestered her for a long time before leaving.

Over the years, she had been cherishing her daughter like she was her life. If anything happened to her daughter…

She didn't dare to think about it any longer.

“Mommy, I saw Daddy just now. But he said that I had mistaken him for someone else… How could I be mistaken? He was Daddy!” the girl exclaimed, her lips pursed and on the verge of tears.

“What?!” The woman's body suddenly stiffened.

Outside the mall, eight tall and burly bodyguards with domineering auras and clad in suits walked toward Lucas and stood still in front of him.

All eyes were on them.

Remaining still, Lucas raised his eyebrows.

“Mr. Gray.” The bodyguards parted to the sides, revealing an old man and a middle-aged man behind them.

The old man, whose hair and beard were white, was around fifty to sixty years old and donning an immaculate suit. He looked smart and energetic. The middle-aged man beside him was also decked out in subtly luxurious designer apparel. It was obvious that they were wealthy.

The old man walked up to Lucas and kept his aged eyes fixed on him. All of a sudden, he bowed to Lucas.

“I'm Chad Kennedy, the chief butler of the Hutton family. I'm here to take you back to Washington DC.”

The indifferent gaze in Lucas's eyes suddenly became sharp!

The Huttons? Taking me back to DC? This must be the greatest joke ever!

He grinned contemptuously. “It's surprising that the prestigious and noble Huttons still remember me. I remember getting kicked out of the Hutton family together with my mother by you people two decades ago. You people said that I'm unworthy of being a Hutton and even warned us not to go near DC again, or else my mother and I would be taught a hard lesson.

“Where in DC are you taking me back to? Or is it that all the Huttons have dropped dead?”

Lucas's voice was full of the endless hostility and anger that he had been suppressing for years.

Kennedy was speechless.

Lucas's words were certainly aggressive and harsh, but he knew that the Huttons had indeed let him down back then.

He let out a long sigh. “No matter what, so many years have passed, and Old Mr. Hutton has gotten on in his years. He just wants to spend time with his children and grandchildren. After all, you carry the blood of the Huttons.” “My last name is Gray, not Hutton.” Lucas continued unwaveringly, “If that nonsense is all you want to say to me, pardon me, but I won't entertain you.” Lucas turned around to leave, but Kennedy hurriedly stopped him. “Mr. Lucas, wait a minute!”

He grabbed a PIN-locked briefcase from the middle-aged man behind him and handed it to Lucas respectfully with both hands.

“This is all the information and the equity transfer letter of the Stardust Corporation, which used to belong to your mother. Now, it's only right for you to take over its operations. Treat it as compensation from the Huttons.”

“Compensation?” Lucas smiled mirthlessly. “The Stardust Corporation belongs to my mother in the first place. The Huttons forcefully snatched it away from her and encroached on it. Even if you didn't return it, I'd snatch it back on my own!

“You snatched someone else's asset, and now you're acting like you're giving it to me out of kindness. Are you still expecting me to be grateful too? How thickskinned! Let me warn you, don't treat me like a fool, and don't provoke me ever again. Or else I'll tear your family apart!”

Lucas pushed the bodyguards away and left with the briefcase.

Staring at his taut back, Kennedy shook his head and sighed. “Ah, he's still as hot-tempered as ever.”

As the chief butler of the Hutton family, Chad Kennedy was well aware that the Huttons had indeed gone overboard back then. However, the situation in Washington DC now was unfavorable, and he had no choice but to think of a way to repair the relationship between Lucas and the Huttons.

Kennedy patted the middle-aged man on his shoulder. “Ethan Sawyer, you're now one of the most prominent figures in Orange County. You ought to do something about the matter regarding Mr. Gray.”

The middle-aged man nodded respectfully. “I managed to achieve what I have today, all thanks to you and the Hutton family. It's only right for me to do this.

Don't worry. I will definitely do my best to help Mr. Gray.”

If there were people who knew the middle-aged man and saw him being very polite and respectful toward Kennedy, they would have definitely been astonished.

Well, because he was Ethan Sawyer, the wealthiest man in Orange County and the business tycoon who owned businesses in several states!

Chapter 3: I'm Back

Lucas was sitting in the backseat of a car with a sullen expression. Kennedy's appearance reminded him of the past that he didn't want to remember.

Back then, he was called a bastard and an illegitimate child at a tender age, and got chased out of his home together with his mother, whose assets and valuables were all seized. He had a high, persistent fever at the time. And while holding him in her arms, his mother knelt by the Huttons' doorstep and pleaded for help, only to hear them say coldly,

“We don't care about the lives of those who are not one of the Huttons.”

Afterward, his mother moved around and brought him to Orange County, where she worked hard to make ends meet. Although life was tough, she managed to raise him to adulthood. However, his mother developed an illness and collapsed after years of toiling and living a strenuous life.

At that time, Lucas had just graduated from college, and his meager wage was a drop in the bucket compared to the hefty medical bills. He swallowed his pride and tried to seek help from the Huttons, only to receive a heartless rejection and harsh mockery and criticism, which made him feel hopeless and resentful toward the Huttons.

Shortly after, he and Cheyenne were drugged, thus resulting in the scandal that spread like wildfire in the entire county. The Carters requested that he marry into their family.

He agreed on the condition that the Carters would lend him fifty thousand dollars for his mother's treatment.

However, by the time he rushed to the hospital with the money, his mother had already passed away.

At that time, Lucas was devastated and felt like a complete failure in life. He failed to save his mother and wasn't worthy of an outstanding girl like Cheyenne either.

To make matters worse, the Carters often mocked him in the past. Lucas decided to leave the Carters and join the military. He swore to make a name for himself so that he could stand proudly beside Cheyenne.

Now, he had returned.

The car sped along the road, and he soon arrived at the Carter residence. Lucas stood outside the courtyard gate that he was familiar with and seemed rather nervous about returning home.

Years ago, he left without saying goodbye, and he didn't know what Cheyenne thought of him now.

Just as he was about to go up and knock on the door, he heard some boisterous laughter coming from outside.

“Mr. Miller, since you're so sincere about Cheyenne, we shall be straightforward. Let's just settle on a date.”

Lucas was stunned. He reckoned that the voice belonged to Karen, his motherin-law and Cheyenne's mother.

“Missus—Karen, you're being too polite. Since we're going to be a family in the future, don't be so formal. Just call me by my name.”

“Sure, sure, you're so young and eloquent. Cheyenne is so lucky to have met you! As her parents, we can rest assured now!”

“However, I heard her former…”

“You mean that good-for-nothing? It's alright. The law states that a missing person can be declared dead after being missing for four years. He's already disappeared for more than six years, so he must have died in some hellhole! If you're still worried, let's go to the court and get a certificate.”

“In my opinion, Cheyenne is brilliant in all aspects, except that her husband, my brother-in-law, is a good-for-nothing.”

“That piece of trash isn't your brother-in-law. From now on, your brother-in-law is Mr. Miller.”

When Lucas heard this, his face turned incredibly gloomy, and he couldn't tolerate it any longer.

He had come back for Cheyenne, and yet he heard her family talking about her remarriage. No matter what, he had to see her to clarify.

Bang! Bang! He knocked on the door.

“Who is it? Coming.” Having settled her eldest daughter's marriage with a wealthy man, Karen was in a good mood, and she opened the door with a gleeful grin.

However, her expression changed dramatically when she saw the person at the door.

“You… you're not dead?” Shock was written all over her face, which seemed to have paled all of a sudden. Her expression was now full of disgust and disdain. This good-for-nothing is back!

Although Lucas's appearance had changed over the years, she could still recognize him, as she would curse him in her head dozens of times each day! “I'm back, Karen,” Lucas said calmly.

“How could you have the cheek to come back, you wastrel?! Don't act so close to me! It's Mrs Carter. Didn't your dead mother teach you any manners!” Karen hollered, her brows furrowed and her hands on her waist. Her saliva almost landed on Lucas's face.

Lucas's heart was suddenly full of fury!

His mother's death would forever be a sore spot in his heart and the reason for his rebellion!

He clenched his fists and repeatedly warned himself not to get physical because the woman in front of him was Cheyenne's biological mother. “What? Do you want to hit me? You're such a jinx. Of all times, you had to come back now. I bet you're bent on making life hard for us!”

“Who's out there?” When Cheyenne's father heard the ruckus, he walked out of the living room too.

When he saw Lucas's face, his eyes widened immediately, and he charged forward with a furious expression in a bid to punch Lucas!

“Bastard, how dare you come back?! Why didn't you die outside?! Huh?” Just as his fist was about to land on Lucas's face, a hand that was as strong as an iron clamp pinched his tightly.

“Old man, you must be tired of living! How dare you try to hit Lucas…” Jordan had been Lucas's subordinate for years and had long treated him as his closest kin. How could he stand by and watch him get humiliated by others?

With an icy-cold gaze in his eyes, he emitted a murderous aura that frightened Cheyenne's father to the point that he turned as pale as a sheet!
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1391 Please Spare Me​

Merkin was ruthless as he extended his steel-like arm toward Lucas’s neck, his five fingers flashing with scorching killing intent.!

Lucas was still sitting on the sofa. Seeing Merkin’s fingers about to reach him, he still maintained his sitting position. He didn’t even stand up to defend himself. He looked as though he had been caught off guard by Merkin and couldn’t react in time.

Merkin sneered, feeling contempt for Lucas.

Someone who couldn’t even react to a surprise attack had an undeserved reputation. He wasn’t a big deal at all!

Mr. Bradley actually cherished this person and didn’t hesitate to use the Williams’ assets worth more than thirty billion dollars to recruit him. It was really ridiculous!

But the next moment, something unexpected occurred!

Just as Merkin’s fingers were about to touch Lucas’s throat, Lucas, who seemed to be sitting on the spot and unable to react, suddenly disappeared from the sofa, leaving only a fleeting afterimage.

“What?!” Merkin was shocked. He hurriedly turned his head to look for traces of Lucas, but suddenly, an extremely violent force slammed into his back!


Merkin was caught off guard and smashed to the floor. A human-shaped pit was instantly formed on the solid wooden floor of the living room, and the wooden splinters on the floor cracked and exploded.

As for Merkin, he spat out a large mouthful of blood and struggled on the floor for a while, but he couldn’t get up!

Merkin’s back and chest were in immense pain, and he could no longer feel the existence of his limbs. Boundless horror immediately appeared on his usually calm face!

He could no longer feel his limbs. Could… Lucas’s attack have struck his spine and broken it?

The spine was one of the most important parts of the human body. Many people’s nerves were directly damaged after their spines were injured, and their entire bodies became paralyzed and couldn’t move anymore. Could he have been crippled?!

Merkin was unwilling to believe this, but no matter how much he struggled, he couldn’t feel any other sensations from his body other than his head!

At the side, Bradley turned pale in shock. He stood up from the sofa and looked at the scene in front of him in disbelief.

How… how was this possible?

He was clearly prepared for Lucas to be taken down by Merkin, his most powerful subordinate, in one move. He was even prepared to kill Lucas if he still didn’t agree later.

Unexpectedly, Lucas’s movements were ghost-like. He had clearly been sitting on the sofa opposite him a moment ago. But in the next moment, he had suddenly appeared behind Merkin and slammed his elbow heavily on Merkin’s back, immediately smashing Merkin into the floor and rendering him unable to move!

Were martial arts skills at this level really something a human could achieve?

At this moment, Bradley could only feel his heart pounding crazily. His mouth was dry, and his lips trembled, but he couldn’t even utter a single syllable.

As for Rayson, he originally thought that he could see Merkin taking down Lucas, but he didn’t expect Merkin to be crippled by one strike from Lucas instead!

Rayson’s legs went limp, and he could no longer stand. He collapsed to the floor and looked at Lucas in horror.

“You just said that you wanted me to submit to you, or you would make me die here?” Lucas said in a low voice while slowly walking to Bradley. He raised his hand and slapped Bradley’s face.


The heavy slap made Bradley stagger and almost fall to the floor. His face was numb from the slap, and it also made his mind go blank.

He had lived for more than 30 years, but this was the first time he had been slapped by a young man younger than him and had a lower family background!

“How… how dare you hit me?” Bradley covered his face in disbelief.

“Heh, why can’t I hit you? Who do you think you are to make me submit to you? Are you worthy of threatening me?” Lucas sneered and raised his hand to give Bradley another resounding slap on the face.


“Ahhh! You bastard, how dare you humiliate me? I must kill you!”

These two slaps destroyed all of Bradley’s rationality. He was burning with rage as he charged forward recklessly, wanting to retaliate against Lucas.

Unfortunately, Bradley only had a bellyful of anger, but he didn’t have the slightest bit of skill. Lucas effortlessly grabbed his hair, pulled him over, and pressed his head onto the cold coffee table.

“You want to attack me? A good-for-nothing like you?” Lucas mocked mercilessly.

“Ahhhhhh! You bastard! Let go of me! If you dare to harm me, the Hills will never let you off!”

Bradley’s handsome face was deformed from being pressed by Lucas on the coffee table. He struggled with all his might and threatened, “If you dare to harm me, even if the Hills have to chase you to the ends of the earth, we will definitely hunt you down until you die! And don’t even think about escaping from your family and money! This is the price you have to pay for touching me. Do you hear me?!”

It would be fine if Bradley didn’t threaten Lucas, but the moment he said these words, Lucas’s expression turned gloomy.

Threatening his family had always been and would always be his biggest taboo. He would never allow anyone to threaten his family’s safety!

Lucas exerted a little force in his hand, and the bones in Bradley’s face made a series of creaking sounds under the pressure of his palm and the coffee table. An unbearable pain assaulted Bradley and made him let out a tragic scream.

“Ahhhh! Stop… Please… Let me go…!”

This extremely miserable scream made Rayson, who was already paralyzed on the floor, tremble. His lower body felt hot, and a stream of heat instantly gushed out, dirtying the floor.

He was so frightened that he lost control of his bladder!

Lucas stared at Bradley for a long time before suddenly saying, “You’re right. If I kill you, it will indeed bring me a lot of trouble. A bunch of bugs will rush out one after another and disturb my life.”

Bradley could tell that Lucas didn’t want to kill him. He hurriedly said, “That’s right! Lucas Gray, quickly let me go! Otherwise, the Hills will definitely hunt you down to the death. You will definitely not have any peaceful days in the future! If you let me go, I will spare your life and pretend that nothing happened today!”

Bradley was extremely regretful.

When he received Rayson’s call for help, he hadn’t thought much of it. He didn’t think that a young man who wasn’t even 30 years old could be that powerful, so he didn’t bring any extra people and had only brought his personal bodyguard, Merkin, here.

Even when he heard Rayson remind him that Lucas was extremely skilled at martial arts, Bradley didn’t feel anything. He only thought that the Williams were too useless and incompetent. They couldn’t even deal with a young man in his twenties.

But Bradley never expected that Lucas would be so terrifying. Merkin hadn’t even managed to touch the corner of Lucas’s clothes before Lucas KO-ed him. Merkin was sprawled on the ground, unable to move, and had completely lost his ability to fight.

If he had known that Lucas was so powerful, he wouldn’t have been so careless. He would definitely have brought a few more experts here to deal with Lucas!

Unfortunately, it was too late to regret now. He could only hope that Lucas would release him under the deterrence of the Hills.

But after he left safely, he would definitely not let Lucas off. He had to kill him!

1392 Make Me Believe​

How could Lucas not know what Bradley was thinking?!

He knew from the start that descendants from noble families like Bradley had never suffered any setbacks in their lives. For Lucas to hit him was already a total offense, and Bradley would never forgive him and let it pass.

He had only said that he wouldn’t pursue the matter after he was released to plead for mercy.

If Lucas took it seriously and really let him go, Bradley would definitely remember today’s humiliation and immediately gather more experts from the Hills to deal with him.

And a royal family branch like the Hills had a history that had lasted for hundreds of years. There were many experts and suicide warriors in the family. Although Lucas wasn’t afraid of them, his family and those who followed him wouldn’t be able to withstand the endless assassinations and harassment.

Just like the Hamiltons previously, these families had all kinds of sinister methods. Not only had they sent suicide warriors to assassinate Lucas, but they had even gotten people to approach and kidnap Cheyenne in the name of business cooperation to threaten him. The families loyal to Lucas, such as the Parkers, the Hales, the Howards, etc., had also suffered assassinations from the experts sent by the Hamiltons.

Regarding these incidents, Lucas had used all his strength to quickly save Cheyenne. Jensen had only wanted to give Lucas and the families around him a warning. He hadn’t really intended to take their lives. Otherwise, the people around Lucas would have suffered heavy casualties, and he might have even lost his most important people.

It was enough for such a thing to happen once. Lucas absolutely didn’t want it to happen a second time!

Thus, he couldn’t kill Bradley, but he definitely couldn’t let him off easily either!

Lucas pulled Bradley’s hair, lifted his head slightly, and said while staring into Bradley’s eyes, “It’s true that I don’t want to kill. However, it’s not because I don’t dare to touch you, but because I don’t want to attract a bunch of annoying flies to bother me. Do you understand what I mean?”

Bradley gritted his teeth and said, “I… I understand! As long as you let me go, I promise I won’t hold you responsible. I’ll just pretend that I never saw you!”

“Not enough.” Lucas shook his head. “Even you wouldn’t believe such a verbal promise. Do you expect me to believe it?”

Bradley froze, and the expression on his face stiffened. But he knew that Lucas was speaking the truth. If it were him, he would definitely not believe such empty talk.

He asked through clenched jaws, “Then, what do you want? I… I can write you a letter of guarantee and promise that the Hills will never find trouble with you in the future!” “Haha!” Lucas laughed. “Mr. Hills, are you really treating me like a child? Is a letter of guarantee useful? It’s just a piece of scrap paper! When the time comes, I’m afraid you will be the first not to admit it, much less the rest of the Hills.”

Bradley’s thoughts were exposed once again, and he asked with an ashen expression, “Then… what do you want? How can you trust me?”

“How about this? If you eat it, I’ll let you go.” Lucas took out a dark green pill the size of a grape from his pocket and placed it in front of Bradley.

“What… what is this?” Bradley looked at the dark green pill in bewilderment. His intuition told him that it wasn’t something good, and his voice was trembling slightly.

If Jensen and his son were present, they would definitely recognize that this was the poison that Lucas had forcefully fed them!

Lucas didn’t hide it from him and said directly, “Of course, this is poison. After consuming it, there won’t be any abnormalities. But the poison will definitely flare up after two months, and you will definitely die in less than ten minutes after the poison starts acting. At that time, even the best doctors in the world won’t be able to save you!

“The only way you can alleviate the poison is to come to me for the antidote before it acts up. In other words, you must come to me every two months in the future. Otherwise, you will definitely die.”

Bradley turned pale with fright as he looked at the dark green poisonous pill. “Lucas Gray, you… you actually made this kind of thing! You actually want to feed me poison!

Bradley was full of shock and anger. But he suddenly thought of something and hurriedly said, “No, this isn’t right. This poison is definitely fake! How can there be such a thing in the world? You’re just making it up to fool me. Lucas Gray, you’re really despicable and shameless! I won’t believe your nonsense!”

Lucas sneered. “Whether it’s fake or not, whether I’m just trying to scare you, you’ll know when you try it.

“However, Mr. Hills, you have a noble status, but you only have one life. If your guess is wrong, you’ll lose your life! Think carefully about what you want to do!”

With that, Lucas stuffed the dark green pill into Bradley’s mouth and slapped his back. Bradley’s throat involuntarily moved and swallowed the pill.

In an instant, Bradley felt intense horror. When Lucas released his grip on him, he immediately coughed loudly while covering his throat. He even stuck his fingers into his mouth, wanting to dig out the pill.

Unfortunately, the dark green pill had already slipped down his esophagus and melted into a cold liquid. It flowed down his esophagus into his stomach and quickly spread to every corner of his body. It was impossible to dig it out no matter what.

Bradley’s face was deathly pale, and there were still tears at the corners of his eyes from coughing and digging into his throat. He glared at Lucas ferociously. “Lucas Gray, you… you actually fed me poison. I will never… will never…!”

He originally wanted to say that he would never let Lucas off. But once he thought about how the poison he had swallowed might be real, not only would he not want to take revenge on Lucas in the future, but his life and even his actions would be under Lucas’s control. If he angered Lucas and couldn’t obtain the antidote, he would really die!

Thus, Bradley didn’t dare to say the latter half of the sentence.

Lucas knew what Bradley was thinking. The corners of his lips curled up into a satisfied smile. “Very good. It looks like you’re not a fool. In that case, I’m sure you already know what you should and shouldn’t do in the future, right?

“Don’t worry. I’m not interested in the Hills, and I’ve never thought of controlling the Hills by controlling you. On the contrary, if you want to fight for the position of helmsman of the Hills in the future, I might be able to help you and fulfill your wish.

“However, I don’t want anyone from the Hills to harass me and disturb my peace. Do you understand?”

Bradley naturally understood what Lucas meant. He was threatening him not to find trouble with him again and not to let anyone from the Hills find trouble with him.

Otherwise, Lucas would let him die!

1393 Dealing With The Williams​

Bradley gritted his teeth, not wanting to answer Lucas.!

But his life was currently under Lucas’s control, so he didn’t dare to disobey him. He could only say in extreme humiliation, “Alright, I understand.”

As for what Lucas said about helping him become the helmsman of the Hills, Bradley didn’t dare to believe it, nor did he dare to think about it.

It was already good enough that Lucas didn’t kill him. How could he expect Lucas to help him?

But what Lucas said wasn’t a joke.

Bradley was already under his control, so it would naturally be better for the Hills to be in Bradley’s hands. If it was someone else who was out of his control, Lucas would have to put in a lot more effort.

After dealing with Bradley, Lucas turned his gaze back to Rayson, who was slumped on the floor. When he saw the puddle of foul-smelling liquid beneath Rayson, he couldn’t help frowning.

After Rayson saw that even the noble Bradley Hills no longer dared to fight against Lucas, he was scared out of his wits and shuddering all over.

He hurriedly knelt and prostrated to beg for mercy without any care for his image. “Mr… Mr. Gray, I was wrong! I shouldn’t have been disrespectful to you, and I shouldn’t have had those damned thoughts about you. Please spare me and give me another chance!

“I know I was too daring, and I deserve to die, but please let me off, Mr. Gray! I-I will give you the twelve billion dollar compensation right away! I was wrong. Please be magnanimous and let me off!”

Standing in front of Rayson, Lucas looked down at him and said coldly, “Rayson Williams, tell me yourself. From the first time we met until now, how many times have you offended me? How many times have you knelt down and begged for mercy? And how many times have I given you another chance?”

The moment Lucas said this, Rayson’s pleading voice was immediately stuck in his throat, as if someone had suddenly grabbed his neck.

The first time he met Lin Chen was at the funeral of the Howards’ former patriarch. At that time, Rayson and Derek, the Piers’ former helmsman, had gone together to divide up the assets of the Howards, which Florence had just succeeded as the helmsman. Then they were ruthlessly slapped in the face by Lucas.

This was also the first time that Rayson knelt in front of Lucas and begged him to spare him.

Later, he offended Lucas again for his foolish son, Cody, who wanted to marry Maddy. Afterward, he offended Lucas again because of Nicholas, a distant relative of the Williams, and his fiancée.

Then it was his repeated betrayals of Lucas…

The more Rayson recalled the past, the more cold sweat broke out on his face and body.

Only now did he know that he had offended Lucas countless times. Previously, Lucas had magnanimously let him off. But this time, Lucas no longer had the patience or reason to let him off!

Rayson’s face was ashen, and he could only stare at Lucas and plead pitifully with a last glimmer of hope. “N-no… Mr. Gray, I… I know you’re a good person. You’ve forgiven me time and time again. Can you give me another chance? I promise you that I will never be stupid again, and I will never betray you and offend you again!”

“Is someone like you worthy of me forgiving again and again?” Lucas sneered. “I have forgiven you many times, but it’s a pity that you don’t know how to repent. Instead, you treat my magnanimity as a reason to be fearless.

“Do you really think that you can be forgiven by just kneeling down and begging for mercy hypocritically?

“I can indeed forgive people for their occasional mistakes, but you are no longer worthy of my forgiveness.”

Lucas said coldly, “Before I came here, I only wanted you to give me six billion dollars, but you wanted me dead. Why should I give you another chance?

“Rayson Williams, you can die now!”


Rayson’s eyes and mouth were wide open. He seemed to want to beg for mercy still, but unfortunately, he would never be able to say another word.


Rayson’s body fell to the ground, completely dead!

Bradley gasped when he saw this scene.

Lucas had kicked someone to death with a light kick. If he wasn’t a scion of the Hills, he probably wouldn’t have ended up much better than Rayson.

A storm of fear surged in Bradley’s heart, and his fear of Lucas increased even more.

When Lucas’s gaze swept over, Bradley immediately said, “Uhh… M-Mr. Gray, that damned bastard Rayson Williams actually dared to betray you time and time again. He should have died long ago!

“I… I was also deceived by him. He kept instigating me and telling me that he was bullied. That’s why… that’s why I offended you. I hope you can forgive me!

“As for the Williams family’s assets, I won’t take a single cent. I’ll give everything to you to handle! This is what Rayson Williams owes you. It’s most suitable for you to handle them!”

Then Bradley quickly took out a stack of documents. These were the transfer documents that Rayson had given him. They were already signed and stamped, but Bradley had yet to sign his name, so it was a good time to give them to Lucas.

As long as Lucas signed his name on these transfer documents, all of the Williams’ assets would belong to him from now on. And the Williams family would no longer exist among the eight top families of DC!

Lucas glanced at the documents and reached out to take them with a casual “Okay”.

Rayson had betrayed him repeatedly, and he had brought his own death upon himself. Lucas didn’t feel guilty about taking over the Williams’ assets.

“Alright, you can leave now.” Lucas glanced at Bradley. “You’re a smart person. Remember what I said today. Don’t do anything that disappoints me and makes you regret it.”

His words were both a reminder and a warning.

Bradley’s heart skipped a beat as he quickly lowered his head and said, “Yes, I will certainly remember! Then… shall I take my leave first?”

The fact that Lucas was letting him go so easily made Bradley even more certain that the dark green pill that Lucas had fed him was definitely a real poison.

But at the very least, Lucas had said that the poison would only take effect every two months. Before that, he only needed to come to DC to get the antidote from Lucas!

“Go. Remember to take this person of yours with you.” Lucas pointed at Merkin, who was lying on the ground, with his chin.

“Yes, Mr. Gray. I’ll leave now!”

Bradley struggled to pick Merkin’s body up and stumbled out of the Williams’ manor.

Meanwhile, Lucas took out his phone and called Jordan. “Bring people to the Williams’ manor immediately and take over this place. From now on, the Williams family will no longer exist in DC!”

1394 The Final Chapter of Happiness​

Jordan wasn’t too surprised when he received the call. He had long known Lucas’s strength. Taking down a mere Williams family was a piece of cake for him.!

“Okay, Lucas! I’ll arrange for people to go there immediately!”

Jordan’s execution ability was very strong. Soon, he arranged for people to go to Williams’ manor and businesses and take over everything. As for the remaining people of the Williams, if they were unconvinced, they would be dealt with directly, and the rest would all be taken under Lucas’s command.

In this way, among the eight top families in DC, Pete of the Howards and Roman of the Huttons, who had always followed Lucas, had regained their authority from Samuel and Jace and continued to be loyal to Lucas.

As for Samuel, who had seized power at the critical moment, after obtaining Florence’s approval, he was directly sentenced to death for treason.!!

Because Jace was Michael’s only son, Lucas spared his life and ordered for him to be expelled from DC and never allowed to step foot into DC again.

If nothing unexpected happened, Jace would never appear in front of Lucas again.

Regarding the Smiths, Tyson and his son, Oscar, had always been on Lucas’s side. So after the downfall of the Williams family, Lucas gave them a portion of the Williams’ assets, making the Smiths even stronger than before.

After Derek, the helmsman of the Piers, had suddenly been shot to death by Rayson, the Piers fell into a state of disunity, and they no longer dared to go against Lucas. They immediately organized their assets, sold all their properties in DC, and left DC with the entire family.

Thus, the Piers had also completely withdrawn from the ranks of the eight top families of DC.

That night, Rayson died, and the news that the Williams’ assets had completely changed hands quickly spread throughout the capital.

After Jeffrey, the helmsman of the Arnaults, found out that Rayson was dead, but not only had Lucas obtained all of the Williams’ assets, he had even used some secret method to control Bradley, causing Bradley to leave DC overnight, he no longer dared to provoke Lucas. He could only gasp in extreme shock.

Jeffrey instantly gave up any thoughts of continuing to fight against Lucas. Instead, he was extremely glad that he had called Lucas his brother in order to protect himself.

At the very least, he had not completely fallen out with Lucas. In the future, as long as he had a good attitude and truly treated Lucas as his brother in front of everyone, he believed that Lucas would definitely not deal with him.

After Eric, the helmsman of the Bransons, learned that Lucas had taken down the Williams, he personally went to Jeffrey to discuss their plans overnight.

It was unknown what Jeffrey said to him, but after Eric returned to the Bransons, he immediately ordered everyone to restrain themselves and that no one was allowed to offend Lucas and the people around him. The Bransons became very low-key and rarely showed themselves.

After Greg, the helmsman of the Steeles, learned about what Lucas had done, he immediately had a drastic change in expression. He had seen how powerful Lucas was personally and knew that the current Lucas was definitely not someone the Steeles could afford to offend.

Furthermore, the Steeles had severely offended Lucas this time. Perhaps one day, they would provoke Lucas, and the Steeles would disappear from DC overnight like the Williams…

While he was feeling terrified and uneasy, Greg suddenly thought of his grandson Alexander, whom he had long forgotten. He thought about how Alexander and Ashley seemed to have a close relationship with Lucas, and they even seemed to be working for Lucas at the Stardust Corporation.

“Quick, quickly call Alexander and ask him to return to the family immediately! I’ve decided that the next helmsman of the Steeles will be Alexander. When he returns, I will immediately hold a family meeting and officially hand over the position of helmsman to him!” Greg instructed the butler beside him.

He had already decided to pass the position of helmsman to Alexander. Presumably, Lucas should let the Steeles off on Alexander’s account and not do anything to them.

At this point, several of the eight top families of DC were either destroyed or scattered. The remaining families were either Lucas’s allies or were polite to him, not daring to offend him.

As for Lucas himself, although he didn’t claim the title of the King of DC, everyone knew very well that he was the uncrowned King of DC.

In DC, no one dared to offend Lucas.

After the various forces in DC fell into a calm state, Lucas didn’t stay idle.

The Dark Dragon Regiment that he had asked Jordan to set up had already recruited enough people. In less than a few months, they had already trained a large number of experts, making Lucas’s forces much stronger.

Now, even without Lucas’s intervention, just the strength of the Dark Dragon Regiment was enough to crush any one of the original eight top families of DC. They even had the ability to fight against the royal family branches.

Thus, Lucas finally obtained the peaceful life he had always wanted.

Today was the weekend. Early in the morning, Lucas brought Cheyenne and Amelia to Blue Ridge Mountains, nearby DC, for an outing.

“Wow, Daddy, the mountain here is so beautiful! There are so many flowers and butterflies!

Even the air on the mountain is so fresh. It’s exactly like what my kindergarten teacher said!”

Amelia was wearing a beautiful pink princess dress and had two cute braids on her head. She was like a beautiful little elf as she ran back and forth on a mountain peak, holding a small handful of wild flowers she had just picked. Her fair and exquisite face was red with happiness.

“Amelia, don’t run around! Be careful not to fall down the mountain! If that happens, Daddy and Mommy won’t be able to save you.” Cheyenne was sitting on a picnic blanket that Lucas had laid out. She smiled at her lively and adorable daughter, her eyes full of doting love.

“Mommy, you’re a girl, so you definitely can’t save me. But Daddy is a hero and our knight. If you and I are in danger, Daddy will definitely save us! Right, Daddy?”

Amelia ran to Lucas’s side and giggled as she inserted a few flowers she had picked into Lucas’s hair.

Lucas was caught between laughter and tears. He picked up his daughter, who was playing a prank, and said with a smile, “Amelia, you’re right. Daddy is yours and Mom’s knight. I will protect you all my life. I will never let you get hurt. I will definitely make you the happiest people in the world!”

Lucas kissed his daughter’s little face and then looked at Cheyenne beside him, his face and eyes full of tenderness and love.

“Honey, you… What are you saying in front of our daughter? Really… really…” Cheyenne’s alluring face was slowly immersed in a shy pink glow. But a fair hand had already quietly grabbed Lucas’s hand. Then she slowly tightened her grip, never wanting to let go.

Lucas smiled and pulled his wife and daughter into his arms. He looked at the rising sun in the distance, his heart filled with happiness.

The morning sun shone on the three of them hugging each other.

It was bright, warm, and filled with endless love and hope.

Even if there were more challenges and dangers in their future life, as long as their family was together, they would always be fearless, full of hope, and happy.

In people’s lives, wasn’t what they wanted the most such peace and rare happiness?View attachment 3087
The end already?!

Anti climactic really....

So we'll never solve the mystery of Lucas mother and father.. 😭


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Oct 20, 2023
Chapter 501: Killing Seven People in Seconds

Skylar widened her eyes in utter shock!

As a former member of the Peerless Martial Association, she naturally knew that the four dead people were not ordinary people but martial arts experts.

But Lucas had killed such powerful opponents in seconds!

This was enough to show that Lucas’s strength was far beyond her imagination!

It was simply inhuman…

The two men in black responsible for guarding Skylar and the leader with the wounded wrist all had drastic changes of expressions. They couldn’t describe the shock in their heats in words!

At the same time, an intense sense of fear and horror toward Lucas surged in their hearts.

Their strengths were all almost on par. Since Lucas could easily kill their four peers effortlessly in merely a second, he could of course easily kill them too!

When they saw Lucas looking at them, their hearts trembled violently, and they subconsciously cowered with timid gazes.

“You’re really something, punk. Let’s withdraw for now!” The leader of the men in black quickly thought things through and then shouted at his companions beside him.

With such a powerful enemy, they could no longer worry about killing Skylar. They thought it was better to retreat first and then find an opportunity to kill the two of them!

The few of them moved quickly, wanting to retreat immediately.

“Did I say you could leave?” Lucas looked at them expressionlessly as a few shiny coins appeared between his fingers once again.

The pupils of the three men in black constricted, and one of them immediately yelled, “What else do you want? We won’t catch this woman today!”

Lucas smiled mirthlessly. “It’s already too late.”

As soon as he finished speaking, the coins in his hand immediately darted out, and the shiny metal surface of the coins reflected the panic-stricken faces of the three men trying to dodge. But the next instant, the coins accurately penetrated through the throats of these three people.

Three jets of blood spurted into the air as the three men in black froze in place. A few seconds later, they collapsed onto the ground with loud thuds and could no longer move.

Blood gradually spread across the ground with an intense iron odor.

Skylar sat on the ground in a daze, staring at the corpses on the ground. All of them were killed in seconds!

It was incredible!

Skylar’s jaw dropped as she looked at Lucas in disbelief. She moved her lips, but she couldn’t say a single word.

The power of this man in front of her far exceeded her imagination!

Seven experts from the Peerless Martial Association were actually killed in seconds without any way to resist!

Initially, Skylar should have felt terrified and horrified. But Lucas killed these men only for the sake of saving her, so she was feeling extremely complicated.

“Uh… I have to tell you that these people are from the Peerless Martial Association, and the other members are definitely going to find out. When the time comes, you’ll be in huge trouble.”

Lucas remained unmoved. “So what? If they really come looking for me, then I don’t mind making the Peerless Martial Association disappear from this world!”

“What did you say?!” Skylar looked at Lucas with a dumbfounded expression, wondering if he was joking or being serious.

The Peerless Martial Association wasn’t a small organization but a behemoth that had gathered countless martial arts experts and was in control of various forces all over the world!

The young man in front of her, who seemed to be only in his twenties, actually said that he could destroy the entire Peerless Martial Association!

If she hadn’t heard it herself, she would definitely not believe such arrogant words.

But she now believed that this young man wasn’t an ordinary person who liked blowing his trumpet. In other words, he was being serious!

Skylar was so astounded that she forgot she was still sitting on the ground.

Lucas glanced at her without saying anything and then returned to his Jaguar to retrieve the Bladeless Sword. He tossed it to Skylar, and it landed on the ground with a clang.

“I’ll return the sword to you for now. But if I find out that you use it to get up to nonsense and ruin your grandfather’s reputation, I won’t let you off!”

Skylar looked at the long Bladeless Sword inserted into the ground in front of her in a daze before looking at Lucas quietly with a complicated gaze.

“If you really want to break free from the Peerless Martial Association, come look for me at the Stardust Corporation tomorrow morning.”

Then Lucas turned around and drove away.

Skylar stared at the light from the front of Lucas’s car shining on the road ahead, forming a ray of extraordinarily bright light in the darkness. Gradually, the light drifted away. She couldn’t stand up for a long time.

When the bright light was no longer visible, Skylar stood up and touched the thick and heavy Bladeless Sword in front of her. She said softly, “I don’t know your name yet, but I’m really grateful to you!”

After driving the car far away, Lucas immediately made a call to arrange for people to take care of the corpses and bloodstains on the road, lest others became scared, resulting in unnecessary chaos.

As for why he suddenly wanted to help Skylar, one reason was that she was the granddaughter of Tom Creed, a martyr of the Falcon Regimen. Second, her persistence and determination had gained his appreciation.

Third… The reason Skylar agreed to assassinate Lucas on Caldo Mountain was probably related to the Peerless Martial Association. Moreover, he had a better impression of her when he saw that she would rather die than go back to the organization to help it do evil. At the very least, he reckoned that her character shouldn’t be that bad since she was aware that her actions were wrong and wanted to turn over a new leaf.

So he might as well help her.

In addition, if possible, he would also have another helper.
Stanley had now gone to DC with Flynn, and Lucas now lacked manpower. If Skylar was willing to help him, he could nurture and train her.

Soon after Lucas arrived home, he received a call from Jordan informing him that the traces had been cleaned up.

Lucas responded and hung up. Then he picked up Amelia in his arms to tell her a bedtime story.

The night passed silently.

When Lucas went to the Stardust Corporation early the next morning, he saw Skylar waiting at the building.

Although she was still dressed in black, her clothes were much looser than before and didn’t attract much attention.

As soon as she saw Lucas, her eyes lit up, and she immediately walked toward him.

Lucas brought her to the chairman’s office on the top floor. “Have you thought about whether you want to break free from the Peerless Martial Association or not?”

Skylar nodded firmly. “Yes! However, it’s easy to enter the Peerless Martial Association but extremely difficult to leave. Otherwise, I wouldn’t have been chased by those people they sent yesterday.. Can you really solve this matter?”

Chapter 502: Unexpected Clues

Lucas could hear the expectant tone in Skylar’s voice, but there was also a tinge of obvious anxiousness in it as she looked at him nervously. He raised his eyebrows and asked, “Do you not believe that I have the ability to do so?”

Skylar pursed her lips, but she nevertheless said, “I don’t know how much you know about the Peerless Martial Association, but it’s actually a colossal organization. There is not only an enormous amount of experts, but it also has forces and branches all over the world. They’re not to be trifled with. My abilities aren’t considered extraordinary, and there are many people much better at martial arts than I am. So even the eight major families of DC are trying their best to cooperate with the Peerless Martial Association. They don’t dare to be hostile to them either.

“So…” Looking at Lucas with a complicated expression, she said cautiously, “Going toe-totoe against the Peerless Martial Association will bring about a huge tragedy if you’re not careful. I have to inform you about this. Actually, I’m very grateful to you for saving my life yesterday, so you don’t have to…”

Before Skylar could finish speaking, Lucas interrupted her. “It’s just a Peerless Martial Association. It’s no big deal. What I said last night still stands. If they come to me on their own, I don’t mind just destroying them altogether!”

Lucas was not being arrogant.

In fact, Jordan had already found some information about the Peerless Martial Association and sent it to him. Although the Peerless Martial Association indeed had a lot of forces and branches all over the country and even the world, there were actually not that many experts in this world.

Those on par with Lucas were few and far between.

If there was really such a powerful opponent, Lucas would actually be a little interested.

Skylar was once again shocked by Lucas’s assertiveness and confidence.

But the strange thing was that even though it sounded extremely far-fetched and unbelievable, she didn’t have the slightest doubt that the man in front of her could really do such a thing!

She stood still and pondered about it for a moment before suddenly saying, “I want to know how you know about the Bladeless Sword. Did you and my grandfather… know each other?”

Previously, on Caldo Mountain, Lucas had kicked the Bladeless Sword toward her, and while doing so, he had mentioned its name and said that it was an item left behind by a martyr. Skylar was very concerned about this.

A trace of reminiscence and nostalgia appeared in Lucas’s eyes before he shook his head. “I’ve never met the senior who wielded the Bladeless Sword before, but I’m aware of his name and his heroic deeds because I’m from Calico just like him. He’s considered a comrade of mine whom I’ve never met. Do you understand now?”

A look of surprise appeared in Skylar’s eyes. She didn’t expect the young man in front of her to also be from Calico, this mysterious and sacred place.

She immediately felt a little more affection for Lucas, and she relaxed too. The decision she had been pondering over for a night became clearer.

“I was wrong about assassinating you previously, and I’m very sorry for it! You saved me yesterday and even thought of helping me. I hope that I can stay by your side and be at your disposal!” Skylar suddenly said firmly.
Lucas was slightly surprised.

Although he did think about recruiting Skylar, he didn’t expect her to take the initiative to pledge allegiance to him so soon.

Lucas naturally didn’t decline and merely asked, “What’s going on with you and those people last night? Why did they say you’re a traitor and want to take you back with them?”

A touch of remorse appeared on Skylar’s face, and she didn’t bother hiding it at all. “For some reason, I joined the Peerless Martial Association a few years ago. I initially thought that it was just a loose organization that held sparring sessions between people skilled in martial arts. However, I didn’t expect to have gradually discovered that the scale of the Peerless Martial Association is so enormous. Furthermore, there are lots of sordid businesses going on, which includes assassination.

“I initially didn’t want to do these kinds of things, but I already mistakenly got myself into trouble, so I couldn’t leave easily. I had no choice but to take on some tasks, lest they continued compelling me. One of those tasks was the assassination you faced on Caldo Mountain that day.

“But that night, your warning awakened me and made me realize that my cowardice of not daring to resist was simply helping villains do evil. If my late grandfather knew about it, he would probably be ashamed of me!”

Skylar smiled self-deprecatingly. “In short, from that day on, I made up my mind that I had to break away from the Peerless Martial Association and leave with a clean slate so that I wouldn’t disgrace the reputation of the Bladeless Sword my grandfather left behind!

“However, the Peerless Martial Association has very strict management of its members, and I couldn’t leave that easily. I had no choice but to leave on my own, but it was seen as a betrayal of the Peerless Martial Association. That’s why they sent people to capture me and take me back. If it wasn’t for your help yesterday, I’m afraid that I would have become a corpse left in the wilderness.”

Lucas nodded and continued to ask, “Do you remember them saying that the chief won’t let you off if you don’t return? Who is the chief?”

Skylar quickly explained, “The Peerless Martial Association has several forces all over the world, and those people who came to kill me last night but ended up getting killed by you are from the branch in San Francisco.

“In addition, there are other branches in various cities and counties. In each branch, there are other subordinate organizations. The person in charge of each branch is called a chief and directly under the orders of the president of the Peerless Martial Association. Of course, because the Peerless Martial Association places great emphasis on strength, each chief is very strong.”

Lucas didn’t care much about this and instead asked, “The Peerless Martial Association forced you to do some disgusting things like assassinating others. Was there anything else?”

Skylar nodded and said honestly, “Yes, apart from assassination, there are many other terrible things. As long as it’s a task that offers easy money, the Peerless Martial Association will basically agree to it. They’re also secretly supporting a lot of powerful families and forces.

“Oh, right, and they also ask members to go around to solicit beautiful women and send them to powerful families and forces as social escorts used in exchange for benefits. Although I haven’t done such a thing, I’ve witnessed it several times..”

Chapter 503: Person Knocking on the Door

After Skylar spoke, a look of guilt and shame appeared on her face.

She had once been in such a filthy organization, and she had never done anything to stop those malicious things, making her despise herself greatly.

At the same time, a trace of gratitude and joy also rose in her heart. If not for Lucas, she would probably still be trapped in that mire-like abyss of filth until she completely lost herself.

Lucas was surprised to hear Skylar’s words.

The supply of beautiful women to powerful families by the mysterious organization was the very thing that he had been wanting to investigate.

Although Bruce and Ethan had both said that they had sent many experts to track down the mysterious organization that sent beautiful women to the Taylors, none of their investigations was fruitful, and they had even been warned. Since then, they didn’t dare to pursue this matter again.

However, since Lucas learned about the Taylors, he had been determined to investigate the matter. But after he acquired the Ocean Bathhouse, the mysterious organization supplying beauties never appeared again, so he couldn’t find a clue even if he wanted to investigate.

So later, Lucas had arranged for people to keep an eye on the Taylors’ actions to try to find if they still kept in contact. He wanted to search along the clues to get closer to the mysterious organization.

But it was unknown whether it was because they acted too carefully or that the organization had temporarily abandoned the Taylors. Lucas’s subordinates had been keeping an eye for a long time, but they didn’t manage to find any useful information.

Now, he suddenly obtained a possible clue from Skylar.

“What’s the address of that branch?” Lucas asked.

“It’s in San Francisco.”

Lucas pondered for a moment and said, “Stay in Orange County for the time being. No one can take you away here. After some time, I will personally go to the Peerless Martial Association’s San Francisco branch to settle this matter.”

Astounded, Skylar hurriedly said, “No, you’d better not go! The chief of the San Francisco branch has solicited experts from all over the state, and many experts are there. Even if you’re powerful, you’ll be at a huge disadvantage if you’re besieged by numerous experts at once!

“Moreover, even if you can deal with the people of the San Francisco branch, such a serious matter will definitely be reported to the headquarters of the Peerless Martial Association. When the time comes, all the experts of the hundreds of branches around the world will besiege you. No matter how powerful you are, you won’t be able to handle it!”

Lucas said indifferently, “Let’s talk about this matter another time.”

Although he hated the behavior of the Peerless Martial Association and was determined to deal with it, Lucas knew that its forces and influence were widespread, and the people of the various organizations within the association would amount to an enormous force.

Even if Lucas had the best martial arts in the world and didn’t need to be afraid of anyone, there was no way he would be able to deal with the entire Peerless Martial Association that was tens of thousands of people strong.

Moreover, Lucas was no longer alone and single. He now had an Achilles’ heel—his wife, Cheyenne, and daughter, Amelia. So he definitely wouldn’t do something as reckless as killing the Peerless Martial Association’s San Francisco branch.

Therefore, he couldn’t be rash about this and could only leave it for the future.

Skylar stopped talking because she knew that Lucas was a decisive person with his own ideas. Since she had already pledged allegiance to him, she just had to obey his instructions and act accordingly.

This was due to her faith in Lucas after being saved by him and coming to her senses.


In the apartment on the fifth floor of Block 26, Golden Garden Estate…

It was the apartment William was renting.

Karen was sprawled across the couch in the living room and snacking on some watermelon while watching TV all by herself and switching channels out of boredom.

Since she moved to this apartment, she had been full of resentment toward William for forcing her to move out of the spacious and luxurious villa to this tiny and cramped rented apartment.

Besides, Karen had never worked a day in the past two decades or so and was currently unemployed. She wasn’t concerned that William had been leaving home early and coming home late every day, nor did she bother to do any household chores. She didn’t even make the effort to cook her own meals and instead ordered delivery.

Whenever she saw William, she would completely ignore him and treat him as if he didn’t exist.

Suddenly, someone knocked on the door.

“Who’s there?” Karen grunted in annoyance and slowly walked over to open the door in her slippers, only to see a familiar figure standing outside.

The expression on her face immediately changed from impatience to surprise, and she greeted her warmly. “You’re here. Quick, quickly come in, Nikki!”

The person at the door was none other than Nikki.

Nikki entered the apartment with Karen, and she immediately felt her senses being assaulted by an extremely foul odor. When she saw the garbage, takeout boxes, and food scraps strewn all over the table, she couldn’t help wanting to turn around and leave.

She forcibly resisted the urge and walked in with Karen, who was pulling her in enthusiastically. Before Karen sat down again, Nikki said impatiently, “Aunt Karen, last time you said you had a way to deal with Lucas Gray. Is this true?”

Since Dylan’s wedding in LA a week or so ago, there had been many great happenings.

Damon, the head of the Parkers from LA, and Matthew, the head of the Bensons from San Francisco, had both wanted to deal with Lucas. But they had been stopped by Edmund Cole.

She didn’t know how Lucas got lucky enough to have happened to save Edmund, the head of the Coles, which was why Edmund chose to stand on Lucas’s side.

Nikki and Justin, who had disrespected Lucas, were immediately used as a warning to others. Not only had they embarrassed themselves in front of so many top LA families, but they had even offended the Coles and lost the help of the Morgans. All of a sudden, everyone shunned the Herons like the plague. The Herons were suppressed by the wealthy families wanting to please the Coles and Lucas and almost went bankrupt.

Furthermore, everyone avoided Nikki and no longer wanted to have anything to do with the Herons, for fear of being implicated.

Thus, Nikki’s hatred for Lucas was even more intense, and she only wanted Lucas to die now!

This incident had also dealt the Turners a severe blow.

Initially, Eddie was extremely proud of having so many big shots attending his grandson’s wedding. He had even wanted to take the opportunity to build some connections with them, in hopes that it would give the Turners a boost.

Unfortunately, all his hopes were dashed, and the Turners even became the biggest laughing stock of LA.

Still, the Turners were originally a family of farmers and didn’t own any companies, so they weren’t that affected. But all the Turners knew that their hopes of becoming wealthy were completely ruined.

Karen put all the blame on Lucas. If not for him, how could the Turners have suffered such embarrassment? She wouldn’t have been scolded by her family, who almost severed ties with her.

The two people who hated Lucas hit it off well and immediately got together.

So when Nikki came over today, she eagerly asked Karen about it because Karen had told her before that she had a way to get Lucas killed.

“Aunt Karen, how exactly are you going to get him killed? Hurry up and tell me!” Nikki asked eagerly, full of hatred..

Chapter 504: Malicious Plot

At the mention of Lucas, Karen immediately gritted her teeth. “Hmph, I’ve wanted to kill him a long time ago! But he now has the protection of the Coles and seems quite skilled in martial arts too. Even if we get someone to kill him, I’m afraid it won’t be of much help. That’s why I asked you to come over. If we work together, we’ll definitely make him die!”

This was exactly what Nikki wanted. She quickly asked, “What solution do you have? Aunt Karen, quickly tell me!”

The thought of the impending death of the culprit of her suffering made Nikki’s face twist into a grimace of hate.

Karen said with a sinister expression, “I’ve naturally thought of the best solution. But before that, we have to think of a way to kill another person!”

Nikki was a little surprised and asked doubtfully, “Who? Are you referring to the bodyguard or expert who has been following Lucas around?”

Karen shook her head and said slowly, “No, it’s William Carter!”

William Carter? Isn’t he her husband, the father of Cheyenne and Charlotte?! Nikki was so astonished that she couldn’t utter a single word. She actually said that we have to kill her husband first?!

“Wh-what exactly is going on here?!” After a while, Nikki barely managed to suppress her shock. “Why do you want to kill him? Besides, the person we want to kill is Lucas Gray. What does it have to do with William Carter?”

She was really puzzled as to why Karen would suddenly want to kill her husband. Besides, how would William’s death even impact Lucas?

She really couldn’t understand what Karen was thinking.

Karen said with a ruthless and menacing expression, “No, you’re wrong. There’s a great connection between the two!”

She looked at Nikki. “Well, you now know what kind of place I’m living in, huh?”

Nikkie scanned her surroundings, the messy and filthy rented apartment, and then shrugged without saying anything.

What else could she say about such a horrid place?

Karen continued, “I’m not afraid to tell you the truth. Lucas Gray previously saved the life of Ethan Sawyer. So in order to repay him, he showered Lucas Gray with loads of expensive gifts, including an extremely luxurious villa, which I used to live in before moving here.

“But God knows what happened to that idiot William’s brain. He insisted on moving out of the villa and into this shabby and tiny apartment. Not only is he stupid, but he even forced me to move out with him! I bet he’s determined not to let me live a good life!

“In that case, I no longer have to care about our marriage. Once he dies, I can just move back to the villa! This way, I will have the opportunity to be in more contact with that bastard Lucas Gray. It will then be much easier to kill him secretly!”

Karen had an evil expression on her face as she talked about her scheme.

She had spent decades with William, but she had never gotten to enjoy any luxury, so she saw no reason for her to suffer with him. Besides, he had tried threatening her with a divorce several times before, which was simply atrocious!

As long as William was dead, Karen would no longer have to worry about his threats, and she would be able to enjoy the things she should have enjoyed with peace of mind. Once William was dead, she would become a widow, and she was confident that Cheyenne, Charlotte, and Lucas wouldn’t throw her out of the villa regardless of how overboard she was in the future.

To her, William was just an eyesore and a stumbling block!

Nikki cocked her head to the side. “Aunt Karen, are you saying that the two of us should get rid of Uncle William so that you can take the opportunity to move back into the villa they’re living in before finding the opportunity to take action against Lucas Gray? But if your motive is just to return to the villa to find a chance to come into contact with him, there shouldn’t be a need to kill Uncle William, right?”

With a delirious expression on her face, Karen exclaimed, “No, you don’t understand. That despicable man William Carter is bonkers and refuses to let me move back into the villa. He even threatened to divorce me if I did so! So I have no choice but to do this!”

The hatred and menace on her face made Nikki’s heart shudder.

In order to go back to living in the luxurious villa, Karen didn’t mind killing her husband. She was truly ruthless!

It was as if this was Nikki’s first time seeing Karen. She found Karen’s supposedly familiar face somewhat unfamiliar and terrifying.

But Nikki didn’t particularly care about it. After all, they were now on the same side and shared the common goal of killing Lucas. In fact, Karen’s character had nothing much to do with her. At worst, she would keep a distance from her in the future.

“But Aunt Karen, how do you plan to kill William Carter?” Nikki asked.

Karen immediately smiled. “That’s why I need your help with this, Nikki!”

“Uh… I’m just a young woman. How can I help you? Besides, you and he spend time together every day, so you should have more opportunities to take action against him.” Nikki kept trying to turn her down tactfully, but she immediately became wary. Surely this evil aunt of mine isn’t intending to ask me to kill William Carter, right?

She wasn’t that foolish as to commit such a crime!

Karen grinned and quickly said, “Don’t worry. I just need you to give me some money. Leave the rest to me!”

“You need money? Are you thinking of hiring a killer…?” Nikki immediately asked.

Karen nodded and said sinisterly, “That’s right. After all, we’re both women, and it’s really difficult for us to kill a man ourselves. Besides, if William dies at home, I will be the first one suspected, so we can only hire an outsider to do it. Of course, this will require a lot of money.

“Nikki, as you can see, I’m living in a tiny and shabby apartment, and I don’t have much savings. I’m really poor, and according to the information I’ve inquired, we’ll need at least a hundred and fifty grand to hire a reliable killer. I’m counting on you!”

Only then did Nikki understand the reason Karen had asked her to join forces. It turned out that she needed money to hire a killer.

“Got it, Aunt Karen. But the Herons have been having a hard time lately, and the Heron Corp. is about to go bankrupt. How can I possibly take out so much money?” Nikki was naturally not too happy about this.

Karen took her hand and persuaded glibly, “Don’t worry, Nikki. Like I just said, Lucas Gray has received lots of monetary gifts from Ethan Sawyer. As soon as I return to the villa, I can immediately return all the money you lend me!

“Moreover, as soon as Lucas Gray dies, those big families in LA will naturally stop suppressing the Herons in order to please the Coles. When the time comes, your family will naturally be able to get through this crisis. You can have as much money as you want in the future.

“By then, you’ll get the most credit for this, and your grandfather and your father will definitely be impressed by you. All you have to do is cover a part of the cost in advance. Soon, you will be able to recover it and obtain tremendous benefits. Wouldn’t that be great?”

What Karen said was really convincing. At the very least, Nikki was really tempted..

Chapter 505: Car Accident

Yeah, I just need to take out a hundred and fifty thousand in advance. Once William Carter dies, Aunt Karen will be able to pay me back soon.

Once Lucas Gray dies, I’ll not only be able to take revenge, but I can also help the Herons tide through this crisis. It’s indeed a good deal.

While she was carefully calculating the gains and losses in her head, Karen added, “Of course, if you have a better idea that will save us from spending so much money, that’ll be much better.”

Nikki quickly thought through the plan in her head and discovered that Karen’s plan was indeed feasible.

She really couldn’t think of a way to get a person killed quietly without arousing any suspicion.


“But if you have to hire an assassin to kill William, then how can you guarantee that you will be able to kill Lucas Gray quietly after returning to the villa?” Nikki quickly asked when she sensed something amiss.

Not flustered at all, Karen said, “Don’t worry. I’ll find a way to get some drugs when the time comes and make that bastard Lucas Gray get into some kind of accident. That will do the trick.”

Nikki pursed her lips and asked in bewilderment, “If this method of yours works, there isn’t a need for us to spend so much money to hire a killer to kill William Carter. You can just kill him on your own.”

“Ahhhh!” Karen let out a long sigh before saying, “You can’t use the same method to kill two people one after another in a short period of time, right? If you want to see Lucas Gray die quickly, we have to get someone to kill William Carter and make sure he dies in an accident.”
Only then did Nikki come to a sudden realization.

They chose not to get someone to deal with Lucas right away purely because Lucas’s martial arts seemed superb, so they weren’t sure if they could kill him directly.

But William was just an ordinary person who was almost fifty, and he definitely wouldn’t be able to escape their clutches.

Nikki thought of her bank account balance. Although the Herons were now facing the crisis of becoming bankrupt, they weren’t exactly poor yet. She had more than $200,000 in her account left, so it should be enough.

Nikki finally made up her mind and said to Karen, “Okay, I will transfer money to you later, but you have to do a good job, Aunt Karen. There better not be any blunders!”

“Haha, rest assured. Just wait for my good news at home!” Karen laughed heartily with satisfaction.

The two of them settled on the plan. But William, whom they were plotting against, was completely clueless.

He probably would never have thought that the person who had been sleeping on the same bed beside him for nearly the past three decades would want to kill him.

At this moment, William was still busy working in the Solar Corporation.

When he was about to leave work, he suddenly received a call from Cheyenne.

“Dad, let’s have dinner together as a family after you get off work!” Cheyenne’s voice came from the other end.

She had just inadvertently learned that her mother didn’t show her father any concern at all. After work, William wouldn’t get to eat a hot meal at all and could only order takeout or have some instant noodles. It really broke Cheyenne’s heart to see him like this.

But there was no way she could change her mother’s mind, so she could only ask William and the others out for a meal.

Cheyenne also called Karen, but for some reason, Karen didn’t answer her phone nor reply to any of her messages, so Cheyenne could only give up.

William was extremely touched, and he agreed gleefully. “Alright, I’m getting off work now. Thanks to you, I’m going to have a feast today! Where do you guys plan on eating? I haven’t seen Amelia for a while, and I miss her. Text me the address after, and I’ll rush there…”

William chuckled and spoke while leaving the office building and heading toward the parking lot across the road.

Suddenly, a red car came out from the corner, and seemingly out-of-control, it sped straight at him from behind!


William, who was chatting with Cheyenne, was immediately caught off guard and hit flying by the car!

With the sound of a loud collision, William’s body was flung nearly twenty meters away like a broken kite.

The surrounding people were all stunned!

But just a few seconds later, the red car ran straight into a building nearby like a cannonball and slammed into it with an even more violent impact. The front of the car was completely stuck in the wall, and the chassis was utterly warped. It was unclear if the driver was alive or not!

Everyone was astonished as they looked at the tragic car accident, and some even screamed at the top of their lungs.

Cheyenne was talking to William on the phone, and her expression changed drastically when she suddenly heard a loud noise followed by complete silence. She yelled into her phone, “Dad? What happened?! Say something, Dad!”

But there was no longer any sound coming from the other end.

Cheyenne’s body began shaking, and she feebly dropped the phone in her hand. Lucas happened to grab it quickly.

Noticing something off, Lucas immediately asked in concern, “What’s wrong, Cheyenne? What’s wrong?”

Charlotte, who was playing with Amelia at the side, also noticed something wrong, especially when Cheyenne’s expression became extremely terrified. She hurriedly asked, “Cheyenne, what happened? Weren’t… weren’t you calling Dad and asking him out for dinner?”
Cheyenne was swaying from side to side as she muttered softly, “No… Impossible. Dad will definitely be fine! Nothing will happen to him!”

Then she immediately dashed out.

At this time, even the most daft person would be able to guess that William must have had an accident.

Lucas put Amelia into Charlotte’s arms. “Charlotte, stay here and take care of Amelia. I’ll go check out the situation!”

With that, he ran out after Cheyenne, not having time to say anything else.

Cheyenne was so flustered that she just ran toward William’s workplace by instinct, but she was at least several kilometers away, so how could she reach it on foot?

Lucas rushed forward and pulled Cheyenne into his embrace.

“Cheyenne, calm down! No matter what has happened, I will face it with you! Don’t panic,” he said softly to Cheyenne.

Only when Cheyenne was in his embrace did she snap out of her panic. As soon as she saw Lucas’s concerned gaze, she burst into tears. “Lucas! I-I-I just heard a sudden loud noise from Dad’s side, and there were people screaming near him. He fell silent afterward. He must have had an accident! I’m so scared!”

Lucas said comfortingly, “It’s okay. We’ll rush over there now!”

He brought Cheyenne into his car and sped all the way toward the Solar Corporation’s Orange County branch.

But halfway there, he suddenly received a phone call.

“Lucas, my subordinates just received news that William just had a car accident in front of the office and is now being rushed to the nearest hospital!”

Chapter 506: Outside the Emergency Room

Lucas was shocked to receive this call. How did William suddenly get into a car accident in front of the office?

He immediately instructed the person on the other end, “Immediately find out how the accident happened. You must find out clearly if it’s purely an accident or deliberate murder!
Also, immediately contact the best doctors in Orange County and send them all to the hospital!”

Jordan agreed right away.

After hanging up, Lucas applied the emergency brakes, turned around, and drove toward the hospital.

Cheyenne grabbed Lucas’s sleeve nervously. “Lucas, how… how is my dad?”

From the moment she heard the words ‘accident’, ‘murder’, and ‘hospital’, her heart seemed to have sunk into an abyss, and her face turned deathly pale.

She stared deep into Lucas’s eyes, afraid that she would hear an unacceptable answer from him.

Lucas patted her hand gently and comforted, “It’s just a car accident. William has been brought to the hospital, and we’re heading there now. Don’t worry. William will be fine!”

Only then did Cheyenne heave a sigh of relief, but she was still extremely nervous and anxious.

Soon, the black Jaguar arrived at the entrance of the Orange Coast Medical Center. But William had already been sent to the emergency rescue room. No matter how anxious they were, they could only wait for the result outside the door.

Lucas looked at Cheyenne being fidgety and ill at ease. “Don’t worry too much. At least William is still alive. All the best surgeons in the city have rushed here too. He’ll definitely be fine!”

After giving it some thought, he decided to call Charlotte, gave her a brief explanation of the situation, and asked her to come to the hospital as well.

After all, as his daughter, Charlotte definitely should be informed of such a major accident.

“What did you say?! My dad actually got into a car accident?! Okay, I’ll head there right now!”

Charlotte was flabbergasted and panic-stricken. She quickly hung up and rushed to the hospital.

But Lucas was somewhat surprised that Karen arrived sooner than Charlotte.

Lucas didn’t expect it because he and Cheyenne had tried to call Karen, but they couldn’t get through to her, so they had no idea how she had learned of the accident.
With two streams of tears on her face, Karen scurried from the elevator to the entrance of the emergency room, looking extremely worried.

But the light at the entrance of the operating theater was still red, and they didn’t know what the situation inside was.

Karen stood at the door for a while before suddenly leaping at Lucas, extending her arm, and smacking him. “It’s all your fault, you bastard!

“William was doing fine at home. It’s all your fault for making him go to work every day. That’s why he met with a car accident in front of the company. You’re such a scourge!

“I told you long ago that you’re a jinx who’s specially here to harm us! Now, William has gotten into a car accident and ended up in the hospital. We don’t even know if he can be rescued. This is all your fault!

“I’m telling you, if anything happens to William, I won’t let you off!”

Karen was like a mad demon as she slapped Lucas’s body with all her might and glowered at him with a menacing gaze as if he was her enemy.

Facing the crazy Karen, Lucas could only choose to avoid her, but he still ended up getting hit several times.

“Enough!” Cheyenne finally had enough and shouted at the top of her lungs to stop Karen’s shrewish behavior.

“Dad is still lying in the emergency room. If you keep throwing a fit and disturbing the doctors, you may get out of here!” Cheyenne yelled in exasperation with bloodshot eyes. It was rare of her to lose her temper, so she immediately shocked Karen.

Lucas’s phone suddenly started ringing.

Lucas looked at the caller ID and walked toward a quiet and secluded corridor before answering. “Speak.”

The phone call was from Jordan. “Lucas, according to the information I found, the driver who hit your father-in-law didn’t slow down after hitting him and instead quickly drove into a building nearby. He died on the spot.”

Lucas’s face turned gloomy. “Even if he’s dead, you still have to find out the exact cause of the accident and whether or not there’s someone behind the driver. I want a clear report of his identity, family situation, and financial transactions!”

Lucas truly felt that there was something fishy about this matter.

William had encountered the accident in front of the Solar Corporation’s Orange County branch office. But that road was very wide, and it was rare for car accidents to occur there.

Lucas had a gut feeling that this accident wasn’t as simple as it seemed to be.

After hanging up and returning to the emergency room, Lucas discovered that Charlotte had also brought Amelia here.

The two of them were standing at the entrance of the emergency room, their faces as pale as a sheet. They tried to look into the room anxiously, eager to hear the results but also afraid to hear any bad news.

Karen’s face was stained with tears, and her eyes were full of anxiousness. Her behavior now was a stark contrast to her usual attitude toward William.

Lucas looked at her with surprise, not expecting that she still seemed to show some concern as William’s wife now that his life was on the line.

Unfortunately, Lucas guessed wrongly this time because he never thought that Karen could be that evil. In fact, the reason Karen had hypocritically appeared here all of a sudden was that she just wanted to find out immediately if William had died in the car accident or not.

William had sustained severe injuries, so the emergency surgery would take at least more than ten hours. Lucas, Cheyenne, and Charlotte naturally wouldn’t leave the emergency room to get some rest. But Amelia was still young, and she couldn’t possibly stay here for so long.

But Lucas and Cheyenne didn’t feel safe leaving her alone at home.

At this moment, Lucas inadvertently saw Grace walking down the corridor a short distance away.

Grace’s mother was diagnosed with severe kidney failure and happened to be receiving treatment in the hospital. So Grace would take some time out to visit her mother every day.

After giving it some thought, Lucas bent down and said, “Amelia, do you remember Aunt Grace?”

Amelia nodded obediently. “Yes! Aunt Grace is very nice. She even said she would teach me how to bake a cake last time. I remember!”

Lucas gently stroked his daughter’s soft and tender hair. “Okay, tonight, we’ll wait here for Grandpa to wake up while you go to Aunt Grace’s house. She’ll keep you company, and we’ll pick you up first thing in the morning, okay?”

Amelia pouted and said aggrievedly, “I like Aunt Grace a lot, but I also want to stay here with you and Mommy to wait for Grandpa to wake up!”

Chapter 507: Becoming A Vegetable

Seeing how cute and well-behaved Amelia was, Lucas became softhearted. “We know that you’re obedient, Amelia, but you’re still young and need to grow up. You have to rest well at night. Be good and go stay with Aunt Grace tonight!”

Cheyenne’s eyes were red as she said to Amelia, “Amelia, listen to Daddy. Mommy and
Daddy can’t leave the hospital today, so stay with Aunt Grace so that we can feel at ease.”

Amelia considered it for a long time before saying reluctantly, “Okay then. I’ll go to Aunt Grace’s place tonight. But you guys have to come and pick me up early tomorrow! But where is Aunt Grace now?”

Lucas caressed her hair again before going to Grace’s mother’s ward and calling out to Grace.

“Hey, Lucas, what are you doing here?” Grace looked at Lucas in surprise.

Generally, people would show up at the hospital either to visit their sick relatives and friends or to have their illnesses treated.

Lucas briefly told her about William getting into a car accident and undergoing surgery in the emergency room, as well as how they couldn’t leave. “We don’t feel comfortable leaving Amelia to other people, so I hope you can help us take care of her tonight.”

Grace smiled. “No problem. I like Amelia a lot, and I’d be more than happy to keep her company!”

Thus, the matter was settled.

Amelia left with Grace. Of course, Lucas didn’t completely leave Amelia in Grace’s care and sent Jordan to keep an eye on Amelia and protect her.

After all, Amelia was his only daughter, and he couldn’t let anything happen to her.

Time seemed to be crawling by while they waited anxiously. At daybreak, William was finally pushed out of the emergency room.

“Dad!” Cheyenne and Charlotte rushed forward. When they saw William being connected by tubes to some machines instead of covered by a layer of white cloth, they seemed to come back to life again.


Dad’s still alive! Thank god!

The two burst into tears of joy.

The moment the door to the emergency room opened, Karen was jolted awake from her nap. But a trace of disappointment quickly appeared in her eyes when she saw that William was still alive.

How can William Carter still be alive?

This jerk is too lucky!

Did I waste my money in vain?

While Karen was thinking evil thoughts, Cheyenne anxiously asked the doctor, “Doctor, how is my father’s condition? Is it serious? How long will it take for him to recover?”

The main surgeon pushed his glasses up his nose wearily and said in an apologetic tone, “I’m very sorry. Although your father’s life is temporarily out of danger, the injuries he sustained are too serious, and he suffered a large impact to his brain. He’s very likely…”

“Very likely what?” Charlotte asked agitatedly.

“The patient’s injuries are too serious. We’ve already done our best, but it’s still very likely that he will remain bedridden forever, which is known as being in a vegetative state. Of course, if the situation turns for the better, he might still be able to regain consciousness.”

The doctor comforted them helplessly and then dragged his exhausted body away.

Cheyenne and Charlotte stood rooted to the ground for a long time before realizing what the doctor meant, after which they immediately burst into tears of misery.

Looking at the sisters crying miserably and then at William lying lifelessly on the hospital bed with the ventilator and lots of tubes attached to him, Lucas felt rather sorrowful too.

William was just his father-in-law, and they didn’t share a very close relationship in the past. In fact, it could be said that William had been extremely hostile to Lucas.

But he was still the biological father of Cheyenne and Charlotte after all. After William decided to turn over a new leaf, his attitude toward Lucas changed drastically too. He was almost about to become a real family member of Lucas.

But William was now in a vegetative state after the sudden car accident, and it was almost impossible for him to regain consciousness ever again.

Lucas had a heavy heart, but he suddenly heard an exclamation from the side. “Cheyenne!”

Lucas abruptly looked up, only to see that Cheyenne had gone limp and fallen to the floor.

He immediately reached out and caught Cheyenne’s slumping body. Holding her in his arms, he saw that her eyes were tightly shut and her face was pale. She had passed out from all the crying.

The few of them sent the seriously injured William and the unconscious Cheyenne to the ward.

There were no major issues with Cheyenne, and she had merely passed out because she was too sad. She woke up after ten minutes.

But after waking up, she immediately looked to the side at William, who was lying lifelessly on the hospital bed. She teared up uncontrollably.

Charlotte’s face was also covered in tears. She was incredibly grief-stricken.

Karen, who had been sitting at the side, wiped her eyes and lamented tearfully, “William, you must wake up! What is going to happen to me if you die?!”

But no one noticed the absence of a single trace of grief in her eyes, as well as the smug smirk that flashed across her face.

A vegetable… He didn’t die, but this is a good outcome too.

Since he can’t regain consciousness, he won’t be able to get in my way.

Moreover, these two unfilial girls can’t possibly leave William Carter to fend for himself, can they? They’ll definitely take us back to the luxurious villa.

Lucas’s heart ached when he saw how devastated they were, especially Cheyenne, who was crying so badly that she was about to lose her balance.

He walked out of the ward and went to a secluded area to make a call.

Soon, a woman on the other end asked in surprise, “Huh? I didn’t think that you’d take the initiative to contact me, Lucas. That’s so rare of you! But you’ve never liked catching up with old friends and reminiscing about the past. Are you calling me this time to ask for help?”

Lucas didn’t beat around the bush. “Maddy, I’m indeed calling you because I need your help with something. My father-in-law got into a car accident last night and just came out of the emergency room. There’s a very slim chance that he’ll wake up again.. I’d like to ask if there’s any way to treat his condition?”

Chapter 508: Scheming Mother-in-Law

“What? Father-in-law? Lucas, you’re already married? When was it? How come I didn’t know?”

As soon as Lucas finished speaking, a series of exclamations and questions came from the woman.

“…” Lucas was speechless.

Fortunately, she realized that this wasn’t the time for gossip and quickly said professionally, “There are many kinds of conditions that can lead to a vegetative state, and your description alone might not be accurate. I have to see the details of the patient in person before making a decision. But I’m currently on a medical rescue mission abroad and can’t leave now.

“How about this? Communicate with your father-in-law’s attending doctor and the hospital, then send me all the reports of his physical condition so that I can take a look.”

Maddy was extremely conscientious, and she didn’t dare to make any promises before looking at the details of the patient’s condition.

Her name was Maddy Stone, a member of the Falcon Regiment who had extremely high attainments in the field of medicine. She had rescued wounded comrades from death on the battlefield in Calico several times before.

Thus, Lucas called her and asked her for help.

Knowing that she said this out of prudent practice as a medical practitioner, Lucas immediately agreed and said genuinely from the bottom of his heart, “Maddy, I’m counting on you for my father-in-law!”

Maddy replied with utmost seriousness, “Lucas, it’s rare for you to ask me for help, so I’ll naturally do my best to help you! You don’t have to worry too much. As far as I know, it’s not rare for people in a vegetative state to awaken. Besides, your father-in-law’s condition is due to getting hit in a car accident. Moreover, he was injured a short while ago, so maybe the situation will still take a turn for the better.”

Lucas knew that Maddy was just comforting him, but he nevertheless thanked her, “Okay, thank you, Maddy. I’ll go look for the doctor right now and send you his examination reports.”

Without further ado, Lucas quickly got the complete and detailed examination reports from the doctor and immediately sent them to Maddy.

After around twenty minutes, Maddy called him again. “I’ve just carefully studied his examination reports, including his brain nerve response data, severity of injuries sustained after the collision, and so on… Ah, forget it. You won’t understand these terms and jargon. I’ll put it this way. His situation is fine, and if treated properly, there’s still great hope for him to be able to regain consciousness.”

After receiving a positive reply from Maddy, Lucas let out a huge sigh of relief. “That’s great news, Maddy! I feel much more relieved.”

Maddy chuckled. “I will send you some of the preliminary treatment plans I’ve drawn up, but I’ll have to do a detailed examination of the patient’s situation after I come back. And it’s your business to convince those doctors to adopt my plan!”

Lucas nodded and smiled. “Naturally. Thank you so much!”

Maddy laughed out loud before saying jokingly, “Haha, I’m really flattered to be able to receive a thank you from you, Lucas. My mission will soon be over, and probably in seven or eight days, I will go home to help you with the treatment. You can buy me a meal afterward! Oh, by the way, I also want you to introduce your wife to me!”

“That’s for sure!” Lucas immediately agreed.

Once Maddy came back to personally treat William, there would be a large possibility for William to wake up.

It was indeed a really joyful thing.

Maddy’s medical attainments were extremely high, and she definitely wasn’t just paying lip service. Lucas was extremely confident in her.

However, because Maddy wouldn’t return from abroad for at least another week, and there was only some hope, Lucas didn’t break the news to Cheyenne and Charlotte in order to avoid them gaining hope only to be disappointed.

Soon, two days passed.

In these two days, Cheyenne and Charlotte were by William’s side almost every single second round the clock. They were anxiously paying close attention to his recovery and even took turns to go to and get off work in order to spend more time with him.

Lucas had been rather busy during the past two days. He was mainly trying to investigate William’s traffic accident. Although the driver of the car had died on the spot, so there was no verbal evidence from him, Lucas was sure that there would be many clues if it was a premeditated accident.

In these two days, Karen’s attitude had changed a lot too. Not only was she staying by William’s side with a grief-stricken expression, but she even personally wiped William down. She would even show concern to Cheyenne and Charlotte and tell them not to be too hard on themselves. She stayed in the hospital and was acting completely like a virtuous wife and mother.

Even Cheyenne, who had been disappointed with Karen’s actions, couldn’t help being moved.

Maybe Mom only realized that she loves Dad deeply after he almost died in the car accident. Maybe that’s why she’s suddenly showing us so much concern too, Cheyenne thought and immediately felt much more relieved.

But the moment she left the ward to go to work, Karen’s expression immediately changed from a gentle, loving mother to menacing.

Karen was the only one left in the ward at this moment.

She closed the door and walked to the unconscious William with a maniacal smile.

“Hahahaha, William Carter, I bet you never thought this would happen to you one day! When you threatened to divorce me, weren’t you very proud of yourself? Now stand up and continue being arrogant!

“Hah, you’re now just like a dead dog. You have to die when I want you to die! I’m telling you, I’ve put up with you for many years, and now I can finally get my revenge!”

Then she raised her hand and gave the defenseless William a hard slap on his face!
Smack! An obvious red mark appeared on William’s pale face.

But one slap was obviously not enough for Karen, and she slapped him again left and right another ten times before stopping.

“Hah, worthless man, you slapped me before, so I’m just giving these slaps back to you!”

Karen finally felt a little more relieved after saying these vicious words.

At this moment, both of William’s cheeks were red and swollen from her slaps.

Karen wasn’t afraid of being caught. After all, there were still several hours before Cheyenne and Charlotte returned from work.

During this period of time, William’s swollen face reduced to the extent that it was almost invisible.

Even if someone noticed that his face was swollen and warm, no one would suspect that she had slapped him because he was a severely wounded patient.

Karen sat in the ward leisurely and rested for a while before lifting the thin blanket covering William. She then pinched the parts of his body covered by the blanket.

“Dog, you’ve ruined my youth for so many years, and I’ve long wanted to kill you, wastrel!”

Karen wantonly abused the immobile William and vented all the anger hidden in her dark personality over the years.

But she didn’t notice that William’s little finger moved slightly twice.

Meanwhile, Lucas, who had been keeping close tabs on the news, finally got the information he wanted.. “Lucas, we’ve found that there’s indeed a problem with the family of the driver who caused the accident!”

Chapter 509: Asking For Clues

The phone call was from Jordan, who quickly explained what he had discovered.

The driver who had hit William two days ago was named Craig Valis. After losing control of his car and hitting William, he died in another tragic car accident nearby.

Of course, Lucas suspected that this was very likely not purely an accident, and the information Jordan had found out proved this.
Craig’s wife and daughter had suddenly vanished from their apartment the day before the accident.

So over the past two days, Jordan had targeted his investigation here to get a clear explanation from Craig’s wife and daughter.

Now, he finally found their whereabouts.

“Lucas, do you need me to go bring these two people back so that you can question them? Their hiding place is nearby. It’s a private house near the outskirts of the city,” Jordan said.

Craig wasn’t very old, so Lucas reckoned that his daughter must be rather young. If they suddenly brought them over, they might frighten them.

Luca thought about it and said, “Let’s go over together.”

“Yes!” Jordan naturally acknowledged.

Soon, Jordan drove to Lucas’s side, picked him up, and then went to a somewhat chaotic area where low-income people lived.

It was a shabby district with lots of disorderly and short buildings, narrow and dirty alleys, and many miserable-looking people.

During the journey, Jordan said to Lucas, “Lucas, Craig’s wife is named Sarah, and their daughter is now six years old. Due to time constraints, we haven’t found much detailed information. We only know that the place they’re living now is allegedly a residence belonging to a distant relative of theirs.”

Lucas nodded slightly.

He suspected that someone had instigated Craig, but he couldn’t be convicted now.

So he came here today to ask about this.

The alleys here were extremely narrow and cramped, and cars couldn’t even fit inside.

Lucas and Jordan got out of the car and walked in.

Perhaps because there was a large number of low-income residents here, the walls on both sides of the alley were full of all kinds of miscellaneous objects, making it difficult to walk.

Lucas followed Jordan all the way to a small house in front of the deep alley.

This was basically the innermost part of the alley, which was even shabbier and more dilapidated than the streets outside, and there were no pedestrians.

In front of the small house were a wood pony and a pale-faced girl sitting on it, staring at the sky with a blank expression.

For some reason, Lucas’s heart suddenly wrenched up when he saw the crestfallen expression on the face of the little girl who should have been full of vitality.

The little girl noticed the movements here. As soon as she saw the two strange men approaching, a trace of panic immediately appeared on her face, and she leaped off the small pony in a flustered manner and ran toward the door at the back.

They could clearly tell that she wasn’t in good health. Not only was she gaunt, but she almost fell onto the ground after just running a couple of steps.

Jordan raised his brows and pointed at the house the little girl ran into. He said with a trace of surprise on his face, “What a coincidence. The Sarah we’re looking for is living in this house.”

Lucas didn’t say anything and only signaled Jordan to go over and knock on the door.

Jordan walked to the half-hidden door and was about to knock on it when the door suddenly opened from the inside to reveal a middle-aged woman in her fifties.

Looking at the two strangers outside the door, she immediately became vigilant and grabbed the door frame warily. She asked in a deep voice, “Who are you?”

Jordan smiled. “Ma’am, we’re here to see Sarah.”

When the middle-aged woman heard the name ‘Sarah’, a trace of panic flashed across her face, and she quickly said, “You’ve come to the wrong place. There’s no one here named Sarah.”

Then she wanted to close the door.

But her speed was naturally no match for that of Jordan, who had extremely quick reflexes. As soon as she moved her hand, he immediately grabbed the door frame, making it impossible for her to close it.

“You… what are you doing? I… I’m warning you. This is my home. If you dare to trespass and get up to anything funny, I’ll definitely sue you! If you dare to do anything in broad daylight, as long as I shout, someone will immediately come here and grab you! Hurry up and leave!” The middle-aged woman was obviously panicking, but she still pretended to be calm and threatened him.

Jordan grinned. “Ma’am, we’re not crooks. We’re here to look for Sarah. We just have some questions for her. We won’t do anything bad, so rest assured!”

Although Jordan usually had a roguish smile, he now wanted to get into the good books of this middle-aged woman to reduce her vigilance, so he smiled obediently.

The middle-aged woman was a bit skeptical, but she was still clutching the door frame tightly, not daring to let anyone in.

Lucas walked over and handed a stack of bills from his pocket to the middle-aged woman. “Ma’am, we really don’t mean any harm. We just want to ask Sarah some questions. Please ask her to come out.”

Jordan had casually taken this stack of bills from the car just now, and it happened to come in handy now.

There were around 50 bills.

The middle-aged woman’s eyes were immediately glued to the stack of bills.

Most people living in such a shabby place were struggling to make ends meet and earned meager wages. This stack of bills was worth about a thousand dollars, enough to cover a few months’ worth of living expenses for the woman.

All that was required of her was to ask someone to come out. It was really effortless.

For people used to being poor, such a temptation was really difficult to resist.

Thus, after being conflicted for a while, the middle-aged woman finally opened the door, reached out to accept the money, and said with some slight embarrassment, “Ah, you are so polite. It’s just a small favor. You’re being too kind, haha.”

After smiling, she yelled inside, “Sarah, come out!”

Two seconds later, a female voice sounded inside the house, “Aunt, you called me? Wait a minute. I’ll be right out!”

After about eight seconds, a woman in her thirties came out from behind the rusty iron door. She was wiping the water and foam on her hands against her apron. She seemed to have been washing clothes.

“Aunt, what’s wrong?” the woman asked in bewilderment.

After receiving the money, the middle-aged woman became much more enthusiastic. She pointed at Lucas and Jordan and said with a cheerful grin, “These two people are here to look for you. They said that they have questions for you.”

Sarah finally saw the two tall men standing behind the middle-aged woman. She immediately panicked and waved her hands. “I… I don’t know them, and I have nothing to say to them! I… I don’t know what they want to ask either. I still have lots to do, so I’ll get going now!”

Seeming terribly frightened, she immediately turned around, wanting to go back inside.

But the next instant, Jordan suddenly appeared behind her and blocked her from going back into the house..

Chapter 510: Don’t Want Any Compensation

Sarah immediately appeared horrified as she took two steps back. “You… what are you trying to do?”

Jordan grinned. “We just need to ask you a few questions. Why are you so scared?”

“I-I don’t know anything. Don’t ask me!” Sarah said right away.

“Haha.” Jordan chuckled. “We haven’t asked you anything yet, but you’re already saying that you don’t know. In that case, I guess you must know what we want to ask about, right?”

Sarah was just an ordinary housewife. Hearing what he said, she instantly panicked and was at a complete loss for words. She could only pinch her fingers.

But Jordan and Lucas didn’t urge her any further and instead just looked at her quietly.

The atmosphere became rather tense all of a sudden.

The middle-aged woman couldn’t stand it any longer either. She could tell that Jordan and Lucas really seemed to have no evil intentions and merely wanted to ask Sarah some questions.

“Sarah, they just want to ask you a few questions, or else they wouldn’t have come all the way here. Just tell them what you know,” she said.

Sarah stayed silent for a long time before finally lowering her head.

Since they had found her within such a short time even though she had moved to such a shabby place, she figured that she wouldn’t be able to escape even if she tried to.

Moreover, she also roughly guessed what they wanted to ask her about, for she knew that this day would come sooner or later.

After a long time, she said quietly, “Okay, since you want to know, come inside. I’ll tell you everything.”

Then she walked toward the door of the house. Jordan, who had been stopping her at the door, moved aside and let her in before following Lucas in.

The middle-aged woman sighed and didn’t follow them. Instead, she stood outside.

The house was small, gloomy, and narrow, with only a tiny room that doubled as a living room and bedroom. The little girl who had just run in from outside was sitting on a stool against the wall.

Seeing these two strangers, she subconsciously huddled up, revealing only half of her pale little face.

Lucas’s heart softened when he looked at her.

Sarah said softly to the terrified little girl, “Chloe, don’t be afraid. These two men aren’t bad guys.”

The little girl was a lot more relieved, and she sat on the stool quietly. She was so obedient that it was heartbreaking.

After they all entered, Lucas cut straight to the chase. “Two days ago, your husband ran his car into my father-in-law before his fatal car accident. My father-in-law is now lying unconscious in the hospital, and the doctor said that he’s very likely to become a vegetable and never wake up again. I’d like to ask if you’re aware of this matter.”

Sarah immediately clenched her fists.

She was feeling extremely conflicted, and she eventually knelt on the ground.

“I… I don’t know how to explain this, but we… we really don’t have money to pay for your medical expenses. I’m sorry!”

She burst into tears uncontrollably, and large drops of tears rolled down her eyes and hit the floor.

Seeing her mother kneeling on the ground, the little girl next to her began to bawl loudly. She was terrified as she stumbled over to hug her mother.

“Mommy, Mommy…” The little girl didn’t know what was going on, so she simply hugged Sarah’s legs tightly in panic and burst into tears.

Sarah pulled the thin and feeble girl into her arms as tears streamed down incessantly.

“I really don’t know how to apologize to you, but my daughter has cancer, and we can’t afford such expensive medical expenses. Chloe’s condition is getting worse and worse. We really have no way out!

“Just a few days ago, someone found my husband and instructed him to run over someone for fifty thousand dollars. We were very reluctant at first, but we really had no other way. Chloe’s treatment can no longer be delayed, and we really can’t bear to see our obedient and sensible daughter passing away just like that…

“But this is murder after all. I persuaded my husband not to do it, but he also had serious lung cancer. His cancer cells had metastasized and spread. He said that since he couldn’t live for long anyway, he might as well use his life in return for Chloe’s medical expenses!

“So… so my husband accepted the offer. I-I’m really sorry for what happened to your father-in-law! But we really don’t have any more money to compensate you. The fifty thousand is for saving Chloe’s life. I beg you not to take it away… I… I know that we’ve let you down, and if possible, I can give you my life to compensate for it. I just hope you can let Chloe live!”

Sarah’s miserable crying was heartbreaking.

In particular, she said at the end that she was willing to compensate with her own life in hopes that her daughter could be saved. This was really heartbreaking and admirable.

From Sarah’s words, Lucas finally determined that William’s car accident was not an accident but a premeditated act.

Moreover, he also learned that the reason Craig had tried to kill someone in such a tragic way where he died was that he had been terminally ill and wouldn’t live long. So he wanted to use his own life in exchange for money that could sustain his daughter’s life.

He had just seen outside that the five or six-year-old girl in front of him was indeed extremely thin and weak, clearly very unwell.

Looking at their clothes and the environment they lived in, Lucas could see that they were indeed living on a very tight budget. For an ordinary family, a seriously ill person could destroy the entire family, let alone this poor family where two people were seriously ill at the same time.

In that case, it seemed understandable that they decided to use this way in exchange for money in a desperate attempt for their daughter’s treatment.

Lucas’s mood became extremely complicated at this moment.

He had come to investigate the reason behind William’s car accident. Craig had hit William with his car and made him almost a vegetable. From now on, he would probably be lying in bed for the rest of his life, never to wake up again.

His wife, Cheyenne, was very sad that her father had suddenly suffered such misfortune.

So after learning that Craig had deliberately tried to run over William because he had accepted money from someone who had instigated him to do so, Lucas should have hated such people who lost their bottom line for money.

But he couldn’t develop any hatred when he looked at the weeping woman and the sick and vulnerable little girl. Instead, he felt really upset.

Although Craig was the culprit who had injured William, Lucas still had to admit that Craig was indeed a good father who deserved respect.

But this didn’t completely absolve him of his sins.

Craig had long since died in the car accident that day, and Lucas could no longer hold him responsible. But he wouldn’t put this responsibility and sins on the poor orphan and widowed mother in front of him.

The one he should hold responsible was the one who had paid Craig 50 thousand dollars and instigated him to kill!

This person was the true culprit behind this plot, and Lucas swore that he would find out their identity.

He looked at the mother and daughter who were hugging and bawling in front of him and sighed. “Ma’am, please get up. I’m not here to ask you for compensation, and I can also help with your daughter’s medical expenses.”

Sarah suddenly raised her head in shock, unable to believe what she just heard! “What… what did you just say?”
Karen,your days are numbered
You will soon expire from this world sooner


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Chapter 1371 King of DC​

Eric glared at Rayson, wanting nothing more than to kill him immediately. "Rayson Williams, you… you bastard! Derek had already promised to compensate the Bransons with all of the Piers' businesses, but you suddenly shot and killed him. What will happen to the compensation he wanted to give the Bransons? You have to give me an explanation, or else the Williams won't have a good time!"

Rayson sneered. "Eric Branson, don't treat us as fools. Don't think we'll let you fool us!

"Before you came here, Derek and the Piers were already under Mr. Gray's control. Everything that belongs to the Piers is already in Mr. Gray's pocket. What right do you have to snatch them?

"Let me tell you, I deliberately killed Derek. I couldn't let him sign and hand those things over to a sly old fox like you!"

When Eric heard this, his mouth was about to twist from anger. "Rayson Williams, you bastard, you're simply tired of living!"

"Hmph, you're the one who's tired of living!" Rayson retorted.

Then he turned to Lucas and immediately put on a fawning look. "Um… Mr. Gray, I know I made a mistake today. I shouldn't have listened to Jensen Hamilton and done something wrong. I hope you can spare me this time on account that I've repented and killed Derek Piers to atone for my crimes!

"I promise that I won't dare to do such a thing again in the future. I will never dare to have such thoughts again!"

Hearing this, everyone suddenly understood why Rayson had suddenly killed Derek. He had changed his stance and wanted to show his allegiance to Lucas!

But the expression on Lucas's face didn't change. Immediately after Rayson killed Derek, he already knew that the fence sitter Rayson had regretted it and was afraid. This was why he couldn't wait to express his loyalty to him.

Lucas naturally despised Rayson's behavior.

But Lucas took a deep look at Rayson and didn't flare up at him. Instead, he nodded and said, "Then, I'll give you one last chance. I hope you can cherish it."

His words contained a strong warning and a deep meaning.

Rayson only heard that Lucas was planning to let him off. He was immediately overjoyed and hurriedly said, "Thank you, Mr. Gray! I will definitely cherish the opportunity you gave me. Don't worry. I will never disappoint you again!"

Thus, the situation in the field changed again in an extremely short period of time.

Originally, the Williams, the Steeles, and the Piers had been fighting against Lucas's group. But now, A great fear pressed down on Greg, making his entire body turn extremely cold and tremble.

"Rayson Williams, you… We're allies. Do you know what you're doing? H-how could you kill Derek Derek was dead, and the Williams had switched sides. The only one left was Greg and the Steeles.

At this moment, Greg's expression was extremely gloomy.

He had originally thought that even if the alliance of the three families was no match for Lucas, they could at least gather their strength and escape from DC. Then, they could find an opportunity to make a comeback and return to DC to take back everything they had lost.

But now, the plan had been ruined, and even leaving this place alive had become an extravagant hope for Greg.

A great fear pressed down on Greg, making his entire body turn extremely cold and tremble.

"Rayson Williams, you… We're allies. Do you know what you're doing? H-how could you kill Derek and submit to this punk Lucas Gray?" Greg roared angrily while pointing at Rayson with a trembling hand.

Rayson said nonchalantly, "I was originally on Mr. Gray's side. I was just bewitched by you for a while and took the wrong path. Now that I've returned to my original path, why can't I stand on Mr. Gray's side again?

"On the contrary, Mr. Steele, you should recognize the situation as soon as possible and stop going against Mr. Gray. Otherwise, wouldn't it be very pitiful for your corpse to be exposed in the wilderness at your age?"

Greg was so angry at Rayson that he was trembling and could barely speak.

As for Rayson, he ignored him and looked at Lucas. Suddenly, he said loudly, "Mr. Gray is well-versed in literary and martial arts. He's an outstanding hero, and he should become the overlord of DC!

"I, Rayson Williams, hereby swear that the Williams family is willing to be loyal to Mr. Gray and revere him as the King of DC!"

Rayson used the loudest voice he had ever used in his life to shout the last sentence. His voice spread far and wide, instantly shocking many people present.

Rayson was a smart person. He knew that Lucas was very strong and that he had chosen the wrong path. Thus, he tried his best to perform in front of Lucas to make him happy. This was why he suddenly thought of this idea.

The nine royal family branches had always stood at the top of the US.

And in DC, the eight top families of DC collectively ruled the city, but there had never been such a thing as the King of DC.

And now, Rayson publicly nominated Lucas as the King of DC, making him the most supreme person in DC!

In the past, if someone wanted to surpass the eight top families and become the King of DC, everyone would definitely resist this person.

But the situation was different now. Lucas had already obtained the support of the

Howards, the Smiths, and the Huttons, three of the eight top families in DC. Now, the Williams had also submitted to Lucas, the Piers' helmsman had died, and the Waltons had left DC, leaving only the Steeles and the Bransons.

Therefore, Rayson's proposal to make Lucas the King of DC was not empty talk. It was just the right amount of flattery, and it could allow Lucas to really obtain this supreme position!

This way, Lucas probably wouldn't hold it against him for joining forces with the Piers and the Steeles to deal with him!

The King of DC. Everyone present was extremely shocked by this title.

This was definitely not a simple title. Since it was a king, would there be a king who would be able to stand shoulder to shoulder with the nine royal family branches in the future?

Oscar was vexed. Why didn't he seize such a good opportunity to curry favor? Instead, the cunning Rayson spoke first.

No, he couldn't lose to anyone else!

With this thought in mind, Oscar knelt on one knee and shouted, "I, Oscar Smith, represent the Smith family in DC to wish that Mr. Lucas Gray will be the King of DC and will follow you forever!"

Not to be outdone, Pete knelt on one knee and shouted, "I, Pete Howard, represent the Howard family in DC to wish that Mr. Lucas Gray will be the King of DC and will follow you forever!"

Roman also knelt on one knee and said solemnly, "I, Roman Everett, represent the Hutton family in DC to wish that Mr. Lucas Gray will be the King of DC and will follow you forever!"

"I, Bruce Hale, represent the Hale family in DC to wish that Mr. Lucas Gray will be the King of DC and will follow you forever!"

"I, Damon Parker, represent the Parker family in DC to wish that Mr. Lucas Gray will be the

King of DC and will follow you forever!"

"I, Edmund Cole, represent the Cole family in DC to wish that Mr. Lucas Gray will be the King of DC and will follow you forever!"

"I, Jonah Fuller, represent the Fuller family in DC to wish that Mr. Lucas Gray will be the King of DC and will follow you forever!"

Instantly, four of the eight top families of DC knelt on one knee in front of Lucas and bowed their heads, willing to acknowledge him as the ruler of DC.

Edmund, Damon, and Bruce, who had already submitted to Lucas a long time ago, roared with excitement while kneeling on one knee.

Everyone behind them knelt on the ground and looked at Lucas fervently.

This scene was extremely shocking!

At the same time, Eric's and Greg's faces turned even paler!

Chapter 1372: The Arnault Family​

Now, four of the eight top families in DC had submitted to Lucas and wanted to revere him as the King of DC. Other than these four families who had submitted, the Piers had basically been destroyed, and the Waltons had left DC. Only the helmsman of the Steeles and the Bransons were still here.

It was obvious that the Steeles were already in Lucas’s pocket. At this moment, it was impossible for either the Steeles or the Bransons to cause any changes to the current situation.

If Lucas really acknowledged the loyalty of these families and became the King of DC, no matter how unwilling they were, there was absolutely nothing they could do to stop him.

Lucas looked at the people kneeling on the ground in front of him and was rather surprised.

To be honest, he had never thought of becoming the King of DC.!!

If he really had such thoughts, he would have been able to take down all eight top families in DC on his own when he first came to the city, and he would have long become the overlord.

Besides, if Lucas was really someone who enjoyed high positions of power, he wouldn’t have left his position as the head of the Falcon Regiment in Calico and started over as an ordinary person.

Lucas didn’t have much ambition. In the beginning, after leaving Calico, he had only hoped to return to his wife and daughter and make it up to them so that they wouldn’t have to worry for the rest of their lives.

Also, he had to think of a way to take back the Stardust Corporation that his mother had left for him from the Huttons. He had to make the Stardust Corporation a famous enterprise in the US and even the entire world so that his mother wouldn’t have any regrets.

But later, things developed step by step until now. It made Lucas feel a little helpless.

He wanted to live a peaceful life, but there were always people jumping out one after another, constantly disturbing his life.

Just as Lucas shook his head helplessly, Eric said indignantly, “Lucas Gray, you’re indeed ambitious. You’re just an illegitimate child of the Huttons, yet you want to dominate the capital. You’re simply looking down on the Bransons!”

Lucas glanced at Eric indifferently.

Eric had only brought a few bodyguards with him, but he dared to come here and even wanted to snatch the Piers’ businesses from him. Such a person definitely had backing.

He just didn’t know who the force behind the Bransons was.

“Hey… who’s pushing me?”

“What’s going on? Why is it suddenly crowded?”

At this moment, there was a commotion in the surrounding crowd.

Some people were suddenly pushed away. Then an old man with a wrinkled face but looked very energetic walked in from behind the crowd under the protection of more than ten bodyguards.

This old man should be very old, at least in his seventies. His face was full of wrinkles, indicating that he had experienced many years of hardship. But his face was rosy, and he looked very prudent. His hair was already snow-white and was combed meticulously behind his head. He was wearing a black suit and exuded a noble and dignified aura.

“You’re finally here, Mr. Arnault!” Upon seeing the old man, Eric was the first to welcome him with a smile. At the same time, he gave Lucas a provocative smile.

Heh, Lucas Gray is actually delusional enough to want to be the King of DC!

Is he even worthy?

The old man who came now was Jeffrey Arnault, the helmsman of the Arnault family, a mysterious and powerful family on par with the eight top families or possibly even stronger, but had never participated in their disputes and had never cared for the title!

As long as Jeffrey Arnault and the Arnaults were around, Lucas could forget about becoming the King of DC!

Lucas narrowed his eyes and looked at Jeffrey, whom he had never met before.

Although Jeffrey was very old, he was not a trembling old man. Instead, he had a straight back, bright eyes, and an extremely energetic appearance.

Furthermore, looking at Jeffrey’s slightly bulging temples and his walking posture, Lucas could tell at a glance that he was also a martial arts practitioner. Furthermore, he had practiced martial arts for decades.

It seemed that Jeffrey was indeed an extraordinary figure.

“It’s really Jeffrey Arnault, the Arnaults’ helmsman! Hasn’t he not appeared for a long time?

Why did he suddenly appear at this time?”

“I didn’t expect Jeffrey Arnault to appear! But now that he’s here, I wonder what he’s planning…’

When Pete, Oscar, and the other temporary leaders of the eight top families in DC saw Jeffrey, their expressions changed drastically, and their eyes revealed solemnity.

Jeffrey suddenly appeared at this time. It was hard to say whether he was a friend or foe!

Jeffrey walked unhurriedly until he reached Eric’s side. He casually glanced at the two thousand people around him and asked, “I just heard that someone wants to be the King of DC?”

As soon as he said this, many people immediately felt that something was amiss.

Jeffrey’s first sentence was like a question. It was obvious that he didn’t intend to stand on Lucas’s side.

Eric hurriedly bowed and said, “You came at the right time, Mr. Arnault! Just now, there was indeed someone who was brazen enough to want to be the King of DC and control the entire city in his own hands. He didn’t even look at whether he was worthy or not!

Fortunately, Mr. Arnault, you’re here. Someone’s wishful thinking is going to fail!”

Jeffrey sneered. “Someone wants to be the King of DC? Hehe, I want to see who has the guts!”

His attitude was extremely arrogant. His eyes swept across Lucas, but he didn’t take him seriously at all. It was as though Lucas was just an insignificant person.

He was just a boy who was still wet behind the ears, but he actually dared to want to be the King of DC. It was simply ridiculous!

“How dare you! How dare you talk to Mr. Gray like that? Who do you think you are?” Kenneth immediately stepped forward and shouted at him angrily upon hearing Jeffrey’s rude words to Lucas.

Jeffrey’s eyes turned to Kenneth, and a strong killing intent flashed in his eyes. “Another young brat. If you want to die, I can fulfill your wish now!”

He was a martial arts practitioner. His words were full of killing intent that was like a knife. In an instant, Kenneth’s face turned pale, his mind buzzed, and he could barely stand.

Eric smiled smugly. “Hehe, he actually dared to offend you, Mr. Arnault. He’s simply courting death! ”

He looked at Lucas, his face complacent after his backer came. “Lucas Gray, weren’t you very arrogant just now? Do you really think that all of DC is yours? Pfft! With Mr. Arnault here, you’re nothing more than a clown. Let’s see how you can still act so proud!”

Lucas frowned slightly.

Eric kept targeting him, and his smug face was completely different from his previous humble appearance..

Chapter 1373: Puppet​

Speaking of which, it was really funny. Lucas had never thought about being the King of DC. He hadn’t agreed to become the king just now, but Eric kept saying it as if Lucas was scheming to become the King of DC.

If Lucas really cared about power and prestige, he would have stayed in Calico. He had been the majestic commander of the southern territory and the leader of the Falcon Regiment. He had been an existence that was on par with the helmsmen of the royal family branches. Why would he come here and inexplicably become the King of DC?

Furthermore, the status of the four commanders of the four territories was even nobler than the status of the helmsmen of the nine royal family branches. They had millions of soldiers in their hands. Even royal families wouldn’t dare to be arrogant in front of him!

Eric had used his own tolerance to speculate about Lucas maliciously. It had to be said that it was extremely childish and laughable.

There was no point in talking with ignorant people. Lucas couldn’t be bothered to pay attention to a despicable person like Eric.!!

However, if it was just the Bransons and the Arnaults, they probably wouldn’t dare to openly confront Lucas, who had already obtained the support of several top families.

That was unless Eric and Jeffrey had another force supporting them.

As for which force it was, Lucas wasn’t sure. He only knew that other than people from the royal family branches, probably only some important figures in the four territories would dare to do so.

“Mr. Branson, I don’t dare to compete with you for the title of a clown.” Lucas smiled faintly, but what he said made Eric so angry that he almost vomited blood. He was clearly saying that Eric was the clown!

Eric glared at Lucas and shouted angrily, “Lucas Gray! You’re already on the brink of death, yet you still dare to be so arrogant! Do you know who I am?”

Lucas smiled playfully. “Who are you? You’re just a puppet under someone’s control. Do you think you’re some big shot?”

“You!” Eric was almost angered to death by Lucas.

Lucas actually dared to say that he was just a puppet. He simply didn’t take him seriously at all!

He would definitely seek revenge on Lucas for this ridicule!

“You sharp-tongued punk! Just you wait! Your death is imminent!”

Lucas said coldly and disdainfully, “There are quite a number of people who have said the same thing to me before. Unfortunately, they all died before me. Mr. Branson, you should be more careful and pray that a puppet like you can live longer!”

“You!” Eric wished he could immediately get someone to tear Lucas’s mouth apart. But he knew that Lucas was not someone to be trifled with. Furthermore, he only had three bodyguards with him. He didn’t dare to get anyone to make a move on Lucas at this moment.

“Are you Lucas Gray?” Jeffrey’s voice suddenly sounded.

He looked at Lucas with a gloomy expression, his eyes filled with killing intent.

Lucas glanced at Jeffrey and smiled. “That’s right. I’m Lucas Gray. How may I help you, Mr. Arnault?”

He didn’t believe that Jeffrey didn’t know his identity. It was just that Jeffrey looked down on him and didn’t take him seriously at all. Now that he saw Eric almost go crazy after Lucas mocked him with just a few words, Jeffrey deliberately acted as if he had just seen him.

In the end, he was just an arrogant and hypocritical person.

“It’s not a good thing for young people to be too domineering. Moreover, DC isn’t something that an illegitimate child can covet!”

Standing proudly in front of Lucas, Jeffrey warned in a cold voice, “Leave DC with your people today, and I will pretend that nothing has happened today and spare the families following you!

“In addition, kneel on the ground, prostrate to me while begging for mercy, and take out five billion dollars, and I’ll spare your life!”

Lucas tilted his head playfully. “Prostrate and beg for mercy? Five billion dollars?”

Jeffrey narrowed his eyes and said threateningly, “That’s right. Five billion. Buying your life with money is a good deal, isn’t it?”

Lucas raised his eyebrows. “Oh? Since it’s such a good deal, then I’ll give you this good deal. I’ll give you five billion dollars to buy your life!”

Everyone present was stunned!

They didn’t expect Jeffrey to tell Lucas to leave DC immediately. He even wanted Lucas to give him five billion dollars to buy his life.

But Jeffrey was the helmsman of the mysterious and powerful Arnaults, who were on par with the eight top families in DC or even stronger. Since he dared to threaten Lucas like this, he definitely had enough confidence.

What shocked everyone even more was that not only was Lucas not afraid of Jeffrey, but he even said that he wanted to buy Jeffrey’s life for five billion dollars!

This was simply slapping Jeffrey in the face. He didn’t take him seriously at all! “Punk, you sure are reckless! You have to know that it’s been many years since anyone dared to speak to me like that!” Jeffrey’s expression darkened, and his eyes were brimming with killing intent. He wished he could kill Lucas immediately.

Eric also looked at Lucas coldly, gnashing his teeth.

He had always known that Lucas was a bold person, but he didn’t expect him to be so bold in front of Jeffrey. He was courting death!

Suddenly, Greg let out a mournful cry, ran to Jeffrey, and begged loudly, “Mr. Arnault! Lucas Gray is really too arrogant and domineering! When he first arrived in the capital, he killed my grandson and even tried to snatch the Steeles’ wealth. He’s too tyrannical! You must stand up for the Steeles!”

Greg had been unhappy with Lucas for a long time. Not long after Lucas arrived in the capital, he had killed his grandson Godfrey in an entertainment club. Later, Greg had driven Alexander and Ashley out of the Steele family, but Lucas had taken them in, deliberately going against him.

Back then, if not for the Howards, the Smiths, and the Huttons going to the Steeles to threaten them not to lay a hand on Lucas, Greg would have already torn Lucas into pieces!

Greg had thought that he had no chance to take revenge, but now, Eric and Jeffrey’s arrival gave him hope again.

At this moment, he naturally had to stand firmly on Jeffrey’s side and use him to eliminate Lucas completely!

Jeffrey looked at Greg coldly. He’s so old but still so useless. He can’t even deal with a punk who killed his grandson.

“Greg Steele, don’t worry. I’ll avenge your grandson. As long as I, Jeffrey Arnault, am here, no one can do whatever they want in DC!”

Then Jeffrey looked coldly at the people standing beside Lucas.

“Rayson Williams, as well as the juniors who have temporarily taken leadership of the Howards, the Smiths, and the Huttons, are you sure you want to stand on Lucas Gray’s side and die with him?

“Now, I will give you a chance to turn over a new leaf. If you abandon the dark to join the light and sever ties with Lucas Gray, I can pretend that nothing has happened today. Moreover, I guarantee that I won’t lay a hand on your families.

“However, if you continue to be stubborn and insist on courting death, then today will be the day you and your families are destroyed!”

Jeffrey’s domineering voice resounded in everyone’s ears.

Instantly, the expressions of Rayson, Pete, Roman, Oscar, and the others changed!

Jeffrey was forcing them to choose a side!

1374 Choosing a Side​

Rayson, Pete, Roman, and Oscar had all grown up in DC or lived here for decades. Although they admired Lucas’s methods and abilities, as people of DC, they were even more afraid of Jeffrey!

At this moment, Jeffrey was clearly going to fight Lucas, and he wanted them to choose a side.

Be it Lucas or Jeffrey, these two were not people they could afford to offend!

And no matter which side they chose, they would definitely face the attack and retaliation of the other side.!!

It was too difficult of a decision to make!

They looked at each other and then at Lucas and Jeffrey, their expressions extremely conflicted.

Lucas stood still without saying anything. He didn’t offer any conditions to keep them or threaten them.

He wanted to see what would happen under Jeffrey’s threat.

After all, only at the most critical moment could one clearly see what kind of person a person was.

Jeffrey’s words caused the scene to fall into dead silence.

But within a few seconds, a middle-aged man immediately squeezed out from behind the

Howards’ position. He stood in front of the Howards and said loudly, “I don’t agree to the Howards continuing to stand with Lucas Gray! Lucas Gray is just the husband of an illegitimate daughter of the Howards. What right does he have to dictate the Howards’ matters?”

The person who stood up to speak was none other than Samuel, who had lost his power and position in the Howard family for a long time and was also Florence’s cousin!

Back then, Samuel had been bent on obtaining the position of the Howards’ helmsman and had even wanted to collude with outsiders to kill Lucas and Florence. In the end, the position of helmsman had actually fallen to Florence after the death of Felix, the former helmsman, and Samuel had completely lost his power.

Even this time, after Florence was seriously injured and hospitalized, the Howards didn’t choose Samuel to be the temporary leader. Instead, they chose Pete, a junior.

All of this made Samuel extremely indignant. Moreover, he had lost the position of successor because of Lucas. He had long hated him to the core. Now that he had an opportunity, he could no longer hold it in and immediately stepped out to oppose him.

Pete frowned. “Uncle Samuel, I’m the temporary leader of the Howards now. It’s not up to you to make decisions!”

Samuel looked at Pete mockingly. “You? Pete, who do you think you are? You’re just someone who was temporarily chosen to lead for a few days! I, Samuel Howard, was the successor personally appointed by the former helmsman!

“If it wasn’t for that bitch Florence finding Lucas Gray and deliberately angering my father to death and then using sinister and vicious methods to snatch away the position of helmsman, I should be the helmsman of the Howards now!

“And you have no right to speak to me like that!”

With that, Samuel didn’t bother to look at Pete anymore. He turned around and shouted at the Howards behind him, “Everyone, are you going to watch helplessly as the Howard family is led by a woman? And now, you still have to listen to the orders of a child who is leading the Howards to ruin.

“I, Samuel Howard, refuse to accept Florence Howard and this child who’s temporarily representing the Howards. I’m even more dissatisfied with Lucas Gray!

“If anyone wants to leave with me, walk forward and stand by my side! We are the orthodox lineage of the Howards, and we must lead the Howards to glory!”

What Samuel said at this moment was extremely inflammatory.

There were already many Howards who were very dissatisfied with Florence’s promotion. After all, the Howards were one of the eight top families in DC. For such a family to have a woman as the helmsman was unprecedented. It also made many Howards feel that they were a head shorter than others when they went out. They felt that many people were laughing at the uselessness of the men of the Howards. Otherwise, they wouldn’t have let a woman become the helmsman.

And now, Florence was lying in the hospital with serious injuries. Moreover, it was said that she had offended the Hamiltons, one of the US royal family branches. Now, the Howards were facing such a predicament, and if things went wrong, the Howards might really be destroyed!

Coupled with Jeffrey’s threats just now, everyone was already wavering and anxious. After Samuel stepped forward, many Howards realized that there was another path for them to take and that there was another person who could be their leader!

And what Samuel said wasn’t wrong. He had been the successor who the former helmsman had settled on. If not for Florence and Lucas, the current helmsman of the Howards should have been Samuel!

In an instant, under Samuel’s call, many people who had long had their own thoughts stepped forward without hesitation and stood behind him.

In just a minute, almost half of the Howards and their subordinates were already standing behind Samuel.

Among the remaining people, there were many who were wavering. When they saw that Samuel had so much support, they immediately stopped hesitating, gritted their teeth, and walked out to stand behind Samuel.

In this way, 90% of the 400-odd people from the Howards were already standing behind Samuel and chose to oppose Lucas.

There were only around 40 people still standing behind Pete!

The situation had changed drastically in an instant!

The families that followed Lucas were naturally very angry at the betrayal of most of the Howards. At the same time, they began to worry.

Could their alliance really stand firm?

Now, Lucas had basically lost the Howards!

As for the remaining people, could they still persevere and fight against the Arnaults, the Bransons, the Steeles, and the Howards?

Jeffrey was in a good mood. He looked at Samuel with appreciation before looking at Lucas smugly. Then his expression suddenly turned cold as he shouted sternly, “The Howards have made the right choice. The Smiths and the Huttons, are you still going to be stubborn and continue to go against us?

Instantly, Oscar and Roman were shocked by his shout, and they started trembling.

Jeffrey’s aura was too strong, making the two of them feel a little overwhelmed.

At the same time, they recalled some of the rumors about the Arnaults. They couldn’t help feeling even more afraid, and their faces turned pale.

As for Rayson, beads of cold sweat kept dripping down his face, and he was anxious and terrified.

Just now, Jeffrey had only asked the Smiths and the Huttons for their intentions, but he hadn’t asked him at all.

What does this mean?

Could Jeffrey Arnault have already given up on me, thinking that I’m one of Lucas Grays people? Or is he too lazy to ask me and recruit me?

Then, what should I do now? Where should the Williams stand?

The more Rayson thought about it, the more terrified he became.

He had originally been on the side of the Piers and the Steeles and had made up his mind to fight against Lucas. But later, when Lucas led so many people to surround this place, Rayson had immediately switched sides out of fear and regained Lucas’s trust by killing Derek.

But now, seeing that Jeffrey’s side was stronger and that Lucas’s side was already in disarray and he might be defeated soon, should Rayson still bring the Williams with him to follow Lucas? Wouldn’t that be courting death?

Now, what should he do?

1375 The Huttons’ Betrayal​

At that moment, the families on Lucas’s side felt immense pressure.

Damon, Bruce, Edmund, and the others all had solemn expressions.

None of them expected that the Arnaults would be so powerful and domineering!

Lucas looked at Jeffrey with interest.!!

Speaking of which, Lucas had never inquired about the Arnaults before.

After all, Lucas didn’t have much interest in the matters between top forces. As long as they didn’t provoke him, he usually couldn’t be bothered with them.

Therefore, Lucas hadn’t sent people to investigate the Bransons and Arnaults, who had always been low-profile and hadn’t caused trouble for him.

But now, Jeffrey was clearly not a simple person. Moreover, the eight top families in DC were so afraid of him. It was obvious that there was something about Jeffrey that Lucas didn’t know yet.

But no matter who Jeffrey was, Lucas wouldn’t be afraid of him, let alone be defeated by him!

Roman suddenly stepped forward and shouted righteously, “Jeffrey Arnault, do you really think that we’re afraid of you? We’re not spineless like Samuel Howard! Don’t even think about making us betray Mr. Gray!”

He was the illegitimate son of Collin, Michael’s elder brother. He was originally a minor character who would never return to the Huttons in his life. It was Lucas who had helped him. Not only did he help him return to the Huttons, but he also made him the successor of the Huttons.

Lucas had done Roman a great favor. Now that Lucas was in danger, Roman naturally couldn’t betray him at this juncture and submit to Jeffrey and go against Lucas!

Besides, Roman had always admired Lucas and knew that he was very powerful. He didn’t believe that Lucas would lose to Jeffrey, an old man in his seventies!

Jeffrey looked at Roman coldly, his eyes flashing with killing intent. “Alright! Since you don’t know what’s good for you, then I hereby announce that from today onward, the Huttons are expelled from the top eight families of DC!”

As soon as this statement came out, everyone present was shocked.

The Huttons had already been one of the eight top families in DC more than 20 years ago. But now, Jeffrey expelled them from this group with a single sentence?

This could be done?

Roman was stunned for a moment. Then he immediately sneered. “Jeffrey Arnault, do you think you’re the king and everyone has to listen to you? The Huttons are one of the eight top families of DC, and you can’t expel us just because you want to!

“In that case, I announce that the Arnaults have been kicked out of DC! Moreover, all the properties of the Arnaults belong to the Huttons. As for you, old man, you have to take out five billion dollars to buy your life! How about it? Are you convinced?”

Roman’s words were full of mockery.

It was really funny. Did Jeffrey really think that his words were a royal edict?

“Roman Everett, who do you think you are? You’re just an unpresentable illegitimate son of the Huttons. What qualifications do you have to make decisions for the Huttons?”

At this moment, another voice sounded from the Huttons’ position. Then Jace squeezed out of the crowd and stared at Roman resentfully.

Roman looked at Jace coldly. “Jace, I’m the heir designated by the Huttons. Even if you have any objections, hold them in. You have no right to speak here!”

Jace was furious. “I, Jace Hutton, am the biological son of Michael Hutton, the Huttons’ helmsman, and Huttons’ legitimate heir! Who do you think you are? You’re just like Lucas Gray, an illegitimate child who can’t see the light of day!

“You’re trash who was kicked out of the Huttons twenty years ago. Why don’t you take a look at your identity?! If not for Lucas Gray, you wouldn’t even be able to return to the Huttons, let alone be the successor!

“You want to compete with me for the position of helmsman? Do you think a bastard like you is worthy?”

Jace glowered at Roman again and then shouted at the Huttons, “Everyone, listen up. From today onward, I am the true heir of the Huttons, and I’m kicking this bastard Roman Everett out of the family. From now on, he is no longer a member of the Huttons!

“Those who are willing to follow me, step forward! Those who have a death wish, just stay there!”

All the Huttons hesitated for a moment before standing behind Jace.

Only a few dozen people who followed Roman remained.

Roman’s expression was extremely gloomy. He had thought that after all his hard work during this period of time, he was better than Jace in every aspect. Presumably, he should have already obtained the support of a portion of the Huttons. He didn’t expect these people to be so heartless. With a wave of Jace’s arm, they all ran over to him.

“Jace Hutton! My position of successor was personally appointed by the helmsman! The helmsman is still lying in the hospital, but you’re openly defying his wishes. You’re snatching the position of successor and splitting up the Huttons. Aren’t you worried that the helmsman will hold you accountable when he wakes up?” Roman said through gritted teeth.

Jace laughed complacently. “Heh, don’t use my father to pressure me! You also know that

I’m my father’s biological son. If he doesn’t hand over the position of helmsman to me, do you think he’ll hand it over to you, an illegitimate bastard? I’m the legitimate heir of the Huttons. As for you, scram!”

Roman sneered. “Alright, let’s wait for the helmsman to wake up and see how you answer to him!”

“Heh, he’s my biological father. I can explain to him however I want! You don’t have to worry about it! You should take care of yourself! Perhaps you won’t live past tonight, so why are you still worrying about something meaningless?!”

Lucas looked coldly at Jace and sneered. “It looks like I really shouldn’t have let you off so easily. I should have taught you a memorable lesson!”

Back then, Jace had thought that Lucas was Michael’s illegitimate son, so he was jealous of Lucas and went against him. Later, he had even instructed Karen to kidnap Charlotte and even colluded with the Hills to kill Lucas.

If Michael hadn’t begged Lucas to spare Jace’s life, and if Lucas hadn’t found out that he wasn’t Michael’s son, he wouldn’t have let Jace go. The grass on Jace’s grave would have grown tall by now.. How could he still jump out at this time and go against Lucas?

Chapter 1376: Critical Situation​

When Jace heard what Lucas said, he subconsciously trembled.

His fear of Lucas had already seeped deep into his bones. The moment he saw Lucas, he recalled the humiliation of kneeling in front of him and begging for mercy.

But now, he had sided with the Arnaults and had the protection of the big shot behind the Arnaults. Besides, Lucas wouldn’t be able to live for long. Why should he be afraid of a dead person?

Thinking of this, Jace regained his courage.!!

“Lucas, I don’t dare to forget what you did to me before! Just you wait. I’ll definitely repay you bit by bit! Just pray that you don’t die too early!” Jace glared venomously at Lucas. He couldn’t wait to see Lucas’s tragic state after he failed and was captured!

Lucas narrowed his eyes and took a deep look at Jace before turning away and ignoring him.

He was just a self-righteous fool. What was there to care about?

Jeffrey was very proud. In the blink of an eye, the Howards and the Huttons, who had been on Lucas’s side, had changed sides and turned to him. He wanted to see what else Lucas could do!

“What about the Smiths? What do you plan to do?”

Jeffrey looked at Oscar, the representative of the Smiths, in a good mood, his eyes threatening.

Oscar’s expression was extremely gloomy. He clenched his fists and didn’t say anything.

Speaking of which, Oscar had a deep feud with Lucas previously. Lucas had even taught him a harsh lesson and almost killed him.

But Lucas was a great benefactor to the Smiths. If not for his help, not only Oscar, but even his father, Tyson, would have died at the hands of his uncle Thomas and his cousin Vince. And he wouldn’t have his current status.

Therefore, in exchange for Lucas’s help, his father had decided to bring the entire Smith family to submit to Lucas.

Originally, they had thought that Lucas would definitely treat the Smiths’ properties as his own and wantonly embezzle their assets. Furthermore, he would treat the father and son as slaves and order them around. However, he didn’t do so.

On the contrary, because of Lucas, the Smiths cooperated with the Howards, the Huttons, and other families and obtained a lot of benefits. The family also had better development.

From this point of view, without Lucas, the Smiths wouldn’t have their current achievements, and Oscar wouldn’t have been able to live so well or even at all.

Furthermore, his father, Tyson, had warned him not to underestimate Lucas. The terror of Lucas wasn’t something people like them could understand.

Even members of the US royal family probably didn’t have the confidence to speak arrogantly in front of Lucas.

Thus, Oscar was also in awe of Lucas, and he also believed that Lucas would definitely not lose to an old man like Jeffrey!

“Jeffrey Arnault, you already have a foot in the coffin. It’s not up to you to decide who the Smiths want to follow! Just mind your own business and take care of yourself!” Oscar said without hesitation.

Saying ‘coffin’ immediately offended Jeffrey.

Jeffrey was already in his late seventies. He was indeed old. The most taboo thing to him were words that involved death.

“Hehe, punk, I’ll remember you! I hope that you still dare to say such words in front of me after tonight!” He glowered at Oscar.

A bone-chilling feeling instantly exploded in Oscar’s heart, making his face turn pale.

“Don’t be angry, Mr. Arnault! It’s not worth it to be angry with an ignorant kid!” Rayson ran to Jeffrey’s side with a flattering expression and said ingratiatingly, “The Smiths don’t know how to appreciate favors, but the Williams do! I represent the Williams to follow you and listen to your orders!”

Hearing this, everyone present immediately revealed indescribable expressions, and they all looked at Rayson with disdain.

Rayson was indeed a spineless fence sitter. He changed sides faster than anyone else. In just half an hour, he had changed sides twice, but he still acted as if nothing had happened and was trying his best to please Jeffrey.

Such a shameless person was simply a rarity in the world!

But at this moment, of the eight top families of DC, the Howards, the Huttons, and the Williams, who were originally on Lucas’s side, had all defected to Jeffrey. The only family left on Lucas’s side was the Smiths.

Without a doubt, Lucas’s forces were greatly weakened. On the other hand, the opponent was aggressive. Be it in terms of numbers or aura, they were all crushing Lucas’s side.

Other than the Piers, whose helmsman had already died; the Smiths, who stood stubbornly on Lucas’s side; and the Waltons, who had left DC, there were already five families among the eight top families standing against him.

Jeffrey was very pleased. This was his influence. With just a word from him, the forces in Lucas’s hands had collapsed, and all of them submitted to him.

Now, what else could Lucas use to fight against him?

Jeffrey wanted to see Lucas’s expression of fear and remorse or Lucas begging for mercy, but Lucas was still very calm. There was even a relaxed smile in his eyes, as if he didn’t care about the situation in front of him at all.

This made Jeffrey displeased, and it made him even more eager to see Lucas’s miserable state after his crushing defeat!

“Lucas Gray, you don’t have many people now. There are only the Smiths and a few secondtier families. You’re no longer our match! Hurry up and kneel down and beg for mercy. If your begging makes Mr. Arnault happy, he might even reward you with an intact corpse!”

Jace was the first to mock Lucas loudly.

He had long wanted to kill Lucas, but he had never been able to do so.

And now, under Jeffrey’s lead, Lucas would definitely die!

Rayson was also anxious to show his loyalty in front of Jeffrey. He hurriedly shouted, “That’s right! Lucas Gray, stop resisting stubbornly! Immediately surrender and kneel down to Mr. Arnault to beg for mercy! Otherwise, I’m afraid you’ll die a horrible death!”

“Lucas Gray, hurry up and kneel down to Mr. Arnaults!”

“Kneel down quickly! You have no way out. Just surrender quickly!”

“Hehe, he’s just a clueless young man in his twenties. He actually dares to go against so many of the eight top families and even dreams of becoming the King of DC. He is too ignorant! Those who are too arrogant can only die!”

Immediately, countless people began to point at Lucas and scold him, telling him to surrender and kneel down to beg for mercy..

Chapter 1377: The Royal Arnault Family​

Jeffrey was extremely satisfied. He looked at Lucas proudly and said, “Kid, do you know now that you’re not qualified to be the King of DC at all?”

Lucas looked at Jeffrey and suddenly smiled. “King? I’ve never thought about it. I’m a god. Why should I lower myself?”

As soon as he said this, everyone was stunned!

I’m a god. Why should I lower myself?!!

Lucas had such a big tone!

He was clearly saying that he disdained to be a king because his status was higher than a king’s!

How presumptuous!

How arrogant!

How unbelievable!

Edmund and the others, who were following Lucas under immense pressure, were instantly roused by Lucas’s seemingly arrogant words!

In particular, Edmund, who already knew Lucas’s previous identity, knew even more clearly that Lucas wasn’t spouting nonsense. Instead, it was a glaring fact!

Back in Calico, Lucas had been known as the invincible God of War!

He was absolutely worthy of the sentence ‘I’m a god’.

Previously, Lucas had been the leader of the Falcon Regiment in Calico, and his status had long surpassed everyone else’s. Even the helmsmen of the US royal family branches didn’t dare to offend him easily.

As for a mere King of DC, Lucas really didn’t take it seriously!

But Jeffrey and the people standing beside him didn’t know Lucas’s identity. They only thought that Lucas had gone crazy and spoke nonsense.

“Heh, kid, I originally thought that you had some ability. It’s common for high-spirited young men to be proud. However, I didn’t expect you to be so arrogant. You were only praised a little, but you really think that you’re invincible in the world. You even called yourself such a ridiculous word like god!” Jeffrey’s eyes were full of disappointment and mockery toward Lucas.

“I was planning to spare your life on account of your ability and make you loyal to me. But now, I realize that there’s no value in keeping you around! You can die now!”

Jeffrey very domineeringly announced Lucas’s death.

Rayson felt his hair stand on end. He had seen some of Lucas’s strength. He was afraid that Jeffrey would underestimate his enemy and allow Lucas to escape, so he hurriedly whispered in Jeffrey’s ear, “Mr. Arnault, don’t underestimate this punk! He has some strange skills. Don’t let him escape!” Jace said unhappily, “Old man, don’t flatter Lucas Gray! He does have some martial arts skills, but so what? We have so many people now. Can’t we control one person?”

Of course, Jace knew that Lucas’s martial arts skills were not just a little powerful, but extremely powerful. Even the peerless experts of the Hills, a royal family branch, couldn’t do anything to Lucas. Instead, he himself had almost died in Lucas’s hands several times.

But no matter how good his martial arts skills were, enough ants could still bite an elephant to death. Now, the Arnaults and five of the eight top families in DC were ganging up on Lucas. Jace didn’t believe that he could survive!

As for the Parkers, the Hales, and the other families who were still by Lucas’s side, in Jace’s opinion, they were just second-tier families. Furthermore, they were bumpkins who had just come to DC. They were nothing to worry about.

Rayson was afraid that Lucas would run away or settle scores with him after he regrouped. He was also anxious to show Jeffrey his determination to completely draw a line between himself and Lucas. He gritted his teeth and said, “Lucas Gray, you will only bring about your own destruction if you commit too many evil acts. You have done so much evil in DC by relying on your martial arts skills. Today is the day you receive retribution!”

Greg said sharply, “That’s right! Lucas Gray, you have done many evil acts, and you deserved to die long ago. It’s time for you to pay with your life for my grandson’s life!”

“That’s right! Lucas Gray should have died long ago! Kill him!”

“Kill Lucas Gray! Eliminate evil!”

“Kill him!”

Everyone standing behind Jeffrey spoke up one after another, wanting to kill Lucas.

On the one hand, they naturally wanted to kill Lucas to feel at ease. On the other hand, they wanted to make their stand clear to Jeffrey.

Lucas could really be said to be condemned by everyone!

However, Lucas’s expression remained unchanged. There was even a faint smile on the corner of his lips, as though he didn’t care about the calls for him to die. Instead, he found it ridiculous.

“You’re too noisy and talking too much nonsense. I’m right here. If you want to take my life, then come at me!” Lucas said with a smile.

Jeffrey narrowed his eyes, and a cold light flickered in them. “Kid, since you have a death wish, then I’ll help you!”

He waved his hand. Instantly, an old man in his sixties wearing a black martial arts suit walked out from behind him.

The old man walked in front of Lucas expressionlessly and stood four meters away from him. He said coldly, “Young man, it’s good to be a little proud, but if you don’t know what’s good for you, you will only die!”

“It’s Nameless!” Oscar’s expression changed when he saw the old man’s face. He hurriedly whispered into Lucas’s ear, “Mr. Gray, he’s Nameless, one of the two top experts of the Arnaults!

“Nameless also has a brother named Joyless. He’s the other top expert of the Arnaults. He’s standing behind Jeffrey now! They’re extremely powerful, and they’re Jeffrey Arnault’s right-hand men. You have to be careful!

“Also, Jeffrey Arnault isn’t an ordinary person either. I heard from my father that he might be from the royal Arnault family, one of the nine royal family branches. Those people aren’t to be trifled with!”

Oscar was extremely nervous and afraid that Lucas would lose, so he quickly told him everything he knew.

The royal Arnault family?

This information surprised Lucas.

It was no wonder the helmsmen of the eight top families were so afraid and respectful in front of Jeffrey. It turned out that Jeffrey was related to the royal Arnaults.

However, let alone the fact that Jeffrey had some unknown relationship with the royal Arnaults, even if the person standing in front of Lucas was the helmsman of the royal Arnaults, he wouldn’t pay him much attention.

“Kid, I’ll give you a choice. Will you choose to end your own life or die by my hands? Choose for yourself!” Nameless raised his head arrogantly, looking as if he couldn’t be bothered to fight against Lucas.

Lucas ignored him and looked at Jeffrey, who was standing behind him. “Mr. Arnault, are you sure you want to attack me?”

Although he wasn’t afraid of the royal Arnaults, he would be happy to have less trouble.

If he could avoid becoming enemies with the Arnaults, he was willing to give it a try.

But Jeffrey clearly thought that Lucas was afraid and didn’t dare to fight against his person, so he became even more arrogant and smug.

“What’s wrong, kid? Are you afraid?” Jeffrey narrowed his eyes playfully. “If you’re afraid now, then kneel down and prostrate to me to beg for mercy. Then chop off your hands and become a slave of the Arnaults. Maybe I’ll spare your life!”

Now that he was old, he hated to see young people who thought they were outstanding and powerful. All of them were extremely arrogant and didn’t take an elderly person like him seriously. They needed to be taught a lesson!

If he could cut off the wings of an extraordinary young man and make him fall to the ground for him to trample on at will, it would be a great joy!

Chapter 1378: Sneak Attack While Standing Still​

Lucas’s face immediately darkened.

He wanted to give some respect to the royal Arnaults. He didn’t want to become enemies with the Arnaults and provoke a powerful enemy for himself. But if Jeffrey thought that he was afraid and that he could bully him at will, he was sorely mistaken!

“I wanted to give some respect to the royal Arnaults. But since you don’t want any, then forget it,” Lucas said with a sneer.

Jeffrey’s face stiffened at the mention of the royal Arnaults, and killing intent flashed across his eyes, but he quickly concealed it.

But this momentary change in expression didn’t escape Lucas’s eyes, causing him to narrow his eyes slightly. There seems to be something between Jeffrey Arnault and the royal Arnaults!

Generally speaking, if the royal Arnaults were really Jeffrey’s backer and reliance, the expression in Jeffrey’s eyes should be smug and proud when he heard Lucas mention them. He should have an expression of pride and fearlessness.

But judging from Jeffrey’s expression just now, this wasn’t the case. Instead, it seemed that he had some hatred for the royal Arnaults. As a result, when he heard the mention of them, he couldn’t help leaking killing intent from his eyes.

It was really a little strange.

But Lucas didn’t know much about Jeffrey and the royal Arnaults, and he couldn’t be bothered to investigate further.

no eth hetor hdan, eht hsmeelnm nagtsndi beesdi Jeffrey nwke mseo stnghi uatbo eht s.pta heyT slao knwe tath Lausc ahd uodcthe fJef’eyrs oesr spto nehw eh ontmendei het ayolr n,rulaAst os tyhe weer gnitaol.g

Jeffrey’s expression darkened as he ordered coldly, “Kill him!”

Nameless immediately stepped on the ground, and his figure turned into a blur as he charged straight at Lucas at an extremely high speed. In the blink of an eye, his hand formed a claw shape as he grabbed at Lucas’s face!

“So fast!”

The speed of this expert named Nameless was not at all inferior to that of Flying Shadow, the Piers’ former top expert. Moreover, his offense looked even fiercer!

If this grab really caught Lucas’s head, it would definitely leave five bloody holes in his skull!

Jace looked at the scene in front of him with an excited expression, so excited that he almost jumped. That’s it! Crush the head of that bastard Lucas and make him die here!

Rayson was also staring intently at Lucas, eagerly hoping to see him die at Nameless’s hands.

Only when Lucas was dead would he not pursue the matter of Rayson betraying him again. Otherwise, Rayson would definitely not be able to eat or sleep in peace in the future!

After all, no matter how stupid he was, he knew that Lucas would only forgive him for his betrayal once, but he would never forgive him a second time.

Only when Lucas was dead could he be at ease.

Similarly, Eric, Greg, Samuel, and the others were also looking at the scene in front of them with anticipation, hoping that Lucas would die at Nameless’s hands soon.

As for the few people standing beside Lucas, they were full of horror, afraid that Lucas would suffer.


Just as Nameless’s hand was about to touch Lucas’s face, he suddenly froze in the air. Immediately after, his body flew out faster than his approach and slammed into a marble pillar at the entrance of the Capital International Hotel.


The exquisite white marble pillar was four meters tall and half a meter thick, but Nameless’s collision with it broke it, and crushed marble fell to the ground.

This scene instantly caused the eyeballs of countless people in the surroundings to almost pop out.

None of them had seen clearly how Nameless suddenly flew out. Everything had happened too quickly, far faster than what their eyes could catch.

Only Jeffrey’s pupils constricted, and his expression darkened even more.

He was a martial artist who had practiced martial arts for decades, so his eyesight was naturally much better than ordinary people’s. Thus, he had seen what had just happened clearly.

Just as Nameless’s hand arrived in front of Lucas, Lucas quickly kicked him in the abdomen, sending him flying.

And the speed of Lucas’s kick was unimaginably fast. Ordinary people couldn’t even see his afterimage, so they had no idea what kind of attack Nameless had suffered.

Jace, Rayson, and the others, who had thought that Lucas was dead for sure, stared at the scene with their jaws agape, unable to believe what they were seeing.

What… what did Lucas do?

They were only about ten meters away from Lucas, but they couldn’t even see his actions clearly!

Had he moved or not?

How did he send Nameless flying? And the force was so strong that he even collapsed a halfmeter-thick marble pillar?

Fear surged in many people’s hearts.

Lucas was definitely an expert. Furthermore, he was a top expert!

Even Nameless, one of the Arnaults’ top experts, couldn’t withstand a single blow from Lucas!

“Bastard! How dare you sneak attack me!” Nameless stood up from the collapsed rubble, pointed at Lucas, and shouted angrily, “I heard that you’re also a martial arts practitioner. I originally wanted to fight you fair and square, but I didn’t expect you to be so despicable. You actually used sinister methods to plot against me!

“Since that’s the case, I won’t show you any mercy. I even deliberately restrained my strength! This time, I will use my full strength to make your blood splatter!”

After hearing Namelee’s accusation and scolding, Jace and the others realized that it wasn’t because Lucas was too strong, nor was it because Nameless was too weak that he couldn’t withstand a single blow. It was because Lucas had used a despicable and shameless sneak attack to send Nameless flying!

After they understood this, many people’s fear of Lucas immediately dissipated, and their eyes contained disdain.

“Master Nameless, Lucas Gray is a sinister and despicable person. You must be careful. Don’t show any mercy!” Jace looked at Lucas maliciously.

The people on Lucas’s side were about to explode from anger.

Edmund had a fiery temper, and he immediately pointed at Jace and the others and hollered, “Don’t you have any shame? What do you mean by sneak attack? Mr. Gray stood there without moving. It was Nameless who rushed forward to attack Mr. Gray but was beaten back by Mr. Gray. Is this a sneak attack? This is clearly a counterattack! Are you all illiterate?! Does someone sneak attack while standing still?”

Oscar and the others also chimed in. “That’s right! Mr. Gray clearly executed a beautiful counterattack, but you actually said that he used a sneak attack. Are you blind? Also, if you want to talk about despicableness, you’re the most despicable. Stop slandering people!”

Nameless’s eyes, which were full of killing intent, immediately swept over, and he said angrily, “Shut up! If any of you dare to say any more nonsense, I’ll kill you first!”

Chapter 1379: Shameless​

Jeffrey said calmly, “Lucas Gray, I didn’t expect you to be so shameless. You don’t even dare to fight openly and only dare to use some dirty tricks. What kind of man are you?

“To think that I heard that your martial arts skills were not bad. But it turns out that you relied on sneak attacks to win your reputation! You’re so young, but you haven’t learned well. Since your parents didn’t teach you, I’ll teach you!

“Nameless, go teach him a lesson!”

The corners of Lucas’s mouth twitched. He was utterly speechless. Sneak attack?

Nameless felt ashamed, so he claimed that he hadn’t used his full strength. And he even said that he had been sneak attacked in an attempt to preserve his dignity.

Regarding this act of burying his head in the sand, Lucas could only be speechless.

As for Jace and the others, who didn’t understand martial arts and hated him to the core, they would find opportunities to maliciously slander him. Lucas was already used to it.

Jeffrey, on the other hand, was clearly someone who had practiced martial arts for decades. It wasn’t that he couldn’t see what had happened. But he still accused Lucas of sneak attacking with a sanctimonious expression. It was very funny and shameless.

However, Lucas didn’t have the time to pay attention to him. Nameless, who had just suffered a loss, was already charging toward him even faster than before.

“Go to hell!”

This time, Nameless didn’t use his hand. Instead, he used the force of the charge to leap up high and suddenly kick at Lucas’s head!


This fierce kick even caused a whistling sound in the air, which was enough to show how powerful this kick was.

“You’re overestimating yourself!” Lucas sneered and threw a punch, accurately hitting the center of Nameless’s foot.


Nameless was sent flying again, even faster than the previous time. Then with a thud, he fell into the pile of marble rubble again, stirring up a cloud of dust. He raised his head and spat out a mouthful of blood.

Everyone looked at the scene in front of them with their mouths agape, utterly unable to believe their eyes.

This time, they could feel the immense strength contained in Nameless’s kick even from afar. But Lucas had remained where he was and casually thrown a punch. Even so, he had sent Nameless flying again.

Moreover, he even injured Nameless and made him vomit blood.

If not for the fact that they knew that Nameless had been by Jeffrey’s side for many years, many people would have suspected that he was cooperating with Lucas to act in a play.

It was too exaggerated and unbelievable!

Was the disparity between their martial arts skills really that great?

Nameless had been sent flying twice in a row. One time, he had broken a solid, half-meter thick marble pillar. The other time, he had vomited blood and was in a tragic state.

On the other hand, Lucas had stood still without moving a single step. Even the expression on his face didn’t change. He was still as relaxed as before, as though he had just casually swat a mosquito away.

This… this disparity was really terrifying!

Joyless, who was standing beside Jeffrey, finally couldn’t take it anymore. He pointed at Lucas and scolded loudly, “Ahem, punk, you actually dared to sneak attack again! You’re simply the scum of martial arts practitioners! Scum!” Nameless was his younger brother. Now, Lucas had defeated him so easily and even caused him to vomit blood and suffer injuries. Joyless couldn’t tolerate this.

“A martial arts practitioner using such despicable means in a battle is reprehensible! Lucas Gray, I will publicize this and make you the shame of the martial arts world!” Jeffrey said with a gloomy expression, his eyes filled with killing intent.

When Jace, Rayson, and the others heard this, they immediately echoed, “That’s right! Lucas Gray, you’re a despicable villain. A martial arts practitioner actually resorted to sneak attacks. You’re simply shameless to the extreme! A person like you should be made an example of in the martial arts world so as not to let scum like you insult the entire martial arts world!”

“That’s right! Lucas Gray isn’t worthy of being a martial arts practitioner. We should break his limbs and make him a cripple forever!”

“I agree. We should cripple him so that he won’t be able to do evil with his martial arts skills anymore!”

Edmund and the others were so infuriated by the shameless accusations that they were on the verge of vomiting blood.

“Stop talking nonsense! I’ve lived for more than seventy years, but I’ve never seen anyone as shameless as you. You’re twisting the truth and slandering Mr.

Gray! ”

“You’re blind, but we’re not! Clearly, Nameless rushed up and attacked Mr. Gray twice, but

Mr. Gray knocked him back twice. Where did the sneak attacks come from?”

“Moreover, with Mr. Gray’s ability, why would he need to sneak attack a good-for-nothing like Nameless, who failed to even touch the corner of his clothes twice? What a joke!”

“That’s right. If Mr. Gray had sneak attacked, Nameless’s head would have already fallen to the ground. How could you shout here?”

“Besides, is this a competition in an arena? You wanted to kill Mr. Gray, but you failed. You even have the cheek to talk about martial arts spirit. You’re making me laugh my head off!”

On Lucas’s side, Edmund, Jonah, Oscar, and the others were not to be trifled with either. They immediately retorted, scolding Jeffrey’s people for distorting the truth and being shameless.

Jace and the others had maliciously slandered Lucas to begin with, and after

Edmund and the others refuted them, they were instantly furious. They cursed, “You bastards! Lucas Gray has always liked to make sneak attacks and doesn’t care about morals at all. He even sneak attacked an elderly man in his sixties. In that case, we don’t have to be polite with him anymore!”

They turned to Jeffrey and suggested, “Mr. Arnault, I think it’s better to let Master Nameless and Master Joyless attack together. Since Lucas Gray is so shameless, we should kill him!”

Jeffrey looked satisfied, but he still looked righteous as he said, “Lucas Gray, you were the one who sneak attacked someone first. Since you’re refusing to change your ways, you can’t blame us! Today, we’re going to get rid of a scumbag for the martial arts world!

“Nameless, Joyless, the two of you attack together. Kill Lucas and get rid of evil for the world!”

He made it sound very righteous. He clearly wanted his subordinates to shamelessly fight two-on-one, but he still falsely accused Lucas.

Edmund immediately jumped up in anger. “Jeffrey, you old bastard, you’re really too shameless! If you can’t win, you can’t win. You couldn’t win in a one-on-one battle, so you’re ganging up on Mr. Gray. If you said it clearly, I would still think that you’re a man!

“You’re clearly slandering Mr. Gray, but you’re pretending to be sanctimonious about it and even saying that you’re getting rid of evil for the world. You are so shameless that it’s unbelievable! You’ve lived for so long, so you’ve developed your shamelessness to the extreme, haven’t you?”

Bruce sneered. “Haha, you’re indeed a hypocrite! In terms of shamelessness, no one can compare to you!”

Even Jonah, who had just submitted to Lucas not long ago, couldn’t stand it anymore and said mockingly, “Mr. Arnault, I’ve seen your upbringing and family education. They’re indeed quite something. I’ve never seen better!”

Damon also sneered. “It’s just shamelessness! But Mr. Gray’s strength is apparent to all. He’s not someone you can slander! So what if you send two people against Mr. Gray? They still won’t be his match!

“I’d like to see when they can’t defeat Mr. Gray in a two-on-one if you’ll still be shameless enough to say that Mr.. Gray sneak attacked them alone!”

Chapter 1380: Where Do You Get Your Confidence From?

“Shut up! All of you, shut up!

“If you dare to disrespect me again, all of you will die!

“Go kill Lucas Gray for me. Kill him immediately!”

Being scolded by a group of people younger than him and who disregarded him, Jeffrey felt embarrassed and flew into a rage.!!

Nameless and Joyless looked at each other. Their actions were extremely quick as they immediately charged at Lucas. They were so fast that ordinary people couldn’t see their movements at all. They could only vaguely see two blurry black figures rushing at Lucas.

Lucas’s expression was still calm. Just as the two black figures were about to reach him, he suddenly sneered. “You have a death wish!”

Lucas threw two punches and hit the two black shadows!



With the sounds of two violent collisions, the two black shadows grunted and shot back again. They landed at Jeffrey’s feet, smashing two deep pits in the hard stone floor at the entrance of the Capital International Hotel.

Everyone was shocked. Before they could react, Lucas’s figure suddenly disappeared and appeared in front of the two brothers.


Lucas raised his foot and stepped on Nameless’s neck. With a loud crack, he broke his neck!

Beside them, Joyless’s expression changed drastically. Before he could be sad or angry, he was terrified and wanted to escape. But before he could react, Lucas stepped on his chest, and he couldn’t struggle free.

“You… you…” Joyless was so frightened that he couldn’t even say a complete sentence.

“I sneak attacked?” Lucas looked at Jeffrey, who was standing in front of him, and said mockingly, “Do I need to sneak attack to deal with these two good-for-nothings?”

Everyone was so shocked that their eyeballs were about to fall out.

If there were people who really believed that Lucas had used some kind of sneak attack to plot against Nameless, then no one believed such nonsense anymore.

What a joke. Lucas had faced the two brothers’ attacks alone and sent them flying. It took less than five seconds for one of them to be dead and the other to be injured!

With such a huge disparity in strength, was there a need for Lucas to sneak attack?

There was a world of difference between them. It was as simple as an adult pushing down two children who had just learned to walk.

Would anyone say that the adult pushed down the two children with a sneak attack?

It was simply ridiculous!

Jeffrey’s face had already turned pale.

He had watched helplessly as Nameless, one of his most capable subordinates, had his throat crushed by Lucas’s foot. He had died in front of him and was still staring at him with his eyes wide open.

Seeing his other top expert seriously injured and unable to get up after being stepped on by Lucas and could be trampled to death at any moment and sent to accompany his brother, Jeffrey felt a chill run down his spine!

At this moment, he truly felt a deep sense of fear toward Lucas!

Beside Jeffrey, Jace, Rayson, and the others, who had shouted the loudest earlier, seemed to have their necks suddenly pinched. Their faces were covered in cold sweat, and they couldn’t say a word. They wished they could hide somewhere where Lucas couldn’t see them.

Although they had long known that Lucas was extremely strong and not an ordinary person, it was only after seeing it with their own eyes that they finally understood how terrifyingly strong he was!

Even when Jeffrey’s two most powerful experts joined forces, they couldn’t touch Lucas at all. Instead, in just a few seconds, one of them died, and the other was injured. Such frightening strength had far exceeded the imagination of Jace, Rayson, and the others!

Greg, Eric, Samuel, and the others also looked at Lucas in fear, as if they were looking at a monster. The fear made their legs go weak and their bodies tremble.

“Lucas Gray, I admit that you are indeed very strong. You are much stronger than I imagined,” Jeffrey said while staring at Lucas. “However, don’t think that you’re invincible!

“I’m warning you. You killed my subordinate, so you’d better kneel down and apologize to me now. I can spare you this time! Otherwise, only endless revenge awaits you!”

Jeffrey’s words were very domineering.

Lucas had defeated his two most powerful experts, but he still dared to speak to Lin Chen in such a manner. He wanted Lucas to kneel down and apologize to him!

Where did he get his confidence from?

But what Jeffrey said made Jace and the others, who had just fallen into despair and fear, instantly find hope again.

Jeffrey definitely had backup!

Otherwise, he would never have dared to provoke Lucas like this!

Although everyone knew that Jeffrey had been practicing martial arts for decades, he was in his late seventies after all. He was no match for Lucas.

But the force behind Jeffrey should be what he was relying on!

At the thought of which family Jeffrey was from, Jace, Rayson, and the others immediately became lively again.

“Lucas Gray, you’re dead meat! You bumpkin, do you know how terrifying Mr. Arnault’s background is? You’d be scared to death if you knew! If you don’t want to die, kneel down and apologize to Mr. Arnault immediately!”

“That’s right! Mr. Arnault isn’t an ordinary person. He’s not someone that someone like you can afford to offend! You actually spoke rudely to him and even killed one of his subordinates. This is simply unforgivable!”

“Hehe, Mr. Arnault’s revenge is definitely not something that ordinary people can withstand! Just wait to be hunted down until you die! You will never be able to escape!”

These people were like annoying flies, and they immediately started buzzing again.

Jeffrey was very pleased with what he heard. He raised his head and said proudly, “Lucas Gray, did you hear that? The consequences of offending me are not something you can withstand!

“If you obediently admit your mistakes, kneel down, and beg for mercy, I’ll consider— Smack!

Before Jeffrey could finish speaking, Lucas suddenly raised his hand and slapped him across the face!

Lucas was really annoyed. This person only had a little relationship with the royal Arnaults, but he was actually pretending in front of him. Did he really think that he was afraid of him?

He was just pretending to be a big shot to intimidate others!

Although Lucas usually didn’t attack the elderly or women, some people were just too despicable. Since he wanted to be beaten up, Lucas could only fulfill his wish..


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Hmnnn, i wish to atleast see the wedding of jordan and maddy and a little success as family; so with the moment of cheyene and florence (not just implied) and Lucas and Michael. Charlote is also a great character that needs a proper placemènt at the end. Yap, a little hanging at the end. Yet, i really appreciate the writer and the translator; afterall, it was a great story. Thank you so much.


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