The Protector (The Return of God Of War)

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In Erudia, a private jet landed at North Hampton Airport, where all international flights experienced an eight-hour delay because of it.
At the private passageway were five men in suits and leather shoes, standing as straight as a javelin.

Every now and then, they would raise their wrist to look at the time, for a big shot was coming to town.
The upper-class society of North Hampton had learned about his arrival, but no one had the capability to get an inch closer to the private passageway.
Even the richest man in North Hampton who came to pay homage was chased away.
Finally, there were movements coming from the passageway.

“God of War!!!” the mass cried out, their eyes filled with awe and veneration at the sight of the undefeatable legend of Erudia.
He, who was dubbed the God of War, was the one and only five-star war God in the history of Erudia.
Once, he’d inflicted a crushing defeat on the strongest battalions in eighteen countries. He was an overbearing and formidable man.
He who overwhelmed the world with his unparalleled power had even created the Five Great Wars Regiment, Cavalry Regiment, and many more.

Setting foot on his homeland, Levi Garrison was overcome with emotions.
Once upon a time, he used to be an orphan who was abandoned on the streets of North Hampton and then adopted by the Garrison family.
However, the Garrison family had never been fond of him.
His adoptive parents, who had a tendency to beat and scold him, treated him like an outsider.
As for the outsiders, they treated him as a nobody.
But he didn’t care a stiver. He had always been proud of his surname since he was a child, and he strived to bring glory to this family when he grew older.
At last, Levi had established Levi Group, the largest dark horse in North Hampton’s business community.
With billions of assets, it ranked among the forefront of North Hampton, pushing the declining Garrison family to the top.
However, not only did the Garrison family showed no signs of appreciation, they even harbored dissatisfaction towards him. Jealous of his success, they regarded him as a thorn in their flesh and coveted Levi Group.
No matter his wealth and power, unless they were in control, he was just an outsider in the Garrison family’s eyes.
Eventually, on Levi’s wedding night, the Garrison family plotted a frame-up against him by getting him drunk before tossing him onto his sister-in-law’s bed. They wanted to create the illusion that he was doing something untoward to her and was caught in bed by his brother and adoptive parents.
That night, the Garrison family had brutally broken his limbs and left him on the road like a wild dog.
Not only was he handicapped, but he also had to take the flak for something he didn’t commit.
From an upstart in the business world, he had become the target of disdain overnight.
And the next day, he had been punished for several crimes and sentenced to six years in prison.
He could never forget the ruthless and sinister faces of everyone in the Garrison family and the ridicule of his friends, classmates, and business partners.
More so, he could never forget the disappointment on his newly wedded wife, Zoey’s face.
He had regarded the Garrison family as his home and devoted himself to the family.
Yet, they treated him like trash.
It felt as if a knife was being twisted in his heart every time he thought about this.
How he hated the Garrison family!
But who would have thought that Levi had been secretly transferred away from prison to join the military?
In a few years, he dominated the military world and became the one and only five-star God of War.
Now that he came back, the Garrison family ought to stay on their toes.
“How’s it going, Azure Dragon?” Levi asked.
Azure Dragon, the commander of the Five Great Wars Regiment, took a step forward and said respectfully, “Sir, I’m afraid your wife, Ms. Zoey Lopez will remarry at ten o’clock tonight!”
Ever since Zoey’s husband was sent to prison on their wedding night, she had been living like a widow.
Only God knew how much pressure she was put under.
And right now, the person Levi couldn’t wait to see the most was Zoey.
After a moment of hesitation, Azure Dragon continued, “To add on, Sir, the Garrison family is holding a successful listing celebration banquet at the Crystal Palace Hotel tonight! Many people had invited the God of War just now, including the Garrison family, but I didn’t accept nor refuse directly.”
“What time?” Levi asked tersely.
“Eight o’clock, Sir.”
“Okay. Tell the Garrison family I will attend the banquet!”
Since the time for the two events didn’t clash, Levi gladly accepted the invitation.
The celebration banquet for the public listing of Garrison Group was held at North Hampton’s Crystal Palace Hotel.
With the help of Levi Group, they had become a rich and powerful family in one fell swoop.
The hall was bustling with noise and excitement, and sounds of glasses clinking could be heard ringing in the air every now and then.
“God bless the Garrison family,” said Joseph, the head of the Garrison family. “The younger generations are the stars among men. Garrison Group is now listed and has become an upstart in North Hampton!”
Joseph’s three sons and daughter welcomed their guests with bright smiles on their faces.
The younger generation of the Garrison family was all the smugger and prouder because, after today, the Garrison family would become a powerful family, and they would become one of the top rich kids.
Most of the guests who attended today’s banquet were from the top circle in North Hampton.
“Garrison, do you know what happened today?! Your celebration party is nothing compared to that.” They were gossiping about the major event that had happened today.
“Yeah! I heard that a big shot has arrived in North Hampton!”
“The richest man in North Hampton wanted to meet him but was shooed away. Apparently, he’s not qualified enough!”
“So? Jesse Nielsen had been waiting for five hours in advance at the airport!”
Joseph nodded. “Yes, I know about that too. I even sent someone to invite this big shot to the celebration party!”
“No way! Why would this big shot attend such a party?”
No one believed it.
In fact, as an upstart, Joseph was just trying his luck.
“Dad!” shouted Jaycob, the second eldest son of the Garrison family could be seen running over. “The big shot has accepted our invitation to attend our celebration banquet! He’s on the way!”
“Jesus! God has indeed blessed the Garrison family!”
Everyone in the Garrison family could barely conceal their delight as this was their chance to reach the sky in a single bound.
The grandchildren of the Garrison family gathered together, sunshine flooding their souls.
Levi’s brother, Bryan, and sister-in-law, Victoria, smiled. “Well, it all starts with Levi’s imprisonment that the Garrison family is at where we are today…”
“Right, speaking about Levi, do you guys know today’s the day that kid gets out of prison?!” somebody asked abruptly.
“Really? Isn’t that bad luck? Why did he have to be released on such a big day?!”
“Please, please, please don’t come back! He’s the Garrison family’s biggest disgrace!”
Victoria’s lips tugged into a sneer. “Speaking of which, Levi is the crowning glory of the Garrison family’s status today.”
“That’s what he’s supposed to do!” Bryan said. “He should contribute to the Garrison family for raising him, an orphan! His multi-billion Levi Group means nothing. To put it bluntly, he’s just a dog raised by the Garrison family!”
Someone gave a chortle. “As a matter of fact, I’ve been interested in Levi’s wife for a long time now. She’s still widowed, and I’m so going to marry her!”
The man’s remark caused gales of laughter.
“Everyone, stop what you’re doing. I have an important announcement to make,” Joseph said and went on to announce that the big shot was coming.
A thunderous applause was heard.
But when the applause had died down, there was still someone clapping.
The sound was loud and clear, approaching from afar.
On the red carpet, a man came clapping, looking bold and energetic.
His stride gave off a majestic and imposing aura, which made the mass hold their breaths.
“It’s Levi!” Bryan and Victoria exclaimed.
Suddenly, all eyes were riveted on him.
“I forgot this little brat got out of jail today!” Levi’s adoptive parents spoke in unison.
Ignoring the astonished gazes darted at his way, Levi walked step by step towards Joseph.
“A little bird told me that the company is now listed. How are you feeling, Joseph? Are you happy?”
Levi flashed him a meaningful smile.
“How dare you show up here, you insolent brat! And what did you just call me?” Joseph’s fury sprang to life.
“Who let him in? Didn’t you know he just got out of prison? How inauspicious!”
Bryan rose to his feet. “What the hell are you doing here, Levi?”
Levi sized him up. “Why can’t I be here?”
“Well, for starters, you’re an orphan! The Garrison family has raised you, but you were ambitious and ungrateful. You had inordinate ambitions for your sister-in-law, and you wanted to take possession of the Garrison family! You’d even tried to kill your parents when things go south! Have you no conscience? Do you have any sense of morality left in your heart?”
“You’ve lost your reputation in North Hampton, and everyone knows that. Have you no shame to have the brass neck to come round here?”
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Chapter 1264​

“Go on, have a try. I’ll break your legs if you do!” roared North Sky Lord.

Harris blabbered but did not dare say much. He was still terrified after his first encounter with North Sky Lord.

“Now go back to your own f*cking seats and behave yourselves. Considering you’re kids, I’m going to let this slide. Otherwise, I’ll really break your ******* legs!” bellowed North Sky Lord.

Everyone was frightened into submission. One by one, they backed away slowly.

They may come from illustrious households, but with no bodyguards around, nobody dared behave too rashly.

However, before leaving the first class cabin, Harris took a few pictures of Levi.

“What do you think you’re doing?” asked North Sky Lord angrily. He was getting really tired of their nonsense.

“Well, weren’t you acting all high and mighty earlier? Why don’t you wait a while after we land? I’ll be waiting for you in Riverville!” threatened Harris.

Riverville was Harris’ turf, and he was definitely not going to let the issue slide. Not after how they embarrassed him in front of Sophie!

“So? What will it be? I f*cking dare you to lay a finger on me in Riverville!” sneered Harris again.

“As you wish.”

North Sky Lord was a little taken aback. He was not expecting Levi to agree to this.

This could only mean that Levi was extremely angry.

“Then you’re done for!” exclaimed Harris as he arrogantly walked towards the economy class cabin.

Before the plane took off, he quickly sent the photographs to the butler. A background check on these people was necessary.

Harris Lopez may be the scion of a powerful family, but he had a clear mind when it came to such things.

Before he picked a proper fight, he would always run a background check to prevent any trouble.

The butler soon replied.

‘These individuals are just ordinary people with no prominent background or lineage.’

But that wasn’t true at all.

Levi’s identity was deliberately made obscure, along with the other members on his team.

Any searches conducted in the databases would’ve come up blank.

Harris looked at the response gleefully. “Ah, so they are a group of nobodies after all! You’re all going to be f*cked when this plane lands.”

“They need to be taught a lesson for being that unreasonable!” said Sophie with a huff.

She thought she had done nothing wrong and that the fault was all Levi’s.

Sophie remained blissfully unaware of the fact that what she did was emotional blackmail.

Levi Garrison could do whatever the hell he wanted with the money he spent. Nobody could say anything.

“Indeed. I’ve already notified the family. My bodyguards are now waiting outside the airport. Those three had better be prepared!” replied Harris smugly.

Sophie looked at Harris approvingly, which also made him feel excited.

The flight to the city took approximately an hour and a half.

They landed safely in the Riverville airport.

Levi and his party got off the plane, boxes of urns in tow.

Immediately after they left the airport, they were stopped by Harris Lopez.

“Are you thinking of escaping? Don’t even think about it!” Harris had an ugly sneer on his face.

“Send them out!” commanded Harris.

A few dozen cars stopped at the sidewalk, and a few hundred brawny men rushed out of the car.

Soon, Levi and his team were surrounded.

The men were bodyguards employed by the Lopez family—capable individuals who knew how to engage in combat where necessary.

“Do you know who you’re messing with? I’m Harris Lopez, the eldest son of the Lopez family in Riverville! This is payback for what happened earlier!”

Now that Harris was safely back in his own domain, he could afford to be cockier.

He didn’t have to worry about the consequences, nor did he have to take anything else into consideration.

“Who dares provoke the young Mr. Lopez?” yelled all the bodyguards in unison. “Do you have a death wish?”

The frightened crowd scurried away frantically, not wishing to get involved in a mess like this.

Sophie had thought of something in the meantime. “Don’t be too heavy-handed.” she cautioned. “You might accidentally kill someone.”

Harris grinned and replied, “Don’t worry, I know my limits. I’m just going to break their limbs at most, just to teach them a lesson!”

“Kneel and beg! Maybe then, I’ll consider forgiving you just this once!”



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Chapter 1265​

Harris looked at them with a smug on his face.

How dare they disrespect me?

They’re asking for death!

Sophie shouted, “I’m quite merciful. Just apologize, and I’ll let this matter go.”

She felt conflicted.

I’m not wrong.

Levi is the one at fault!

And she couldn’t help but brood over it.

Harris chimed in and jeered, “Right. Apologize, and I’ll spare your lives.”

“We did nothing wrong, so why should we?” Levi asked them in return.

What a joke!

They act all high and mighty because they have power?

If we’re overseas, they could’ve been dead long ago.

But they’re Erudians.

Hence, I will turn a blind eye to their rude remarks.

However, his question enraged Harris. “Are you refusing a toast only to drink a forfeit now?”

Following that, Sophie warned angrily. “I’ll ask you guys for the last time. Apologize. Or else, don’t blame me for not being merciful later.”

From her perspective, she was giving them a chance.

If they apologized, all of this would end.

And nothing would happen.

Apologize, and they shall leave safely.

But if they don’t appreciate my kindness, then there’s nothing I can do.

I should just let Harris teach them a lesson.

Levi smirked. “Apologize? No way. You guys will be the ones to kneel and beg for your lives.”

Hearing that, Harris was infuriated, and he yelled, “What? Us, kneeling? Dream on!”

Sophie and her classmates found it hard to believe.

They’re the ones in danger now, not us.

So why should we apologize?

This infuriated Sophie completely, and flames of fury burned away the last piece of kindness she had left.

I’m not dealing with this anymore.

North Sky Lord scoffed, “You guys don’t believe him?”

Harris growled, “How on earth will we believe him? You guys will be the ones to kneel for forgiveness!”

“So be it! Harris, do whatever you want. I won’t interfere.” Sophie stomped to one side, expecting to witness a fight that was about to unfold while staring at Levi angrily.

Some people are really uncultured. Maybe a few punches will teach them how to behave.

Sophie wanted to see Harris beat the crap out of Levi, while Harris’s expression became vicious. “Let’s take these idiots down. Just make sure they’re alive.”

Clang! Clang! Clang!

When hundreds of Harris’s men were preparing to attack, they could hear a loud sound.

Boom! Boom!

The ground trembled rhythmically as if an army was approaching.

The sudden movement of the land and the rhythmic loud noises petrified everyone.

Harris, Sophie, and the bodyguards of the Lopez family stopped whatever they were doing and turned around in unison to see what was coming from behind.

When they saw what was approaching, they were dumbstruck.

A huge crowd covered in black from head to toe stood behind them, filling up the open spaces.

Wearing half angel and half devil masks, they were armed with an ancient dagger as murderous intent emanated from their bodies.

They looked like they were beings from hell.

And most importantly, there were at least a thousand of them.

“Welcome to Riverville, Master.” The leader of the army shouted, followed up by the rest.

Their voices were so loud that it was earth-shattering, shocking everyone to their cores.

North Sky Lord, West Sky Lord, and others took out their masks and put them on.

It was the same half angel and half devil mask.


Everyone was on the verge of exploding from the overload of information.

The Calamity?

The organization that inflicted a crushing defeat to the Raysonian Bushido?



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Chapter 1266​

Everyone knew that the half angel and half devil mask was a symbol of The Calamity.

So they are The Calamity.

And they are actually in Erudia!

How… Just how is this possible?

This is just our luck – we’ve managed to offend The Calamity!

“No mercy for those who offended our Master!” Thousands of Calamity’s warriors shouted in unison.

Their shouts immediately set off a terrifying aura as a murderous intent enveloped the entire space.

Thump! Thump!

One after another, the bodyguards of the Lopez family collapsed to their knees, unable to hold their ground against the overbearing pressure.

The blood-thirsty, cut-throat aura shrouded their bodies, instilling fear in their hearts, making them pale as they sweated profusely.

In just a few minutes, they were kneeling in a pool of water, formed from their sweat.

Everyone was busy trembling while looking at the figures of The Calamity’s warriors in fear.

This is terrifying!

Everyone from the Calamity actually came.

They were like the underworld beings, and their arrival meant catastrophe and demolition to everyone else.

Staring at everything uncovering in front of them, Sophie and Harris were dumbfounded.

T-T-This… is…

The Calamity?

They defeated the entire world and became a nightmare for every other organization and country.

W-We actually demanded for their Master’s apology.

We’re dead. We’re f*cking dead meat.

Our families won’t be able to save us… No. No one can save us.

They were breaking out in a cold sweat, as they knew they were indeed in huge trouble.

Right then, the North Sky Lord marched toward Harris. His menacing aura lingered around his body and made him look like a giant in Harris’s eyes.


With tears streaming down his cheeks

, Harris collapsed on his knees. “I’m sorry… I-I apologize! I was wrong!”

It scared Harris to tears.

He banged his head onto the ground, again and again, begging for forgiveness, until his forehead was bleeding.

The classmates of Sophie were scared out of their wits, and they fell to their knees in fright. “We were wrong! Please… spare our lives. Please spare us.”

They, too, apologized.

Finally, Sophie crashed to the ground with a thud.

At that moment, she realized her mistakes.

The more danger one felt the clearer one’s mind became.

And realization dawned on her.

I was wrong.

I committed emotional blackmail toward them.

She sobbed, “I’m sorry. Please spare us! We won’t do it again.”

The heirs of prominent families were nothing but trash in The Calamity’s presence.

Meanwhile, Levi scanned the room with a stony expression.

They were nothing but insignificant insects, and Levi wasn’t the least bit interested to make a move on them.

They should be grateful I don’t harm Erudians.

After a moment of silence, Levi demanded, “Get out of the way!”

The warriors of the Calamity cleared a path in between the hundreds of Lopez family’s bodyguards for Levi to walk on.

Then Levi left with his men.

But Sophie, Harris, and others were too afraid to stand up.

As long as the Calamity wished to, their families would cease to exist any time.

Very quickly, the Lopez family and the Lehman family rushed to the scene.

And they inflicted a harsh beating upon Harris and the others for offending The Calamity.

At the same time, news about The Calamity appearing in the Northway City of Erudia spread like wildfire.

Panic and fear consumed everyone in Erudia because they didn’t know what The Calamity was after.

Even Winsor received the news.

The Calamity’s here in Erudia? Good.

Just then, Levi led his men to the Greenhills Cemetery in the Northway City.

However, when they wanted to enter, one of the staff blocked them. “Sorry, the Greenhills Cemetery is not open to those traitors’ ashes. They are a disgrace!”


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Chapter 1267​

The staff of the Greenhills Cemetery spoke in a polite tone, but his words were brutally sharp as he directly labeled Jonah and his men as traitors.

This was all arranged by the Oakland City’s Garrison clan.

They used their resources and spread the news of Jonah and his men being traitors.

With that, everyone labeled those three hundred men as traitors.

Not only that but their family members were dragged into this matter too, especially the Haven’s Garrison family. All of them were in deep water, being punished by Tyrone.

Tyrone didn’t care about kinships. He plunged the Haven’s Garrison family into hell only because Jonah escorted Levi.

As for the rest, they were punished one by one by Tyrone.

Now that he heard Jonah and his men’s ashes were to be kept in Erudia, he immediately used some underhanded methods.

“Who are you calling a traitor?” Lowering his voice, Levi stared at the staff with an icy gaze.

“Ask any other person in Erudia. Everyone knows they’re traitors.”

“They actually risked their lives to escort that traitor, the former God of War. And they died. Serves them right!”

“A bunch of traitors died, and they wished to be buried here, in Erudia’s cemetery? Dream on! It’s good enough to find some unmarked burial ground and sprinkle their ashes over there.”

The staff burst into laughter as they chatted on, mocking the “traitors” of Erudia.

When they notice Levi and his men were still standing at the entrance, they growled, “Scram! No cemetery in Erudia will accept these traitors.”

“But I’m going into the cemetery today, and I’ll build their tombstones then organize a funeral for them.” Coldness flashed across Levi’s eyes as he glared at them.

This time, Levi was determined.

I’ll no longer be hesitant.

And I’ll do whatever it takes to honor their deaths, even if it means killing my path to achieving this.

“Well, well. Who’s this? So cocky, eh?” Following up the voice, hundreds of people emerged from the room.

Every single person there was incredibly strong.

There were even some God class warriors among those men.

Their leader seemed to be a young man called Miguel Garrison.

He was the heir to the Garrison family from the North of Erudia.

The North Garrison family was merely obeying Tyrone’s orders, so they came to stop Levi and his men.

Miguel then announced, “Bastards, let me tell you something. You guys are prohibited from entering any cemetery in Erudia.”

He took a glance at the urn in Levi’s arms and commanded, “Guys, take the traitors’ urns and sprinkle their ashes into the sewers. How befitting for them to be with urine and excrement.”

Right after that, Miguel’s men were prepared to snatch the urns from Levi and his men.

Thud! Thud! Thud!

However, before they could do anything, they could hear the sound of a uniformed pace.


Strong gusts of wind blew at them, hurling the leaves on the ground into the air as a deadly aura surrounded them.

In just a split second, a huge crowd appeared before them in black clothing, with half angel and half devil masks covering their faces. They were also holding ancient daggers in their hands.

The Calamity!

The fighters of the North Garrison family froze on the spot when they felt the weight of a mountain crashing on them.

Looking at thousands of men appearing before him, Miguel swallowed hard.

At that moment, his phone rang, and he received the call.

Before he could speak, a voice filled with worry could be heard on the phone. “Mick, The Calamity is in the Northway City of Erudia. Be careful and don’t offend them. Even the Oakland City’s Garrison clan couldn’t withstand their strength, let alone us, the North Garrison family. They are easily recognizable. The members wear half angel and half devil masks…”


Having heard that, Miguel dropped his phone.

“Mick… Mick? What’s going on? Why aren’t you saying anything?”

The person on the line proceeded to yell his name.



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Chapter 1268​

The North Garrison family would never expect Miguel to meet The Calamity.

Miguel looked at the dark crowd in front of him and was dumbstruck.

Everyone knew The Calamity, and the fact that they were undefeatable became the talk of the town.

It soon became a hell-like existence to the people, instilling fear deep in their hearts.

Horror overwhelmed them once people heard their name.

Miguel was from an upper-class society, so he knew very well how terrifying The Calamity was.

And he had never felt so threatened before meeting The Calamity.

Clink! Clink! Clink!

Thousands of men of The Calamity unsheathed their ancient daggers, and the daggers were so sharp that they reflected the deaths of their enemies.

Soon after that, they chorused, “Kill! Kill! Kill!”

Everything about The Calamity sent fear to those looking at them, from their low war cry to their undefeatable suppressing aura and then their cold murderous intent.

Suddenly, some warm liquid trickled down Miguel’s pants, making them wet. It was then followed by the pungent smell of piss.

He had pissed his pants out of fear!

But others weren’t any better off either.

Even the God class warriors were shaking in an odd trembling rhythm.


Suddenly, the North Sky Lord charged onto them like a beast on the loose.

“Argh…” Hundreds of powerful warriors were sent flying out one by one from the impact.

Even those powerful warriors of the North Garrison family couldn’t withstand his single blow.

“Please don’t kill me!” Miguel fell to his knees, witnessing the massacre in front of him.


“Argh!” He let out a horrendous scream.


“Argh!” Once again, he yelled out in agony.

North Sky Lord stepped on Miguel’s knees, and the latter’s bones were crushed as he sprawled on the ground, lifeless.


Levi held the urn as he stepped over his body.


And another followed.


The sound of bones crushing ensued until all of Levi’s men walked to the other side.

By then, the gates of Greenhills Cemetery were wide open, simply letting Levi and his men enter.

No one dared to block their paths any longer.

Everyone was, in fact, kneeling and clearing out a path for Levi to enter.

After they entered Greenhills Cemetery, the tombstones arrived one by one quickly.

Levi carved the names of the three hundred and fifty-seven men on the tombstones, one by one, using his dagger.

I’ll remember each and every one of you.

After he finished, he held a grand funeral for his fallen comrades.

“Brothers, may you rest in peace.” Levi splashed a bowl of alcohol on the tombstones, paying his respect.

The men standing behind him did the same.

After resolving this matter, Levi decided that he wouldn’t leave Erudia ever again.

“When I was in deep waters, many came and looked for trouble. But I’m a man who takes an eye for an eye. I’m back, Erudia!” He said as his eyes glinted with malice.

In the meantime, the citizens of Erudia were spreading the news about The Calamity arriving in Erudia.

The prominent families and influential forces were consumed by panic and fear. They were worried that The Calamity would come to look for them as they didn’t know why The Calamity came to Erudia.

As for Tyrone, he was bewildered when he learned that the North Garrison family had allowed Jonah and his men’s ashes to be buried in the Northway City.

Even if he asked for an answer, there was no reply.

Olivia’s condition didn’t seem to improve, as she was still mentally unstable and seemed to see ghosts all the time.

But the exorcists said Olivia wasn’t possessed, so maybe she was traumatized.

On the other side, something bad happened to the Great Family of Frostford.

Someone from the Great Family of Frostford died in the commoner’s society, and they were investigating this matter.

His thoughts were in a muddle, as he couldn’t think of a clue to solve the series of problems in one go.

Not to mention, The Calamity is in Erudia, and we, the Garrison family, are currently the most powerful ancient family.

We are at risk here.

Tyrone couldn’t sleep well with these worries and problems bugging him.

Although everyone feared The Calamity, there was one person who was extremely excited.

It was Winsor Campbell.

He was a genius in martial arts, as he used the shortest time to learn every battle technique from Sampson. Thus, he was full of confidence.

“Find out where The Calamity is. I want to challenge them.” Winsor was so impatient to prove his worth.



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Chapter 1269​

Later that day, The Calamity had received Winsor’s challenge, and the battle would be held three days later.

However, Winsor pretended that he only had the intention to pick up some martial art skills during the challenge.

When West Sky Lord received the news, she immediately informed Levi. “Master, should we accept his challenge?”

“Of course. Why not? North, you’ll be the one to fight him that day.” Levi gladly accepted the challenge and took a glance at North Sky Lord.

“Yes, Master.” Although North Sky Lord was confused, he still obeyed Levi’s command.

The rest of the members were exchanging glances, one amongst another. Master could prove his power by defeating Winsor personally.

So why did Master request for North to fight Winsor?

The day of the battle finally arrived.

Although only Winsor alone was challenging The Calamity, it still caused an uproar within Erudia, and many went to see his fight.

Over thousands of people showed up in North Hampton to spectate the fight.

And the entire world’s attention was on their battle.

After all, everyone was interested in witnessing the outcome of the epic fight between Winsor Campbell and The Calamity.

What if The Calamity won this fight?

After all, no one would be able to subdue them.

But if Winsor were to emerge victorious, everyone would know that was stronger than Levi.

Levi could defeat the whole Blood King Palace, but Winsor Campbell could take down The Calamity, which was even stronger than the Blood King Palace.

Everyone could tell the strong from the weak in a glance!

Hence, this was an important fight to Winsor, and he would have to win, no matter what.

Not only was it to prove himself, but it was also to uphold the honor of Erudia.

The citizens of Erudia, too, wished for Winsor’s victory to show the world the greatness of Erudia.

However, the countries and forces overseas wished for The Calamity’s victory because they liked to see Erudia’s downfall.

The thought of Erudia suffering a crushing defeat made them excited because Erudia had been suppressing them for too long.

Hence, they wanted to take this opportunity to get back at them.

If Winsor lost, they would be able to create a huge ruckus out of it and rub salt to Erudia’s injury.

Even so, Winsor didn’t think of this when he challenged The Calamity using his own name. Nonetheless, he was still a citizen of Erudia, so he represented his country.

This battle was held in a combat club in North Hampton.

A few of The Calamity members were there.

All of them wore half angel and half devil masks.

Even Levi wore the mask because he couldn’t show his face to the public.

Sitting beside Levi, North Sky Lord scoffed, “Master, this Winsor wishes to challenge The Calamity?”

What a joke!

Levi defeated his master and seniors who were stronger than him, and that included Demon Blade of the ultimate class.

To The Calamity, Winsor Campbell was nothing.

And because of that, North Sky Lord was reluctant to face an opponent this weak as he was nowhere near his level.

“Fight him once and for all. We should accept this challenge.” Levi urged.

After that, he leaned in and whispered in the North Sky Lord’s ears.

Hearing his words, the North Sky Lord was surprised, but he nodded and promised his Master.

After a while, Winsor Campbell arrived at the battle arena with Zar and two other disciples, but they only wore normal clothing.

On this day, everyone was dressed as commoners.

Meanwhile, thousands of citizens were there, spectating the fight and cheering for Winsor.

After all, everyone was worried The Calamity would go on a rampage in Erudia.

So if Winsor defeated The Calamity, everyone would be relieved because Winsor could defend Erudia from The Calamity’s domination.

Receiving the cheers and encouragements from the people, Winsor couldn’t help but feel excited.

I must not lose this fight!

Winsor then asked The Calamity, “Where’s your Master?”

Levi announced, “Today, North Sky Lord will be your opponent.”

Winsor replied, “Alright. I heard North Sky Lord is the strongest person in The Calamity. I shall be his opponent.”

The epic fight between Winsor Campbell and North Sky Lord was going to break out anytime.



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Chapter 1270​

There was a big fighting ring in the middle of the combat club, and both parties were ready in stance.


The first to attack was Winsor Campbell.

He had superb control over his movements, and his fists were swift and strong.

That was also the case for North Sky Lord.

The impact from their clashes was shocking for everyone, and the crowd roared in excitement.

When their fists met, the impact was so enormous that the specially-prepared fighting ring blew apart.

At that moment, Winsor had made use of all of the battle techniques he learned previously.

However, after blocking and attacking for some time, his expression changed.

Just how strong is this guy?

He is on par with me.

But little did he know that North Sky Lord was giving him chances deliberately.

This made North Sky Lord feel frustrated because he couldn’t give it his all while fighting against his opponent.

When they clashed, he knew Winsor Campbell wouldn’t stand a chance against him, let alone fighting against Levi.

Why do I have to put up with him? I could’ve ended this match long ago.

But Master told me to hold back.

Before the fight, Levi instructed him to fight well, but he had to let Winsor win in the end.

And he asked me to do my best in acting… But why do we have to lose on purpose?

Maybe Master wants to protect Erudia’s image.

Winsor wasn’t an ordinary person without status and power, so everything he did would affect Erudia’s reputation, especially if he lost this fight.

The countries overseas would start to act as soon as they witnessed Erudia’s defeat.

It wasn’t a matter of Winsor’s safety; it was a matter of Erudia’s future and reputation.

Winsor’s lost would be a tremendous blow to Erudia.

The invincible status and reputation of Erudia, which were forged using the blood, sweat, and tears of countless people, would be tarnished if Winsor failed in this challenge.

Erudia would fall, and following that, no countries would respect the Erudians anymore.

The results would be so bad that it was unimaginable.

In short, Winsor was way too reckless in launching this challenge. He only had martial arts as his assets and didn’t step back to look at the big picture. Alas, he had succumbed to his impatience and desire to prove himself.

However, Levi didn’t want Erudia’s downfall to be caused by some minor challenge such as this, so he made The Calamity lose the fight to protect the image and reputation of Erudia.

Even if it was all an act, Winsor must win!

Of course, The Calamity belonged to Erudia, so there was no need to care about their image that much.

The battle grew more intense as Winsor unleashed his skills, and his attacks got faster and faster.

North Sky Lord felt his stamina running out… And Bam! He was sent flying out of the ring.

After struggling with all his might, he sprawled on the ground, not moving a muscle.

This signaled the end of the battle withThe Calamity

’s defeat.

Levi smiled wryly, witnessing the outcome.

I really gave North a hard time asking him to act.

But color me impressed. There wasn’t any flaw in his performance.

“Master, we won! We actually won!”

“Our Master is the strongest man in Erudia!”

“He is the only one who is qualified to be called the God of War.”

Zar, Bolgun, and Talon ran onto the stage happily and cheered for their master.

This honor belongs to us!


All three of them kneeled in front of Winsor and yelled in unison,

“Long live, the invincible Asura! Long live Erudia!”

At the same time, the spectators were on their feet while cheering on loudly.

Defeating The Calamity was such a glorious matter.

Other countries couldn’t stand against The Calamity, but Winsor took the invincible North Sky Lord down, alone, announcing his dominance over The Calamity.

Winsor howled out, celebrating his victory. “Levi Garrison, you can’t do anything to me! I’m stronger than you. To anyone who doesn’t acknowledge me, come at me!”



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Chapter 1271​

Back then, Winsor had defeated Levi, but people ignored his accomplishments.

So he wished to fight against Levi once again, showing the world he could defeat Levi every time.

I’m stronger than Levi Garrison!

However, he got the opportunity to challenge The Calamity instead.

After all, people perceived The Calamity as invincible, and they were practically unstoppable.

If I can defeat them… This accomplishment holds incredible merit. I can prove that I’m stronger than Levi and be the God of War.

“Trolls, I dare you to insult me. As for those who looked down on me, take a good look. I defeated North Sky Lord of The Calamity. Does anyone still think that I’m weaker than Levi Garrison? Come out, now!” Winsor shouted at the rest of the world with no concerns.

He had been suppressing his emotions for too long, and he finally got the chance to vent his frustrations out loud for everyone to hear.

Witnessing the outcome of the battle, those who once looked down on Winsor and supported Levi fell silent as they regretted their actions.

From now on, no one dares to look down on me!

The accomplishment of taking down The Calamity holds incredible merits, and I am the one who earns this glory.

The power he showed convinced everyone, and they acknowledged him as the God of War.

“From now on, Winsor Campbell is the only God of War in my heart!”

With that, Winsor Campbell got the title “God of War” and made a status for himself in Erudia.

He defeated The Calamity, showing the world the greatness of Erudia while solidifying Erudia’s position in the world.

The Calamity that was once invincible was defeated in Erudia.

This was the symbol of Erudia’s strength.

And Levi’s intention all along.

I don’t care if I don’t have the title of the God of War. I only wish for the prosperity of Erudia.

I’ll eliminate any threat of Erudia until the day I die, so the Erudians will not be humiliated by other countries.

Even if it means shouldering all the pain and sufferings.

Looking at Winsor Campbell’s arrogant behavior, North Sky Lord, East Sky Lord, and the rest of The Calamity clenched their fists, their fingernails digging into their palms.


This is absurd!

North Sky Lord could’ve crushed him.

Yet, only one could understand their frustration.

And that was Levi.

He, too, wanted to defeat Winsor for his self-satisfaction, but Erudia’s reputation was at stake.

For Erudia, I’m willing to bear any humiliation.

Winsor Campbell won.

The forces overseas were dumbstruck, as they couldn’t believe it.

According to their speculations, North Sky Lord was much stronger than Winsor Campbell. Hence, they felt that something was amiss that Winsor actually won.

It was way too unexpected.

They had many headlines on standby, waiting for North Sky Lord’s victory so that they could spread the news and mock Erudia for its downfall.

But their plan short circuited.

Instead, Erudia had shown the world once again its greatness and indestructible power.

Once again, Erudia’s enemies were infuriated because they couldn’t do anything to Erudia.

That was exactly what Levi wanted to achieve.

Meanwhile, Winsor was giddy with delight.

Looking at the members of The Calamity with disdain, he snorted coldly, “A bunch of bumpkins!”

I can bring down each and every single one of them!

How spectacular would it be if they clash against Master or the Great Family of Frostford? They would definitely lose miserably.

“Hear my words, The Calamity. I allow you guys to move around in Erudia. But I can wipe you out in minutes, so don’t try something out of line.” Winsor warned.

North Sky Lord was enraged when he heard his words. “Does your strength measure up to your arrogance?”

Winsor turned to look at him and scoffed. “Hmph! What a sore loser! Do you have a problem with that? Fight me again, and we’ll see who’s the winner!”

“Bring it on!” North Sky Lord shouted, not giving in to his opponent.



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Chapter 1272​

“Alright, come on then! I’ll beat you again so that you’ll accept your defeat without complaints.”

Winsor decided to defeat his opponent twice so that he would finally admit it.

“There’s no need for that. We admit our defeat. We’re simply not as good as you.”

It wasn’t until Levi spoke that North Sky Lord dropped the matter.

Winsor looked at him with a cold smile. “Good that you’re aware. Next time you see me, remember to walk the other way. I never want to hear about The Calamity causing trouble in Erudia ever again!”

With that, Winsor finally left with thousands of people clamoring to follow him.

North Sky Lord was furious.

This was definitely one of the most humiliating things that had ever happened to him.

I could have won!

But I was forced to lose!

However, he held back for Erudia.

He didn’t know much, but he was still part of Erudia, after all.

“Master, when can I beat that little punk into a pulp?” North Sky Lord asked.

“It will probably be a while, but don’t you worry. It won’t be too far off,” Levi said in a cold voice.

He still had to keep playing this role for the time being.

It simply wasn’t time to reveal everything just yet. As such, The Calamity could only work in the shadows.

That being said, North Sky Lord believed that things would go back to normal one day.

When that happened, he would beat Winsor Campbell to a pulp.

“Master, where are we going next?” Zar couldn’t help but ask.

“Since we’re already in North Hampton, let’s go take a look at Levi’s kid,” Winsor smirked sinisterly.

Zoey and the others had already heard about the news regarding Winsor.

The news of him beating The Calamity had spread across the world.

He was now regarded as the true king.

And no one would dare challenge Winsor now.

Zoey and Emma had just been talking about how Levi owned that title when suddenly, Winsor arrived at their doorstep.

“What are you doing here?” Zoey asked as she looked at him warily.

“I’m here to take a look at your child with Levi,” Winsor said with a smile.

“Why do you want to look at our kid for?” Zoey was getting nervous.

After all, Zar had personally chased Levi out of Erudia.

As such, her instincts were screaming that Winsor was not to be trusted.

“Don’t worry. I just want to take a quick peek. Besides, I have no reason to do anything to you all. After all, none of you are worth the hassle. Even if Levi were still alive, he wouldn’t be worth it either.”

Zar and the others chuckled. “Levi never had a chance against Master. Their capabilities are just too far apart.”

“Don’t you dare speak ill of Daddy!”

Forlevia ran over the moment she heard those words and glared at them as fiercely as her cute little face would allow.

She was holding onto a toy gun that she held pointed toward Winsor and the others.

Her little face was filled with stubbornness and her eyes shone with determination.

Winsor chuckled at the sight. “Would you look at that! I guess the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree! You definitely take after your father. Too bad, though, since you’re a girl. If you were a boy, Zoey could have sent you to learn martial arts so you could grow up and maybe have a chance at beating me!”

Winsor roared with laughter.

His shrill chuckle was beginning to grate on Zoey’s ears.

She picked Forlevia up and looked at Winsor coldly. “Don’t worry. She may be a girl, but who’s to say she won’t be able to rule over the battleground in the future? You’d better keep praying that you’re able to hold on to your position. Who knows? Perhaps my daughter might come and take it away from you someday.”

Winsor bellowed with laughter. “Okay, sure! I’ll be waiting! However, I hope you all know that everyone already obeys me. Levi is now a thing of the past. This is now my era! The era of Winsor Campbell!”

After that, Winsor left.

Zoey felt like exploding in anger.



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Chapter 1273​

If Levi weren’t injured or crippled, he would have been the one standing at the top.

Zoey had always been proud of Levi.

Sadly, Levi was now a crippled man. If he weren’t, Winsor would have been no match for him.

She knew that he had been framed, but no one wanted to believe it.

Besides, they all thought he was dead, anyway.

All she could do was watch as Winsor gloated to everyone and anyone.

After Winsor defeated The Calamity, people started treating him like a God.

They saw him as a God who descended from the heavens, ready to save the people from earthly troubles.

They bowed to Winsor and never mentioned Levi again.

If they dared to bring Levi’s name up, they would be labeled as blasphemous.

For his part, Levi still thought the same way. He was willing to withstand this humiliation for Erudia’s sake.

As for Zoey, she had put all her attention into keeping Morris Group running smoothly even though the Lopez and Black families didn’t give her any pressure.

She was mostly worried that people would start trying to get them in trouble.

She was more than aware of the fact that Levi’s enemies would start coming for the company once the news of him getting injured got out.

The Triple Group, for example, had made a reappearance in Erudia.

Back then, it was Levi who had chased them out.

Now that Levi was gone, they grabbed the opportunity to make a comeback.

After all, it wasn’t possible for them to let go of such a promising market like Erudia.

Apparently, the main perpetrator of Triple Group’s reemergence in Erudia was Lee Jeong-seok of Daelee Group.

Daelee Group held an almost legendary presence in Keerea.

Most of the other young masters only held that title for the sake of it, but in Daelee Group, that title symbolized power.

Lee Jeong-seok was the representation of being rich and powerful.

In order to take over Erudia’s market again, Triple Group had sent him to take the lead, which showed just how serious they were in taking this venture.

Triple Group managed to set down its roots through connections and their vast amount of funding.

There was even talk of them collaborating with the Garrison clan.

Iris and the other council members immediately called for a meeting. “Triple Group will most likely come for us next. We have to be prepared!”

Zoey was beginning to worry as well.

Even though Morris Group had control over a vast part of the South, they were still no match for Triple Group.

At the end of the day, Triple Group beat the Garrison clan in terms of both money and power.

No matter how much the Garrison clan worked to expand, they were still just a family business.

However, Triple Group was an internationally powerful company.

If it weren’t for Levi, Triple Group would never have stepped down.

Now that Levi collapsed, they immediately leaped back out of the shadows, ready to take control once more.

After all, everyone knew how shameless Triple Group was.

This was basically how they do things normally.

“All we can do is stay prepared and be alert.”

On the other side of town, Tyrone was greeting his guests with the utmost solemnity.

His guest arrived in a procession of Rolls-Royce’s and their bodyguards were all Caucasian.

Every move he made was in an ostentatious manner, similar to how Damien presented himself when he was alive.

Still, the Garrison family knew that he was a much greater deal than Damien ever was.

His bodyguards consisted of quite a few Ultimate class warriors, after all.

In Bayview, only Lee Jeong-seok had the abilities and capabilities to have God class and Ultimate class warriors as part of his bodyguard lineup.

The Daelee Group was simply that rich.

Anything and anyone could be bought with enough money, and Ultimate class warriors were no exception.

The purpose Lee Jeong-seok was here that day was to talk about a collaboration with Tyrone and the rest of the Garrison family.

“Two years ago, Levi chased Triple Group out of Erudia and forbade us from ever stepping foot in it again. But now that he’s gone, we’ve returned and we’re back with a vengeance. None of Levi’s family members will be safe.”



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Chapter 1274​

Jeong-seok’s eyes gleamed with a bloodthirsty look.

His perfect, chiseled face had become twisted in hatred and anger.

There were two reasons why Triple Group had returned to Erudia. One was for profit and the other was to get revenge.

“Mr. Garrison, I’m sure you have no objection with that, right?” Jeong-seok turned to look at Tyrone.

“Of course not! Everyone knows that I’ve never accepted that bastard into my family, much less bother about him. I just haven’t been able to do anything to his direct family members because of my reputation, but rest assured, I don’t hate him any less than you all do. In fact, I hope you target his wife or daughter!” Tyrone chuckled loudly.

The Garrison family had sworn against showing any kindness toward Levi.

After all, he had nearly gotten rid of their entire bloodline.

He had greatly humiliated them.

More than anyone, he deserved to die.

“Good, that’s all I needed to hear from you. I promise to make his wife and daughter wish they’d never been born,” Jeong-seok said with a wicked smile.

“No! No… No-”

All of a sudden, Olivia barged in and started mumbling haphazardly.

Tyrone was taken aback.

The reason being Olivia had only ever repeated the words “ghost” over and over and never anything else.What happened? Why is she suddenly saying“no?”

“What the hell is this? Where did this psycho come from?” Jeong-seok asked, clearly irritated.

Tyrone didn’t even have the chance to think about anything else before calling for people to take her away.

Unbeknownst to him, if he had given Olivia the chance to repeat herself a couple more times, Tyrone would have noticed that something was up.

Tyrone hastily explained her situation. Afterward, Jeong-seok continued going through his plan.

“I heard Levi’s mother is dreadfully old, but I could always send her off to the slums in the West. The sickos there don’t even leave animals untouched!” Jeong-seok started laughing maniacally.

Tyrone, however, was rather ruffled by that. After all, that was Emma Jones he was talking about.

Nonetheless, he quickly replaced his shock with icy cold indifference.I have to be merciless if I want to succeed!

“Okay, we’ll do as you say!”

Jeong-seok continued to chuckle. “As for Zoey, she’s an even better delicacy! If she didn’t have a child, I’d have loved to have a taste of her. But, as the situation stands now, I know a seventy-year-old pervert in the West who just married his twenty-ninth wife. We can sell Zoey off to him! They’d be a perfect match.”

“Good idea! There’s nothing more satisfying than the idea of selling Levi’s wife off to an old geezer on his deathbed,” Tyrone bellowed in approval before asking, “What about his kid?”

Jeong-seok’s grin became even wider. “That’s even easier! Do you know how many pedophiles are out there nowadays? Besides, Levi’s daughter is a definite beauty. Once she grows older, she’ll be the talk of the town! A sweet little girl like her will probably have those old perverts panting and forking out money by the millions. In fact, I’ll host an auction just to sell off Levi’s daughter! Whoever bid the highest shall become the owner of Levi’s daughter!”

Tyrone howled with laughter at the thought of perverted old men scrambling to own Levi’s daughter.

“As for Iris, Abigail, Mia, and Tiffany… I’ll make them into slaves! I’ll make sure they get well and truly screwed over to the point they’ll start to yearn for death.”

“As expected of the Lee family’s young master!” Tyrone couldn’t help but praise.

The Daelee Group had almost exactly the same ideas he had.

Jeong-seok chuckled. “Levi, this is the consequence of you messing with the Triple Group. We have more ideas up our sleeves than you can even think of.”


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Chapter 1275​

Jeong-seok’s smile widened creepily as he radiated murderous intent.

Seeing that, the members of the Garrison family shuddered instinctively.

They had heard of how cruel Daelee Group was and how ruthless their methods could be, which was why no one dared to mess with them.

In Bayview, Daelee Group was truly a force to be reckoned with.

Jeong-seok patted Tyrone on the shoulders. “Cooperate with us and you’ll get to reap what we sow too.”

Tyrone’s biggest wish was to break out of Erudia and make it into the international market.

The Lee family could help him do just that.

That’s why he was so willing to bend over backward to give Triple Group anything they wanted and help them settle everything within Erudia.

Triple Group worked fast and their actions were precise.

It wasn’t before long that they managed to fix their position in the market.

They had made their move so fast, in fact, that no one had expected it.

First, they took over the North and the South.

After that, they settled in North and South Hampton.

As a result, Morris Group suffered greatly under Triple Group’s attack.

After facing them headfirst a couple of times, Morris Group had no choice but to admit defeat.

Triple Group was simply too strong.

Even with Morris Group’s recent success, they had gotten severely defeated. If they were the Morris Group of the past, Triple Group would have devoured them in a second.

At the same time, Pinnacle Group was starting to sanction them too.

Under the attack of two big groups, Morris Group suffered huge losses.

Their resources were all cut off and their market value dropped rapidly.

To make matters worse, ban after ban was laid onto the workers of Morris Group, which made it difficult for them to find places to stay or even keep food on the table.

They would even get terrorized from time to time.

It wasn’t before long that the workers started to leave one by one.

They were barely able to keep their lives at this point, much less their money and housing.

In just three days, more than a hundred council members and countless ordinary staff members had resigned.

Morris Group was going through its worst hit yet.

They were already a mess on the inside while they were being pressured with sanctions from the outside.

The company was on its verge of collapsing.

Triple Group had even arrived to openly cause trouble, causing more losses to Morris Group.

Even Tyrone was taken aback.

Seems like Triple Group really had plenty of nasty tricks up their sleeve.

They didn’t care about their reputation at all.

All they cared about was cornering Morris Group no matter what sneaky tactics they had to use.

Meanwhile, Iris and the other remaining council members were being harassed on a daily basis.

Her house had long since been broken into and every part of the house had been turned over.

Even her clothes had been strewn everywhere. They weren’t even trying to cover their tracks.

As for the others, they faced much worse situations.

Their pets, for example, had gotten brutally murdered and whoever killed them had taken their time to leave blood on every inch of the room possible.

This was no longer a business matter. It was a matter of life and death.

It was impossible for anyone to last in such an environment.

Finally, Morris Group decided to hold an executive meeting.

“Ms. Lopez, we have no way to beat Triple Group. We can’t do anything else. If we continue on like this, we’re all going to go crazy!”

All of the council members were sufficiently terrified.

Iris said through gritted teeth, “The gap between both companies is too big to be bridged by sheer hard work. Besides, they’ve made things personal. Zoey, even I can barely hold on at this point.”

Zoey knew that better than anyone.

She was probably the most anxious one there.

The sudden halt of the company’s operation was especially taxing on her.

“Who else has any ideas?” Zoey asked.

“We’ve discussed and we think we should try to compromise with Triple Group.”

“Yeah! No matter what terms and conditions they throw at us, we’ll agree to it. Anything is better than what we’re facing now.”

This was the council’s first consensus.

After a bit of thought, Zoey agreed. “Alright, let’s have a talk with Triple Group.”

She had her secretary contact Triple Group, who agreed to meet up.

Jeong-seok was going to talk to Zoey personally.



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Sep 25, 2023

Chapter 1276​

Everything was going according to Jeong-seok’s plan.

He had wanted to force Zoey to talk to him personally from the very start.

Clearly, his plans had worked.

Tyrone was taken aback by Triple Group’s efficiency once again. He had also imposed sanctions upon Morris Group before, but with much less satisfactory results.

The more cruel, the better.

Obviously, Triple Group is willing to be much crueler than the Garrison family had been.

This is what it meant to be truly ruthless!

Tyrone was full of respect toward their cruelty.

He realized how much he still had to learn.

The place of discussion would be held at Morris Group’s council room.

Jeong-seok’s entrance remained as flashy as ever.

Over twenty cars marked his arrival along with a private jet.

All of the bodyguards he brought with him were Ultimate and God class warriors.

There were more warriors next to Jeong-seok than there were on the average battlefield.

All that proved was how powerful the Lee family truly was.

They could accomplish things even the Eighteen-Nation Alliance couldn’t.

The moment Jeong-seok and his party arrived, members of Morris Group were taken aback.

We’re actually going against someone this intimidating?

Zoey and some others were already waiting for him in the large conference room.

Their demands were simple, which was to work and live peacefully.

They already had little to no expectations.

No matter what ridiculous conditions Triple Group forced on them, they could only accept it.

Once he stepped into the conference room, Jeong-seok took one look at Zoey and sighed. “As expected, what a national beauty. Such a pity indeed!”

If she hadn’t gotten married and didn’t already have a kid, Jeong-seok would have had a go at her himself.

After the two of them sat down, Zoey didn’t hesitate to ask, “Mr. Lee, we’ve never messed with Triple Group before, have we? So why are you doing this to us?”

Jeong-seok was toying with an intricate dagger as he replied, “Because of Levi Garrison.”

“What?” Zoey said in surprise.

She hadn’t expected Jeong-seok to come right out of the gate like that.

“That’s right! Two years ago, Levi chased Triple Group out of Erudia. Now, we’re back for revenge. Everything we’ve done so for was for revenge!” Jeong-seok announced.

Instantly, the atmosphere started to change.

Many Morris Group’s council members who had risen to position a little later on started to glare at Zoey.

They all felt that the hundreds of thousands of workers in Morris Group had been dragged along for no good reason.

At the end of the day, it was all because of Zoey’s personal business.

We’re all about to die because of her!

Zoey could feel how the situation was starting to take a turn for the worse.

Jeong-seok chuckled coldly and said, “What, isn’t Levi here? Is he just going to let me trample over his company and his people like this?”

His subordinate instantly replied, “Mr. Lee, Levi Garrison is already dead.”

“Oh? Is that so? What brilliant news!” Jeong-seok laughed, elated by the news.

Zoey clenched her fists tightly and replied in a cold voice, “If my husband was here, none of you would have even dared to step into this building!”

Zoey’s words struck the Triple Group members’ nerves instantly.

They started chattering in anger.

“Bullsh*t! Even if he were here, he wouldn’t have managed to stop us!”

“Who does he think he is? He can’t even hold a candle to the Lee family of Keerea!”

Even Jeong-seok chuckled. “Ah, it’s too bad that he’s dead, then. I’d love for him to come here and beat me up if he could!”

“Just wait. It will happen one day!” Zoey nearly said too much in her fit of rage.

“I’m looking forward to it! If you can resurrect the dead, of course!”



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Sep 25, 2023

Chapter 1277​

Jeong-seok was too cocky for his own good.

It was as if there was a giant bulls-eye on his face, just waiting for someone to shoot a bullet through it.

The Lee family is nothing but despicable!

Zoey and Iris could only stare in disgust.

Why didn’t they come when Levi was still crowned as the God of War?

They were obviously scared!

They were only able to be this cocky because Levi’s no longer here.

Jeong-seok continued chuckling. “Well, he hasn’t shown up after all this while. I guess he must be fuming in hell, huh?”

The crowd burst into laughter.

“Since you’re here, let’s have a chat. What will it take for you to let Morris Group off?” Zoey asked directly.

The council members of Morris Group started to get nervous.

It was time to decide their fate.

Jeong-seok looked at Zoey. “It’s simple, hand over your position as chairman.”

That one sentence struck them like a bolt of lightning, leaving them speechless.

They hadn’t expected for Jeong-seok to be this daring.

“So, you want Ms. Lopez to step down so you can gobble the company up? No way!” Iris said defiantly.

Jeong-seok shook his head. “No, you got me wrong. I don’t care about Morris Group. I just want Zoey to step down. Whoever wants to be chairman next can take it.”

The council members of the Morris Group sighed in relief upon hearing that.

Jeong-seok stared at Zoey with a chilly grin on his face. “Are you willing to sacrifice yourself for your staff?”

Some of the council members started to speak up, “Ms. Lopez, we don’t like this outcome too, but you have to think about the greater good!”

“Don’t worry, Ms. Lopez, we’ll take good care of the company!”

They were basically trying to chase Zoey off as soon as possible so that they would be free of this mess.

Zoey glanced at the crowd and hesitated before saying, “Okay, I’ll step down as long as you agree to stop attacking Morris Group.”

“Of course! In fact, I’m willing to sign a contract so that you can freely expose me if I ever go against my word,” Jeong-seok said with a chuckle.

What he said was the truth, he was not interested in Morris Group.

After all, he had already achieved his goal of obtaining Erudia’s market.

Now, all that was left to do was to torture Zoey and the others.

“Alright, I’ll sign it!”

Zoey signed the contract without any hesitation and stepped down from her position as chairman and everything else concerned with it.

She would no longer be associated with Morris Group from then on.

“You, you, and you!” Jeong-seok pointed at Iris, Elena, and some other council members.

He wanted to get rid of their positions as well.

He had to be merciless and ruthless so that he could cut off any likelihood of retaliation.

That was just how Triple Group operates.

“Are you happy now? We’ve done everything you asked us to!” Zoey asked.

Jeong-seok thought for a moment and piped up, “One more thing! Levi probably named this company “Morris Group” after his best friend, right? Well, I want to change the name!”

“No!” Zoey declined instantly.

Iris and the others shook their heads as well.

This wasn’t just Levi’s hard work, it was theirs, too.

They would never agree to change the name just like that.

Jeong-seok glared at them and said, “It’s not your place to say ‘no’. All of you no longer have anything to do with Morris Group! Also, all of you should leave since you don’t belong here anymore.”

With that, Zoey and the other few ex-council members were chased out.

They stared at the office building, their gaze full of despair.



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Chapter 1278​

For the sake of the hundreds of thousands of employees working at Morris Group, Zoey knew she had to rest her case.

She could take on Triple Group.

She knew she still had it in her.

However, it would cost tens of thousands of people to lose their jobs. Some of them might lose their families as a result, while a few might even sacrifice their lives.

“What a bully. If only Levi was still alive!” Iris lamented.

Zoey shot her a look fraught with emotion.

Levi’s still alive.

But just barely.

He’ll be bedridden for the rest of his life.

If he finds out about this, he’ll just fuss and worry.

He might even shed tears of frustration.

Angry that he’ll only be able to watch, and powerless to help in any way.

That feeling of helplessness could very well send him over the edge!

I can’t let him know.

What’s the point if he finds out? More cooks will only spoil the broth.

Although Jeong-seok promised to let Morris Group off and to abstain from subsuming the company, he continuously forced Morris Group to conduct business in accordance with his own development plans.

He manipulated the company like another one of his toys.

Jeong-seok even sent out an announcement declaring that Morris Group was to be renamed Castle Group.

Zoey and the rest were outraged at the news.

We’ve been cheated!

How shameless can he get?


He promised to set Morris Group free. He even signed a letter of promise.

How could he do such a thing…

He basically stamped his mark of ownership by renaming the company.

What a vile person!

This is the true colors of Triple Group, after all!

Abiding by ethics is against their nature.

That very same day, Morris Group held a press conference to officially announce the name change. Lee Hong-yi was appointed as the chairman.

Lee Hong-yi was a Keerean who used to work as a technician for Morris Group.

Now, he had rocketed through the ranks to sit on the company’s throne.

This could only be Jeong-seok’s doing.

Instead of personally interfering with Morris Group, he installed a conduit.

Now, he had the chairman under his thumb.

The company was as good as his.

Despite her rage, there was nothing the likes of Zoey could do.

The only silver lining was that the company still existed and none of the employees had to lose their jobs.

However, this was only the beginning.

This was only the tip of the iceberg of Jeong-seok’s scheme.

Abigail and Tiffany had been kidnapped under mysterious circumstances at Oakland City. The Meyers family was boiling with anger and incredulity, but all they could do was watch.

Not only that, Levi’s classmate, Chloe, had also been snatched.

So was Mia from the South Hampton Jones family.

The Jones family did not even dare to look for her.

Apparently, they had been issued a warning.

When Abigail, Tiffany, and the rest awoke, they found themselves locked up in a makeshift cell.

In front of them stood a tall man with breathtaking features. His lip curled into a devilish smirk.

Jeong-seok was the one who had gathered them.

“After extensive investigation, I have concluded that, besides Zoey Lopez, you are the women closest to Levi Garrison.”

“If someone were to come after you, Levi is sure to come to your aid.” Jeong-seok laughed menacingly.

“What do you plan to do?” Tiffany sneered.

“From today onwards, you will become my slaves. As long as you bear the mark of the slave, none of you will be able to escape!”

Just as Iris was about to release her wrath, Jeong-seok continued, “Zoey and the rest will not be spared, either!”

“Emma Jones will be sold to the slums of a foreign country and she’ll be shared by a bunch of hooligans! As for Zoey Lopez, I’ll marry her off to some sleazy old man. Finally, Levi’s daughter will be auctioned off to some pervert!”



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Chapter 1279​

Jeong-seok had prepared a horrible outcome for every woman closely affiliated with Levi.

The thought of his plan playing out brought a smile to Jeong-seok’s face.


“Where was this courage of yours when my brother-in-law was still around?” Abigail shrieked furiously.

“Exactly! You’re nothing but a conniving rat! You’ll never amount to anything!”

“No wonder Triple Group is such a scummy company! You’re only capable of such deeds! How pathetic!” the women taunted, their voices banding together.

Little did they know that their attempt to aggravate Jeong-seok was futile.

In fact, it made Jeong-seok grin even wider.

“What’s the point of you saying all these? Sure, I’m a conniving rat. So what? Too bad Levi’s dead. I have his wife, daughter, and mother in my clutches. How is he going to retaliate?” Jeong-seok mocked.


The women were stunned speechless.

What could they do in the face of such blatant brazenness?

“My brother-in-law might not be around, but karma will still get you!”

Abigail shot daggers at Jeong-seok.

“You’ll definitely encounter retribution one day!” the other women chimed in.

“Whatever. The lot of you are destined to be my slaves from now on. This way, you’ll have front-row seats to the so-called retribution that you speak of.” Jeong-seok retorted.

It was at this moment that one of his lackeys came running in. “Sir, the people from overseas have agreed. Emma Jones can be sold to the slums there at any time! They’ll be sure to torture her even without our instructions. Her remaining days will be a living hell!” the lackey sniggered.

“The head of Noir Group, Mr. Williams, will be arriving at North Hampton tonight! He is extremely anxious to marry Zoey Lopez!”

Jeong-seok let out a peal of delight. “That old pervert! How many young girls’ lives has he ruined over the years? The number must be in the thousands by now.”

“Exactly. How many wives has he had? I heard that several of them were tortured to death!”

Even Jeong-seok himself was utterly disgusted by the man.

“Alright, I shall prepare to receive him tonight!”

Jeong-seok locked up the women again and waited for nightfall to descend.

At night, Jeong-seok personally went to the airport to welcome Mr. Williams of Noir Group.

He held the same social standing as the Daelee Group did in Keera.

As such, he was not a man to be trifled with.

Soon, Jeong-seok saw a line of people from Noir Group at the airport.

Mr. Williams was helped out of the plane by a few of his men.

His features screamed lechery. He was almost bald and had a pair of squinty eyes which he used to scan his surroundings.

The sight of his mouthful of yellowed teeth would be enough to turn anyone’s stomach.

He was definitely the most repulsive man Jeong-seok had ever seen.

However, his subordinates could only greet him with smiles plastered on their faces.

He was practically king, after all.

“Mr. Williams!” Jeong-seok greeted cheerily.

“Hello, Mr. Lee! I just want to say that not only do I want Levi Garrison’s wife, but also his mother and daughter! Oh, and his sister as well! I want them all. We’ll have so much fun together! State your price; I can’t wait to have all of them!” Mr. Williams giggled. His excitement was obvious.

When he heard that Jeong-seok was planning to get rid of those women, he knew he had to make them his.

Jeong-seok was not surprised by Mr. Williams’ request.

He’s always been like this!

Always so greedy about such things!

“No problem! However, I plan to hold an auction for Levi’s daughter. I’ve already sent word out so I’ll have to go through with it,” Jeong-seok replied.

“Sure. I’ll make sure I’m the highest bidder!” Mr. Williams squealed in delight.



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Chapter 1279​

Jeong-seok had prepared a horrible outcome for every woman closely affiliated with Levi.

The thought of his plan playing out brought a smile to Jeong-seok’s face.


“Where was this courage of yours when my brother-in-law was still around?” Abigail shrieked furiously.

“Exactly! You’re nothing but a conniving rat! You’ll never amount to anything!”

“No wonder Triple Group is such a scummy company! You’re only capable of such deeds! How pathetic!” the women taunted, their voices banding together.

Little did they know that their attempt to aggravate Jeong-seok was futile.

In fact, it made Jeong-seok grin even wider.

“What’s the point of you saying all these? Sure, I’m a conniving rat. So what? Too bad Levi’s dead. I have his wife, daughter, and mother in my clutches. How is he going to retaliate?” Jeong-seok mocked.


The women were stunned speechless.

What could they do in the face of such blatant brazenness?

“My brother-in-law might not be around, but karma will still get you!”

Abigail shot daggers at Jeong-seok.

“You’ll definitely encounter retribution one day!” the other women chimed in.

“Whatever. The lot of you are destined to be my slaves from now on. This way, you’ll have front-row seats to the so-called retribution that you speak of.” Jeong-seok retorted.

It was at this moment that one of his lackeys came running in. “Sir, the people from overseas have agreed. Emma Jones can be sold to the slums there at any time! They’ll be sure to torture her even without our instructions. Her remaining days will be a living hell!” the lackey sniggered.

“The head of Noir Group, Mr. Williams, will be arriving at North Hampton tonight! He is extremely anxious to marry Zoey Lopez!”

Jeong-seok let out a peal of delight. “That old pervert! How many young girls’ lives has he ruined over the years? The number must be in the thousands by now.”

“Exactly. How many wives has he had? I heard that several of them were tortured to death!”

Even Jeong-seok himself was utterly disgusted by the man.

“Alright, I shall prepare to receive him tonight!”

Jeong-seok locked up the women again and waited for nightfall to descend.

At night, Jeong-seok personally went to the airport to welcome Mr. Williams of Noir Group.

He held the same social standing as the Daelee Group did in Keera.

As such, he was not a man to be trifled with.

Soon, Jeong-seok saw a line of people from Noir Group at the airport.

Mr. Williams was helped out of the plane by a few of his men.

His features screamed lechery. He was almost bald and had a pair of squinty eyes which he used to scan his surroundings.

The sight of his mouthful of yellowed teeth would be enough to turn anyone’s stomach.

He was definitely the most repulsive man Jeong-seok had ever seen.

However, his subordinates could only greet him with smiles plastered on their faces.

He was practically king, after all.

“Mr. Williams!” Jeong-seok greeted cheerily.

“Hello, Mr. Lee! I just want to say that not only do I want Levi Garrison’s wife, but also his mother and daughter! Oh, and his sister as well! I want them all. We’ll have so much fun together! State your price; I can’t wait to have all of them!” Mr. Williams giggled. His excitement was obvious.

When he heard that Jeong-seok was planning to get rid of those women, he knew he had to make them his.

Jeong-seok was not surprised by Mr. Williams’ request.

He’s always been like this!

Always so greedy about such things!

“No problem! However, I plan to hold an auction for Levi’s daughter. I’ve already sent word out so I’ll have to go through with it,” Jeong-seok replied.

“Sure. I’ll make sure I’m the highest bidder!” Mr. Williams squealed in delight.

Can't wait for Levi to massacre those fools
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Chapter 1280​

Jeong-seok chuckled. “What I want is simple. I want to own twenty-five percent of your petroleum production operations in the northwest of Senia.”

Mr. Williams hesitated.

He did not expect Jeong-seok to have such a voracious appetite.

But this way I’ll be able to snag not only the wife but also the daughter and mother of the God of War.

This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity!

“Fine, you got it!” Williams proclaimed.

Jeong-seok beamed.

Not only am I going to make Levi’s life terrible, but I also managed to clinch part ownership of petroleum production operations!

That’s killing two birds with one stone!

Both parties were in agreement.

Jeong-seok led Mr. Williams to the lodgings.

“Mr. Lee, do you think that tonight…”

Mr. Williams had come from a far-flung corner of the world and was ready to indulge in all of his hedonistic desires.

He did not want to wait a second longer.

Jeong-seok kept a smile hanging off his lips. “Please have patience, Mr. Williams. We can do whatever you want tomorrow when everyone will have arrived.”

Mr. Williams considered Jeong-seok’s words for a while before finally assenting to the latter’s suggestion.

We’re talking about the beloved women of the God of War!

The loved ones of that almighty man, with enough power to rival multiple countries, will be mine to do away with as I please.

This is amazing. I can’t wait!

Both men’s spirits were sky-high.

They had never been so elated in their lives.

Meanwhile, Zoey was still safe for the time being.

However, she could not seem to contact Iris or Abigail.

Emma dashed up to her in a panicked frenzy. “Zoey, something terrible happened! Mia has been kidnapped by Triple Group! They’re clearly issuing us a challenge. They even threatened to auction off Evie!”


Zoey’s rage spiked through the roof.

They want to auction off my child?

How could she tolerate it?

If only Triple Group wasn’t so powerful…

“Why don’t we just pack up and leave? We can’t stay here. We’re no match for Triple Group; they’re too strong!” Zoey suggested.

She had long been toying with the idea of going off the grid.

“We can’t. When I came back, I realized that we’re surrounded! There’s no way we’ll be able to leave!”

Emma’s face fell.

Triple Group had closed them in completely. No one could escape.

“Triple Group never had any intention of letting us go!”

Zoey had no choice but to plead with Dale for help.

“I desperately want to save you and Evie, too. Unfortunately, I can’t go against the Daelee Group. Even Tyrone is at their beck and call! For the sake of the family, I have no other option but to sacrifice you!”

Dale hung up.

The Daelee Group was no different from Frostford to him.

Getting on the wrong side of either one could potentially spell complete annihilation for him and his family.

Zoey was spiraling in the pits of despair.

Who can we turn to now?

“Are we just going to sit here and wait for our deaths?”

Zoey and Emma were despondent.

This time, it was Forlevia who made a call. She dialed a number. “Call Daddy! Daddy will save us!”

Despite her young age, she often talked to Levi on the phone.

She immediately called her father.

Levi’s voice was soon heard from the receiver, “Evie? Daddy’s here!”

Forlevia burst into tears. “Daddy, come quickly! Someone is bullying us! Come and save us!”

“Hold on, Evie. I’ll be there before you know it. Don’t cry. Wait for me!”

The call from his daughter turned Levi’s anxiety up to the maximum.

“Why are you calling your father, Evie?”

Zoey and Emma sighed.

There’s no point in telling Levi about this.

He can’t even move.

How will he save us?



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Chapter 1281​

Truth be told, Jeong-seok’s every move was within Levi’s calculations.

He was originally unable to do anything about the situation.

But now that he had control of The Calamity, he had countless skilled men at his disposal.

Saving Zoey and the rest would be as easy as taking candy from a baby.

Zoey and the rest might appear to be at the mercy of Triple Group, but The Calamity had been closely surveying the entire situation.

At the sign of any real danger, The Calamity’s soldiers would move in.

Levi also stationed people to protect Abigail.

However, the news reached him too late, and by that time, Abigail and the rest had already been taken.

Despite this, there was always someone keeping an eye on the situation from the shadows. If Abigail or any of the other women were in actual trouble, experts from The Calamity would rush in.

Levi had everything under control.

This was something Triple Group could never have expected.

Initially, Levi had left the matter to his men in The Calamity.

That was why he was currently in L Nation, having just buried Hades in his hometown.

But after the call from Forlevia, he could not hold himself back any longer.

He decided to take matters into his own hands.

“We’re going back to Erudia now!” Levi barked, his expression tense.

Forlevia’s voice rang in his ears.

You’ve officially pissed me off, Triple Group!

I slew the military strategist of Raysonia without batting an eye!

Do you actually think you’re untouchable?

“Sir, Lee Jeong-seok had taken complete control of Morris Group! He’s even announced at a press conference that the company’s name will be changed to Castle Group!” West Sky Lord said softly.

“How dare they!” Levi roared.

Every move made by Jeong-seok aimed straight at one of Levi’s pressure points. He had successfully set off the volcano of Levi’s fury.

He’ll never expect that I’m still alive and kicking…

I’m back and stronger than ever!

I’ve never been more terrifyingly powerful in my life!

Soon, the sun disappeared below the horizon.

Zoey and Emma had been in a terror-stricken state the entire day.

Alas, they still came up empty.

There was no one they could turn to, no place they could escape to.

“Is this really how we’re destined to meet our end?” Zoey huffed in indignance.

I know that marrying Levi would prevent me from living a normal life.

Bur I can’t accept going down like this.

“Don’t worry, Mom and Grandma, I’m sure Daddy will come save us!”

Forlevia’s small fists were balled tightly, her expression one of earnest faith.

She was a naive child, after all.

It was natural for her to believe in every promise.

In fact, she believed every single promise that adults had made to her.

Since Levi had promised to come for her, she was certain that he would.

“Daddy is the God of War! He’s even better than superheroes!” Forlevia exclaimed.

Zoey did not have the heart to disillusion her and chose to keep her peace.

Shortly after, some people from Triple Group took Zoey away.

At a hall in North Hampton.

A private auction was taking place.

It was a full house.

Some were serious auctioneers while others were only here to watch.

Jeong-seok was sitting in the front row. Mr. Williams, sitting next to him, could barely contain his excitement.

Mr. Williams had already laid out his plan to torture the women in his mind.

All he needed were the people themselves.

“My goal is simple. I want to let the whole world see what happens when you cross the Daelee Group! Even the God of War can’t stand in our way!”

Jeong-seok’s aim was not only to exact revenge but also to send out waves of intimidation.

He wanted to announce to the world that he held the authority to make the God of War’s family do his bidding. This way, no one would dare oppose him.

“Bring them up here!”

The three women were brought up to the stage.

At the sight of them, Mr. Williams’ eyes lit up.

“Levi Garrison’s wife and mother are already the property of Mr. Williams. Next up, we have his daughter!”

“The bidding will start at a hundred million!”


Chapter 1282​

“A hundred and fifty million!”

Bids started flying in from below the stage.

“Two hundred million!”

The audience eyed Forlevia with the gazes of starved beasts.

Not only did they share this kink, but the fact that the one being auctioned off was Levi’s daughter made the auction all the more meaningful.

They were all screaming their bids at the top of their lungs.

“Three hundred million!”

“Five hundred million!”

“One billion!”

The wealthy elites outbid each other in a frenzy.

“Let me join in, too. One and a half billion!”

The latest bid came from Jaron, Jackson, and Lucas of the South Hampton Prince Gang

Their family used to be enslaved toLevi.

Jaron’s hand was also disabled.

They would carry their resentment with them for the rest of their lives.

“Let’s just go with two billion!”

No one would be able to fathom the true extent of Lucas’ rage.

“I want a piece of this, too. Three billion! Levi Garrison’s daughter is mine!”

That voice belonged to Kameda Ichiro.

He had been chased out of South Hampton by Levi. But he returned after getting wind of Levi’s accident.

He even obtained the support of the royal families of South Hampton.

Jeong-seok was in seventh heaven at the sight of the enthusiastic responses.

They were all foreigners who had been chased out by Levi. Now that he was gone, they were coming back one by one.

All of them returned with the same desire to punish Levi’s woman.

Jeong-seok could not have been more delighted.

The bidders were also enjoying themselves in the process.

Zoey looked around at the people before her. “B*stards! You’re all b*stards!” she shrieked.

“Zoey, why don’t you take a shot at guessing what the final price for your daughter will be?” Jeong-seok laughed maliciously.

“Go to hell!”

Zoey was angry enough to commit murder.

“Aren’t you being a bit rude, Zoey? I didn’t even sell your daughter off in a cage. How dare you curse at me?”

Jeong-seok had initially intended to auction off Forlevia in a cage.

“Five billion!”

Mr. Williams was beside himself with excitement and could not contain his emotions any longer. He raised the paddle high in the air.

“Look, Zoey. Did you ever think that your daughter would be able to fetch such a high price?”

Jeong-seok guffawed merrily.

Zoey and Emma were close to crying tears of rage.

“Six billion!”

The bidding war had not ended.

The people present truly hated Levi from the bottom of their hearts.

“Seven billion!”

“Ten billion!”

This latest bid came from Mr. Williams.

He peered around him. No one was shouting a higher bid.

“Ten billion going once!”

“Ten billion going twice!”

“Ten billion going three times!”

“Levi Garrison’s daughter, Forlevia Lopez, is sold to Mr. Williams!”

“Congratulations Mr. Williams, you now own Levi Garrison’s mother, wife, daughter, sister, and sister-in-law!”

“Congrats Mr. Williams, go ahead and enjoy yourself tonight!”

The crowd congratulated Mr. Williams.

Mr. Williams was flushed with joy. The thought of what would soon happen instantly stimulated his loins.

This is going to be a night I’ll never forget!

“Levi can only smile from hell. His entire family is now under Mr. Williams’ care! Don’t worry Levi, I’m sure he’ll be gentle with your women!” Jeong-seok let out a manic laugh.

Mr. Williams joined in and laughed diabolically.

The image of his mouth splitting his face apart was grotesque, to say the least.

“You’re all a bunch of beasts! How could you do this to a child? You’re all going to hell!”

Zoey hurled scathing words at the men.

But all she received in response were merciless taunts.

After all, everyone who had come to the auction to watch the plight of the women.

They could not be more overjoyed at seeing the state to which Levi’s family had been reduced.

“Don’t worry, Mom. Daddy will be here very soon!” Forlevia pointed at the front door.


Chapter 1283​

“Levi will come? Little girl, how naive can you get?”

“Your father is dead. How will he come?”

Jeong-seok ripped through Forlevia’s innocent hopes.

Everyone knows Levi’s dead.

But Forlevia obstinately fixed her eyes on Jeong-seok and glared at him. “Shut up! Daddy is still alive! I talked to him on the phone!”

“Just you wait! Daddy will be here before you know it! He’ll kick all your butts!” Forlevia exclaimed ferociously to the people watching.

No one took her seriously.

“Do you teach your child to lie, Zoey? Levi is obviously dead. What’s the point in claiming otherwise?”

Zoey was about to reply when Forlevia cut in, “You idiots! Daddy isn’t dead at all! He’s been tricking you on purpose!”


Jeong-seok was stunned by her declaration. Something felt fishy to him.

Zoey glowered at the people around. “Stop talking, Evie. You might scare them! My husband is definitely still alive. He coming after all of you!”

The expressions of the crowd instantly shifted.

A few of them could feel cold sweat dripping down their backs.

If Levi is still alive, we’ll be in trouble.

He’s a danger to us all.

“She’s right. My son is still alive! I bet none of you expected this outcome. When he comes for each and every one of you, you can kiss your lives goodbye.” Emma hollered.

The color drained from the faces around the women as fear started to consume them.

What if it’s true?

“Stop spouting crap, Zoey! Someone separate these two! I only want Forlevia here!” Jeong-seok bellowed, absolutely livid.

His lackeys quickly separated Zoey and Forlevia.

Zoey and Emma started to weep.

“Don’t worry! Daddy will come save me!”

Only Forlevia maintained her composure.

The mother and daughter were eventually forced apart.

Zoey and Emma were taken away to an unknown location, leaving Forlevia onstage.

Although the noise had subsided, many of the people present were breathing raggedly.

None of them wanted to believe that Levi still walked the earth.

The anxiousness had gotten to Jeong-seok as well. He wiped the beads of cold sweat from his forehead using his handkerchief.

“Childish nonsense! Why are all of you so scared?” Mr. Williams said scornfully.


At this moment, a thunderous noise akin to an explosion sounded.

The entire hall shook, sending the people inside teetering off balance.

The crowd screamed as they whipped their heads around in fright.


The front door burst open.


The entire wall was demolished.

Someone wrecked the whole wall from the outside.

The people in the hall froze in shock.

Almost instantly after, a group of people clad in black garb stormed in.

They were dressed in black garments from head to toe and had their knives ready.

Masks obscured their identity.

The intruders were familiar yet alien to the crowd.

“The Calamity!”

“It’s The Calamity!”

Jeong-seok was the first to recognize them. He proceeded to shriek wildly.

Although Winsor had gained victory over The Calamity, the group’s presence still struck terror into the hearts of everyone.

The sight of them alone was enough to petrify a person.

The Daelee Group members scrambled to band together to protect Jeong-seok.

The skilled members of Noir Group also immediately went on high alert.

Everyone else in the hall were in a state of hysteria as they watched members of The Calamity draw near.

“It’s Daddy! Daddy’s here to save me! Yay!” Forlevia squealed in glee.




Another batch of people from The Calamity made their appearance.

They had been waiting in ambush for the right opportunity to reveal themselves.



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Chapter 1284​

Jeong-seok and the rest were stupefied.

The thought of being ambushed at the auction did not cross their mind.

The Calamity had been hiding about, yet we are completely oblivious!



Several skilled fighters showed up on the stage from nowhere and sent the men guarding Forlevia flying.

“Greetings, Missy.”

Following that, they shielded the little girl flawlessly, leaving not even an inch of opening.

Jeong-seok and the likes were aghast at the sight.

Beads of cold sweat formed on their foreheads.

Their knees started shaking feebly after turning their gazes to the front.


The members of The Calamity appeared behind the toppled wall.

The Four Lords marched forward and lined at two sides, making a pathway.

A silhouette could be seen strolling toward the scene in the middle of the path.

“Daddy, Daddy…”

Forlevia cheered and jumped in excitement when she saw that figure.

“Huh?” Jeong-seok and the group were glued to the ground.

However, they could no longer calm their nerves after seeing Levi in the flesh.

It’s Levi Garrison! He’s still alive and kicking! How unbelievable! So those women weren’t lying after all! Children do say the darndest things! It’s no bluff. Damn it! Not only is her father alive, but he is here to rescue her as well!

A murderous glint flashed across Levi’s eyes.

With a gloomy expression on his face, he stomped toward the stage like a devil from hell.

Everyone was intimidated by his terrifying aura.

It sent chills down their spines. Their blood ran cold as he was slowly closing in.

The crowd moved aside to open up a clear path for him involuntarily.

They were all frozen in place.

Even the leaders of the conglomerates were rooted to the spot, including the likes of Keerea’s Daelee Group and Senia’s Noir Group.

No one dared to make a sound because the man in front of them was their nightmare.

A while later, Levi went up to the stage, carrying Forlevia in his arms.

The fearsome and murderous air around him vanished instantly. Instead, he was all smiles when he was in the presence of his daughter.

“Evie, Daddy is here. Don’t be afraid, okay?”

The girl grinned from ear to ear. “I’m not scared. I know Daddy will come to save me.”

“Levi, how are you still alive?” Jeong-seok gaped at him in disbelief.

It can’t be! Raysonia’s Tenichi confirmed his death repeatedly so he can’t be alive! Who would’ve thought that he is the master of The Calamity! No, wait a minute! This is a set-up! This is all their scheme! We’ve been tricked!

Levi cast him a glance. “Why do you think The Calamity was defeated in Erudia only?”

“What? The Calamity’s defeat at the hands of Winsor Campbell was done on purpose?”

The crowd was shocked by the sudden revelation.

In no time, all of them had a clear picture of the situation.

Levi faked his death to set us up!

The crowd was terrified by the thought.

Jeong-seok could feel his body tremble.

Damn it! My arrival in Erudia to deal with Zoey was leaked! I’m busted! So Levi knew everything all along. He’s only showing up now because I’ve nothing out of line previously!

The same epiphany hit the rest of the crowd after a while.

How terrifying! We’re in deep trouble now.

They shivered with fear after knowing that The Calamity threw the game deliberately during their battle with Winsor because of Levi.

The Calamity is still as powerful as before! There’s no way we can afford to cross them!

“I-it’s not like that. W-we…”

Jaron, Jackson, Lucas, and the rest felt their teeth chattering as they were overwhelmed by terror.

Who would’ve thought things would turn out this way? Why did we involve ourselves in this? Argh…

“Master, what should we do with these people?” North Sky Lord asked.

“Kill all the participants. Cripple all the spectators.” Levi ordered.

“No! Levi, you can’t touch me!”


Chapter 1285​

Jeong-seok shouted abruptly.

“It’s not just me you can’t lay a finger on, Mr. Williams, too. You can’t bear the consequences should anything befall us. I believe you know how powerful Daelee Group and Noir Group are.”

Williams nodded in agreement. “That’s right. Let’s have a seat and talk it over. We will fulfill your request to the best of our abilities, be it money or crude oil extraction rights. Let’s work something out, shall we?”

Jeong-seok added, “Yeah. Let’s make a friend of each other. I believe we can work out a deal. No hard feelings, okay?”

“No hard feelings? Are you telling me to forget the fact that you just put my daughter up for auction? Are you a f*cking idiot?” Levi bellowed.

The people present were stunned at his words.

It was their first time hearing Levi use a swear word.

Jeong-seok and Williams were stupefied.

“Finish them off!” Levi turned to leave while carrying his daughter in his arm.

“No! Levi, you can’t kill us! If you do, our families will definitely avenge us! Not even you will get away from this, Levi! They will hunt you down to the ends of the world!”

“Yeah! We have many ultimate class combatants with us! Do you think you can take us out as you like?”

Refusing to accept their fate, Jeong-seok and Williams put up a last-ditch struggle.

“Is that so? I wouldn’t mind wiping Daelee Group and Noir Group off the face of the earth.”

The two started shuddering with dread after hearing Levi’s statement.

Levi invaded Raysonia to kill Demon Blade. He then decapitated Tenichi. This man has the capability to do what he says.

“Do it!” A murderous glint flashed across Levi’s eyes.

“Kill them!”

The Calamity attacked upon Levi’s order.



In a flash, Jaron, Lucas, Jackson, and Kameda kicked the bucket without a chance to react.

Is there anyone who can contend with The Calamity? Despite having several ultimate class and god class bodyguards on our side, North Sky Lord alone is enough to crush them all. The threatening presence of his subordinates standing behind him only added to the terrifying mood. Our men don’t stand a chance against those people. Having ultimate class fighters isn’t sufficient if they can’t even defeat Winsor. It’d be a different story if our guards were all at Sampson’s level.



The lives of the two foreigners ended in an instant.

The other morally corrupt tycoons did not escape from their fate to be decimated, either.

As for the spectators, they were crippled as per Levi’s command.

The Calamity was never sloppy with their job. They completed their tasks within a brief moment.

After that, Levi’s unquenchable fury finally subsided. If he were not holding Forlevia in his arms, he would have executed them personally.

These b*stards! What a bunch of animals! How dare they harm women and children. Scoundrels! To think that they would put Evie up for auction and even tried to lay their dirty hands on Zoey! They are pushing their luck!

“Daddy, are you feeling better now?” Forlevia whispered a question into his ear as she buried herself in his chest.

“Daddy has recovered. You don’t have to worry.”

At his words, the little girl cheered, “Yay! That’s great! Oh! We should see Grandma and Mommy! They wouldn’t let me call you because they thought you’re not well! They didn’t want to make you worry!”

Forlevia might be young, but she was precocious enough to understand her surroundings.

“Haha! Daddy is gonna be fine! I promise I will always protect you by your side! Don’t you worry about a thing, little one!”

Right after Levi was about to head backstage, a few men made their sudden appearance.

It’s them!

Levi was puzzled.


Chapter 1286​

The Dragonites! I haven’t seen them for a while!

“Greetings, God of War!” the Dragonites shouted in unison.

Levi beamed at them. “I’m no longer the God of War.”

“No. You are the only God of war. It’s tacit,” they responded with a smile.

Forlevia clapped her hands. “Yes! Daddy is the God of War!”

Levi patted her head with a smile on his face.

“Why are you here?” Levi queried without beating around the bush.

“We are here to relay an order,” they replied with a stern expression.

“Alright. Talk.”

“Sir, the message is simple. You may show yourself to the public, but no one should know that you’ve recovered. Therefore, you must be in a wheelchair from now on. Also, because of the unusual turns of events recently, some people are wondering if you’re alive,” he explained.

Levi nodded. “Mm-hmm, I thought so, too.”

“The primary purpose is to smoke out the remaining evildoers. For that reason, we suggest that you use The Calamity to make a clean sweep once and for all. It was nearly impossible for you to investigate and deal with the matter in secret before this. Sir, this chance is hard to come by,” the Dragonites exhorted.

The relayed message was the wish of Erudia’s government. Although the country had many powerful men to settle the issue, none was of Levi’s caliber. Needless to say, it was definitely more reassuring to have him deal with the problem than any others. On top of that, he was not the God of War at the moment, so it would be the perfect timing.

Levi immediately understood Erudia’s intention to use his current situation to get rid of the country’s harmful parasites all at once.

The group that he had eradicated previously was only the tip of the iceberg.

There were more transgressors hidden in the dark.

For instance, the comeback of the Blood King Palace and the concealment of Tenichi’s death.

These were all dormant threats that needed his immediate attention.

Naturally, there were still more matters to be concerned about.

So, Levi agreed to their terms without hesitation.

He would sacrifice anything for the sake of his country.

Besides, he could do that while staying with his family and protecting them.

In the open, he could crush his enemies and annihilate the entire army on his own.

In the dark, he could weed out the traitors of the country and bring death to these individuals.

These were the things he was capable of.

If it were something favorable to his country, he would agree to any request no matter how harsh it might be.

“Sir, someone will contact you in secret and provide you with the details for the next mission. This is a top-secret operation. You must maintain secrecy at all times.” A Dragonite glanced at Forlevia.

“Alright. Got it,” Levi replied.

“Sir, we will arrange for your official return to Erudia. Everyone will know that you are alive.”

After the message was conveyed, the Dragonites left the scene at once.

Levi turned to smile at Forlevia. “Evie, can you promise Daddy to keep everything that happened tonight a secret? You can’t let Grandma and Mommy know, either.”

He could not violate the top-secret order given by Erudia. After all, he was a soldier and it was in his nature to obey commands.

“Okay, Daddy. I got it,” Forlevia promised.

Then, he kissed his daughter goodbye and put her down.

“Don’t worry, Evie. I’ll see you tomorrow.” Levi waved his hand.

Zoey and the others thought that they were goners. They certainly didn’t expect anyone to come to their rescue.

However, they did not know what just happened.

Did Daelee Group let us go? It seems impossible. But someone definitely saved us.

Soon enough, Forlevia was sent back to where they were.

“Evie, can you tell Mommy what just happened?” Zoey asked hurriedly.


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Sep 25, 2023


“It’s fine, Mommy. Nothing happened…” Forlevia stammered.

I’ve promised Daddy to keep it a secret.

But the adults could tell she was hiding something with just a glance.

“Evie, be honest. Tell me what happened,” Zoey questioned expressionlessly.

“That’s right. It’s not good to lie,” Emma reiterated.

“I—” Forlevia was in a dilemma. On one end, she wanted to be a good girl. On the other end, she wished to keep the promise with her father.

“Good evening, Ms. Jones, Ms. Lopez. We are the ones who handled the issue tonight.”

A few people came over at that moment.


Zoey and Emma were equally bewildered.

“Also, we’ve just found out that Mr. Garrison was framed. Thus, we hereby revoke the ban on his return to Erudia,” that man continued.

At his words, Zoey had a rough idea of the speaker’s identity.

“Thank you. May I know where my husband is currently?” Zoey questioned anxiously.

“He is not around at the moment. He’ll be back tomorrow. Also, good news for you. Mr. Garrison is getting better now. He doesn’t have to lie on the bed anymore; he can sit in a wheelchair already.”

“That’s great! As long as he is back!”

That person reminded, “It’s thanks to Mr. Quinton. It was he that helped Mr. Garrison recover.”

“Is there any hope for him to be fully recovered?” Zoey’s eyes flickered with expectations.

“There is still hope at the moment.”

At his statement, Zoey and Emma were elated.

Spreading the news that Levi could recover was part of the Dragonites’ plan.

What would his adversaries do if they heard that Levi could recover?

It would be unthinkable for them to leave him be.

Without a doubt, it would only be a matter of time before the real enemies revealed themselves.

After all, Levi himself had slaughtered the previous group of foes.

After knowing the poison didn’t kill him, the forces behind Blood King Palace would make their appearance by hook or by crook.

With that expectation, the news of Levi’s health improvement was announced to the public deliberately.

Meanwhile, he and the others would monitor the movements of their nemesis from the shadows.

“Master, does it upset you to act as a crippled man?” North Sky Lord asked.

It went without saying that it was unpleasant for him to pretend to be a disabled person.

But Levi shook his head. “No. I’m willing to do this for the country. This much is nothing.”

“With you faking your death, many enemies were smoked out this time. Due to its effectiveness, the higher-ups have decided to let you continue your act as a crippled man,” West Sky Lord said.

Levi nodded. “Indeed. We will have a new mission soon. You should ready yourselves at all times.”

The next day, Levi sat in a wheelchair and was sent back to North Hampton.

His news spread like wildfire.

The part that shocked most people was his physical improvement after receiving treatment from the great doctor, Benny Quinton. He was thought to be permanently paralyzed before that, but now he could sit in a wheelchair. It was an astounding feat to the public.

Within a short period, the world was in an uproar.

It would be unimaginable if Levi were to recover to his peak.

The presence of Winsor, who “defeated” The Calamity, as well as Levi, who was at his peak, was too insurmountable a threat to everyone.

It was not a development that anyone wished to see.

In an instant, the hidden forces lurking across the world became restless, including the ones in Erudia.

Zoey and the rest were overjoyed with tears upon seeing Levi’s arrival.

Seeing his family, his heart was overwhelmed with happiness.

“I may be using a wheelchair, but I’m still capable of protecting all of you.”


Chapter 1288​

It doesn’t matter even if I’m wheelchair-bound. At least I can finally stay by their side as a living person.

That night, Zoey and Emma prepared a table full of sumptuous meals for him.

Levi kept Forlevia in his arm.

“Daddy, I didn’t tell anyone the secret. But Mommy said that I’m not a good girl if I lie,” the girl pouted. Her expression clearly showed she was frustrated.

Looking at his cute daughter, Levi answered, “Do you remember what we talk about last night?”

“Yes, I do,” Forlevia nodded.

“We need to keep it a secret because what we are doing is a good thing. So, by not telling anyone, Evie is doing a good deed, too. In other words, you are still a good girl.” A smile widened on Levi’s lips.

Upon hearing that, the girl’s mood finally became better and she grinned from ear to ear. “I got it.”

The house was filled with warmth and happiness.

After dinner, Zoey said with a smile, “After so long, we can finally gather as a family. Our lives will go back to normal. That’s great.”

Nevertheless, it would be challenging for them to live normal lives, even when Levi was in his current state.

The news of Levi’s return spread across the globe; it created a big hype.

Winsor was all smiles when he heard the news. “Haha! That is great! I heard that Levi is recovering now! I’ll have a second match with him after he has completed recovered his strength!”

“Yes! After your second victory against Levi, everyone will have no choice but to submit to you! No one will ever raise a doubt again!” Bolgun chortled.

“That’s true. Although I do not need to defeat Levi to prove myself anymore, it is my obsession to win against him one more time.” Winsor was arrogant and determined.

His ego was inflated after his victory over the North Sky Lord. He had acted snobby toward everyone since then.

To him, Levi had turned from someone whom he used to be wary of to a mere loser.

“We can’t let Levi recover at any cost! It will spell doom to us if he regains his strength!”

“Argh! I can’t believe he survived! He must have a devil’s luck!”

“He was the one who stood before our plan! We must eliminate him at once!”

“We must put an end to him before he recovers!”

Similar sentiments echoed across the world after knowing Levi was alive.

Among them, the individuals from Triple Group were the most furious.

At their luxurious manor in Keerea, the prominent members of the Lee family were furious after hearing the news of their heir’s death.

“Find out who did this! I will avenge my son!”

“No matter who in Erudia did this, I will get even with him for what he did to my grandson!”

As one would expect, it was the same with Noir Group from Senia.

“Go and investigate! We will make him pay for what he did!”

“We will bring death to the culprit no matter the cost!”

The great family of Frostford had it worst after being told of the disappearances of Sampson and his four disciples.

“Inspect the matter thoroughly! Our reputation will be tarnished if word of our members having died out there gets leaked!” ordered the leader of the family.

Immediately, those people who had been living secluded lives sent a group of subordinates to their so-called “world out there”.

The last time it happened was around two hundred years ago.

They could no longer hold themselves back after two centuries of staying hidden.

The world was seemingly peaceful on the surface, yet there were numerous undercurrents.

It all happened because of Levi’s return.

His comeback blew up a storm in the whole world.

But this was the exact reaction he and the Dragonites wanted.

To lure all the real enemies out, Levi had to fulfill two conditions.

First, he had to wait for the mission to be given by the Dragonites.

Second, he had to wait for someone to look for him.

Chapter 1289​

The Garrison clan of Oakland City received firsthand intelligence of Levi’s return.

“What? That b*stard can still recover?” Tyrone was visibly disturbed.

If he regains his strength, he’ll definitely come looking for us. After all, we did many evil deeds, some of which are unpardonable.

“We have to get rid of him before his complete recovery!” A murderous glint flashed across Tyrone’s eyes.

The entire Garrison family came to a complete agreement.

If he restores his health, our family will be wiped out!

“This b*stard is still a disabled man. If we want to kill him, we have to do it now!”

To preserve their honor, they did not make any move against him previously. But the situation had changed. If they didn’t end him right away, it would cause them their demise.

The Garrisons were determined to take Levi out because he was nothing but a crippled man at the moment.

There won’t be a better time than now!

“What? He? I—” Olivia’s face was sullen upon hearing that. Her eyes were about to pop out from their sockets.

Even Tyrone drew a sharp breath when he saw her chilling expression.

She was muttering gibberish; no one could make out the words she was saying.

Her abnormal reaction raised Tyrone’s suspicion.

Why is she getting all worked up every time she hears that b*stard’s name?

“Oh dear. The doctor said that she still hasn’t recovered from the pain of losing Damien.”

“Yeah. That’s why she couldn’t stand hearing the word Levi. She will act up every time that b*stard’s name is mentioned.”

Indeed, the mention of Levi would cause her to lose her sanity.

Olivia actually had a sound mind.

But whenever she was triggered, she would lose her composure. Consequently, she would lose her ability to articulate words properly.

As a result, she would express herself in that strange manner.

However, the rest would pass it off as her inability to recover from the pain of losing her son.

“Sir, before I forget, something terrible has happened. Someone from the reclusive great family of Frostford met his end out in the world. And the incident happened to be here in Oakland City.”

A man chimed in, “That man’s identity was enough to scare the living daylight of everyone. He was Winsor’s master!”


Everyone was taken aback by Olivia’s wailing, but they did not make it a big deal.

“Take her away!” Tyrone ordered after feeling annoyed at her behavior.

After her futile struggling, she was taken away in the end.

“Don’t worry, Olivia. I swear I’ll avenge our son. Levi will follow him soon,” Tyrone promised.

Despite struggling relentlessly, she could not break free from the restraint.

“If the rumor was true, we are in big trouble. That is the great family of Frostford we are talking about.” Tyrone took a deep breath.

“On top of that, Jerry was dead as well. It just doesn’t add up. I’m thinking that they might be related,” the other man commented.

“No kidding. Bizarre things are happening one after another. Who on earth killed the heir of Daelee Group and the head of Noir Group?”

Tyrone was perplexed. “We shall wait and see how things unfold. Let’s hope our family doesn’t get involved.”

On the other hand, Levi was with his family in North Hampton.

Right after Zoey reclaimed her company, she changed its name back to what it was.

Sylas was wheeling Levi around in the company building.

It was Levi’s first time there in two years.

The first difference he noticed was the scale of the company. It was now ten times bigger than before.

That fact alone was proof of Zoey’s competence.

Morris’s parents traveled all the way there just to see Levi because he was like a son to them.

It was quite peaceful that day. No one came over to look for trouble.

But Levi knew that it was the calm before the storm.

The following day, the person who showed up first was…


Chapter 1290​

Zar was the first to make his appearance.

“What are you doing here?” Zoey became alert as she noticed that man.

“Don’t fret. I’m here to help Mr. Garrison,” Zar said with a smirk.

Levi noted, “Zoey, let me talk to him alone.”

She pondered for a while and went away.

“Mr. Garrison, my intention is simple. I’m here to give you magical medicine to help you recover faster,” Zar declared openly.

“Hmm?” Levi looked confused.

“It is a gift from my master. This is his special healing medicine, and I’m confident it’ll improve your health greatly.” After Zar spoke, he took out an exquisite box. In an instant, a pleasant herbal fragrance permeated the air.

Winsor hailed from the great family of Frostford.

Those people had all the ancient medical knowledge in their repertoire, some of which were thought to be lost in history.

Putting the secret to resurrection aside, their knowledge of healing a body was irrefutably out of this world. Modern medical science was nothing compared to them.

Their arsenal of magical medicines was hefty.

It was said that all their members were immune to every disease known to man.

All because of their stupendous collection of ancient medical knowledge. It was not something people from a modern society could wrap their minds around.

After all, they did not have the privilege to learn them.

Back when Winsor came to the outside world, he brought with him a vast amount of healing medicines in case of emergencies.

During his last battle with Levi, he was actually gravely injured but his recovery sped up exponentially after taking the magical medicine.

“Why is he doing this?” Levi questioned while holding the box in his hand.

“Master’s intention is straightforward. He wants you to get back to the pinnacle of your strength as soon as possible so that he can have a rematch with you. He wants to get rid of every doubt people have in him by defeating you one more time,” Zar clarified.

“Hurry and consume it. This way you’ll stand up from your wheelchair sooner and can have a rematch with my Master,” Zar urged.

Levi chuckled. “Alright. My rematch with him is inevitable. Tell him to be prepared. I don’t want to have an easy win.”

Upon hearing his statement, Zar almost lost his temper.

“Hey, you are still sitting in a wheelchair; you dare to utter such brazen words? My master just defeated The Calamity! He is the strongest warrior in the world, and you are nothing compared to him! The reason for the rematch is not for him to prove himself but to gratify his obsession!” Zar chided.

Levi merely smiled at his angry remark.

Putting his identity aside, Winsor really is a sheltered bumpkin.

“Alright. Go back and relay two words to him—tunnel vision.”

Levi saw Zar out with a grin as the latter stormed out furiously.

“Hmph! It seems like Levi is refusing to admit defeat! Nevermind. He will know how inconsequential he is once Master beats him again!”

Levi smirked as the man’s silhouette gradually disappeared.

Mm. Winsor is on the crest of a wave now, isn’t he? His reputation soared after his victory against The Calamity, and now all the foreigners are afraid of him. He is clearly engrossed in his glory and gradually losing his way. The man thinks he is undefeatable now!

Nevertheless, Levi could not care less about Winsor. If the latter’s glory were favorable to Erudia, the former would just let it slide.

Staring at the magical medicine in his hand, an idea suddenly crossed his mind.

If all our soldiers carry this medicine with them, the number of casualties on the battlefield will be reduced significantly. After all, this medicine is potent and its effect is rapid. Modern pharmaceutical science can’t hold a candle to it as the time and equipment needed to make something like this must be substantial. These medicines will boost our combat prowess remarkably.

After that, Levi began to devise a plan.

It’s hard to popularize this kind of medicine, but half a loaf is better than none. So we’ll make do with whatever we have. It’s worth a try.

That was the difference between Levi and Winsor. The former’s focus was always for the greater good, whereas the latter was absorbed in his personal interest only.


Chapter 1291​

Winsor was only suitable to be a mighty warrior.

But Levi was beyond that; he was more of a commander.

Following that, he took the magical medicine to East Sky Lord and asked the latter to analyze the ingredients inside, hoping that it could be mass-produced.

“Did he give you any trouble?” Zoey asked Levi right after she entered the room.

“No. Instead, he hopes that I recover sooner.” Levi laughed.

Then he added, “By the way, where are your parents?”

Normally, the Lopez and Black families will try their best to cause us trouble if they know that I’m back and disabled. This is abnormal. I haven’t seen a soul after so long. Something is not right.

“Logan got into an accident. They are occupied with the aftermath,” Zoey explained.

Logan joined a street racing with his friends a few days ago and was met with an accident.

It was said that his injury was fatal and some of his organs were failing.

The Black family was busy dealing with the repercussion as he was an essential member of the family.

Therefore, they had no time to pick on Levi yet.

“Oh, really? That’s good news,” Levi chuckled.

Zoey flashed a smile on her face without saying a word.

She had an extremely low opinion of her brother-in-law.

Well, I guess this works as well. This way no one will come and interrupt our lives.

Inside the Intensive Care Unit of the best hospital in South City, Meredith, Logan’s grandfather, and his parents were waiting anxiously.

Logan was in critical condition. He had been staying in the Intensive Care Unit for two entire days.

It was a dangerous signal.

Hence, Jennie was sweating profusely with anxiety.

After all, they had drawn on huge funds to hire a group of specialists to treat Logan.

At that time, the specialists were just done with their discussions in the meeting room and came to the ICU.

“How’s the situation, Dr. Chase?” Robert asked.

Chase shook his head. “It’s not looking good. One of the patient’s organs is severely injured. He needs a transplant.”

“Get it done, then! What are you waiting for?” Jennie retorted.

“The thing is, our hospital is having an organ shortage; we need a kidney donor,” Chase replied.

“Ask the other hospitals and see if there’s any! We can afford the money!”

Meredith and the others became nervous.

The doctor denied, “This has nothing to do with money. We do not have a matching kidney currently and we are running out of time. Transporting an organ from other places takes time; it’s definitely out of the question.”

“Then what should we do?”

Everyone looked hesitant as they exchanged glances.

They were at their wits’ end.

“The only way is to have a donor right now. If we harvest the organ on the spot, the success rate of the operation will be high,” Dr. Chase declared as he stared at them.


The doctor’s statement put them in a difficult situation. Everyone was having a second thought.

Their initial determination was nowhere to be found.

All of us will donate our blood voluntarily. But who will donate a kidney? I’m afraid that even Logan’s parents are unwilling to do so. If that’s the case, it’d be impossible for us, the Blacks.

Everyone’s gaze met with each other’s but they did not utter a word.

Dr. Chase put on a helpless face. “Okay. Take your time to decide and see who will be the donor. But we don’t have all the time in the world. You have only six hours to choose your candidate.”

All of them were thrown into a frenzy right after the doctor left.

They were discussing where to find a kidney donor on such short notice.

Where do we find a donor within six hours? That’s basically looking for a needle in a haystack. No one will donate it if they’re not desperate for money. To have a higher success rate, we need to find a healthy kidney. It’d be best if that person is a young man with a muscular body.

Logan’s parents queried, “Do you have any suitable candidates on your side?”

“No. We don’t!” Meredith rejected immediately.

At that moment, Jennie shouted, “Wait. Aren’t we forgetting someone—Levi Garrison?”



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Sep 25, 2023

Chapter 1292​

Everyone’s eyes were gleaming upon Jennie’s reminder. The silhouette of that man came into their minds.

That’s right! How could we forget about him!

In fact, all of them knew about his arrival, but they couldn’t be bothered by him previously.

Jennie remarked, “Levi may be alive, but he is disabled. He’s wheelchair-bound. As a man who could not stand on his own, what’s the difference if he has one fewer kidney?”

Meredith nodded. “That’s right. The kidney is an important organ for normal people like us. But not for a crippled man like Levi. He has got no use for it.”

“Yes. He’s already physically challenged. An organ is not essential to him. Besides, we are asking for one kidney only, not both. It won’t make much of a difference to him anyway.” Robert tried his best to sound reasonable.

“I agree. Having one fewer kidney will decrease the quality of our lives. We’ll become weaker and easily exhausted. But it won’t affect a paralyzed man much.”

“That’s right. Levi is the best candidate. We shall let him donate his kidney to save Logan.”

Everyone agreed that Levi should be the donor.

Upon hearing that, Logan’s family members jumped for joy.

“Hooray! There’s hope for Logan now!”

Jennie was overjoyed and gushed, “I’ll head to North Hampton at once and bring Levi here! We’ll start the operation immediately after that!”

“But did you ever wonder if he will agree to that?” Keane asked.

“His opinion? Does he have a say in this matter?” Meredith snorted.

“That’s right. He has no right to decide for himself. Whatever we say goes. Does a disabled man like him have the authority to speak for himself? The biggest problem we have is Zoey. She will disagree if she comes to know about it,” someone pointed out.

To them, Zoey was the person who should be kept in the dark. In contrast, Levi was nothing but a tool for them to use and dispose of as they like.

“Okay, it has been decided! We will keep Zoey out of this one. We will bring Levi here secretly and procure the kidney from him. By the time she catches wind of the news, it’d be too late,” Jennie stated.

“Hmm, this is a good idea. Alright, some of you head to North Hampton and bring Levi here immediately,” Meredith commanded.

Jennie, along with a few subordinates, sped off toward North Hampton.

Levi was alone when they arrived at his residential area.

He was confused by the sight of them.

What are they doing here?

“Take him away!”

At Jennie’s command, a few muscular men carried Levi’s wheelchair with him sitting in it and moved him into the vehicle.

The North Sky Lord and the rest who were hiding in the shadows were about to take those men out but refrained from doing so after they noticed Levi’s gesture stopping them.

However, they were tailing Jennie’s vehicle stealthily.

Levi did not resist but let them take him away; he wanted to see what were they playing at.

After Levi was in the vehicle, Jennie rushed back to the hospital, as they were racing against time.

Soon, they were back at the hospital.

Jennie had made prior arrangements with the hospital so that the specialists could begin the operation as soon as Levi arrived.

Hence, Dr. Chase and the other doctors were already waiting for Levi’s arrival.

“Dr. Chase, the donor is here! Please start the operation now!” Jennie pushed Levi toward the specialists.

Dr. Chase nodded. “Mm, you are quick!”

With that, he turned to Levi and asked, “Sir, are you here to donate your kidney to Mr. Logan Zachs voluntarily?”

“What? Donate a kidney?” Levi was flabbergasted. He stared at the doctor in disbelief.



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Sep 25, 2023

Chapter 1293​

Dr. Chase was stunned for a moment. Then he turned to Jennie and the others and noticed their twisted facial expressions.

It was at that moment that he knew he had spilled the beans.

This person did not know a thing. It was an unnecessary question.

“He agrees! He has to! We are family! Otherwise, why would we donate a kidney?” Meredith remarked.

The others approved, “That’s right! He agrees!”

“Please begin the operation at once! You have our thanks!” Jennie urged, trying to prevent Levi from reacting.

“Who said that I agree? I don’t! I knew nothing about this! A kidney donation? To whom?” Levi bellowed.

The nurse who was pushing him into the operation theater came to a halt.

Dr. Chase furrowed his brows. Argh! I screwed up!

At that, everyone began discussing among themselves.

“It doesn’t matter if you know or not! Dr. Chase, get him into the operation theater!” Jennie and the Zachs family egged on the doctor.

The specialists shook their heads. “No, this won’t do. If the donor does not give consent, we can’t force him to do it. This must be a voluntary act. If he doesn’t fill up the organ donor card, we can’t proceed with the operation.”

“Levi, tell them you’re willing to donate. Quickly!” Jennie kicked the wheelchair.

“What’s the matter?” Levi shrugged his shoulders.

“Logan got into an accident and he needs a kidney transplant. We are giving you this golden opportunity.”

“That’s right. Isn’t it about time that you do something for the family? We are just asking for a kidney from you to save Logan.”

“If you’re willing to donate, you will forever be remembered.”

Meredith and the others persuaded.

They phrased their words as if donating a kidney was a noble deed.

“Oh, please! You and your reasoning. Why didn’t you donate one yourself?” Levi countered.

At his question, they snapped, “We’re talking about a kidney here! What do you think will happen if we donate it? It will affect our physical performance drastically!”

Levi nodded. “You are right. It affects the body significantly. So, why should I donate?”

Robert demanded, “You are nothing but a disabled man. You are confined to a wheelchair for life! What do you need kidneys for? You are no longer capable of working anyway! Furthermore, you still need Zoey to take care of you for the rest of your days! Besides, with your current body condition, what use do you have for a pair of kidneys? They are wasted on you! Shouldn’t you donate one to Logan instead? And if you don’t agree, don’t think about staying together with Zoey! Do you think a crippled man like you is worthy of her?”

He threatened Levi blatantly. It was an outright threat.

Meredith glared at him. “Levi, you have no right to speak in this family! Not before, when you were normal, and not now when you’re paralyzed. This is your only worth! Otherwise, you are not worthy of Zoey! I demand you to agree now or get out of here!”

Following that, Meredith instructed someone to get the organ donor card and forced Levi to ink his fingerprint on the signature box.

“Alright, doctors! Now that he has agreed, let’s begin the operation now!” Meredith handed over the organ donor card to a specialist.

The doctors exchanged glances while twitching their lips. They remained silent the entire time and pushed Levi into the operation theater.

Levi did not resist at all.

To the Blacks, Levi was just a convenient tool who was completely at their mercy.

“Oh, this trash still has his use. Once we’re old, we’ll replace our organs with his. After all, this is why he exists.”

Everyone laughed at the remark.

They even devised a plan to make full use of him in the future.



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Sep 25, 2023

Chapter 1294​

“Okay. There’s nothing to worry about. I’ve checked with the doctors just now. He’s very healthy and his kidneys are in top condition. Lady Luck is on Logan’s side this time.”

After hearing the test result, everyone felt relieved and smiled.

If Levi’s kidney is healthy, Logan will recover earlier.

With that, Russell made a call to Zoey.

He could do nothing to stop the family, but he thought he could at least inform her.

Zoey was aghast after hearing the news.

They took Levi away without saying a word!

Immediately, she called Meredith’s cellphone but the latter did not pick up the call.

After a few attempts, Meredith answered.

“Grandma, what is the meaning of this? How could you force Levi to donate a kidney to Logan? Did you even get his permission?” Zoey roared furiously.

“We asked him. He agreed and inked his fingerprint on the organ donor card.”

Zoey trembled violently in anger. “How is that possible? Did you force him to do it? Why didn’t you tell me about it?”

“I’m telling you now. What can you do? That’s right, we forced him to donate a kidney to save Logan.”

Meredith admitted the truth indifferently.

“You have so many people over there! Why didn’t one of you donate instead?” Zoey burst into tears from rage.

“The answer is simple. All of us are healthy and complete, but he is a disabled man. What use does he have for those kidneys? Can he stand even with his organs intact? Can he make a living like everyone else?” A volley of questions came out of Meredith like a three-round burst from a service rifle.

Zoey yelled angrily, “But did you know that he is recovering? He will be fully recovered soon. You’re doing him harm by procuring a kidney from him! Now he can never hope to stand up again, and you are the cause!”

Meredith snorted, “So what if he can stand? He still has to rely on you to survive, anyway. What’s the difference if he stands or is wheelchair-bound? What’s the difference if he has a pair of kidneys or just one?”

“Y-you are talking nonsense! Just you wait, I’m coming to South City now! No one can touch my husband!” Zoey shouted like a madwoman.

“Come on, we’re waiting. The fastest you can make it here is one hour. By the way, Levi was pushed into the operation theater just a while ago. By the time you arrive, his kidney will be transplanted into Logan’s body already,” Meredith sneered.

“How heartless can you be? He is the father of Forlevia, for crying out loud!” Zoey shrieked.

“Hmph! This is all he is worth! What’s so bad about helping Logan to recover? If the operation is successful, we will never try to separate you two anymore. Wouldn’t it be nice?” Meredith chuckled.

Everyone at the scene looked indifferent.

After the call ended, Zoey could not focus on anything else but rushed to the hospital in South City at once.

Following that, Meredith glared at the crowd. “Who informed Zoey about this?”

At her question, Russell had no choice but to step forward.


Meredith gave him a hard slap on his cheek.

“You are becoming increasingly disobedient nowadays! If you repeat such traitorous behavior one more time, I’ll banish you from our family!” Meredith hissed.

Russell stood at a corner and did not dare to make a sound.

“Grandma, is Zoey coming over?” Jennie asked.

“Yeah. She’s on her way here,” Meredith nodded.

“Well, too bad for her. By the time she arrives, Levi’s kidney will have been harvested already.”

Everyone burst into laughter.

Everything went by smoothly in the operation theater. It was the sign that things were proceeding



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Sep 25, 2023

Chapter 1295​

Within fifty minutes, Zoey had arrived at the hospital.

She was able to arrive so quickly because she had beat almost every single red light on the way to the hospital.

“You are too late. The surgery had gone on for an hour!” Jennie mocked as she smirked at her.

“All of you are so cruel! Why don’t you go and donate your organs then?” Zoey yelled at the crowd angrily.

“Levi Garrison is now disabled. His family should be the ones donating him something, right? Besides, only one of his kidneys is being removed. It’s not a big deal because he still has one kidney left!”

Everyone present ignored Zoey, who was so furious and was about to go ballistic.

Initially, Levi could have recovered.

However, if one of his kidneys were removed, the chances of his recovery would be drastically reduced.

“I’m not letting you do that! I’m going to stop them!” Zoey screamed.

With that, she ran towards the operating theatre.

However, she was blocked by everyone there.

As the surgery continued, Zoey could only wait in despair.

After a few hours, the emergency light of the operating theatre was turned off, meaning the surgery was a success.

Soon Logan was brought out and transferred to the Intensive Care Unit.

“How did it go, Doctor?”

Everyone immediately crowded around the doctor.

“It was a success!” Dr. Chase exclaimed with a bright smile.

“That’s amazing. Fantastic!”

Everyone cheered loudly and grinned at each other.

Not a single person was concerned about Levi.

Zoey immediately rushed into the operating theatre.

When she saw Levi sitting on the wheelchair, she relaxed and let out a breath of air.

She instantly hugged him and started wailing.

“Don’t cry. I’m fine; you have nothing to worry about,” he comforted her as he patted her head.

She really believed that he had donated one of his kidneys and kept crying nonstop.

In truth, no one dared to remove Levi’s kidney.

To do so would be equivalent to courting death.

How was Logan’s recovery possible?

There could only be one reason: Levi gave Logan the medicine that Winsor Campbell had passed to him.

It was an experiment to test the efficacy of the medicine and whether it was really a silver bullet.

The answer was clear.

It was a magical medicine!

Although Logan’s kidneys were severely impaired, he managed to recover after taking the medicine.

He had such a miraculous recovery that a kidney transplant surgery was not necessary anymore.

Levi was astonished!

If this medicine were manufactured in large quantities, it would certainly save a lot of lives!

To think how helpful it will be for the warriors of Erudia!

The Four Great Families, eh?

It appears that I will come to look for you sooner or later!

“Are you really fine? Do you feel any pain or weakness?” Zoey asked as she observed every part of Levi’s body.

Levi appeared to have donated one of his kidneys because the West Sky Lord had used makeup to give Levi a pale and sickly image to “match” Levi’s wheelchair look.

Levi shook his head and replied, “I’m fine. Actually…”

At that moment, they could hear footsteps approaching. Meredith and a group of people entered the room.

Zoey thought that they were here to thank Levi.

Instead, Robert grinned and said, “I told you that donating one kidney is a small matter!”

“Exactly! He looks fine and he still has one kidney remaining!”

“You are right. He is already disabled, so it doesn’t matter whether he has one kidney. He can just freeload anyway!”

Everyone uttered snarkily.

They were all in agreement that Levi should donate his kidney.

Zoey was enraged. She bellowed, “My husband donated one of his kidneys. Instead of thanking him, all of you are trying to embarrass him! Do you even have a conscience?”



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Sep 25, 2023

Chapter 1296​

Everyone was under the impression that Levi had donated one kidney to Logan.

Even Zoey thought so.

“Levi is Logan’s savior. All of you should be begging on your knees for gratitude! I can’t believe that there are people like you!” Zoey berated them.

Zoey was utterly disappointed at that moment.

They had treated Levi like a tool in order to achieve their own selfish desires.

“Why do we need to thank him?”

“That’s what he should have done anyway! He should be thanking us instead because we accepted him even though he was disabled!”

“He only did what he should have done. He couldn’t possibly think he could be a freeloader here. Who does he think he is?”

As expected, the Black family all echoed the same sentiments.

They all believed that Levi was obligated to sacrifice himself for their family.

“He should be honored that he has the opportunity to save Logan! Others don’t even have the chance to do so,” stated Jennie.

“What did you just say?” Zoey asked.

She and Levi were stunned.

What did she mean by that?

How could this be Levi’s honor?

As if saving Logan is a blessing bestowed upon Levi!

Isn’t that just ridiculous?

However, this was the way the Lopez and Black families operated.

They had grown increasingly shameless day by day.

“That’s beside the point. He is Evie’s father. How could all of you bear to see him suffer?” Zoey questioned as she stared at Meredith and Robert, who had always treated Evie very well.

“How is this matter related to Evie? In any case, she is his offspring. Both Evie and this man are your burdens!” Meredith berated her.

Zoey was astonished.

Don’t they treat Evie very well?

She instantly came to the realization that they had been putting up a show. They had only been nice to Evie because Dale treated Evie with love.

Now that Dale had broken off their relationship, they instantly stopped with the facade.

It’s no wonder they are now ignoring Evie…

“How would Levi burden me? My career is dependent on his! He doesn’t rely on me at all. In fact, his business is extremely successful!” Zoey rebutted.

“His business? The Morris Group doesn’t belong to him anymore!”

“Exactly! It’s yours!”

Everyone ignored Levi and argued fervently that he had nothing to do with the company.

“That’s it! I’m sick of talking to all of you!” Zoey bellowed and glared at all of them.

With that, she pushed Levi in his wheelchair and left.

My heart is in pain!

In utter pain and disbelief!

The Lopez family and the Black family are all horrible people.

Every single one of them is self-absorbed.

They only care about their own interests and would use any manipulative methods to achieve them!

After they left, Jennie said, “Grandpa and Grandma, I feel that Zoey has lost herself! How can she cope with taking care of a young kid and a disabled husband? She is the boss of the Morris Group!”

“Exactly! She will soon find herself in ruins!” Logan’s parents exclaimed.

“What should we do then?” enquired Meredith. She was also worried about the same matter.

Robert, who was deep in thought, nodded in agreement.

“I think it would be better to transfer the control of Morris Group to both of you! We can’t destroy the company’s reputation by leaving it with Zoey!” Jennie suggested.

“Exactly! It is tough for Zoey to control such a big organization, especially when she has so much on her plate.”

“You are right. It would be better if the company is controlled by a family, rather than a single person.”



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Sep 25, 2023

Chapter 1297​

Instantly, the Blacks started to hatch a plan to take over Zoey’s company.

They didn’t dare to do it before as Zoey was protected by Dale.

However, times have changed.

“Alright. Let’s think of a way to take over the Morris Group.”

“Zoey will put up a strong fight. We must think of a foolproof plan to ensure that she willingly gives up the company!”

Meredith and Robert exchanged glances.

They were getting old and their only wish left were to help the Black family become more powerful.

This was their sole motive and calling.

They were willing to give up everything for their family.

Hence, they resolved to take over the Morris Group.

“Grandpa and Grandma, what do you think of this plan? We could…”

Jennie brought the two to a corner and started whispering to them.

“Don’t you think that we are crossing the line here?” asked Robert.

Meredith instantly replied, “I don’t see any issue with that. Let’s do this then!”

“Yes, we should do whatever it takes to achieve our goal!” Jennie nodded and murmured in agreement.

“But I think we should discuss some more first!” Robert disagreed.

“No. This is final. We must execute it whilst Levi is ill! This is the best opportunity we will ever get.”

“Exactly! Levi used to be so brilliant but he is nothing now. If we don’t strike now, we won’t have any more chances left,” Jennie chimed in.

“This is the final plan!” Meredith sounded adamant.

“We should at least inform the Lopez family…” suggested Robert.

Meredith agreed. “You are right. We may face difficulties doing it alone. It’s better to team up with the Lopez family.”

Zoey would never have thought that this was only the beginning.

Stealing Levi’s kidney was just a small matter.

When they returned to North Hampton, Zoey found some caretakers to look after Levi. After all, he just had a kidney removed.

At that moment, the Garrison family were already on their way to North Hampton.

In fact, Tyrone Garrison had come personally.

He wanted to ensure that Levi was killed.

“What? Levi had one kidney removed?” Tyrone asked. He instantly laughed when he heard the news.

“He really is a piece of trash! I can’t wait to visit him,” Tyrone stated as he let out a cold laugh.

Soon, the Garrison Clan from Oakland City reached North Hampton.

They instantly rushed to Levi’s house.

At that moment, Zoey was occupied with something else and Emma Jones had gone grocery shopping.

Only Levi and the children were left in the manor as Levi had asked the caretakers to leave.

Suddenly, Tyrone and his gang of people broke into Levi’s manor and appeared in front of him.

“Levi Garrison! The day has finally come!” mocked Tyrone as he smiled at him coldly.

Levi sighed, “Why is it you again? You guys are so annoying. Get lost! You’re not the one I’m waiting for anyway!”

In fact, Levi was waiting for the enemies who were hiding in the dark, not a nobody like Tyrone.

“Huh?” Tyrone asked in shock.

Why is Levi saying this?

More importantly, Levi looks calm and collected. This is nothing like how an injured person would behave.

How come he can give out such a strong vibe?

“You guys are also responsible for hurting my wife and mother, aren’t you? I didn’t look for you but you guys decided to come and visit me instead?” Levi let out a low growl.

“I can’t believe you thought of taking revenge upon us! Look at you now; you are a cripple. You don’t scare us!” yelled Tyrone.

“Is that all you have?” hollered Levi.

Suddenly, a loud explosion was heard and multiple figures appeared in the manor…



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Sep 25, 2023

Chapter 1298​

They were decked in black armor and wearing masks with both an angel and a devil.

They embody righteousness and wickedness.

Indeed, they were the protectors of Erudia and were walking national weapons.

They were also wicked in that they had killed millions of people.




Their ancient daggers glittered and looked absolutely deadly.

Whoever the dagger touched would immediately die.

Tyrone and his gang were surrounded with such weapons pointed at them!

“What?” exclaimed Levi in astonishment as he looked at the familiar figures in front of him.

“Is this… Is this The Calamity?” Tyrone asked as his mouth widened in shock.

Although the Calamity had been oppressed by Winsor Campbell, the Garrison family was still no match for the group.

All the Garrisons were trembling in fear.

“Indeed! We are The Calamity!” Levi roared loudly.

An even more shocking scene then appeared.

Levi carried Evie and stood up from the wheelchair.

Tyrone and his gang gaped at Levi.

“What…What is going on?” Tyrone asked in disbelief.

Isn’t Levi a cripple?

How could he stand up on his own?

And even walk around like a normal person?

And what is The Calamity doing here?

Endless questions were running through Tyrone’s head.

Levi isn’t injured at all!

He must be the master of The Calamity!

Furthermore, Olivia has been acting weirdly…

He suddenly thought of Olivia’s past actions as well as the disappearances of Sampson and Jerry.

All of those must be related to Levi!

What the f*ck?

I can’t believe it!

This is terrifying!


Tyrone immediately broke out in cold sweat as those thoughts ran through his mind.

“Did you really think that I will spare the Garrison clan?” Levi asked Tyrone icily.

All the Garrisons shook in terror.

Tyrone started to tremble and stared at Levi. “That means you’ve been fine all along! You were just pretending to be injured to fool all of us!” Tyrone yelped.

“You are indeed smart. Too bad you figured it out so late,” boomed Levi.

Levi would no longer put up with the Garrisons’ threats and the hurt they had caused his family.

I can’t and won’t forgive them!

They have put my family through too much!

It is time for me to retaliate!

“Do you really think I wouldn’t kill you?” Levi asked as his eyes blazed with murderous intent.




Members of The Calamity echoed as they pumped their fists in the air.



Everyone in the Garrison family immediately got on their knees in fear.

Tyrone, also terrified, did the same thing.

He had only realized at this moment how scary Levi was.

Even Winsor Campbell was lied to!

He must be acting this way because there is a mission he has to complete.

He seems to be waiting for someone?

No wonder he warned me that I was not the person he was waiting for.

I’m so stupid to have sent myself into this trap.

“Do you admit to everything you have done?” Levi questioned Tyrone.

“Yes!” Tyrone immediately replied.

“Do you admit your mistake?” Levi continued asking.

“Yes!” Tyrone answered.

“You are here to kill me, aren’t you?” asked Levi.

“I…” stuttered Tyrone, who turned speechless.

That was indeed his goal!

I should have thought of it earlier…

The strange things that Olivia has been doing…

The uncanny happenings in Oakland City and the death of Jeong-seok all point to Levi.

However, like everyone, he was fooled into thinking that Levi was now a cripple and was incapable of doing anything.

“My daughter is here and I don’t want to kill in front of her, so I have thought of another punishment for you.” Levi said coldly.


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Sep 25, 2023

Chapter 1299​

“What is it?” Tyrone asked with a hunch that Levi was up to no good.

“From now on, the Garrison family belongs to me! Everyone must obey me!” boomed Levi.

“What?” Tyrone expressed his astonishment as his face turned white.

Doesn’t that mean all of us are Levi’s slaves?

To give up my entire family is far worse than killing me!

“As for you, that is simple. There is a small town in Northgale that is so secluded that it does not even exist on the map. I will imprison you there for the rest of your life so you’ll never see the outside world again!” commanded Levi.


Tyrone felt like he was about to explode.

He would go crazy to be locked up in a place akin to a prison cell!

I am the master of the top ancient family, with wealth rivaling a nation’s and power beyond most people’s comprehension.

To be imprisoned in a secluded town in the desert would be unbearable for him.

Absolutely unbearable, given the fact that Tyrone was extremely ambitious.

“No! No! Please don’t do this to me! I will do anything you ask if you don’t imprison me there!” Tyrone begged like a mad man.

“Levi, I am your birth father! You cannot treat me like this!” Tyrone continued pleading.

Levi smirked and replied, “Did you ever think of that every time you tried to kill me? Did you see yourself as my father when my pregnant mother kneeled in front of the Garrison family for three days and three nights, or when you imprisoned my mother?”

The string of questions rendered Tyrone speechless.

“Bring him away now!” Levi commanded.

With that, the North Sky Lord whisked Tyrone away.

Tyrone would live the rest of his life in that small town in Northgale.

Subjecting him to banishment was more cruel than killing him!

Although Levi desired to murder him as Tyrone had committed numerous atrocities, he couldn’t do so. After all, Tyrone was his birth father.

Levi couldn’t bear to kill both of his parents but he had to punish Tyrone for what he did.

This was the perfect way to force Tyrone to repent for his sins!

All the punishments that Tyrone had inflicted upon his mother were now coming back to bite him in the rear end.

This was karma; no one could fight it.

With that, The Calamity had the loyalty of the Garrisons, the Garcias, among other prominent families.

In a blink of an eye, all these wealthy families were under the control of Levi.

Levi was now the wealthiest and richest man!

All the ancient families in Erudia practically belonged to him, and so were the assets of these families!

Levi then commanded his people to take care of his smaller problems, such as the families in South Hampton.

He then ordered the rest to support Osborn, the Three Musketeers, the Garrison clan in Haven, and so on.

Since all these people had made sacrifices for him and for Erudia, he would not let their descendants suffer.

With all this done, Levi awaited his mission as well his enemies’ appearance.

It would soon happen.

They should be here anytime now.

At this moment, the Black and the Lopez families were discussing how to secretly take over the Morris Group.

After Meredith told Harry of Jennie’s plans, the old man clapped his hands in delight.

“That is great! We will proceed with your request. I have already made the necessary arrangements!” Harry said.

“The only thing we have to do is wait for Zoey to make the first move!” Meredith commented gleefully.

Robert lamented, “I hope Zoey doesn’t blame us. We just want to strengthen our empire! We are doing this for our descendants.”

Robert still didn’t agree with their cruel methods but he numbed himself with the belief that this would elevate the status of his family.

Jennie, on the other hand, revealed a sly grin.


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Sep 25, 2023

Chapter 1300​

They had had their eyes on Zoey for a very long period of time.

With the opportunity in their hands, they wouldn’t let it slip away easily.

On that day, the Lopez and Black families called a meeting in order to force Zoey and Evie to turn up.

Although Levi had placed many bodyguards to protect Zoey, he didn’t think much of it when the Lopez and Black families organized the meeting.

Zoey and Evie arrived at the Lopez family home.

Suddenly, a bunch of people surrounded them.

Every single one of them looked fierce and intimidating as if Zoey was under trial.

Zoey instantly felt that something was wrong.

Soon, Harry and Meredith arrived with a few others.

Amongst them was Logan’s Grandpa and parents.

Then came the actual purpose of this gathering…

“We must thank Zoey for this meeting! If not for her, our three families rarely get the chance to meet up so cordially!” Meredith commented with a smile on her face.

However, she immediately switched the topic and said, “Since we are all one big family, we must unite. We have agreed that the Lopez family, the Zachs family, and the Black family will develop our resources and connections together. Also, we seniors of our respective families will be in charge of this collaboration.”

“Yes! We support your plan!” echoed the younger generations of the three families.

“This will make the three families stronger! This is also the wish of the senior generation!”

“I hope that in the future when anyone mentions the South of Erudia, they will think of us!”

“What do you think, Zoey?” they asked.

Instantly, everyone’s gaze fell on her.

The purpose of the whole meeting was thus revealed.

Zoey nodded and said, “That’s great! I support it as well!”

“You can’t just verbalize your support; you must take action to show it! For our families to develop, I’m willing to sacrifice control over all my assets and connections!” Jennie commented.

“Yes, I’m also willing to contribute my share!” Henry stated.

“Me, too!” Fabian uttered.

Bailey and the rest also expressed their support.

Only Zoey had yet to follow suit.

She finally understood that this was their scheme all along.

It wasn’t about the union of the three families; it was about taking over her control of the Morris Group!

They had indeed thought of great excuses to conceal their plot.

Everyone was so supportive of it.

They are shameless to the core.

The only person who was dismayed was Robert, who felt that they were too harsh on Zoey.

“Zoey, what do you think?” asked Meredith.

Everyone instantly turned to look at Zoey.

“I agree with your plan! I’ll use my own resources to support the union of the three families!” Zoey replied.

Instantly, Robert boomed, “That’s great! We shall use the assets under your name then!”

“What’s so good about that?” commented Harry and Meredith.

“What do you mean by only using assets under Zoey’s name? All of us are contributing our businesses; it would be unfair to give special treatment to Zoey!” they argued.

“If Zoey wants to show her support, she must give up everything! That is what everyone else is doing!” rebutted Meredith.

“Exactly! We can’t change the rules just for her, unless she doesn’t see herself as a part of our family!” the others discussed.

Zoey surveyed the room and let out a smile.

“If you want to take control over the Morris Group, just tell me directly. Why are you going in circles?” she asked.

“Exactly, that’s what we want! The Morris Group is under your name and you should relinquish control to help the union of the three families!” the rest echoed.

“What if I don’t want to do that?” Zoey questioned.

Zoey knew clearly what they were trying to accomplish.

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